Отель Эккос Кировск

A small cozy three-star hotel “Ekkos” combines comfort and functionality. It occupies a modern building with a bright non-traditional exterior, which undoubtedly distinguishes it from other buildings of the city. The hotel rooms offer a picturesque view of the mountains, which is doubly pleasant to enjoy over a cup of fragrant tea. Staying at the hotel,you can not worry about anything. Professional staff will help to organize an unforgettable holiday, tell you what interesting places you can visit in the city and where the best slopes for skiing are concentrated.


The hotel is located almost in the heart of Kirovsk on Lenin Avenue, which is undoubtedly a plus. It is convenient to get to the skating rink, swimming pools, lifts. Nearby there are several shops, there is a public transport stop. “Eccos” is very popular among tourists, so its walls never remain empty. Just a 15-minute walk away is the ski resort of Bolshoy Vudyavr. Within walking distance of the Great Patriotic War Memorial and the Museum of S.M. Kirov.

Attention! It is just a 10-minute drive from the hotel to Hibbina Airport. If necessary, the hotel staff can arrange a transfer.

Room stock

To accommodate guests in the hotel there are only 10 rooms, which guarantees peace and quiet during the rest. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose any category of rooms from the following:

  • single – occupies an area of 12 m2,equipped with a single bed. There is a separate place to store outerwear. Extras include an electric kettle and a fridge. It offers mountain views. The room is suitable for people with disabilities. The bathroom is equipped with a shower;
  • standard double with a large bed – an area of 16 m2. The room is considered double. Due to the well-planned space, a large amount of free space is preserved. The advantage is the presence of a kitchen. There is an electric kettle and a refrigerator;
  • standard room with two separate beds – area 15m2. Located on the upper floors, overlooking the mountains. There is no kitchen, but there is an electric kettle and a refrigerator;
  • two-bedroom apartments – room size 30m2. A good option to accommodate a small company or a family with two children. In 2 rooms there are 4 beds (one double bed and two single beds). The room is suitable for people with disabilities. There is also a small kitchen with a stove, kettle and fridge. All necessary utensils are also provided.
  • duplex apartment – area 50 m2. This is a large room for connoisseurs of space. The rooms are located on two floors. Maximum occupancy is 4 people. Each floor has a bathroom. One bedroom has a large double bed. In the second – two single beds. On the ground floor, the living room is a great place for spiritual gatherings and watching TV. There is also a kitchen with a microwave, kettle, fridge and a full set of kitchen utensils. The bathroom is additionally equipped with a bidet, there is a hairdryer.
  • Suite – the room is designed for three guests. There are all conditions for connoisseurs of comfort. Sleeping places are provided by one double bed and one single bed.

Attention! During the holiday, all guests, without exception, are provided with a full set of personal hygiene products, bathrobes, slippers.

Alexey, 31 years old, Murmansk: Repeatedly stayed at the hotel. I like the location, you can walk to the center in a few minutes. He lived in both a single room and a double room. The conditions are excellent. A lot of free space. There is all the necessary furniture, including a wardrobe. A big plus is the heated floors. You come after the street, and in the room all the amenities, also the floor is warm. Provide bathrobes, slippers, there are necessary personal hygiene products – you do not need to carry anything with you. Good sound insulation. I never heard any neighbors or any noise from the hallway. I recommend for quality rest.

Meals and restaurants

Guests of the hotel can taste delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners in the café “Iris”. Chefs are true professionals in their field. They prepare the best traditional dishes of European cuisine. Original recipes from the chef will be able to surprise even the most demanding visitors. A buffet breakfast is served every morning in the café. From 12:00 the café serves its guests on the menu. From Sunday to Thursday, you can visit the institution until 00:00, on Friday and Saturday its doors are open until 01:00. In the period from 12:00 to 16:00 prepare fresh, fragrant, rich and incredibly delicious business lunches.

Cafe “Iris” is a great place for friendly gatherings, romantic dates, business dinners and even family events. The European interior, the atmosphere of tranquility, the friendly atmosphere and attentive staff ensure that guests will definitely want to come back here more than once.

In “Iris” all conditions for corporate events, banquets, weddings, birthdays are created, which, thanks to the professionalism of the organizers, will remain in memory as bright and significant events.

The menu includes cold appetizers, salads, hot snacks, various sauces, soups, seafood dishes, side dishes, hot dishes, desserts. Among the most interesting dishes are salmon tartare, deer tartare, deer roaster salad, seafood salads, draniki with red caviar, scallops in spinach sauce, White Sea soup with cod, salmon and mussels, Kamchatka crab. There is a separate menu for younger visitors. It includes noodle soup, vegetable salad, various pancakes, mashed potatoes, pasta, chicken cutlets, meat meatballs.

Important! For those who leave before 7:00, breakfast can be provided in the form of lunch boxes upon prior request.

Leisure and entertainment

Kirovsk is surrounded on three sides by the Mountains of The Khibbina. It is one of the most popular places in the region for skiing. Both beginners and real professionals in their field feel comfortable here. The first snow on the ski slopes appears, in October and in November the first tourists begin to come to the resort. But still the best time for skiing is the period from January to March.

The closest to the hotel “Ekkos” is the resort of Big Woodyavr. It occupies Mount Aikuaivenchorr, the name of which is translated as “mountain of the goddess”. The resort has 23 tracks, with a total length of 25 km. 15 tracks have artificial lighting, which allows you to ride them even on the polar night. Some tracks are suitable exclusively for professionals, some are designed for beginners. For those who are just trying their best in skiing, there is a training slope. Instructors work on it.

The most popular trails are concentrated on the northern slope. There is always the maximum concentration of tourists, so the organizers often hold various promotions and events. The ascent to the top begins in the city. To walk from the hotel to get to the first station will take 15-20 minutes. There is also a small slope for children and beginners. The upper point of the northern slope has a height of 850 m. The ascent is carried out by a gondola-chairlift, in which trailers alternate with chairs.

Pay attention! Due to the instability of the northern weather during high winds, the cable cars do not work. The danger of avalanches is increasing. Vacationers are warned about this in advance.

More diverse and challenging trails are concentrated on the southern slope. Its upper point is fixed at around 1047 m. It will have to climb it in two stages. Here is the longest route of the resort No. 33, its length is 1860 m.

In all areas of the ski resort there are parking spaces for cars, cafes, luggage storage, ski service services. For emergency cases, there are medical centers and rescue teams.

The second ski complex is called Kukisvumchorr, it is located in Kirovsk itself, in the microdistrict of the same name. There are only 6 tras, with a length of 10 km. One of them is educational.

You can fly to rest in the hotel “Ekkos” lightly. It makes no sense to carry ski equipment with you, because the resort has a huge number of rental points. You can rent equipment for several hours or for several days. In case of hourly rent, you need to leave some document as a pledge. If the rental time increases to several days, then money is accepted as collateral. The amount depends on what exactly is rented. For example, for a ski kit, which includes skis, sticks, boots, you will have to leave 25 thousand rubles.

Attention! To save on climbing on cable cars, it is recommended to purchase ski passes. They make it possible to use different lifts throughout the day.

In Kirovsk, nature has created good conditions for freeriding and backcountry. Many truly beautiful and interesting places need to be reached without a lift, here to help, just and come cross-country skis. Most of the connoisseurs of this type of skiing gather in the vicinity of Mount Kukisvumchorr. However, conquering another snow-covered slope, you must not forget about safety. Despite the fact that the Hibbinae are low mountains, they are avalanche hazardous. Arrogance and negligence to nothing. It is better to go to the wild slopes with instructors or guides. It will not be superfluous to take with you avalanche equipment.

Irina, 27 years old, Moscow: We decided to go to Kirovsk for the first time this year. For the stop we chose the hotel “Eccos”. In my opinion, it fully fits its category. Decent value for money. The room is spacious. Four of us lived and at the same time there was enough space for everyone. The staff is caring, when checking in they told what and where it is. We ate in different places, including the hotel café. The breakfasts are delicious. I liked that the menu has a large selection of seafood and lenison dishes. Special thanks to the cook, everything is unrealistically delicious. We reached the cable car on foot and took a taxi. Walk for 20 minutes to go, if you go light, it is quite comfortable. All equipment was taken on the territory of the ski resort. Thank you for a great time.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Skiing in the Hibpins, it is worth allocating at least one day to get acquainted with the most interesting places of Kirovsk. And there are no UNESCO World Heritage Sites here, but it is unlikely that in your city you can see a botanical garden beyond the Arctic Circle, in which even tropical plants grow. From 15 to 29 December, the city plunges into a real polar night, the highlight of which is the most beautiful aurora. Among the most interesting places of the resort are:

  • ice city “Snow Kingdom” – its construction begins with the appearance of the first snow. This is a real work of art made of ice and snow, which amazes with its chilling beauty;
  • garden-institute of vegetation – it was opened in the twentieth century. Here are collected truly unique plants, many of which do not grow in the wild nature of the north;
  • Small Woodyavr – this name was given to the mountain lake. It is located in a mountain range near the Kola Peninsula. A forest grows around, where a large variety of berries are collected;
  • monastery – is considered the northernmost in the world. It was built in Russian style, was consecrated in 2004.

In Kirovsk there are several museums and exhibitions: the center “Apatita” – a collection of minerals of the Kola Peninsula, the museum of Venedikt Erofeev, the Kirov Museum of History and Local Lore.

“Eccos” – located in a modern full-fledged ski resort. Staying here, you can always be sure that the rest will be active, bright and emotional. A huge variety of ski slopes, beautiful nature, caring hospitable staff and an excellent level of service – all this awaits the guests of the hotel.



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