Отель Усадьба Круглое Озеро Абрау Дюрсо

Hotel-estate “Round Lake” is located in a very beautiful valley surrounded by mountains. There is fresh mountain air, almost no wind, warm and sunny. You should certainly come to rest in this place by car, because by taxi or bus to get to the beaches, the lake and the village will not be very comfortable. 5 kilometers from the hotel is the famous resort center “Abrau-Durso” with a developed infrastructure. The center of attraction is an old champagne factory, where you can buy inexpensive and high-quality wines. Also here you can visit numerous cafes, restaurants, a park and admire the fountain with lighting. Nearby there are wild beaches of the coast, where young girls love to sunbathe. Around beautiful nature, horses and romantic sunsets in the evenings.

Marina V writes a review: “large comfortable rooms, blackout curtains, wide beds with elastic mattresses. There is a decent swimming pool, gazebos for companies and kebabs. Food is poorly organized: not all dishes from the menu are available, for a long time the return of dishes due to lack of staff. But the village is full of cafes and restaurants with delivery. The hotel offers ample parking, a free shuttle bus to the beach and horse riding. The territory is beautifully groomed: many flowers, bushes, lawns and a living corner. Overall, I liked it.”

Soviet-style rooms

In two buildings are rented for accommodation three categories of rooms of boarding type. They differ in that they have a minimum of amenities and furniture, do not have decorations and European gloss. This is designed for those who do not want to overpay for the signs of the premium segment in expensive hotels of the level of 4-5 stars. Nevertheless, everything you need for living is available:

  • Economy is a very cheap (1400r) room with two single beds. There is a small LCD TV opposite. There is a telephone, a kettle, the necessary minimum of dishes and cosmetic accessories.
  • The standard is a little more expensive – 1700r. There is already added shower, air conditioning, mirror and double bed to choose from. You can add another bed for a fee.
  • The standard is improved at a price of 2200r almost 2 times more in area than the economy and standard. A sofa and a coffee table are added to the furnishings, a large carpet on the floor, and paintings on the walls. It turns out quite a decent room for the family. You can stay three with a surcharge.

Cheap and simple rooms of the estate “Round Lake” are designed for those tourists who spend all day on the beach, go on excursions or sunbathe by the pool, and return to the room only at night to sleep. With such an active form of recreation, it really makes no sense to overpay two or three times for expensive furniture and elite decoration of the room.

Restaurants & Dining

Cafe “Round Lake” is an institution of small size with a simple interior and medium prices. It is located in the administrative building next to the pool and bathroom. An adult can dine for 600-800r without alcohol. The menu is dominated by homemade dishes: dumplings, scrambled eggs, borscht, salads, etc. There is a separate “yoga menu” – this is a meat-free meal with an emphasis on vegetables and cereals. Surprisingly, the prices for yoga dishes are even higher than for cooking meat. For example, for 550p you can order: okroshka on kefir + dumplings + cappuccino. Or from the “yoga menu”: soup + second. There won’t be enough for coffee. A glass of fruit fresh – 300 rub. Coffee “Americano” – 130p, teapot (400 ml) – 200r. Beer 0,5 – 300р. Bottle of locally produced red wine – 1000r. This option is suitable in case you do not want to go to the village.

In “Abrau Durso” there is a large selection of cafes and restaurants of any price category. There is a cheap dining room where you can eat densely for 300r. Nearby there is a food court with a large number of mini-cafes, bars and fast food eateries. There are establishments with good food and high prices.

Restaurant “Imperial” will pamper guests with French cuisine, seasoned with local flavor. The interior of the institution is made in a light style “Provence”. The signature dish is a bisque of crayfish with croutons. The average score in the range of 1500-2000r per person.

Barbecue bar “Aqua” is also a good place to eat and enjoy cocktails. The accent of the institution is inexpensive meat fried on an open fire. To it you can add salads and snacks in the Latin American style. Atmospheric place. Price tag 800-1000r per person without alcohol.

“Grand Café Abrau-Durso” has a pleasant modern design of the city café. The menu is made up of a mix of popular dishes: steaks, pizza, pasta, local fish, cream soup and some Caucasian specialties. Large selection of desserts and alcoholic beverages, including cocktails. The average score is 1500r.

Elena writes a review: “it is convenient to come to the “Round Lake” and pay for a gazebo with a barbecue. From home take barbecue and other products. We rested with the company – I liked it very much. There is also a good camping: a euro socket, a tap with water and a place for draining for toilet cassettes. Each place has a backlight. Also, many come with tents. The nature is wonderful, the lake is turquoise, birds sing, horses ride tourists. “

Swimming pool, Abrau beach and other services

In the center of the vast territory of the hotel there is a large pool with spring water, around which there are dozens of sun loungers. For very young children, a tiny pool in the form of a circle is arranged next to it, more like a puddle with very warm water. Once a week, both reservoirs are thoroughly washed by the hotel staff. For those guests who do not live in the rooms, the cost of visiting the territory and using the pool is 300 p.

“Abrau beach” is a pebble beach on the Black Sea coast, where a transfer departs from the “Round Lake” every hour. Of the advantages of this place can be noted the cleanliness of the territory and cafes with inexpensive food, delicious ice cream, soft drinks. For the descent into the sea there is a pier, from which many vacationers like to dive into clear waters, and in the cold season local amateurs catch fish from it. There is a medical center with a good set of medicines, including. from bites, cuts and bruises.

Marina Morskaya writes a review: “the best beach in this small area. The entrance to the water from the pier is made on both sides. There are platforms for diving. There are spacious changing rooms, sun beds, towels, showers, fountains with the purest artesian water. You can choose to sit in the shade, in the sun or in partial shade. Everything that was ordered in the cafe was on top. Of the undoubted advantages – beautiful nature, lake and blackberry. Of the minuses – not very large size of the beach. “

Equestrian club at the hotel “Round” lake invites vacationers to ride a horse in the picturesque surroundings. Prices are quite reasonable. Half an hour of skiing with an instructor – 700r, hour – 1000r. You can learn horseback riding or make a spectacular photo shoot on a horse. Animals are short squat horses of Icelandic suit.

Barbecue or barbecue on the territory of the hotel can be fried in special areas with gazebos. Renting such a zone for 12 hours will cost in the range of 1500-2500r – depending on the selected location. Food, coal and marinated meat are bought in the village in any grocery store.

Order a bath costs 1000r per hour, but not more than 4 people. For each additional guest it is necessary to pay extra. Nevertheless, for the resort area it is a fairly low price tag.

Surroundings and tourism

The factory of sparkling wines “Abrau Durso” is the tourist dominant of the whole district. Guests from all over the country come here to learn about how champagne and “quiet” wines are produced. Especially impressive are the centuries-long underground galleries, in which the wine spirit soars and drinks are stored in large oak barrels or bottles. Excursion without tasting for adults costs 1000r, children 5-9 years – 550r, up to 5 years – free of charge. With tasting is not much more expensive – 1500r. The duration of the tour is 1.5 hours. During this time, guests will be shown the old complex of the plant and underground storage facilities. They will show the updated production and antique equipment. They will talk about the intricacies of making champagne. There is also a VIP route for the rich (20000) and a tour of the vineyards. Even in these basements arrange search quests in the style of role-playing games. The organizers promise something intimidating. Cost 2500r. By the way, it is really cold in the dungeons, so you need to dress warmer.

In the wine shops of the plant you can buy premium champagne for only 1500r. Or buy wines at a price two times lower than sold in neighboring cafes. There are also local cheeses, pastries, convenience foods, vegetables and other food grown in the region. The most beautiful of the branded shops is arranged in a real cave and is called the “grotto”.

Lake Abrau is a large fresh water body with a beautiful turquoise water surface. Around it since Soviet times it is forbidden to engage in agriculture, so the water here is very clean. The lake is found in crayfish, bream, silver carp and other freshwater fish, so lovers of fishing on boats like to hunt here for catch. Ducks float around, and in the center of the lake there are “singing fountains” with beautiful lighting. In the evenings, the water from the fountains soars to a decent height, colored with different colors to the sound of musical compositions. In the village there is a park with beautiful trees, lawns and paths made of paving stones for walking. The park has many compositions and installations, flowers and rare shrubs. Tourists on the lake ride on boats and catamarans, and in the sea on pleasure boats. At the Imperial Hotel, you can rent a bicycle relatively inexpensively and ride around the area. Swimming in the lake is officially prohibited, since there have been cases of detection of intestinal infection in bathers. After these events, samples were taken and studies were carried out in the laboratory. As a result, various harmful impurities were found in the lake water. However, many swim at their own risk.

Cultural and tourist center “Russia” is a place in the village of Abrau-Durso, where entertainment events are held, focused on tourists and vacationers. Horse racing, antique spectacles, games for children. Many different attractions, shooting range and petting mini-zoo. Even a real inverted house for children has been built. The center is open all year round.

The yoga house is located on the edge of a cliff near the lake. Experienced gurus in this house often conduct master classes and classes in oriental gymnastics. Beautiful views of the water surface and mountains here enjoy in the lotus position.

The city embankment, in addition to many art objects and a wonderful view of the singing fountains, boasts a whole alley of roses. Hundreds of rose bushes of different varieties and flowers are planted here. The alley is framed by decorative arches and benches for rest. This is a favorite place for photo shoots and walks.

The temple of Xenia the Blessed is located on a hill and was built after the collapse of the USSR at the request of the local population on the same place where the old church was located. Here you can attend the service, order demands, buy products in the church shop. A Sunday school and a library of spiritual literature are organized at the temple.




In this resort town at every step there are souvenir shops, cafes, sculptures and attractions. Prices are average for the resort region. A bus from Novorossiysk reaches the village of Abrau-Durso in 35 minutes.