Hotel Residence “Crimean Breeze” Park Crimea

30 km from Yalta is located hotel-residence“Crimean breeze”. Here guests are provided with a holiday in villas in the category of “five stars”. The territory includes: its own pebble beach, villas overlooking the sea and Mount Ai-Petri, a garden and a park with more than 200 species of plants. The concept of the hotel implies a leisurely stay in a comfortable spa with an aqua zone and a large number of services for wellness and body care.

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The territory of the hotel occupies 20 hectares and electric cars with a driver are used to move along it, which bring vacationers from one place to another. The design idea of the complex is made in the unique style of ancient Taurida with antique columns, neat ponds and fountains, cypresses and centuries-old pines. In the center is the Piazzeta Square with a chic swimming pool, where events and incendiary dances are held.

Eugenia F. writes a review: “Rested with her husband at the end of October. The well-groomed territory is buried in vegetation. Attentive staff: ask if you need to call the car to the room, bring a mattress to the sun lounger by the pool. I was pleased with the delicious cake, which was presented to my wife on his birthday. Chic breakfasts: juicy salad with tuna, red caviar, croutons and brut. Freshly squeezed juice can be prepared by yourself. Special thanks to the masseur Sergey – eliminated the clamp in the neck, after the massage I fluttered like a butterfly. For a long time I did not feel such lightness in the body. Mentally rested.”

Room stock

Superiors and deluxes differ in area (46-70 m2) and consist of: bedroom, living room, hallway with wardrobe, combined bathroom with bath, large terrace with panoramic views of the well-groomed park. Of the gadgets, it is worth noting: two large plasmas with a smart TV, a capsule coffee machine, a warm floor, a mirror with lighting, stylish switches and a phone built into the wall next to the toilet. There is a refrigerator, safe, air conditioning and cosmetic set “Fragonard”. Mini-bar is paid. The decoration of the room is made of high-quality materials in pastel colors. Furniture, doors, windows, plumbing, lamps – from the premium segment.

Classic room occupies 26 m2 of space and has a small balcony with a wonderful view of the park. The equipment is the same as in the superiors.

Suites come in four themed types: family, park, marine and junior. With an area of 84-110 m2 and a capacity of up to 6 people. Each suite has two bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms and access to a spacious terrace, where there is a swimming pool with jacuzzi and a bar. Instead of air conditioning, climate control is installed. The design and interior of the suites is more thoughtful and stylistically verified, but this is a matter of individual taste.

Villas amaze with luxury and elegance: furniture to order from Milan, finishes of marble and precious wood, climate control, warm floors, etc. Private area is filled with terraces, balconies, swimming pool with sun loungers. There are 10 Mediterranean-style villas with a choice of up to 650 m2 and a capacity of up to 10 guests. A personal butler will help to serve breakfast, organize a tour of the Crimea, massage or other leisure.

Swimming pools, spa and beach

The vast swimming pool with sea water in piazetta is better to visit in warm windless weather. Near it it is wonderful to bask in the sun on a comfortable couch with a glass of your favorite cocktail. The indoor saltwater pool has a jacuzzi and comfortable steps for entering the water. Ergonomic sun loungers are located around.

Access to the Finnish sauna and hammam is also included in the price. Having warmed up in the steam room, vacationers jump into the pool, after which they relax in the sun loungers. In the sauna dry steam, in the hammam wet. In addition, you can order a wood-served bath. Its main advantage is privacy and the services of a bathhouse attendant who will steam the body with brooms, make a honey peeling or a classic massage. The interior of the bath is made unexpectedly in the Moroccan style. In the relaxation room you can enjoy herbal tea, have a snack and lie on the couch, looking at the beautiful view from the panoramic windows.

The spa center sells cosmetics from the world’s best manufacturers and offers a considerable list of skin and body care services. Manual hydromassage, spa treatment for hands, feet and even buttocks. Tea with Crimean herbs and walking along the terrenkuras. Foot massage and hydrotherapy baths, a variety of health recovery programs. Manicure and pedicure, hair and facial skin care.

A wide variety of types of massage will please the exhausted body. From classic handmade, to foam with peeling of olive soap and scrub with jojoba. There is even an LPG-massage – this is an effect on the skin and body with the help of a special apparatus with manipulative devices on which there are rollers and compressed air is supplied. The treatment is useful and rarely found in spas.

Equipped pebble beach consists of four parts. The water is the purest, in the center of a small rock. For vacationers there are sun loungers, hammocks and even a swing in the form of a cocoon. You can book a private gazebo for the entire holiday. It is also good to book a walk on the sea on a boat – refreshing and invigorating. It is recommended to take a bottle of wine and cheese slices with you. There is jet ski rental and SUP-surfing. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, even a child can learn to stand on the board. You can just swim, snorkel or sunbathe on the beach.

Olya Gomanova shares her impression: “friends offered to celebrate March 8 in the Crimean Breeze. We booked a room in the villa and went. Three days flew by in one breath. In the afternoon, my girlfriend and I went to the SPA – what a cool one he is here and the service is at the level. And the husbands went about their business. In the evenings we sat in the restaurant, listened to live music and singing, drank French wine and tried dishes from the chef. Very tasty, we liked it. The territory there is certainly unreal, rested for five points. We were still given a discount of 15%, as residents of the Krasnodar Territory. “

Meals and restaurants

Breakfast in the restaurant “Melody”

The Swedish line corresponds to a high level in quality and variety of dishes. Freshly squeezed juices and warm bread from your own bakery. Several types of cereals, baked potatoes and fried rabbit, bacon and grilled vegetables. Sausages, cutlets, squid in sauce. An abundance of assorted meat and fish cuts, vegetables and fruits, sauces and dairy products. Salads, appetizers, pickles and burgers. A good selection of desserts: muffins, chocolate, pancakes, cakes, condensed milk, croissants, dried fruits, nuts, etc. Separately, it should be noted red caviar with butter, champagne brut and several types of coffee beans.

Mediterranean cuisine in Piazetta

The chef of the restaurant of Italian cuisine Rustam Tangirov has earned many awards, became a wacs judge and a coach of the international category. Its ideology – the taste of the dish depends on the quality of the ingredients. Olives, pomegranates, figs, peaches are grown here in their own gardens. Mussels, oysters, rapanas and fish are caught in the sea, and truffles are hunted with dogs in the Crimean forests. Rustam personally scuba dives for algae and scallops.

Each dish is served and decorated by a whole team of chefs, as is customary in the best European restaurants. The result is small portions at high prices. This is the author’s cuisine, which is expensive. The average bill excluding drinks is 3-6 thousand rubles. Juicy salads, tender steaks, expressive pasta, creamy risotto, etc. In a word – gastronomic pleasure for those who understand.

Oysters in «Green cafe Breeze»

In the summer season, you can sit in a café on the shore under the shade of snow-white umbrellas. In the center of the institution is an aquarium with fresh oysters. They only need lemon and white dry wine. Also beautiful pizza with seafood from the wood-burning oven and grain cappuccino. The panorama of the sea and the refreshing breeze will decorate lunch. It is very picturesque, comfortable and tasty.

The wine cellar includes Crimean, Italian and French wines of different years. The bar offers a wide range of spirits and cocktails. Prices for products are about three times higher than store prices, so those who want to save money bring alcohol with them from the city.

Abichaikina Nadezhda writes a review: “This is a place for a measured rest, spent a week here. We took a family suite in the villa “Corals”. I liked the room – spacious, with a common living room and sea views. Our child literally fell in love with the local Lego school. Also, the whole family went to Yalta, visited the “Swallow’s Nest”. The cuisine in the restaurant is not bad, there is a children’s menu. Several times we went to dinner outside the territory. At the spa, I really liked the rejuvenation program – how I was born again. We walked through the huge territory of the hotel, where there are mountains, a park and an embankment. Overall, we were satisfied.”

Leisure and entertainment

In season, eco-hikes are regularly organized with an ascent to the Ai-Petri plateau and the Mangup-Kale mountain. The organizers provide hiking things: a backpack, walking sticks, a thermos with herbal tea, snacks, etc.

Fitness center with designer finishes: on the walls of plasma, self-leveling floor with rubber coating, in one of the zones there is a billiard table. Sports equipment is automated: many treadmreadmacks, power simulators for different muscle groups, dumbbells, etc.

For tennis, a modern indoor court with a “hard” coating has been built. If you do not have experience, you can work out with a coach and learn. For mini-football there is a small outdoor area with two gates, where you can kick the ball. There are also several basketball rings.

Recreational opportunities for children

Interesting playgrounds with slides, mini-carousels, swings – not the only entertainment for children. Lego school and cartoon club will not leave indifferent any child. The spa has children’s wellness programs, restaurants menu for children. There is a babysitting service and family workshops. You can hire a coach to teach your child tennis, swimming, running and water sports. There is a program of children’s fitness, also the whole family can do useful Nordic walking.

Local attractions

Dolphinarium “Aquatoria” must be visited with children. Scientists have proven that communication with dolphins has a beneficial effect on humans and even treats some childhood diseases. In addition to the views of the dolphinarium, in this place you can see a large aquarium and turtle farm, an inverted house and a UFO museum, and much more. It is located on the outskirts of Yalta.

With the tour you can visit the world-famous monuments of architecture: “Livadia Palace” and “Swallow’s Nest”, “Massandra Palace” and “Palace of Count Mordvinov”.

Diving in Yalta. To visit the South Coast and not to dive with scuba diving is to waste time for nothing. In Yalta there are several centers with modern equipment for diving. It is enough just to book a time and the transfer will come for you to the hotel. After a short briefing and costume selection, you can already immerse yourself in the magical world of crabs and fish. Photo and video shooting for memory, bright new sensations – this type of active recreation is not forgotten.

Wine complex“Massandra”can be visited with a VIP excursion. It will offer to taste 9 vintage wines and 3 collectible ones. They will tell about the centuries-old history of the winery, guide you through the territory of the complex and show the current state of production, cellars, storages. There is a program that includes a gastronomic dinner, a wine tour for sherry lovers and other routes.

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