Hotel “Rubicon”, Gaspra, Crimea

Hotel “Rubicon” – one of the best in the southern region of Crimea, ideal for vacation. Location in the park area, low prices for accommodation with a high level of service make it very popular. Not all hotels in Crimea can provide an excellent location, and “Rubicon” is a great option.

Historically, Crimea is not only a famous resort, but also a health resort. It is amazing in its nature, there is a unique atmosphere, and it is no coincidence that it became a muse for poets and writers.

One of the most popular resorts in the south of Crimea is the stylish village of Gaspra,12 km from Yalta and Koreiz. This is the warmest region, the subtropical climate prevails here: summers are hot and dry, and winter is not frosty, and the village is closed from the winds by Mount Ai – Petri. Swim in the sea until the end of October.

The history of the village is rooted in the past, and even in Soviet times, cottages were built here and spent many months on them. The residences of famous people are still preserved. Gaspra is a rather secluded village, while very beautiful, picturesque, and ancient monuments take tourists to the past.

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Hotel Location

Hotel 3 stars “Rubicon” – one of the best on the Black Sea coast of Crimea, which has its own park and proximity to all the main attractions. Near the famous Swallow’s Nest, the center of Yalta itself with a lot of entertainment. At the same time, the hotel itself is located in a quiet area, which is convenient for a family holiday with children.

The complex was built in 2006 and is divided into 2 buildings with different distances from the sea, 16 and 18 rooms, respectively. Depending on the season, guests are accommodated in a particular building.

From the airport you can get an hour by taxi or book a transfer service at the hotel.

Room stock

The room fund of “Rubicon” is updated regularly and thought out to the smallest detail in design and equipment. Enjoy daily sunrises and sunsets of the Crimean coast from the windows of your rooms. Guests can book the following types of rooms:

  • Economy standard with and without balcony. There is air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, kettle, bathrooms and bedding, daily cleaning.
  • Junior Suite with balcony and extra bed, ideal for family accommodation.
  • Suite 2 – x room with balcony. There is a bedroom and a living room with modern furniture. The bathroom is spacious and equipped with everything, there is a bidet. As an extra bed – a sofa.
  • Roman suite with kitchen. This is a large room with 2 rooms and a kitchen, duplex. On the 1st level: mini – kitchen, dining area, table, panoramic windows to the mountain Atz – Petri, bedroom for adults. On the second floor of the room – children’s room with TV and air conditioning. The suite even has a washing machine.
  • Suite “wave” – the best room for a good rest, stylish and bright. The interior is designed in a marine style, the bedroom is rounded. Separate bathroom and spacious bathroom, cable TV, air conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator, sofa bed as an extra bed.

Natalia, Sochi “Despite the fact that we live in a resort town, for the second time for a vacation we choose the Crimea, namely Gaspra. Hotel “Rubicon” also for the second time pleased us with high service at a fairly low price for the region. They were placed in the building “Morskaya”, which is closer to the sea stands. Just an amazing view from the room and a fabulously beautiful park area. We took a standard room, everything inside is new and stylish, furniture in calm colors. The staff helps with everything, does not bother when you do not need to. The quality of living is very important to us, because more than once we got into unpleasant stories, especially sorry for children in such cases. Everything is fine here, we are sure that we will return for the third time!”

Meals at the hotel

The price includes only breakfast buffet (from May to October), in low season – a custom menu.

If you do not want to leave the hotel, you can have lunch and dinner in the famous Ukrainian restaurant “U mother-in-law”. It is known throughout the region for its cuisine, so when placed in the “Rubicon” be sure to look into it.

The restaurant offers its guests dishes from the freshest local products, as well as interesting interpretations of well-known Ukrainian dishes, the chef likes to come up with something unique. “Mother-in-law” is a shinok standing in the green area of the park, comfortable and cozy. There are both closed halls and verandas entwined with ivy. This restaurant loves to hold banquets and festive events.

Oleg, Moscow “When you come on vacation, especially to the south, you expect that it will be not only an ideal time at sea, but also a “belly holiday”, and we are very lucky in this regard. When you book a room in the hotel “Rubicon”, then the accommodation includes breakfast, very hearty and varied, everyone will eat. But we heard a lot about the local restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine, and decided to visit. I can say that we were not looking for anything else, we liked it so much. Of course, when we left for excursions, we ate where it turned out, but the restaurant “At the mother-in-law” really conquered us. Recommended”

Additional services at the hotel

Stay in the hotel “Rubicon” is your unforgettable vacation in the Crimea, and that’s why we are so sure of it, now we will tell. Infrastructure is very important, how comfortable and carefree the guest is. Here you can completely forget about everyday problems and enjoy the summer.

Booking a room in the “Rubicon”, in any of the buildings, you get a number of services:

  • a great stay for the whole family in spacious rooms;
  • sea and beach within walking distance;
  • indoor swimming pool with sea water;
  • entertainment for children;
  • spa – center for adults.

Beach holiday in the hotel

Gaspra is one of the warmest resorts in Yalta, there are a lot of sunny days, and the water in the sea warms up quickly by the season. There are no industrial enterprises nearby, so swimming is pleasant and safe. From May to the end of October, there is a real summer: both air and water warm up to the most necessary values for recreation.

To walk to the beach, take a few minutes walk through the park or just take the elevator from the building. It is small-pebbled, there are changing cabins, showers, sun canopies and free sun loungers, there is a post of doctors and rescuers.

Families with young children can not worry about safety and leisure, improve health and swim safely. In order to have a snack, it is not necessary to go to the hotel, there is a café on the beach.


Rest will definitely be remembered by children if they have fun. In the “Rubicon” every little tourist will find something to his liking, and animators will help him in this.

On the territory of the hotel there are:

  • Children’s playgrounds for outdoor activities, there are three of them. Rubberized coating provides safety, there are swings for all ages, slides and sandboxes for the little ones.
  • Animation programs, and presenters – huge dreamers. They occupy the guys with dances, quests, board games, and such programs are constantly changing, so it will not be boring. The guys will definitely make new friends. Entertainment is throughout the day, and in the evening everyone is invited to the disco. Animators can spend a birthday, and for this they use bright costumes, interesting props and, most importantly, a great mood.
  • Rooms for master classes and creative laboratories. Here the children will be able to get acquainted with decoupage, painting toys made of clay, creating paintings from sand, quilling and other techniques.
  • A living corner in which children can take care of pets: rabbits, turkeys, ducks, pigeons. They walk freely in the enclosures and can be fed.

Indoor swimming pool

Whatever the weather at the resort, guests can enjoy swimming always, there is an indoor swimming pool with sea water. The room has an interesting design with a glass roof, so there is a feeling of open space. This is a large swimming pool, 25 m, maximum depth of 3 m, more suitable for adult leisure. Water is purified and quality control constantly.

Spa at the hotel: Finnish bath and sauna

Thermal rooms are designed for 6 people, there is a recreation area and a swimming pool. The hotel also offers a spa, cosmetology and massage room.

Regular guests note that all the equipment is modern, and the premises are kept in perfect cleanliness, which is very important.

Attractions Gaspra

Until the moment when the village appeared here, in the I – III centuries there was a fortress of Charax, built by the Romans. It was located on a mountain, and from it it was possible to inspect the whole district. This is how the fortress helped the Romans to defend themself and monitor the safety of trade routes in the Crimea. And at that time, merchants pulled their caravans, both by land and sea, constantly and actively. After a while, the Goths came here and destroyed the fortress, thereby displacing the Romans from their lands.

The village of Gaspra, which we know today, was formed only in the 18th century, people were engaged in agriculture and growing grapes. The land in these places was and is very fertile, agriculture brought income to all. Even representatives of wealthy families, including royal ones, chose Gaspra as a place for a long summer vacation.

In Soviet times, a lot of boarding houses and sanatoriums were built here, and now the village is multinational: Russians, Tatars, Greeks and Ukrainians live in it.

Swallow’s Nest

The most famous and visited place in Gaspra. It was built at the beginning of the last century by the architect Sherwood and looks like a knight’s castle of the Middle Ages. It stands very gracefully on the edge of Aurora Rock at an altitude of 40 m above sea level. They say the goddess Aurora herself loved to meet the dawn here.

Baron Steingel bought land here for his dacha, but it turned out, as we see, something else – a full-fledged castle. The name was given earlier and speaks of the miniature of the structure: its height is only 12 meters and it seems as if it is here – here it will fall into the sea. Now it is the emblem of Gaspra and a real symbol of the Crimea.

Solar Trail

It is also called “royal”, and this is the path from the village of Gaspra to the sanatorium “Livadia” and the palace of the same name. Along its length there are many viewing platforms to the most beautiful places in the south of the Crimea. There are sculptures, rare shrubs, exotic flowers and trees grow here. If you want to relax, you can sit on the benches made in different styles. Nicholas II once liked to walk along this beautiful path.

Rock Sail

Not far from the Swallow’s Nest stands the parus rock, and it was formed as a result of the earthquake of 1927 – part of the stone massif broke away and fell into the sea. The name is given not by chance, because in its shape it resembles a sail swinging in the waves. The best view of the Sail opens from the Swallow’s Nest or the observation deck at Cape Limen – Burun. Needless to say, in these places sunsets full of romance.

Lighthouse on Cape Ai-Todor

Even in ancient times, the Greeks from this cape gave signals to passing ships, this is a very convenient place. The rock with a height of 90 m above sea level provided a perfect view even at night. In the middle of the 19th century, Admiral Lazarev ordered to build a lighthouse on the rock, later it was reconstructed and used constantly. Surprisingly, the light from the lighthouse can be seen from 50 km.

The structure is surrounded by lush junipers, powerful oaks and pistachio trees. To visit the lighthouse now, you need to get permission in Sevastopol.

Charax Palace

One of the many dachas of the Romanovs in the Crimea. It was built by the architect Krasnov, the author of the Livadia Palace and alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Yalta itself. The main building was conceived in the style of the Scottish residence of hunters.

The gazebo by the sea was decorated with marble columns, a fountain was erected. In 1909, Nicholas II visited here with his family, and after the revolution the palace was given to a sanatorium. To this day, the building is perfectly preserved thanks to timely restoration.


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Quiet modern village Gaspra and comfortable hotel “Rubicon” are waiting for their guests and guarantee an ideal family holiday in the Crimea.