Hotel Desole Beach Resort Vietnam Mui Ne – Hotel review

Dessole Beach Resort Vietnam in Mui Ne is a great hotel for holidays with children. Almost everything is provided here to make it very interesting for children. Every day we were offered a variety of entertainment – these are active games in the pool, aerobics and evening discos, competitions for the title of Mr. and Miss Hotel. And of course, special animators who entertained the kids all day long – prepared different performances for the evening, conducted master classes, arranged watching cartoons, and learnt poems and songs. The guys are young, fun, and kept the kids engrossed for the day.


Separately, of course, I would like to highlight the restaurant . Three times a day a large restaurant offers a huge variety of dishes – salads, hot meals, delicious desserts. Particularly memorable were the unusual delicacies such as breaded roasted crocodile and grilled ostrich ribs. In general the cuisine is very various and you can always choose something even to the most fastidious guest. Fruits are not very much, nevertheless the minimal set in season was always present. In addition to the main meals in the main restaurant, near the bar and the large pool, there are non-stop snacks such as mini-pizzas and sandwiches, vegetables and fruit. It seemed to us that the food would never end on the Dessolais property.

Beach and Sea

As for the beach and the sea, opinions were divided even in our small company. In general the beach is within the hotel, the sand is very clean and white, you can see that the staff takes care of that there is no unnecessary garbage. But it’s still a pretty decent walk to the water itself, and that’s on very hot sand. And the sun loungers are at such a great distance from the water that you still have to carry your bags and things almost all the way to the sea. Running to the sun lounger after a swim in the sea, of course, very uncomfortable. And the sea near to hotel does not name ideally clean, frequently floated garbage from passing by the ships and personally I, for 2 weeks of rest, did not see, that anybody near coast cleaned water.

Room stock

The rooms are always tidy and thanks to air conditioning not hot. In general, the hotel always meets the wishes of the client. We were changing rooms due to noise coming from the street and the staff seemed compassionate and interested and resolved our problem as quickly as possible.

The hotel area is very large, in the evenings you can stroll among the trees, there is a pond with fish and a nice spa. In terms of price, spa treatments are not much different from those offered on the nearest street, but in terms of quality they are clearly superior.



Alina Abramova

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