Hotel Olympia Krasnaya Polyana

Hotel Olympia is the best solution for a family vacation. At the same time, tourists can find entertainment in the winter season, and in the summer. As a rule, people come here for skis and snowboards, but in summer vacationers choose places because of the unique clean and relaxing atmosphere in the mountain air.

Location and history

Hotel “Olympia” has a convenient location, because it stands in the central part of the ski resort Krasnaya Polyana. Rosa Khutor Ski Resort is just 7 km away, and holidaymakers can take advantage of the regular transport that runs between the facilities. To the ski lifts “Mountain Carousel”, “Alpika-Service” is also a short distance, about 5 km. Ochi Airport is just a 43-minute drive away.

Krasnaya Polyana is considered the best ski resort village on the territory of the Russian Federation. Thousands of tourists annually come to the Caucasus Mountains to enjoy the unique views of wildlife. At the same time, the resort is popular with tourists from all over the world. If you have chosen this place for recreation, then you should correctly view the possible hotels, and choose the best option for all indicators.

The resort is located in the Western part of the Caucasus Mountains, and stands directly at the foot of the main ridge. At the same time, the hotel itself is located on a hill, and is surrounded on almost all sides by mountain slopes. Vacationers can admire the unique views from the windows on the mountain slopes all year round. On the territory of the village, tourists can visit modern sports complexes, which were built specifically for the Olympic Games. In addition, a large number of cafes and restaurants offer to try dishes of cuisines around the world.

Room stock

Hotel Olympia is a whole complex, which is designed for simultaneous accommodation of 250 people. The hotel is divided into two buildings, each of which is equipped with only the most modern equipment for a pleasant holiday. The hotel has 65 rooms, and a cottage town, which consists of 7 cottages and a separate villa.

The hotel offers one of four options:

  • The suite is represented by a two-room suite. The spacious room is suitable for couples. The room is equipped with all necessary amenities. As of December 2020, the price, but the night in the room is 4 thousand rubles.
  • Standard DBL is a one-room suite of small size, which can be supplemented with an additional place if necessary. Standard room costs 2500 rubles.
  • Studio – also a one-room suite, but larger. For the studio will have to pay 3000 rubles per night.
  • Two-storey villa, which includes three comfortable bedrooms. On the ground floor there is a living room with a TV and a dining table, a kitchen with the necessary equipment for cooking, and a guest bathroom. On the second floor you can find bedrooms, an office and a banquet area. There is also a barbecue area on site. The villa can be rented for 7 thousand per night.

Hotel infrastructure

The complex is equipped with the infrastructure necessary for a comfortable stay so that customers can get a good rest. All vacationers have the right to use the parking lot, which is under round-the-clock security, a dryer for mining equipment, a free Wi-Fi network, and laundry services. If customers arrived on business issues, you can use the conference room, which is designed and contains equipment for business negotiations. During the warmer years, guests can use the outdoor pool. Order a transfer or taxi for safe and comfortable movement to the necessary places. In winter, the transfer is designed to move to the lift, and in summer tourists can go to the beach.

Meals and restaurants

On the territory of Olympia, visitors can visit the café-bar or restaurant, where they can taste local or foreign cuisine.

The café-bar is designed for a simultaneous visit of 70 people, it is in this number that the seats are presented. In addition, the hall is complemented by a TV and stereo music for a comfortable pastime.

Visitors can order breakfast, or use the buffet, which offers a wide variety of hot dishes and snacks.

For lunch and dinner, there is a system of custom-made menu, where customers can order any dish presented in the menu. In addition, vacationers can be provided with a comprehensive meal of the half-board or boarding option.

It should be noted that snacks, alcoholic or soft drinks are presented in the bar around the clock.

Restaurant “Tavern Olympia” is located directly by the embankment of the local river (Mzymta), and therefore customers can admire the amazing views during the meal.

The hall can accommodate up to 80 people. In addition, audio and video systems are installed in the hall for the most relaxing and comfortable stay.

In the restaurant, vacationers can order à la carte meals. The menu includes European cuisine, and grilled dishes.

In addition, the restaurant caters for banquets.

In the bar everyone can enjoy soft, hot or alcoholic drinks. A variety of snacks are also available for drinks.

“Friends advised to go on vacation to these places. We have been engaged in alpine skiing for a long time, so we decided to try new tracks. We stayed at the Olympia Hotel. It should be noted that a really good place where a wide range of services are offered. The staff of the hotel is professional, and polite. Any issues are resolved as quickly as possible. In addition, I would like to note the restaurant at the hotel. The atmosphere is cozy and the menu is varied. We tried several dishes, and each liked. We think that next year we will go here again.”

Leisure and entertainment

Guests staying at the hotel have a large selection of entertainment programs. At the same time, customers can choose a relaxing option of rest, or active leisure activities.

Of course, more popular ski sports, for which most of the tourists, and comes to these places. At the reception desk, people living in the complex can buy ski passes, which give the opportunity to touch at any convenient time. In addition, you can rent ski equipment, which is in perfect condition. If tourists want to learn how to ride, or improve the level of their skills, you can use the additional services of an instructor. On the territory of the complex there is a unique school that helps to properly learn to touch on the ski slopes.

In summer, customers can use the outdoor swimming pool, which is located on site. In addition, if tourists want to swim in the sea, you can use the transfer, which runs regularly to the beach and in the opposite direction.

On the territory of the hotel there is a Russian bath with a font, which is open all year round. Guests of the hotel can enjoy a traditional bath, which maintains comfortable conditions not only for swimming, but also for a relaxing holiday. Tourists can visit the bath complex. For a particularly relaxing holiday, you should use the services of a professional masseur.

Tourists can set off closed picnics in the lap of nature in a specially designated barbecue area. All the necessary equipment is located in the zone. In addition, a picnic can be arranged in the mountains at an altitude of 1750 meters, which includes jeeping and skiing on the lakes.

For lovers of active pastime, the hotel offers to use a billiard table, a tennis table. In addition, customers can visit the water park, or ice rink.

For those who like fun youth parties, clubs are open at night. In the clubs, vacationers can not only enjoy the music and dance, but also use the services of the bar.

In addition, you can book excursions to the most amazing and unique places. Excursions are conducted by specialists who not only deliver to the site, but also tell fascinating stories about these places.

Recreational opportunities for children

Vacationers can stay in the hotel with children. On the territory you can find a playground that will give unforgettable sensations and memories for children of all ages.

Children can be provided with pool toys to have fun.

In addition, children will enjoy a modern water park, which is designed for children of different ages. Young children can just splash, but older children will like the slides.

Excursions and attractions nearby

The hotel organises excursions at will. As a rule, tourists are attracted by Olympic venues. Excursions are conducted with an experienced guide who helps to get acquainted with the main attractions, and share unique information about each object.

In addition, you should definitely visit the unique cultural and ethnographic center “My Russia”. The Bell Museum contains a unique collection that will not be able to leave indifferent.

In addition, tourists will be attracted by an excursion to Abkhazia, or along the entire length of the Black Sea coast.




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