Hotel De La Rey Leningrad region on the shores of the Gulf of Finland

Club Hotel De La Rey is located 46 km from St. Petersburg in dubkovaya Bay on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. Around the houses grow centuries-old pine trees, around the wild untouched nature. The owner of the project, Alexei Narovlyansky, positions this place as “a five-star level of comfort, where they do not arrange noisy festivities, do not sing karaoke, do not burn fires in the forest and do not call girls to the house.” Only a quiet holiday for wealthy people with hunting, fishing, barbecue and riding on cotton candy.

The project is designed for recreation of the “premium” class, so for VIP-persons two helipads and a pier for yachts were built here. An asphalted road has been laid, along which motorists can get here. The territory of the hotel is guarded: at the entrance there is a barrier, around the camera of the video surveillance system.

Wi-fi Internet is not provided here, telephone communication works poorly – this place is ideal for those who at least for a couple of days dream of taking a break from the bustling and noisy urban reality.

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O. Tikunova: “a large area in a very beautiful and picturesque place. Pleasant and unobtrusive service. Nearby there is a rope park that will not let you get bored. I highly recommend this camp site!”

Where and how to live here

On the vast territory for country holidays built 12 small cottages in the style of “chalet”. Each such house has an area of 96 m2 and everything you need to accommodate guests up to 6 people. In addition, for an extra bed will have to pay 4000r per day.

Zoning of the cottage includes: three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, combined bathroom, corridor, hallway and small terrace.

The center of attraction in the house is the living room. It has panoramic glazing to the floor, a real fireplace is built. Furnishing of the living room includes: a large corner sofa, a table, a dining area, a wardrobe and plasma with a smart set-top box. Everything here is made in a premium version: expensive finishing materials, luxury furniture, attention to detail.

The bathroom has a small size, but is decorated with mirror panels, which visually increase the space. The rain shower is arranged in the cabin, imported plumbing is installed nearby. Everything you need from accessories and cosmetics is present, including bathrobes and slippers.

Two large bedrooms are equipped with king size beds, there is also a third smaller size with a single bed where you can accommodate a child. The bedroom space is tastefully furnished, each with a plasma with a smart TV.

The kitchen has a small refrigerator, hob, microwave, electric kettle and a minimum of dishes. This should be taken into account in case a “big treat” is planned. Dishes and all sorts of little things are better to take with you if you plan a large number of vacationers.

The cottage has a “warm floor” system, heated with a boiler. So in winter it is very warm and cozy.

The cost of such a house on weekends is 16000r per day. Saturday and Sunday together will cost 32000r. On weekdays it is cheaper: 13500r the first day and 10000r for each subsequent day. From Monday to Friday, five days will cost 53500r. The discount is valid at the time of the promotion. The relevance of prices must be clarified when booking.

Katerina Bystrova: “And here it turned out to be better than expected! The house is warm, beautiful, cozy. Made an order on the menu in the restaurant – delivered quickly and directly to the door. It was delicious and the price tag was humane. The food is made from farm products, not from store-bought plastic – it is immediately felt. A decent contingent of tourists, which is very pleased. Sleeps well in nature, which is important in our life under stress. We are thinking of coming here in the summer.”

Meals and restaurants

Some cottages stand in the thick of the forest, while others in an open clearing overlooking the Gulf of Finland. The distance between them is about 40 meters. When booking, it is better to decide in advance in which location it is preferable to rest.

To the grill relies coal, ignition and grill. There are chairs to sit around the fire. Usually guests only cook on the grill, and taste food and drinks in the living room in front of the burning fireplace.

Another important circumstance is that on the street you can not loudly turn on the music, so as not to interfere with vacationers in other houses. This rule applies in this place in order to make it quiet and calm around. This has both a minus and a plus – your rest will not interfere with drunk companies under the loud screaming from the speakers of M. Krug or M. Shufutinsky.

When cooking from the bushes, local predators from the cat family necessarily appear. They demand their share, meow and let themselves be stroked.

Larisa and Maxim Ya.: “beautiful view of the bay, the houses are located in the forest. The house was clean, warm and cozy. Ordered food in the restaurant, brought quickly and it was quite tasty. In general, “De la rey” is essentially an eco-hotel. That is, people come here to relax in silence, enjoy nature and not think about anything. The staff contributes to this. The hotel has a very friendly and qualified receptionist. Everything was told in detail and fulfilled all the wishes. In general, we are 100% satisfied with the rest and can recommend without a twinge of conscience. It’s a place for lovers of peace and quiet.”

Restaurant “Akvarel”

The institution is located in a neighboring location, but there is a delivery of restaurant food. The menu is author’s, replete with famous dishes: pizza, sausages, simple snacks, borscht, soup, etc. Separately listed dishes from products grown on your farm. Mainly pork, chicken and dairy products.

The average bill per person without drinks will be approximately 1500r. With this money, you can take the first, second and salad. For gatherings, the company provides a good selection of snacks: lard with bread and garlic, cheese plate, mushrooms with baked potatoes and sour cream, BBQ wings, etc. Pizza is in the range of 460-540r. Sausages and burger 490r. Soups 250-420р. There is a small selection of desserts and a bar card at Moscow prices.

Speaking about nutrition, it should be noted that at least alcohol, desserts, juices, kebabs, salads, vegetables, side dishes – it is better to bring with you from the city. It will be cheaper and there will be enough reserves for everyone. Perishable products can be loaded into a small refrigerator.

Guests should take into account that in the fresh air under the crackling of the fire and the noise of the forest awakens “brutal” appetite. Therefore, stocks of provisions should be brought with you to rest in sufficient quantities. If you want fresh and restaurant food, the dishes from “Watercolor” are always available for order.

Leisure and entertainment

Rope Park

In the neighboring camp site “Okunevaya” there is a rope park with 6 tracks of varying complexity. This is the world-famous Norwegian type of obstacle course, in which you need to climb the ropes between the trees at a decent height. Of course, insurance is issued, briefing is carried out and the organizers promise safety, but the adrenaline rush into the blood here is provided to any brave soul.

For children, two tracks are arranged at once, another one for the whole family. The other three are adults only. The most difficult and dangerous is the “black track”. It ends with a real abyss – a fall from a height of 13 meters. But few people can talk about how a person feels after passing the “black track”…

Along the way, 15 zip lines are mounted, which make the passage of the route more dynamic. This is a sliding descent with the help of blocks attached to the cable.

The advantage of this park is that there are not as many vacationers as in other similar parks – there are no queues. In addition, modern equipment has been installed, since the park is quite new – built in 2016. Near the bay, accessible for swimming, and the restaurant “Watercolor”, where you can have lunch. Children will love this kind of entertainment.

Fishing in the Gulf of Finland

In the bay of Dubkovaya, where the hotel is located, you can perfectly fish. In summer, roach, perch, chubs are caught from the shore. In winter, you can catch any fish on the ice that lives in the Gulf of Finland. Here swims walleye, ryapushka, salmon, smelt, in the pits lie large som, etc. Some amateurs catch solid trophy specimens here, photos of which are posted on thematic forums about fishing in the Gulf of Finland.

On the neighboring camp site “Okunevaya” provide a variety of useful services. For example, the removal of fishermen to their destination on a snowmobile. The cost is from 400 to 600 rubles, depending on the range (up to 20 km). You can take a box and an ice axe with you. If you do not have your own, then there is an opportunity to rent at the base.

Winter activities

A variety of ice activities are available in the part of winter when the Gulf of Finland is covered with a stable ice sheet. Residents of “De La Rey” can also participate in them for an additional fee. Ride a snowmobile 1 hour together will cost 5500r per hour, one passenger 5000r. A refreshing trip on a “winter banana” will cost 1000r for 15 minutes per person. A snowmobile drags a banana on which vacationers ride.

Rental of cotton candy, cross-country skis and skates costs 300r per hour. The rink is poured in winter with appropriate frosty weather. Please specify at the time of booking.

Sauna and billiards

There in the “Okuneva” you can steam with a broom in the bath and play billiards. There are two baths here, each located in a separate building on the shore of the bay. The cost for 2 hours of rent with up to 6 people is 2600r. Sheets and a broom are given free of charge. The sauna consists of a steam room, a shower room and a rest room. There is a pouring bucket, and herbal tea is also offered.

The table of Russian billiards is installed in the restaurant “Akvarel”, where you can dine after the bath and play a game or two on billiards. Renting a table costs 500r per hour. The restaurant also has free wi-fi for those who even in nature have to do business.

Summer Activities

Rental of bicycles with thick tires costs 500r per hour or 2000r per day. This is a “fat bike” – a mountain bike with increased cross-country ability.

Drive on the roads on an ATV500 quad bike together will cost 4500r per hour. One 3700r per hour. The machine has a 4-stroke engine with a single cylinder with a volume of 499 cm3. The automatic transmission accelerates this model to a maximum speed of 85 km / h.

Free of charge you can walk in the forest, pick mushrooms and berries in season. The bay is dotted with numerous paths for walking. There is an equipped marina for receiving yachts. A small chapel was built nearby in the name of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. Sitting in a remote chair, it is pleasant to watch the sunset here, wrapped in a blanket and tasting red dry wine from a glass. There is nothing more poetic than outdoor recreation.

Excursions and attractions

On the way from St. Petersburg to the hotel “De La Rey” you can stop by to see the local landmark – the dilapidated Fort Ino. It is located behind the village of Pesochnoye, not far from the large village of Privetninskoye. Here you can see the once mighty buildings, and now what is left of them. In underground floors without special equipment it is better not to climb. On the Internet, you can read the history of this well-studied fort. From June to September, you can pick up a lot of blueberries around it.

In the village of Ozerki, the restored church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, the patron saint of the Russian land, is open to the public. In the temple you can attach to antique icons, put candles, order demands.


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