Hotel Santa Barbara village Cliff Crimea

Hotel “Santa Barbara” is located in the resort village of Utes, which is surrounded on all sides by the most beautiful landscapes of the Crimean mountains and the Black Sea coast. It is located on the beach and is an ideal option for a family holiday with children. It is here that quality service and affordable prices are perfectly combined.

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Location and history

Hotel “Santa Barbara” was built one of the first in the village of Cliff. It has been hosting its guests for many years and annually only improves its service and the quality of the holiday provided.

The hotel is located in a picturesque location, on the first coastline, just 8 meters from the Black Sea coast. The original architecture of the hotel can not go unnoticed. The four-storey building is made in white, and the interiors are decorated in a classic style.

While relaxing at the Santa Barbara Hotel, guests can enjoy peace and quiet. There is no noise of discos, night bars. During walks around the neighborhood you can hear only the quiet sound of pleasant music, which completely subsides closer to 23:00.

Note! Hotel “Santa Barbara” is open all year round, so you can relax in it at any convenient time, including the New Year holidays.

Room stock

The hotel “Santa Barbara” has all the conditions for comfortable accommodation. The number of rooms includes rooms of different categories, which allows each guest to choose his ideal guest room. Absolutely each room is equipped with a balcony and an individual bathroom. The rooms are cleaned daily, and bed linen is changed every three days.

Main room categories:

  • Standard is the most budget option for living. Its area is 15 sq. m. From the windows overlook the neighboring building. Depending on personal preferences, the room can be equipped with one double or two single beds. An extra bed can be added upon prior request;
  • Standard with sea view – rooms of this category are located on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th floors. Area of 15 sq. m. From the windows and balcony overlooks the coast. There is either one double bed or two single beds. It is possible to install one extra bed;
  • Room of improved layout – an area of 21 sq. m. From the room you can admire the most beautiful views of the coast. Thanks to two additional seats in the guest room at the same time can accommodate up to 4 guests;
  • Two-room is a great option for those who travel with a large family. The size of the room is 32 sq. m. At the same time 5 people can settle here. The balcony offers sea views;
  • Panoramic is the most spacious room of the hotel. Its area is 33 sq. m. Located on the 5th floor. It features a large balcony (17 metres in length) with panoramic sea views. Thanks to the extra beds in the room at the same time can relax a family or a company of 6 people.

Attention! For maximum comfort, all hotel rooms are air-conditioned so that each guest can set the ideal air temperature for himself.

Oleg, 35 years old, Krymsk: We decided to change the situation and this summer we went on vacation to the Crimea. We chose the santa barbara hotel. We were completely satisfied with the conditions, everything corresponds to the declared. The staff is polite, welcoming and, most importantly, not intrusive. The hotel is clean, the room is always timely cleaning, regularly changed bed linen and towels. All plumbing worked properly, hot water at any time of the day or night. The room offers a view of the sea, there is plenty of space. The restaurant has delicious food, the chefs thank you separately. Recommended hotel.

Meals and restaurants

The restaurant in the hotel “Santa Barbara” is one of the few in the Cliff ready to please its guests with delicious exclusive dishes. Its peculiarity is huge panoramic windows and an open area above the sea. This decision will make the meal doubly pleasant, give unforgettable impressions and a romantic mood.

The restaurant is great for a simple lunch and for a luxurious event. In the panoramic hall at the same time can accommodate 70 people, it is often used for wedding banquets. A platform above the sea can be an excellent solution for an exit ceremony.

The price includes a set meal. For younger guests, a special children’s menu has been developed, which consists only of fresh balanced dishes. In addition, the hotel restaurant offers an à la carte menu. It is here that you can taste a variety of dishes from the Black Sea products, fish. Especially for you will prepare real culinary masterpieces right on the grill.

While waiting for the dish, guests can enjoy a glass of fragrant wine, order an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink. Santa Barbara’s restaurant has a cocktail list.

Pay attention! In summer, there is a self-service café on the ground floor of the hotel. This is a great way to taste a delicious homemade dish at a democratic price.

Natalia, 45 years old, Shakhty: We had a family with children in the hotel, we were completely satisfied with the quality of service and conditions. The room is quite spacious, everywhere is perfect cleanliness. Comfortable beds, nice bed linen. Cleaning was done daily. The price included meals, cook delicious. All dishes are fresh, the children were satisfied. For them, by the way, there is a separate menu. The sea is within walking distance, the beach is well-groomed. Thanks to the staff for a great holiday.

Leisure and entertainment

Staff at Santa Barbara Hotel can relax in the seaside sauna. After the steam room, guests can cool off under running water or immediately swim in the waters of the Black Sea. Visiting the sauna has a positive effect on health and general well-being. With its help, you can cleanse the body of harmful substances. High temperatures contribute to the opening of pores, improve blood supply to the skin. Visiting the sauna is especially useful for those who have joint problems. Muscles return to working capacity, especially if a visit to the sauna is combined with a course of massage.

On the territory of the hotel there is a massage room – a great opportunity to relax and recuperate.

Beaches & Pools

Hotel Santa Barbara has its own private beach. It is located 10 meters from the hotel and is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable pastime. For vacationers there are sun loungers, umbrellas. The shore is covered with small pebbles. The depth increases gradually, suitable for recreation with children.

Note! There is no swimming pool on site.

Recreational opportunities for children

The Santa Barbara Hotel accepts children of all ages. Kids up to 6 years old can use the services of the hotel for free. The hotel restaurant has developed a special children’s menu. Chairs for younger visitors are provided.

To make it comfortable to relax in the room with a small child, guests can order the installation of a baby cot. The concept of the hotel provides babysitting services.

Excursions and attractions nearby

By itself, the village of Utes is small. However, even in its vicinity there are places that deserve attention from tourists. The first thing you should pay attention to is mount Ayu-Dag, which is popularly nicknamed bear. If you look at the top from the side, it seems as if the bear leaned to the Black Sea coast to drink water. This mountain is accessible for climbing, through it there are several hiking trails. However, for the first time you should not go to conquer the mountain on your own. For safety, use the services of instructors, be sure to get comfortable shoes and clothes.

Another interesting natural attraction is Cape Plaka. Its length is about 300 meters. From the outskirts there is a beautiful view of Ayu-Dag, Partenit and Kuchuklambat Bay. If you climb to the top of the cape (its height is about 50 meters), you can see numerous rocks sticking out of the water and inhabited by birds. Some of the most famous rocks were named – Monk, Soldier’s Bread, Bed, Trident of Neptune.

The most famous cultural attraction of the Cliff is the mysterious palace, which in ancient times belonged to the princes Gagarin. It is within walking distance of the Santa Barbara Hotel. To this day, the palace has been preserved in the form that Anastasia Orbeliani, the wife of Prince Alexander Gagarin, gave it. Over the decoration of the building worked the famous Russian architect – Krasnov, who also owns the design of the Livadia Palace.

Another mansion that deserves attention from tourists is the Palace of Princes Raevsky-Karasan. Its construction dates back to 1887. At the entrance to the palace there is an amazing building made in the Moorish style. It is decorated with stucco and stained glass.

On a hot day, you can go for a walk in the Aivazovsky Park. This park is a real work of art, it is elegant and European beautiful. It is a botanical reserve. The age of some plantations is several hundred years. For example, the olive grove is more than 200 years old. In this park at one time visited Pushkin, Aivazovsky, Griboyedov, Mickiewicz.

If the sights of the Cliff seem small, you can always go to neighboring Alushta. The road to it takes no more than 15 minutes. In Alushta, a large selection of entertainment that will appeal to both adults and children. There are numerous bars, cafes, discos, shops for every taste and budget. In Alushta there is a water park, an aquarium. No less interesting will be a walk along the embankment.

How to get to the hotel

You can get to the hotel “Santa Barbara” both independently by private car and by public transport. By plane, you initially need to fly to Simferopol, from there take a trolleybus or bus to get to Alushta, and then take a taxi to the Cliff.

On the intercity bus you can immediately get to the city of Alushta, and from there to the sanatorium “Utes”. Santa Barbara Hotel is a 5-minute walk from the sanatorium.

Those who travel by private transport should go across the Crimean bridge in the direction of Alushta and Utes. For convenience, you can enter the exact address of the hotel in the navigator and follow the built route.

Hotel address: Crimea, Alushta, Utes, Gagarina str., 25/67-71

Note! Upon prior request, the hotel staff can arrange a transfer and meet you from any station or airport in Crimea.


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Hotel “Santa Barbara” offers all the conditions so that guests get the maximum benefit from their holidays in the Crimea. This is clean sea air, and temperate climate, and the proximity of the sea coast, and, of course, stunning views of the surrounding landscapes.