Hotel Grand Astoria Feodosia Crimea

Hotel «Grand Astoria» offers guests the best conditions for quality rest in Feodosia. It is located a few meters from the Black Sea coast, which makes it an ideal option for a family holiday with children. This is one of the oldest hotels in the resort, its doors are open at any time of the year.

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Location and history

In the heart of Feodosia,on the city embankment, there is one of the most famous hotels of the resort – “Grand Astoria”. The hotel building was built in 1914, it is an architectural monument. The construction of the hotel was carried out by local merchants of Isakson. The five-story building became the tallest in the city. For vacationers were equipped with 75 rooms. Each of them was furnished with Viennese furniture. The guest rooms had electricity, water heating, a telephone and even vacuum cleaners.

At one time, many famous personalities and cultural figures stayed in the “Grand Astoria”. In 1914, Leo Tolstoy and Marina Tsvetaeva visited the hotel. In 1917, Maxim Gorky worked on his works in the building. In 1920, within the walls of the hotel “Grand Astoria” was located the headquarters of the White Guards. Here lived Lieutenant General Anton Ivanovich Deynikin, who led the armed forces of the South. Another interesting page in the history of the hotel was the 60s of the twentieth century. At this time, the hotel was visited by Soviet cosmonauts who were preparing for flights. Among them is Yuri Gagarin.

Today, the Hotel “Grand Astoria” has managed to combine centuries of history in the facade of the building and modern interiors of the interior and rooms. This combination of styles makes it special and popular among vacationers. The hotel welcomes its guests all year round.

Due to the good location of the hotel, guests can fully experience the whole atmosphere of Feodosia. Within walking distance are many interesting sights – the Alexander Green Museum, the Aivazovsky Gallery, the Feodosia Museum of Local Lore. In addition, in a 10-minute walk there are numerous shops, cafes, shops.

Hotel “Grand Astoria” occupies a five-storey building. There is no elevator. In 2016, a complete reconstruction was carried out, thanks to which 200 guests can be accommodated here at the same time.

Importantly! Children of any age are allowed at the hotel. Up to 7 years, on existing beds, children are accommodated absolutely free of charge.

Room stock

All hotel rooms are located in a single five-storey building. For accommodation, guest rooms of different categories, areas and costs are offered. The hotel has Single rooms for those who travel alone, and large two-room rooms, in which you can sit as a friendly family or company. All guest rooms have bathrooms with bath or shower (depending on the category), air conditioning, TVs, refrigerators. Internet access is available.

The main categories of rooms in the hotel:


Oleg, 35 years old, Moscow: Excellent hotel, in my opinion, fully corresponds to the declared category. Located in an old building right in the center of Feodosia. It is convenient to get to many places. Beautiful décor, high ceilings. The staff is very friendly, always ready to help with everything. The room is cozy, inside there is everything you need. Purely. Plumbing is serviceable. Breakfast was included in the price. Served on the principle of buffet. A decent selection of dishes, hungry just will not remain.

Meals and restaurants

On July 15, 2018, the Grand Cafe “Denikin” began to function on the first floor of the hotel. Its creators tried to preserve the atmosphere of the last century, while expressing the history of the Russian immigrating intelligentsia in the overall design of the building. Here was the beginning of the centennial history of the journey of Russian cuisine, which for many years absorbed a huge number of unique recipes from around the world, but later still returned to its homeland.

Today, the hotel café surprises its guests with fresh seasonal dishes – on the one hand, already familiar for a long time, but with completely new taste sensations. The menu offers a large selection of soups, hot and cold snacks, side dishes, salads, meat dishes, etc. Brighten up the expectation of a cooking culinary masterpiece will allow a glass of your favorite drink.

A delicious breakfast is served every morning in the hotel café. From 12:00 to 16:00 set meals are offered. The café is great for organizing and holding various events. These can be corporate parties, weddings, birthdays, meetings of friends or informal parts of business negotiations. The hotel staff is able to find an individual approach to each guest and will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding guests.

Olga, 37 years old, Tyumen: Beautiful cozy hotel with a decent value for money. All photos are true. Beautiful building, the spirit of antiquity is preserved. Inside good repair. Loved the room, everything you need is there, there is enough space. I was pleased that the Internet worked perfectly throughout the hotel. On each floor of the hotel there is a cooler with water, an ironing board with an iron. That’s a huge plus. During my vacation, there were few guests, so there was silence, no noise was heard from the corridor. Special thanks to the chefs for the delicious food in the restaurant.

Leisure and entertainment

Due to the fact that the hotel “Grand Astoria” is located in the heart of Feodosia, tourists will not be difficult to get to the main entertainment venues of the resort. The city offers a large selection of entertainment for children – a children’s playground “Sea of Miracles”, a game room “Three cats”, a quest room “Shtrikhkot”. The whole family can visit the paintball club “Barracuda”.

For connoisseurs of active pastime, the sports and entertainment center “Spartak” opens its doors. On the embankment in Feodosia there is an amusement park. No less interesting will be a visit to the dolphinarium “Nemo”.

For adults in Feodosia there are several nightclubs, bars.

Beaches & Pools

There is no swimming pool on site. Despite this, the proximity of the hotel to the sea allows you to get to the nearest city beach in just a few minutes. It is very convenient for families with children. Shallow water and a gradual decrease in depth will appeal to even the most demanding vacationers. The water warms up quickly enough. There are water attractions for children.

If desired, tourists visit other beaches. The most popular are:

  1. Pearl – convenient location, free entrance, clear water and fine golden-pearl sand attract a large number of tourists.
  2. Bounty – the beach is easy to reach, soft sand, clean water are liked by tourists and locals. Haunted. It is attractive with excellent panoramas of the Crimean Mountains, which are perfectly visible from here.
  3. “Scarlet Sails” – has been working since 2017, is popular among vacationers as one of the best and clean beaches of Feodosia. To take a more comfortable place, the recommended visit is before 10.00.
  4. “Pebbles” – equipped beach has a convenient location, the city center. Large coastline, covered with smooth pebbles. Admission is free, there is a lot of entertainment, umbrellas and sun loungers are available for hire. There are showers and toilets.

Recreational opportunities for children

The hotel «Grand Astoria» has all the conditions for families with children. Special baby cots can be provided in the room upon prior request. On the ground floor of the hotel there is a Lego Go room. There will definitely be something to do for the kids. For them there is a large selection of toys, tables and ottomans, a drawing board, coloring books, pencils are provided. There is a children’s wigwam. For rent offer life jacket and inflatable circles for swimming.

Excursions and attractions nearby

The convenient location of the hotel allows you to easily get acquainted with the main attractions of the city. Many of them are within walking distance. You can visit the places of interest both independently and by ordering a sightseeing tour at the tour desk, which is located in the hotel. What can be seen nearby:

  1. Gallery I. K. Aivazovsky is the third museum after the famous Hermitage and the Rumyantsev Museum, where you can enjoy the truly brilliant creations of the great artist. Aivazovsky himself designed this building, which after his death became the property of the state.
  2. Alexander Green Museum – transfers to the amazing and mysterious world in which the author of the immortal work “Scarlet Sails” lived and worked. Here, various museum rooms are open to visitors, which have names associated with sea wanderings and parts of the ship. For example, “Captain’s Cabin”, “Frigate Hold”, etc. Visitors are saturated with the romance of sea travel, transported to the world of childhood. Often there are thematic exhibitions, musical, poetic evenings, meetings with artists.
  3. The Museum of Local Lore is one of the oldest in Europe, which contains exhibits that transport visitors to the world of antiquity. There are also halls telling about the amazing flora and fauna of the region, about the period of the Great Patriotic War. There is an exhibition of edged weapons, which are allowed to touch. In the museum you can learn the history of Feodosia, there is an exposition introducing the era of the reunification of the Crimea and Russia, the history of the life of the Romanov family.
  4. The Genoese fortress of Kafa is a unique ancient building of the 14th century, which performed protective functions. Visitors are transported to the distant past, during the existence of the Genoese Republic. Only a small part of this fortification has survived to this day.
  5. Dacha Stamboli is a beautiful villa with an interesting history. Currently, there is a museum of underwater archaeology.
  6. Dacha Milos is a unique architectural structure built in the neoclassical style. Beautiful columns, statues decorate the building. Here you can walk and take beautiful photos.
  7. Feodosia Museum of Money – to please those who are interested in the history of the development of monetary units. The modern museum has a collection of 30,000 coins. Among them there are quite rare and unique specimens that have come to us since ancient times.

How to get to the hotel

You can get to the hotel both independently and by public transport:

  • Plane – in the Crimea the airport is only in Simferopol. All flights are operated there. From the airport you need to take a taxi or shuttle bus to the bus station of Feodosia, and then change to bus No. 2 or 4 and get off in the center;
  • Train – also first reach the railway station in Simferopol, and then by shuttle buses to Feodosia;
  • Intercity bus – from many cities of Russia buses go to Feodosia, as it is one of the most popular resorts in the Crimea;
  • Personal transport – across the Crimean bridge in the direction of Feodosia. It is most convenient to lay out the route in the navigator and follow it.

Hotel address: Crimea, Feodosia, Aivazovsky Ave., 9a


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For those who are looking for a good and inexpensive place for a comfortable stay in Feodosia, the hotel “Grand Astoria” opens its doors. Due to the convenient location, wide number of rooms and professionalism of the staff from the time spent will remain only positive impressions.