Hotel Pyramid Guest House Piramida Esto Sadok

Not all hotels of rosa Khutor resort can promise their guests proximity to ski slopes and lifts. This does not apply to large network complexes that have a world level of standards. We are talking about small hotels that were opened by local residents for guests of the resort. The owners of the Guest House Pyramid are just those lucky ones who managed to open a hotel in close proximity to the ski infrastructure. You can get from the airport (50 km) by taxi, train or bus. No shuttle service is available. Guests with pets are not accepted. Smoking is allowed only in specially designated areas. Check-in time at 14.00, check-out at 12.00.

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Location and history

Small three-storey buildings with an attic are located on Berezova Street, 57 in the village of Esto-Sadok. This is a very important and convenient part of the ski resort Krasnaya Polyana. It is located near three mountain slopes. From here you can walk to five lifts at once. On the territory of the hotel around the building there are flower beds, trees are planted. Motorists are provided with free parking.

The owners are big fans of the history and culture of Ancient Egypt. Near the main entrance, they installed an exact copy of the pyramid of Cheops, reduced by 29 times. This to some extent justified the name of the hotel, although the building itself is somewhat reminiscent of a truncated tetrahedron, but only from a certain angle. Inside the pyramid there is a place for meditation. For those who are engaged in relaxing and wellness practices, there is no need to explain how cool it is.

A nice bonus for guests is their own spring with spring water in the courtyard. A printout containing micro and macro elements is placed at the reception. The chemical analysis of water is impressive. Drinking will benefit and relieve digestive problems.

Room stock

The hotel is chosen because of its good location and reasonable prices for accommodation. In the complex there are 2 three-storey cottages, designed for 31 rooms. In the room of any category can be put an extra bed (euro-folding). Each has a refrigerator, TV, kettle. To the choice of guests there are rooms of 4 levels of comfort:

  1. One-room single standard (8 sq.m) – bathroom, shower, household appliances, dressing and coffee tables, bedside table and wardrobe, bed.
  2. One-room double standard (17 sq.m) – bathroom with shower, bedroom furniture, bedside tables, wardrobe, there is an iron.
  3. One-room triple standard (25 sq.m) – three separate beds, a bathroom with a shower, a standard set of furniture with a guest corner.
  4. Two-room classic double suite (40 sq.m) – a bathroom with a bath and bidet, a set of furniture with a guest area and a sofa.

The upper floors can only be reached by stairs, porter services are not provided, there is no elevator. Breakfast is included in the price.

“Good location, close to shops, restaurants, cafes, glaco to the most beautiful mountains and cable car. The hotel does not have a kitchen, but there is a microwave. Clean towels. I was in a single room. There is no shampoo, you need to take your own. Cramped even for one. It’s nice to communicate with the staff. Always ready to offer help or solve organizational issues. For a more comfortable stay, I recommend booking a room of a larger area. * squares really not comilfo” Nelya, Russia

Meals and restaurants

You can refuse food and organize it yourself. The hotel has a microwave, it is located next to the entrance. In the next house (Berezovaya, 59) there is a restaurant “Adriano”. This is one of the catering points of the family restaurant chain. At one time, the brand began with an ordinary pizzeria, and now its Italian restaurants are considered one of the best in Krasnaya Polyana. The menu offers a huge selection of pastas, Mediterranean dishes, pizzas with all sorts of fillings, juicy steaks and an abundance of salads. The kitchen prepares meals on request with room service.

On the street there are cafes, shops, eateries. You can always find a kitchen to taste and at an affordable price. In the village there are many good and familiar institutions. For example, in January 2020, the first McDonald’s (Estonian, 95A) opened in Esto-Sadka. The organizers took care of the motorists, arranging the parking, and the people, making the dining room very spacious and roomy.

One of the cheapest catering facilities is the dining room “Let’s Eat” (Estonian, 39). It is located in the courtyards of houses, the stand installed on the road will indicate which arch you need to dive into. The kitchen offers a standard selection of dishes, but at very reasonable prices. Inexpensive khinkalnaya is located opposite the shopping center “Gorki Mall” on the street Estonian. There is also a kiosk selling burgers.

Dining room “Chalet” is located on Berezova Street in the hotel of the same name. Good cuisine, private terrace, cozy courtyard, lake with ducks – in a word, comfortable. Another dining room “Sat down, ate” opened on the second floor of the house, which operates a supermarket “Magnit” (Estonian. 33). New interior, reasonable prices, traditional lunch menu.

If there is a desire to visit fashionable restaurants, then there will be no shortage of them. Each premium class hotel has on its territory a restaurant with author’s and haute cuisine, a bar with a good wine list and a selection of cocktails.

Leisure and entertainment

The hotel is chosen primarily because of its proximity to the ski slopes and lifts on them. The owners have long calculated this trend and prepared to meet guests fully armed: ski passes with discounts are sold at the reception, there is a room for storing skis and sports equipment, to the nearest lift to go leisurely 5 minutes, to others a little longer.

Carousel-1 (450 m) – gondola lift leads to the slopes and facilities of the sports and tourist complex “Mountain Carousel”. In winter, 36 tracks of different levels of difficulty, a complex of springboards for freestyle, 4 freerides open here. There are illuminated trails for evening skiing.

The ski season opens in September and is divided into 4 main periods:

  • Start (September-December);
  • Peak (New Year holidays);
  • High (January 11 – April);
  • Spring (April-May).

Cable car Carousel-1 connects the Lower and Upper parts of the City Hill. In summer, it works and raises tourists to the observation decks.

Lift A1 (700 m) – GANZpromovskaya cable car, lifting tourists to the station Mountain shelter Psekhako. Here, at an altitude of 1436 meters, 3 km from Esto-Sadka, there is a mountain and tourist center of the GAZprom holding. The slope is gentle enough to go cross-country skiing or dog sledding.

After the Olympic Games, there was a good infrastructure, which is now used to organize leisure activities for tourists:

  • 26 ski slopes of different levels of complexity;
  • ski and biathlon complex;
  • cafes, restaurants.

All Gazprom routes are divided into 3 zones. Between them runs the cable car A2. Because of the gentle slope, novice skiers like to come here to hone their descent skills.

Ski lift GANZprom (700 m), lift A and elevator A3 also belong to GTZ GAZPROM.

The Alpika Service ski area is located on the slope of Mount Aibga. Alpine territory begins from a height of 2 thousand meters. Here are located alpine meadows, where you can find plants of the pre-glacial period. The terminus of the cable car on the Alpique is called the “Shelter of the Winds”. The peak is located at an altitude of 2256 meters. Here you can visit the highest-altitude bath in the resort. This “Not Easy” with panoramic windows is officially registered in the Russian Guinness Book of Records.

Recreational opportunities for children

The owners of the hotel have provided comfortable accommodation for families with children, but there is trouble with children’s entertainment. The building is too small to equip a children’s club. And is it necessary if there are so many interesting things around! The village has an excellent infrastructure for organizing leisure activities for young guests.

Children’s play clubs

The largest children’s club Lee Lee Monte is open on the Embankment Panorama, 2. There are hobby groups, mini children’s lard, Montessori groups, an entertainment team, babysitting services. A branch of the club is opened on Rosa Plato (Medoveya Street, 10). Children can be entertained in the following children’s clubs:

  • Prank Corporation (2 Lavender Embankment);
  • “Consent” (federal network), Vremena Goda embankment, 3;
  • “Faraday” – a network of clubs for young chemistry lovers (Voznesenskaya Street, 40);
  • “Hali-gali” (3 Gornaya Karusel Street);
  • Creative center “Family” (Voznesenskaya Street).

Children’s playroom is available in the shopping center “Gorki Mall” next to the water park on the 3rd floor.

Children’s parks

Husky Farm is the most interesting park for children of any age. Northern sled dogs and deer live here. Children will be told about the history of the dog sled, ride through the snowy expanses on sleds, and then during the tea party the old shaman will tell ancient northern fairy tales.

The Museum of Archaeology is opened in Esto-Sadka. Its interactive exposition will interest children in a virtual journey through the eras. All the exhibits of the museum were found on the territory of the resort Rosa Khutor during the construction of Olympic facilities.

Cable cars go to the Old Eveni monument. There is also a unique Yeti Park. In summer, a rope town is organized here. In winter, just take a walk and see the funny sculptures.

Live ovates can be seen and fed in the “Sovarium”. The guide-ornithologist will tell about the life of nocturnal birds in natural conditions, their habits, secrets and tricks. Ooves are almost tame, can sit on the arm, pose for a photo shoot.

Aquapark “Galaxy” is located on the territory of the sanatorium GAZprom. Visitors are waiting for 4 extreme descents, 12 bowls, pools with children’s slides, water cannons, a pool with hydromassage and geysers, a playground. Through the complex flows the Lazy River, along which you can ride on a vatrushka.

Cultural and ethnographic center “My Russia” is located on the banks of the Mzymta. Here are collected elements of the culture of all nationalities inhabiting the country. On the territory of the park there are workshops in which artisans teach their craft to all comers. The café prepares food according to the national recipes of the peoples of Russia. Here you can order Siberian dumplings or rich soup according to the recipe of the peoples of Povolozhye.

If the child is interested in how horses live in the mountains, then the equestrian club “Svetlana” will provide its services for organizing the rest of parents and their children. Caretakers will conduct a tour, talk about horses. You can go horseback riding on mountain roads and trails with a halt in a forest clearing.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Alpine skiing can be replaced by other objects of resort infrastructure:

  • FunBob – descent on a super safe bob with a professional pilot;
  • Rosa Beach – a beach on a mountain lake with sunbeds, sun loungers, gazebos;
  • Casino;
  • Bowling club in Gorki Mall.

The hotel is located at the foot of the Achishkho Range. Translated from the Adyghe language, it sounds like Horse or Goat Mountain. If you look at the ridge more closely, the outlines of one and the hills really look like the head of one of these animals. Thanks to the gentle slopes, there are many hiking trails that the child can cope with.

The Mzymta Mountain River is 200 metres away. It divides the village into two halves. On both banks there are embankments. You can walk along them, and at the same time visit the entertainment facilities located nearby. The embankments have pleasant names – Polyanka, Panorama and Lavender. Benches are placed everywhere, trees are planted. The vegetation of the embankment resembles a botanical garden.

The lifts take you to the Black Pyramid Mountains and the Psehako Range.

Staying in the guest house “Pyramid”, guests first of all save money. Service and conditions are suitable for unpretentious tourists.


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