Hotel Palmira Palace Yalta Crimea

Spa hotel “Palmira Palace” is located near Yalta in the town of Kurpaty and has a well-deserved 4 stars. A spa center with a mini-water park, a rose garden, a medical center and does pull on five stars.

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Location and infrastructure

Here you can really not only have a good rest and recharge your vivacity for the whole year, but also treat your health – professional doctors work. Also, much attention is paid to children’s recreation: a team of animators is hired, the Limpopo club, a children’s beach and a swimming pool have been built. Another important plus of this place: the hotel has only 202 rooms. So, there are no queues, occupied sunbeds, tables and a crowded beach. The area around the buildings is beautifully decorated: roses and ornamental plants bloom everywhere, there is a landscape park of rare plants. Guests descend to the beach with the help of an elevator with panoramic windows, which is very unusual. The main disadvantage is the inflated price, corresponding rather to rest at the level of 5 stars, but not 4. From the airport of Simferopol to the hotel to get about 2 hours.

Vin24 writes a review: “rested with full board. The rooms are excellent, the service with a local flavor: everything is done slowly. I was prescribed magnetic therapy, and my wife was given a bonus visit to the salt cave and exercise therapy. My daughter attended various wellness treatments. Therapeutic massage helped – the back pain passed. Breakfasts are great, lunch and dinner are less varied, but it will come down. There were sandwiches with caviar and red fish. I also want to note the bracelets with a chip for access to the room, restaurant and spa – it’s very convenient. We walked along the trail to the Swallow’s Nest and the Livadia Palace. Overall I liked it.”

Room stock

All living quarters of the hotel are equipped with free Wi-Fi and a split system, since for the hot climate of the Crimea air conditioning is a necessity. For motorists there is a guarded parking, located right at the entrance to the hotel. Living quarters in “Palmyra Palace” differ in area, level of comfort and view from the window: on the sea or inland. The rate includes access to the spa with baths and swimming pools, the indoor beach and the gym.

Rooms “Standard” and “Superior” are 20-25 square meters. meters and are designed to accommodate two people. In the center of the room there is a double bed or two single to choose from, opposite is a plasma panel with a smart set-top box. There are rooms with a balcony, with and without a terrace. In some bathrooms has a shower, in others a deep bath. Usual equipment: hairdryer, safe, paid mini-bar and refrigerator. Tea, coffee and drinking water are provided for the electric kettle. From textiles in the required set includes slippers, bathrobes, towels and a minimum cosmetic set. The price of the room depends on the inclusion of meals: breakfast, half board, full board or nothing. “Superior” with an area of 25 square meters. meters can accommodate up to 4 people, because it has an additional sofa bed and coffee table. “Superior family” with an area of 30 square meters. meters can accommodate up to 5 people. As the name implies, this is a favorite room for families with children.

Suite with an area of 40 square meters. meters can accommodate up to 5 people. The interiors and equipment of this category of rooms almost do not differ from the standards and superiors. A large area and several rooms allow you to rent a suite by the company in a fold, which is much more profitable for money.

The premium suite has 50 square meters of area and a beautiful interior in cream tones. More expensive furniture and design finishes correspond to the premium type of rooms. The suite consists of a bedroom, a large living room with a built-in kitchen and a bathroom. Kitchenware, a cooktop and a coffee machine are added to the equipment. The hotel also offers premium apartments in several variations, with an exclusive design and indispensable luxury.

Spa meals

The buffet in the restaurant “Paradiso” is very good and worth the money. The menu from the chef divides the food into three categories: regular, fitness and children’s food. There is a good variety of hot: steam batters and fish, fried turkey and sausages, roast and veal, etc. Three or four types of soups, the same number of salads. Fruits: grapes, bananas, oranges, grapefruits. Sliced sausages, brisket, red fish. There are several types of bread, including. yeast-free and grain-free. Children will appreciate 10 types of desserts, as well as a fountain of chocolate, in which you can dip the selected piece. To top it off, there is a small selection of saltys and a variety of sauces. Of the drinks, in addition to the mandatory juices, you can select a coffee machine that can make several types of coffee beans. There is a lot of food on the buffet, the staff regularly bring new dishes. Since the boarding meals in “Palmyra” are at such a high level, we recommend taking a ticket with full board. The plus is that you do not need to spend time in a restaurant, choosing food from the pictures and waiting for about an hour until the waiters begin to fulfill the order.

“On the Roof” is a loft-style restaurant with a beautiful panoramic view of the sea. A place where you can enjoy haute cuisine from the chef and spend the evening in pleasant company. Of the pros – this is a beautiful presentation of dishes and local specialties, minus – high prices.

Ardent_Coconut writes a review: “rested in 2021, we really liked it. Large cozy rooms in which everything is available, including bathrobes and slippers. On the street luxurious heated pools and a bath, also liked the indoor pool and several types of steam rooms. We played billiards on the 5th floor, which is included in the price. At night, we recommend going to the “magic forest” – romantic. Breakfast was very hearty, indulged with a chocolate fountain. There is a grocery mini-market with normal prices on site. Watch the discount offers of the hotel – you can save decently. Come, the place is great.”

Beauty and health

Outdoor pools will delight lovers of swimming with clean water, countercurrent and the “fast river” system. On the street next to the pool there is a steam room with panoramic glazing – an unexpected solution that is not found in other hotels. The idea is not to walk in bathrobes to the steam room and back across the hotel. There is also an indoor swimming pool with heated sea water, which is important in the off-season or on those rare days when inclement weather comes to the coast. Around the water there are sun loungers and sun loungers, as well as umbrellas against the scorching sun. The territory of the aqua-thermal complex is ennobled with green spaces and flowers.

The spa can offer beauty, facial, body and massage services. Specialists use imported cosmetics, natural preparations and products that can be purchased and taken home. There is a laser lipolysis machine, which treats the skin of the face. In the beauty salon you can make a haircut, perm, hair coloring, as well as nail service. Prices for services are Moscow, because the hotel is considered premium and is designed for wealthy guests.

The Spa Medicine Center at the hotel has prepared a variety of wellness programs, the purpose of which is the cure of chronic diseases and general health promotion. All procedures are paid, the price tag is high. Main programs: balneotherapy, therapeutic massage, kinesetherapy, mud baths, pressure therapy, physiotherapy, inhalations, etc. For children, a healing and therapeutic price list has also been developed.

The gym is equipped with modern mechanisms and simulators for all muscle groups, a sufficient number of treadmreadmacks is installed. A fitness trainer will help you master the technique and adjust the load. The room of the hall after a fresh repair, a large volume allows you to play sports with benefits for the body. Admission to the hall is included in the price.

Beach & Entertainment

The landscaped territory of the beach is equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, changing rooms and entertainment points. The shore is pebbly with breakwaters and boulders sticking out of the sea – a typical beach on the South Coast. Guests, judging by the reviews, are pleased with privacy – there are only vacationers from “Palmyra”. The entrance to the water is gentle, rescuers are on duty on the spot. The coast was divided into several zones: a common beach, a children’s beach and an area of 18+. Animators arrange game activities and shows mainly for children, while adults sunbathe and bathe.

Billiard room on the 5th floor of the main building has tables for Russian billiards and American. Here you can ride balls, drink a cocktail or watch the game of other guests.

Lella_revizorro writes a review: “the buffet can not be called “amazing”, as they write in fake praise reviews. Of the fish only hake and telapia, salad with canned tuna, for dinner there is no wine. Dishes are simple, such as “pork in batter” or cabbage salad. In general, the buffet corresponds to hotels in which the room costs 10 thousand rubles per day, but not 25 (and in season 43). On the pebble beach every year for some reason bring crushed stone – it is impossible to walk without slippers. The spa is cool, but regularly does not work either partially or completely. That’s a surprise, huh? Be sure to clarify this point before booking. In the pool, a pungent smell of chlorine hits the nose. In the room there is mold, dust and dirt. Cleaned regularly, but without effort. You can close your eyes to such shortcomings, if not for the cosmic price. This hotel is not worth the money.”

Entertainment for children

“Limpopo” is a club for children under 12 years old, in which animators and teachers play games with them or observe leisure. There are toys, sets for drawing, unusual outfits and all sorts of things. Children play with each other, draw, socialize, run or learn to make something while their parents can relax a little. Of the developing activities, we can distinguish culinary master classes in which children are taught to cook something tasty, after the lesson everyone eats the result together. They play educational board games and burn wood.

Street themed areas are no less loved by children. These are atmospheric locations where you can play, run and have fun. On the beach, animators arrange costume shows, mini-performances, make aqua makeup for children. The main center of attraction for children is a complex of slides located in the middle of a street pool. This is a real mini-water park, a visit to which is included in the price.

Walking distance

Along the beaten paths, you can go on a hiking trip to the Swallow’s Nest – this is in the direction of Gaspra. On the way you will meet another beautiful place – the palace of Grand Duke D.K. Kichkin. Or go along the Solar Path to the Livadia Palace – this is in the direction of Yalta. You need to take a lunch box and water with you, although there will be cafes and shops along the way. In Yalta regularly go minibuses and buses. In the city there are many attractions, museums, nightclubs and branded shops with Crimean wine. In the central market you can buy seafood and fish. In the city center, excursions to the best places of the peninsula are regularly sent: marble caves, taigan safari park, parks, palaces, mountains. And of course you can try water activities: scuba diving, skiing, boating and catamarans. In the Yalta diving center there is a service “to play a wedding under water” and arrange a spectacular photo shoot. Families with children also visit the zoo and water park, attractions and the beautiful central promenade.


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