Отель Гостевой Дом Шале Эсто Садок

From the guest house “Chalet” will be delighted by those who can not imagine their lives without skiing and snowboarding. It was built in 2007, but improves every year. Thanks to attentive guidance, there is everything you need to relax both with family and in the company of friends. The hotel belongs to the group of three-star.

Where is it?

Guest House Chalet is located in the village of Esto-Sadok (Adler district of the resort city of Sochi). It is surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains, so it offers a very beautiful view of nature. According to tourists, this place is one of the best in order to forget about the daily hustle and bustle. For example, at one of the forums Svetlana from Moscow says that she lived in the “Chalet” for about a week, and did not regret a drop. Especially the girl liked the ennobled area near the hotel, a clean pool and a truly professional staff who tried to please even in small things.

The advantage of the Chalet Guest House is that it is so close to the ski slopes and cable cars that most of them can be reached on foot. Thus, it is not necessary to call a taxi or wait for public transport.

The peaceful atmosphere does not mean that the “Chalet” is removed from the infrastructure:

  • to the airport — 38,1 km;
  • the train station is 0.7 km away.

Staff are always ready to arrange a transfer. The service is paid.

Room stock

The total number of rooms in the hotel is 38. They fall into three categories:

  1. Studio. It is one room, which is divided by a partition into two parts: a living room and a bedroom. Despite the fact that the studio is the smallest room in size, it has a large bed. It will be comfortable to sleep both alone and together. Also in the studio TV, telephone, safe and mini-mar.
  2. “Standard”. It differs from the previous version in that it includes two full-fledged rooms: a living room and a bedroom. There are two types: with two separate and with one joint bed. Also, like the studio, “Standard” has a TV, telephone, safe and mini-bar.
  3. “Luxury”. Ideal for those who want to feel at home. In the “Suite” there is an individual air ventilation system, albeit small, but its own kitchen, a variety of personal hygiene products (bathrobes, slippers, towels of four pieces for each guest, shampoos, balms, etc.).

Regardless of which room you choose, the rest will be unforgettable in the good sense of the word. So, Elena from St. Petersburg writes that she managed to visit both “Standard” and “Lux”. In both cases, everything was on top: clean, no extraneous sounds from neighbors, food was delivered quickly.

Restaurants & Cafes

The Chalet Guest House has its own restaurant and dining room. The restaurant is decorated in alpine style, so it resembles a rural house in the Alps. It has a lot of natural materials, especially wood, which creates the feeling that you are in a fairy tale. The food is no less beautiful: both classic dishes and delights are served. The restaurant allows celebrations, including weddings. Its capacity is 65 people. The dining room no less vividly conveys the spirit of the mountainous terrain. On its ceiling are attached skiing, and the bar counter is decorated with snowboards. In the dining room, less expensive, but no less delicious food is prepared. We are talking about soups, roasts, salads, snacks, etc.

Attention! If you do not mind spending time on the shore of the pond with a fishing rod and catch trout or some other fish, then the chefs will gladly cook it.

If you wish, you can eat outside the hotel. Not far from it there is a food court “Good place”, Cafe-fast food “Sushilk” and others.


You can’t get bored at the hotel. For connoisseurs of skiing and snowboarding there are several zones:

  1. “Mountain carousel”.
  2. “Laura”.
  3. “Alpika”.
  4. “Sledge”, etc.

Those who have taken a break from visiting the ski slopes are offered:

  1. Pool. Its plus is that it is covered and heated, so it is allowed not only in summer and winter. Agree that swimming is nice not only when it’s warm.
  2. SPA-center. It provides body, face and hair care services. For example, you can do evening makeup.
  3. Wellness center. It provides health services. For example, you can book a massage.
  4. Turkish bath and Finnish sauna. It is scientifically proven that visiting baths and saunas has a positive effect on the state of the body, in particular, normalizes blood pressure and accelerates metabolism.

And that’s not all. Also in the hotel there is a billiards and a bar with a truly wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and round-the-clock operation.

Features of rest with children

As mentioned earlier, the guest house “Chalet” is suitable for families with children. But you need to remember a few rules:

  1. You can come with a child of any age, but if he is older than 5 years, then an additional fee is charged for him.
  2. If necessary, you can ask for a baby cot. It’s free.

Importantly! In advance, even before booking a room, check the availability of a baby cot. This will help to avoid unpleasant moments.

Attractions and other interesting places nearby

Regardless of whether you are resting with children or without them, the sights and other interesting places near the hotel are definitely worth a visit. These include:

  1. Village“Krasnaya Polyana”.
  2. Ski resort«Rosa Khutor».
  3. Park waterfalls “Mendelikha”.
  4. Bzerpinsky cornice.
  5. Husky Center.
  6. Sovarium.
  7. Museum of Archaeology.
  8. Museum of Entertaining Health.
  9. Cultural and Ethnographic Center “My Russia”.
  10. Monument “Grey Eveni”.

Village “Krasnaya Polyana”

A balloon where you can spend a romantic date, virtual reality, a rope park, a water park, a tent camp… continue the list of interesting places and activities in the village “Krasnaya Polyana” can be endless. Well, if not infinitely, then definitely a few hours. Here everyone will find entertainment to taste.

Ski resort “Rosa Khutor”

Ski resort “Rosa Khutor” is part of the village “Krasnaya Polyana”.

It will have something to do for both adults and children. For example:

  1. Climb to the observation deck to a height of 2320 m. Here takes your breath away from the charm of our planet at any time of the year.
  2. Ride a sleigh gliding on rails on a route with three rings at speeds up to 40 km / h.
  3. Swing on the swing hanging above the clouds. Entertainment is not for the faint of heart!
  4. Visit the deer farm, get to know the animals and feed them.
  5. Learn to sculpt from clay at a master class in pottery.

Also there are many restaurants and cafes with unusual interiors and non-standard dishes and no less shops with funny souvenirs.

Mendelicha Waterfall Park

It includes several waterfalls, including “Golden”, “Snow Channel”, “Mishkin Grotto”, etc. The first is the highest and has an observation deck.

Note! The route to the park of waterfalls “Mendelikha” is considered simple (its length is about 3 kilometers, and the height difference does not exceed 200 meters), so you do not need to take special equipment for a walk and you can go with children. By the way, scientific and educational excursions are organized for children over 9 years old.

Bzerpin cornice

Bzerpinsky cornice is another simple route (length – about 4.5 kilometers, height difference – up to 500 meters). You can go here for one day (but keep in mind that in this case you should not stop too often), and for two, three, four or even five days.

From the houses, which are located on the Berlin cornice, there is literally a fascinating view of the mountains, the gorge of the Mzymta River, the Olympic facilities, and if you are lucky with the weather, then the Black Sea! In addition to unforgettable landscapes, here you will enjoy the cleanest air.

Husky Center

Ideal for families with children. However, it will be fun for parents, which is confirmed by the reviews of tourists.

Visiting the husky center, you will learn a lot of amazing things about the life of the peoples of the North of our country and, of course, make friends with their reliable friends – Siberian Huskies.

Each visitor will be told about the traditions of the peoples of the North. Most of the time will be devoted to the story of the mutual friendship of a person with incredibly active and at the same time kind dogs.

If you go to the husky center in the cold season, when there is snow outside, then you will have the opportunity to ride in a dog sled.

A child of any age will definitely appreciate the site “Archaeological excavations of dinosaur skeletons”, as well as a game in the form of a quest “Gold Rush”.


Sovarium is unique in that it contains all the birds outside the cages. Yes, they have houses made by caring employees, but their freedom is not limited (as much as possible). And this approach has led to amazing results: birds from time to time fly into the sky for their business, but always come back, and are not at all afraid of human hands.

Importantly! With the inhabitants of Sovarium, it is allowed to take pictures, but it is forbidden to use the flash.

Museum of Archaeology

When a child hears the word museum, he thinks that he will be bored. The Museum of Archaeology is designed to debunk this myth. Opening the doors, you seem to get into a time machine and go back in time: learn about the history of the area “Rosa Khutor” and the basin of the Mzymta River, starting with the Stone Age and ending with the New Age.

The Museum of Archaeology has:

  • a large number of exhibits, forty of which are recognized as artifacts;
  • interactive objects, in particular, “live” models of animals of the Stone Age; castles of the Middle Ages, books of Baron Tornau;
  • 3D exhibits and models with augmented reality.

Thanks to this, you will not just go from hall to hall, but immerse yourself in the old days.

Museum of Entertaining Health

The Museum of Entertaining Health is part of the all-Russian program. It is built in the form of a playground, on which more than ten exhibits are installed. Each of them promotes their own theme – the importance of proper nutrition, the harm of smoking, etc.

Cultural and Ethnographic Center “My Russia”

Almost all visitors call it “Russia in miniature”. And this is not surprising, because in this place only a couple of steps separate Siberia from the Caucasus, and from the Kazan tower you can see the St. Petersburg roofs.

The cultural and ethnographic center “My Russia” includes eleven pavilions with a total area of more than three hectares. They depict the architecture of such regions as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar Territory, the Urals, Siberia, etc. in all colors. On each site there is an information board, so you can easily understand the monuments, as well as learn many facts about domestic architecture.

Monument “Grey Eveni”

And the last attraction that I would like to tell potential guests of the guest house “Chalet” is the monument “Grey Yeti”.

If you like stories about Bigfoot, then be sure to go to the zone “Rose Peak” at the ski resort “Rosa Khutor”. Note that it is very high, so you will have to use the lift and cable car. Those who are not afraid of heights will be able to see the entire resort from the observation deck and, of course, take a picture for memory with a gray Yeti – a modern bigfoot who is not averse to snowboarding.

Thus, the guest house “Chalet” is a great place for those who prefer a winter holiday. Staying in this hotel, you will have the opportunity not only to go skiing and snowboarding, but also to visit many attractions on the “Krasnaya Polyana” and in its vicinity.

The hotel itself has everything you need for a comfortable stay, ranging from a minimum set of self-care (towels, bathrobes, etc.) and ending with a SPA-center with a wide range of services.




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