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Boutique hotel “Golden Plaza” rightfully belongs to the category of 4 stars. Guests of Tver are guaranteed comfortable accommodation in cozy rooms, restaurant services, rest in the bath complex, relaxing wellness procedures in the pool. There is little reminiscent of traditional hotels. Even the hall with an administrative counter is decorated as an entrance hall-living room of a private estate. This place is chosen by people who want to get a good night’s sleep and are accustomed to excellent service. Friendly staff with attention to the requests of guests and is ready to carry out their instructions at any time of the day.

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Location and history

The hotel is located in a quiet area of Tver, a 30-minute walk from the historic city centre. Founded in 1135, Tver combined Russian traditions with modern style and way of life. This is noticeable in the architecture of buildings, leisure culture, the layout of avenues, streets and parks. There are more than 30 bridges in the district. They connect the banks of the Volga, flowing through Tver, as well as its tributaries Tvertsa and Tmaka.

Pay attention! The Volga River and a landscaped beach are located a kilometer from Golden Plaza. The city’s Waterfront is a 10-minute walk away.

Tver is a major transport hub of Russia. The railway “St. Petersburg – Moscow”, the highway “Russia” (federal highway M10) pass through it. The nearest airport is Sheremetyevo Airport (165 km). Until recently, the Migalovo airfield (20 km) worked, but nowadays it is closed (actual for February 2021).

You can get to Tver by train. The train station is 6 km away. The taxi ride will take 15 minutes, taking into account traffic jams. From the station there is a bus number 7. It will take you to your destination in 20 minutes (9 stops). You need to go to the ost. Mussorgsky, then walk 56 m to the main entrance to the hotel.

Tver Bus Station is 5 km away. Buses 3, 205, 15, 30, 204 can be reached directly. Stops “Peace Square”, “Schmidt Boulevard”. Additionally, you will have to walk 600-650 m to the hotel. Free public parking is available nearby. Part of it is located opposite the entrance, the other part – on the side of the building. No pre-booking is required.

Room stock

The hotel has 21 rooms. The rooms are decorated in a modern European style. There is a standard bathroom with a shower or bath, a set of bath accessories, a bathrobe, slippers, a hairdryer. The rooms have a digital safe, mini-bar, dishes for tea and evening gatherings.

Guests are offered rooms of the following categories:

  • Standard Promo is a very small room designed to accommodate 1-2 people. Installation of an extra bed is not possible;
  • The standard is ordinary – a little more than the previous one, but also designed for a maximum of two guests;
  • The standard is improved – it has a larger area and the ability to install an extra bed. For a comfortable pastime there are soft chairs;
  • Comfort – the name speaks for itself. The room has a comfortable armchair with pillows, an electric kettle, a bath with a flexible shower and other small joys reminiscent of home;
  • Comfort superior consists of two rooms. It is ideal for accommodating a family with children or a group of friends of 4 people. A large bathtub will help you relax after an eventful day;
  • Suite-panorama is an interesting design room. It consists of two parts. In one there is a bedroom, in the other – a living area with armchairs, carpets. The room is angular. Panoramic windows overlook the park. The room is suitable for romantic dates and business meetings. A family with children will also be comfortable in it;
  • Premier Suite – spacious room with a large bathroom, upholstered furniture, coffee maker;
  • Exclusive Suite – usually this room is offered to the newlyweds for the wedding night or rented for romantic dates. It is located on the top floor. The atmosphere of relaxation and comfort is complemented by the Jacuzzi installed in the room.

“Vacation so vacation – my husband and I decided and booked a room with a jacuzzi. That’s how we celebrated our wedding anniversary. I appreciated the hospitality of the staff, delicious breakfasts, lovely bed, compliments for birthdays. Undoubtedly, we will stay in Golden Plaza on our next visit” Tatiana, Russia

More information! The hotel accepts pets. The service is paid. A day of residence of a four-legged friend will cost 800 rubles / day (the price is relevant for February 2021) There is a restriction on the weight of the animal up to 6 kg.

Meals and restaurants

Breakfast is included in the price. It is prepared and served in the on-site restaurant “Viale”. The format of the breakfast is “buffet”. In addition to the dining room, the restaurant has an outdoor terrace. Everything is decorated in European style, grilled dishes are served, the bar offers a good wine list. The service is brought to European standards. Recently, the kitchen specializes in cooking with delivery, so you can order food without leaving the room.

Tver offers a real expanse for lovers to wander around catering establishments. According to surveys of guests of the city, during a walk along the central streets, you should pay attention to the following “tasty” objects:

  • BunaBuna coffee shop is a great place with milkshakes, desserts, coffee/tea/cocoa and the best cheesecakes;
  • FunDuck Cocktail Bar opens at 6 p.m., is open until midnight and specialises in a variety of cocktails;
  • Irish pub is an Irish pub with Russian cuisine (a joke of Tver deli). Of the pros – live sound in the evenings, draught beer, excellent service;
  • Budweiss bar – here with the kitchen everything is right. It is Czech, just under the mug of the famous Budweiser. The menu is seasoned with European salmon dishes, Viennese waffles with syrup and other goodies.

Takeaway is offered by the following cafes and restaurants:

  • Viet cook – Vietnamese café with authentic dishes;
  • Old Baku – along with khinkali and kebabs, dishes of cuisines of different peoples of the world are prepared here;
  • Manilov is a restaurant of Russian cuisine with hodgepodges, borscht, pancakes, baked rabbits and much more;
  • Sushi Sami – residents trust this café of Japanese cuisine and put it on the 3rd place among the suppliers of sushi at home.

There are many places in the center where you can have a good eat or snack along the way. Dinner at the Golden Plaza Hotel’s restaurant will be a good end to the day.

Leisure and entertainment

Services of the bath complex “Morocco” are not included in the price and are paid separately. For guests there is a Finnish sauna, a Turkish hammam, an indoor pool, a hot tub. The recreation room has a Karaoke system, which will help you to spend your free time creatively. The Viale Restaurant often organises evening shows.

For active guests who are not accustomed to sitting in the walls of the hotel, the administrator will help you choose entertainment activities held by leisure institutions of the city. In Tver there are several billiard and bowling clubs, cinemas, 20 theaters, 72 entertainment centers, parks of culture and recreation.

Concerts are often held in the city, popular theaters come on tour. In Tver, three city embankments are equipped. This is a unique promenade that has no analogues in the world. There are parks, comfortable beaches, monuments and sculptures. Along the road rise buildings that are the architectural heritage of the region. From the embankment of M. Yaroslavich shady alleys lead to the City Garden. At the boat stations you can order a river walk to admire the beauties of Tver from the side.

Recreational opportunities for children

The infrastructure of the Embankments, recreation parks and the City Garden includes facilities for children’s leisure. There are attractions, playgrounds, shooting galleries, bicycle rental points, scooters, velomobiles. There are 6 zoos and 5 circuses in the city. Popular children’s clubs:

  • Quests Locked Up;
  • ViRusGAME – virtual reality club;
  • “The Mystery of the Jungle” – exciting quests for children and adults.

Young guests of the city are waiting in the Puppet Theater, the Youth Theater and the children’s theater-studio “Mystery”. Interactive tours are held in museums. Be sure to visit with your child the Museum of Life with the exhibition “Russian Tea Party” and tasting tea from a samovar. Museum “Experimentorium” with an interesting excursion, in which children themselves can become real scientists and make their own discovery. The exposition presents more than 100 exhibits. They can be touched with your hands and do whatever your heart desires.

Golden Plaza Hotel accepts children of all ages. Cots for babies from 0 to 4 years old are provided free of charge. An extra bed on request for a child from 4 to 14 years old will cost 500 rubles per night. Children from 15 years and older are provided with an extra bed for 900 rubles / day (prices are valid for February 2021)

Excursions and attractions nearby

Tver is a fertile land for lovers of history, ancient architecture, Orthodox relics, military valor. Acquaintance with the sights of the city should start with a walk along the Embankments. During the promenade along the embankment of Athanasius Nikitin, you can see:

  • The Assumption Cathedral is the only surviving building of the ancient Otroch Monastery;
  • River station built in 1933;
  • 18th-century Resurrection Church;
  • a monument to Athanasius Nikitin and a monument to submariners.

The embankment of Stepan Razin is one of the main places of walks and recreation of residents and guests of Tver. There are several buildings of historical value. Among them:

  • the Zvezda cinema (built in 1937) is an example of postconstructivist architecture;
  • the house of the Voroshilov riflemen – the former building of the General Staff, decorated with majestic columns;
  • the building of the Diocesan Women’s School (19th century), today it houses a children’s hospital.

The embankment of Mikhail Yaroslavich is the most beautiful place in Tver for rest and walks. It is a two-level promenade with well-groomed paths. It is adjacent to the oldest natural object – the City Garden. As attractions, it is famous for its sculptures. Here you can find a statue of the Fisherman at the parapet, “Two Deer”, “Malvina and Pierrot”, a forest rogue “Fox”. On the territory there are:

  • monument to A.S. Pushkin;
  • Imperial Travel Palace;
  • Tver United Museum.

In addition to the usual sightseeing tours in travel agencies, you can book interesting tours around Tver. For example, visit the farm of the Peruvian alpaca or go to the ancient Kolomna Kremlin. Cheese lovers will have a fascinating journey to a real Italian farm, located 30 km from the city. For gourmets, a tasting is prepared, after which they can purchase their favorite varieties of cheese.

The memorial complex “Mednoye” is dedicated to the victims of political repression. The village is 34 km away by road. One-day excursion. Guests of the city are always welcome to see in museums, of which there are more than 70 in Tver. Of particular interest to visitors is the exposition of the history of photography “Iskra”. The TOP-10 also includes the “Plyushkin Museum”. This is a new institution that opened in 2017. It contains everything that connects the city with the Soviet period, when Tver was called Kalinin in honor of the “All-Union Starosta”, chairman of the All-Union Central Executive Committee of the USSR.

There is a certain charm in hotels located on the outskirts of a large city. In them, you pay much less for accommodation and meals than in hotels located closer to the business center. Three-storey (with attic) Golden Plaza just belongs to this type: it stands on the outskirts, the prices are more than acceptable, breakfast is included, a bath / sauna / pool is available. If you consider that Tver is not Moscow, and you can get from the hotel to the center in 15-20 minutes, then Golden Plaza should be considered as a stopping place in this ancient Russian city.


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