Hotel Okhta Park Leningrad region

Resort hotel “Okhta Park” (in fact, rather a hotel complex with several accommodation options and additional services) is located on the territory of the ski resort of the same name and is aimed, first of all, at serving the local contingent – lovers of skiing, extreme and various sports activities. Of course, this does not mean that there is nothing to do for connoisseurs of seal rest, just the opposite: relaxation in a cool spa can be edged with draniks with semma in a local restaurant, and then repeatedly repeated in any order. In the hotel “Okhta Park” you can quickly unload the brains after a hard working week or spend a great vacation – everything is possible here, especially for money. Naturally, it should be borne in mind that not far from the metropolis there is no high-quality and at the same time cheap rest. Here you will have to pay a lot, often and inspiredly. Even for the daily cleaning.

It’s interesting! The Okhta River (less than a kilometer from the hotel) is one of the dirtiest rivers in the European part of Russia. In this region, civilization is avenged by a barbaric attitude to natural resources, and everything is dumped into the river, including sewage waste and the budget for the construction of a new collector. The natives are accustomed to the sluggish eco-accident and take solace in the fact that one of the tributaries of the Okhta is the Okkervil, a small river about which Boris Grebenshchikov sings and Writes Tatiana Tolstaya.

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New on old

At first there was a slide – just a wild, but orderly rolled out slide, where happy owners of alpine skis from all around came to distract from worldly affairs. History is silent about how long the slide pleased Leningraders for free (according to local residents, almost since the 60s), but in 1993 commerce won, and a ski school appeared on the site of a wild track, a couple of campsites with a tavern and saunas. No one had heard about ski passes until the middle of the first decade of the III millennium, and in 2015 an all-season multifunctional complex was launched. Now here you can not just relax, but live (not so long ago a whole cottage LCD was handed over nearby), study, work remotely and play sports. The resort operates in 15 diverse destinations, and hotel services are just one of them.

Geographically, the hotel is located 10 kilometers from St. Petersburg, in a green area, which the organizers call environmentally friendly. It should be understood that this is a marketing ploy, in fact, the territory of the complex is just very well-groomed, combed to grass and maximally ennobled. It is as far from environmental friendliness as a hybrid greenhouse rose to mountain rose hips.

Magda, St. Petersburg: “We rest in Okhta Park at least four times a year. We always take the most budget room and are very satisfied, because the approach of the administration is responsible, always clean, everything is thought out. The infrastructure is perfect. True, everything is expensive and virtually nothing is included in the accommodation, but this is nothing, but you do not need to fly anywhere. “

Rooms and not only the hotel

In the hotel “Okhta Park” 40 identical double rooms with a minimum of furniture – a bed (double or two single beds), sofa, wardrobe, bedside table, safe. There is a modern TV and excellent WiFi, but there will be no familiar delights such as branded bath or toiletries, to which everyone is accustomed after networkers.

The rooms are small, about 13 square meters, with a combined bathroom (shower) and a noot, in which there is a mini-refrigerator, a kettle and a small wardrobe with dishes. In winter, the rooms are warm, even sometimes too much, and in summer it can be a little stuffy, you will have to ventilate.

Each room has a narrow illuminated terrace, chairs and a table on it, you can spend a quiet evening together – more people simply will not fit. Guests can rent a grill or barbecue facilities from the property.

In addition to small hotel rooms, you can rent cottages of several categories:

  • Comfort for 4 guests;
  • Comfort + for 6 guests;
  • Double Premium;
  • Family for 8 guests.

In each case, the name of the cottage speaks for itself, they differ in size, interiors and price. But each has an equipped kitchen, fireplace, a good bathroom, underfloor heating and all the necessary appliances. Additional services, including room service and cleaning, are charged separately.

In 2020, okhta Park opened a new type of rooms – Deluxe, which is ideal for couples: a large double bed with lighting has been added to the usual very functional set of amenities, as well as a fireplace with a seating area and wardrobes in the hallway, where several stunning outfits will fit in.

Importantly! The guesthouse living in deluxe rooms, cottages and in the common building of the hotel is very different. Hotel rooms are the minimum, the most budget option of all, so the price does not include breakfast, daily cleaning, or clean towels or linen. Moreover, capsules for the coffee machine will have to be extracted separately, that is, at the reception at impressive prices. According to reviews, recently the same situation in more premium versions.

Everyone who wants to get access to the services is recommended to purchase a “Guest Card”, then an unlimited gym, swimming pools and breakfast will be added to the cost of living. According to reviews, decent. The card must be purchased for each guest separately.

Meals in the hotel “Okhta Park”

On the territory of the ski resort there are many catering outlets from bars to restaurants with a chef and a menu. Some of them – for example, Après Ski Bistro – operate only in winter, when the influx of guests is especially large. Others (Café Switch Bar) in winter work in full mode, and in summer – only under the order. Many points are focused on intercepting a guest on the run, drinking and feeding and sending further along the route – like a coffee shop that is right in the inventory rental. And completely independent guests of the resort can go to the culinary store, and buy themselves almost everything that the soul can only wish for from meat dishes to cakes and homemade bread. Absolutely everything is prepared immediately, in the kitchen under the guidance of an experienced chef.

In the amusement park there is a pancake house – a pleasant place, desperately loved by children, where only visitors to this very park have access. The restaurant menu includes several options for pancakes with both sweet and spicy and hearty fillings, as well as a traditional set of hot dishes and drinks.

Not far from the rope park, guests will find Street Food from Food Loft, where literally on the go you can have a snack with delicious, but unhealthy fast food – which, however, the same will burn in the vent of intense descents and ascents. Or order pizza in Forest Pizza – it is made in a real wood-burning oven, so it turns out even better than in Italy.

But the main restaurants in the resort are two:

  • central Après Ski (from the Chekhov group), chef Artem Volchek;
  • exclusive and unusual “In More Often”.

Après Ski Restaurant serves the most famous dishes of many cuisines of the world from Italy and Georgia to Japan and Uzbekistan. An eclectic menu will allow you to choose something to your taste: do not like poke? Take chicken breast and seafood. Don’t have a soul for meat? At Après Ski you can order grilled vegetables, strawberry cream soup or even stop for desserts – which is worth only crème brulee with bourbon vanilla! The highlight of the restaurant is steaks and meat cooked in a hosper oven.

Restaurant “In More Often” is holistic, freedom-loving and very relaxing. Here you can not only try unusual dishes, but also participate in interesting projects – for example, Chef’s Table – this is about haute cuisine. “In more Often” is not only very tasty, but also interesting, informative and will appeal to children.

Oleg, Vyborg: “We were there recently, on March 8, 2021. As far as I am not a connoisseur of all sorts of culinary delights, V More often won me over. This is really very good – and barbecue on pita, and rabbit stew, and even caramelized carrots for garnish. I recommend it to everyone, next time I will go to Okhta to eat cleanly. “

What to do…

In “Okhta Park” people go mainly to ski – this is a fact, but the administration is working to make the resort all-season and interesting for any visitors.

In winter, in season, guests can expect 10 trails with a total length of 2,885 meters and a height difference of 55 meters. The longest track is 390 meters. There are tracks for professionals (by the way, extreme snowboarding is becoming increasingly popular), for routine training and even for green beginners. No wonder there are schools and clubs for beginners: in a few days you can quite confidently get up on skis and go to conquer your first slope.

Those who are indifferent to ski delights can try to go down the slide on a cotton candy or ride a Finnish sleigh. And the Forest Skating Rink is considered one of the best in the Leningrad region, they come here even from St. Petersburg – besides, the equipment can be rented, it is not necessary to drag it with you from home.

With the onset of summer, the resort switches to other activities:

  • universal summer windmets for adults and children – it’s fun;
  • amusement park with attractions, trampolines and a small menagerie;
  • rope park with three types of trails – for growth from 120 cm, from 140 cm and from 150 cm;
  • complex of swimming pools, consisting of 4 pools and an area with sun loungers.

On the territory there is a tennis court, a field for mini-football and a volleyball court. For connoisseurs of meditative recreation with a fishing rod and a float, it is possible to organize fishing on a local lake. The administration provides all the necessary equipment – of course, not for free.

By the way: In the very center of the complex there is a parking lot for 1200 car spaces. Enough of it.

… and how to relax

On the territory of the resort there is its own spa bath complex with an unexpected name “Zen”. It includes several types of baths, built with maximum respect for the national traditions of recovery. Nothing superfluous, only steam, heat and herbal teas, and all the necessary materials are already included in the price per hour:

  1. “Boyarskaya” – Russian bath in a luxurious performance, more reminiscent of the prince’s tower. For 6 – 15 people.
  2. Japanese steam room “Hagakure” – a wooden mazanka with a roof of grass and leaves, designed for 2 -10 visitors.
  3. Altai steam room “Da Vinci”, an exclusive development of resort specialists, is designed for 2 – 10 guests.
  4. Russian bath in black “Elisha”, with a steam room up to 100 degrees and humidity of 20%. For 2-10 people.

It is believed that sports and bath procedures are better combined. According to reviews, the combination of steam room and ski slopes for a week changes the attitude of any person and works more effectively than traditional hospital physiotherapy.

Children in Okhta Park Hotel

At the resort “Okhta Park” children are loved and waited for, for them there are many training programs and useful activities with discounts and special offers.

The same complex “Zen” goes to meet visitors with children:

  • up to 7 years of free admission;
  • 7-14 – payment at half tariff.

When settling a cot for a child under 2 years old will be given free of charge, and an extra bed – for 2 thousand rubles per day (the price is relevant for June 2021). The complex provides babysitting services – by prior arrangement and at the appropriate rate, the restaurants have a children’s menu, and the space is decorated with the involvement of specialists, so it is safe for children even younger.

On the territory there are free playgrounds – sandboxes, slides, ladders, and many activities are specially sharpened for children, for example, an amusement park or riding on cotton candy.

But most importantly: “Okhta Park” is a place where even a baby will be taught to ski. To do this, there is a ski club Ohtateam with a school from 3 years. In the complex of swimming pools there are two children’s pools, one indoor, heated, but you can use it for an additional fee.

Marianna, Borisoglebsk: “We were in the winter of 2021 with my son, he is 6 years old. In the room, the child was perfectly placed on the sofa, we did not pay extra for it. During the 10 days we stayed at the hotel, the coach from the school taught my son not just to stand on skis, but to ride better than me. In general, the child was constantly busy, there was not enough time for the smartphone, which is a huge plus. I highly recommend the rope park, which is in the amusement park. For a preschooler , this is a great and quite safe option.”

In addition, animators and a children’s club of analog games “Indigo”, designed for children from one year.

What to see nearby

Despite the fact that the resort administration does everything to ensure that no guest leaves the territory before the end of the vacation, it can be both interesting and useful to travel around the neighborhood. Lists of excursions are at the reception of the hotel, the resort itself also organizes thematic “sorties” related to history, religious centers or famous personalities.

Connoisseurs recommend:

  • Museum of Soviet Toys in Toksovo;
  • Bison – nursery six kilometers from the resort;
  • Lake Kavgolovo – there is something to see, including extreme sailing.


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“Okhta Park” is a combed ski resort, full of fashionable entertainment and providing services of the most stylish, approved by glossy magazines relaxation. The hotel of the same name is a good choice for those who want to relax near St. Petersburg, but are not going to spend money on a cottage. Of course, it will still be expensive, but it’s worth it. In addition, 10 kilometers outside the city limits is not a flight of a thousand kilometers, it is almost at home. No jetlags, adaptations and a foreign language – and impressions are almost the same, especially if you are not picky.