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Krasnaya Polyana,where the Gorki Panorama Hotelis located, today is the most modern ski resort in Russia, known including outside our homeland and attracting many tourists. This is a small village with a rich history and magnificent nature, the best slopes for sports, healing springs and relict forests.

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Location and history

A few centuries ago, a settlement of Circassians appeared in these places. They are located in a beautiful valley, near the Black Sea. Local legends tell us that the name “Red” Polyana was given not by the peoples who inhabited it, but by the Greeks who came here at the end of the 19th century. Many plants growing here, withering in autumn, have brown, red, scarlet colors. This palette shook the Greeks and inspired them to this name. It perfectly characterizes the village and its surroundings, so it took root quickly.

Krasnaya Polyana is unique. There are several natural areas as you climb high into the mountains: from the subtropics to the Alpine. Proximity to the sea provides already useful mountain air with iodine. Very many tourists come to Krasnaya Polyana for wellness procedures in mineral springs, the most popular of which is considered to be Tsarsky. It is available absolutely for everyone. The local climate is mild and suitable for all age categories of vacationers. And how many animals and birds are in the forests! Here you will meet a wild boar, lynx, roe deer and even a bear. Healing honey from Krasnaya Polyana is considered the most useful souvenir. All this natural splendor you can enjoy by booking accommodation in the four-star hotel Gorki Panorama,from the windows of which you can enjoy breathtaking views.

We present you a modern and stylish hotel, which is also a convenient platform for holding various kinds of conferences, entertainment events, wedding celebrations at any time of the year. The most important thing is that this is a great place for a family holiday with children – a quiet and picturesque place with a developed infrastructure. In the summer, plan a beach holiday, and a comfortable bus will take you to the sea and back.

The hotel is located an hour’s drive from Sochi International Airport, in the center of a huge ski resort and the Olympic Village at an altitude of 960 meters above sea level. There are no many bustling shops and night bars, and guests of the hotel can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the mountains.

Marina, Moscow “The hotel liked the location. I met the sunrise in the mountains right on the site near the entrance to the hotel. It’s just amazing. My room was spacious with large beds, a very comfortable mattress and great pillows. We took accommodation with breakfast, which conquered with its diversity. Managed to visit the SPA, which is located right in the hotel. The guest card allows you to go up and down on the lift from 960 to 540 and back an unlimited number of times. The best hotel in Krasnaya Polyana! We have stayed here 2 times and do not want to live anywhere else. Thank you Panorama for your holiday, we will be glad to return for the third time!”

Rooms, services

The hotel is located in the village of Esto Sadok,near Krasnaya Polyana, a 5-minute walk from the local cable car. Many families with children choose accommodation in our hotel. Architecturally, it is represented by one main building, with more than 300 rooms of various categories: from standards to family suites, there is also an option for accommodation for people with disabilities. All interiors are very original and modern, the rooms are equipped with high-quality household appliances. Rooms “Standard” are considered the most popular in terms of price / quality, offer very comfortable and large beds, modern appliances, private bathroom. Suites in this hotel can accommodate up to three people, they are very well planned – divided into zones by a partition. There is a relaxation area where you will spend an evening with family and friends. Two-room suites are very convenient for accommodation with children, from the windows – stunning views of the mountains.

Yaroslav, Moscow “The best hotel at an altitude of 960! Great management is visible in everything! Brilliantly trained staff, excellent rooms, breakfast for every taste, democratic spa- you can with children, everything is thought out, everything is on top! And special thanks for the cake and birthday greetings! We will definitely be back!”

Meals are organized in two restaurants and the lobby bar of the hotel. The menu is not replete with unfamiliar names, everything is quite simple, but very tasty and high-quality. Familiar to all dishes – in a beautiful presentation, even a fastidious guest will be satisfied with the dishes of Russian and European cuisines. A buffet breakfast is included in the room rate and is open from the very early morning to get you ready to open the cable car. During the day, you can have a snack in the à la carte restaurant and in the lobby bar on the ground floor. Plan dinner in the romantic atmosphere of the restaurant “Romanov”. All dishes are prepared with the freshest local products, a choice of dietary and children’s menus is possible. In summer, guests can relax on the outdoor terrace.

Sergey, Kostroma “Comfortable large rooms, comfortable beds and modern equipment. Wonderful breakfasts and wonderful mountain views! Great pool. Ascent to the hotel by cable car, another way by car. The cost of the cable car is included in the accommodation – another plus. Upon arrival in the evening you can order food in the room – convenient”

Leisure and entertainment

Hotel “Gorki Panorama” offers its guests not only comfortable accommodation, but also a range of additional services. All your questions you can ask the staff at the round-the-clock reception. Rooms of all categories are serviced at a convenient time for you.

Guests can book a transfer from the airport or in the opposite direction, as well as to anywhere in Sochi.

The price for all guests includes an unlimited number of lifts on the cable car, use of parking, gym and SPA, conference rooms on request. The cable car is perfectly equipped technically and absolutely safe. The ascent is carried out together with your ski equipment, which is undoubtedly very convenient.

Of course, most tourists come to Krasnaya Polyana to engage in skiing. All conditions are created for this here. In the main building of the hotel there is a special room for renting and storing equipment, where you can also clean it and dry it. The cable car is within walking distance, and in total guests can choose among several mountain slopes, depending on their skill level. Ski passes are also available to everyone at the hotel, and the staff is available to help with the recommendations of the instructor schools. After an active day on the slopes, you can relax in the hotel’s thermal complex. Rejuvenate in the spa and hammam. Finnish sauna is available daily, most often used to strengthen immunity, cleanse the body of toxins. At high temperature, the code becomes more elastic and youthful, the pores are cleaned. Give yourself moments of relaxation during massage treatments that are carried out only by certified specialists. The hotel has a large indoor swimming pool, which is available at any time of the year.

In the SPA center there is a place created specifically for children. It is important to note that “Gorki Panorama” pays great attention to small guests. In the pool, children can safely spend time at shallow depths, it is easy to learn how to swim, play with new friends. The hotel has a full-fledged children’s club, where your child can be carried away by games and educational activities by experienced animators. At this time, parents can safely go about their business while their children learn new things, draw, dance, make new friends.

If you plan to put the child on skis, then it is possible to rent equipment here and try his hand at the training slope. This option is very convenient, as children quickly grow not only from clothes or shoes, but from the size of skis or snowboarding including. Beautiful landscapes of the mountains amaze the imagination of the child and remain in memory for a long time.

Elena, Khimki “Hotel quality, cleanliness. Especially liked the staff of the lobby – bar – bartenders – professionals, prepare incomparable drinks, helpful, friendly, polite. Trained on the client. Well done”

Staying in the hotel “Gorki Panorama”, you are in the heart of the ski Sochi, which is also famous for other attractions. What can you visit with the whole family and get a charge of positive emotions?

Husky – the center in Krasnaya Polyana – one of the most favorite places for young travelers. There is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the peoples of the Far North and, most importantly, make friends with the cutest dogs – huskies. Since ancient times, they have helped a person in everything in conditions of low temperatures, saved them and were simply loyal friends. Not everyone knows that their closest relative is a wolf. In winter, you can ride a sleigh pulled by huskies. For energetic dogs, this type of work is not a burden, and guests receive a great charge of positive emotions.

Children will also be very interesting to visit the thematic platform with excavations of dinosaur skeletons and the game – the quest “Gold Rush” (only in the summer).

Wonder Land amusement park is located in the forest, not far from the hotel, and is filled with fairy-tale characters and mysterious events. Here the heroes of fairy tales live together with real forest dwellers who will teach young guests to love and appreciate nature, take care of it. In the park you can spend the whole day, participate in master classes, games, quests, tea goes.

For those who like active winter games in the air, a convenient and safe tubing track is open. Even in winter, there is an opportunity to visit an indoor water park, several children’s clubs, rooms for intellectual games and quests.

A few kilometers from the hotel there is a very interesting entertainment for the whole family – the ethnopark “My Russia”, on the vast territory of which buildings of different architectural styles of 11 regions of our country are shown. Here the national traditions of peoples that were formed over the centuries are revealed. Their beliefs and views on art. Having visited the park, you can vividly imagine how people lived in different parts of Russia. The complex is open until the evening, and your excursion will be one of the most informative.

The resorts of the south of Russia are becoming more qualitative and comfortable for their guests every year. At the same time, they are not inferior to many European analogues. Our country is proud of picturesque places, nature reserves and healing springs. Krasnaya Polyana is waiting for its guests at any time of the year!

Krasnaya Polyana became especially popular even outside our country after the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014. Currently, all Olympic facilities have become excursion places, tourists from all over the country willingly come here.

Lyudmila, Moscow “I share my positive emotions and recommend the hotel. The view from the window to the mountains was simply amazing, I got the opportunity to live alone with nature and with such comfort. Delicious and hearty breakfasts, modern SPA-zone of the hotel, cleanliness of the room at a height, helpful staff, the opportunity to work in the room”


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