Hotel Complex Stained Glass Sheregesh

The new modern hotel complex “Stained Glass” welcomes its guests throughout the year. It is located at the mountain slopes of the Resort Sheregesh, which allows you to enjoy the cleanest air and immerse yourself in a fabulous atmosphere. Hotel “Stained Glass” is an ideal option for family pastime or a spiritual holiday with friends.

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Location and description

Hotel “Stained Glass” has an advantageous location. It is located at the foot of zeleniy, the same mountain where the main ski slopes are concentrated. The nearest Sky Way ski lift is just a short walk away. To get on foot to the center of Sheregesh will take about 10-15 minutes, there is a branch of Sberbank. The infrastructure around the hotel is well developed. There are bars, shops, a sports ground, bicycle rental and ski equipment.

All the buildings of the complex are made in the Scandinavian style, which gives this place features. During the construction of the hotel, the creators tried to preserve the beauty of natural landscapes and natural vegetation as much as possible. Thanks to this approach, the complex managed to give a special comfort. All houses are surrounded by perennial pines, and the smell of natural pine needles is felt at any time of the year.

On the territory of the hotel “Stained Glass” there is a swimming pool, it works only in the warm season. In winter, guests can use a special room for storing ski equipment. Guests who come by private transport can park it at the free parking. The reception is open 24 hours a day.

Pay attention! Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

Room stock

All hotel rooms are made with a shower. The owners tried to do everything possible to create a real home comfort. And they did. The rooms offer views of the pine forest, which perfectly harmonizes with the interiors.

Accommodation of guests in the hotel “Stained Glass” is provided in two-storey cottages (chalets), each of which is divided into two parts. Each half of the chalet has a separate entrance, fully equipped kitchen, three bedrooms. The kitchen and living area are on the ground floor, the bedrooms are on the second floor. Two bedrooms have large double beds, one has two single beds. In addition, all chalets have a separate room for storing ski equipment. Houses are a great option for those who go on vacation with a large company or family, since each of them can accommodate 6-8 people.

For those who travel with a smaller company, apartments consisting of one or two bedrooms are provided for accommodation. These rooms are located in the building where the reception is located, on the second and third floors. They are designed for 4-5 people.

Absolutely all hotel rooms are equipped with high-quality modern furniture, equipped with audio and video equipment. Each of them has a separate bathroom with all the necessary personal hygiene products. Quality sleep is provided by orthopedic mattresses, which are available on all beds.

As practice shows, guests prefer just a chalet to a greater extent. In addition to the fact that each of them has its own kitchen, near all the houses there is a mangal zone, which true barbecue lovers can appreciate. On request, all necessary facilities for cooking on the grill are available.

Attention! Rooms are non-smoking. It is not allowed to use hookahs or electronic cigarettes. Smoking areas are available.

Alina, 34 years old, Kemerovo: We have been coming here with friends for three years in a row. Each time the service and conditions continue to please. There has never been a desire to go to another hotel. I really like the territory, pine trees grow around, the cleanest air. Everything is beautiful and well maintained. Near each chalet there is a barbecue, it is very convenient. Good conditions in the house itself. How many times we came, there was always a perfect order, both in the rooms and in the bathroom. Very warm, water pressure is stable. Everything worked properly. Pleases with the presence of the kitchen, this is a huge plus, since you do not depend on anyone in nutrition, you can always organize tea and a snack. For those who do not want to cook, the hotel has a dining room with very attractive prices. There are also cafes nearby. In general, there are always only positive emotions. We will definitely come again.

Meals and restaurants

The advantage of the hotel “Stained Glass” is that each room is equipped with a small kitchen. It is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, stove, electric kettle. In addition, a full set of necessary utensils is provided. The presence of the kitchen allows you to independently organize meals and prepare those dishes to which guests are accustomed at home.

Well, those guests who decided to fully enjoy the rest and leave independent cooking for “later”, can go to the dining room on the territory of the hotel complex and taste delicious dishes from professional chefs. All meals in the dining room are prepared with high-quality products and are always served fresh and hot. The menu presents real culinary masterpieces, each of which will give a charge of vivacity and energy, which is especially necessary for active recreation.

In the dining room, visitors can order hot and cold snacks, soups, side dishes, meat dishes, salads, desserts, various drinks of imported and local production.

Leisure and entertainment

As already noted, the hotel “Stained Glass” is located 5-7 minutes walk from the Sky Way lift, which makes it an ideal place for those who go to Sheregesh for skiing and snowboarding. The first snow at the resort falls in October, but officially the ski season starts in the middle or even at the end of November. Every year the opening date changes, it all depends on the amount of snow that has fallen. But if you come to the hotel after November 25, you will not lose. At this time, all the tracks are already open. In addition, it is absolutely safe to roll out a chubby, without fear that you will damage the equipment on some stone, slightly crushed by snow.

Despite the fact that Sheregesh is located in Siberia, riders from all over Russia and even from neighboring countries come here. Freeride at the resort is accessible directly from the ski lifts.

The ski resort is divided into several sectors. Skiing is available on the slopes of four mountains – Green, Mustag, Kurgan, Utuya. The most popular among tourists is Mount Green, at the foot of which is just the hotel complex “Stained Glass”.

In total, the resort has 15 different levels of difficulty. Their total length is more than 35 kilometers. Trails provide rope tows, chairlifts and gondola lifts. The longest descent has a length of 4 km, it is located in sector E on the south-western slope of Zelena. Due to the slight slope, it is great for beginners and connoisseurs of quiet skiing.

Due to the fact that in Sheregesh a huge number of ski equipment rental points, you can go to the resort lightly. If there is not much snow, then you should safely take skis for skiing on the slopes. If you pour fresh chubby, you can test the skis for a real freeride.

Rental offices at the resort provide equipment for both beginners and experienced athletes. You can rent almost the entire set, including sticks, glasses, a mask and other elements of protection. In addition, some points offer a full ski suit.

Importantly! In the hotel “Stained Glass” ski rental and ski equipment is not carried out, but such points work within walking distance from it.

At a time when there are heavy snowfalls in Sheregesh, even on the tracks themselves you can do freeride. It is best to roll out the slopes early in the morning, while the bulk of tourists are resting. The best places for off-piste skiing are the valley of the Kamenushki River, the Northern Forest, the Tomsk Forest.

Those who have never stood on skis can always turn to instructors who in a few hours will help to master the first skills of skiing.

Other types of active recreation are available in Sheregesh – snowmobile rides, snowtubing, skating rink, equestrian sports. The resort has a huge number of health complexes with saunas, baths, massages, there is a salt cave, nightclubs and bars.

To relax a little after an active time on the ski slopes, guests of the hotel “Stained Glass” can visit the bath. It is located on the territory of the complex in a separate building. It has showers, a spacious steam room and a comfortable seating area. Here you can safely go even a large company. A great bonus will be a real street font. It will not only improve your health, but also give a completely new range of sensations.

Note! Access to the bath with a hot tub is not included in the room rate. It must be booked separately.

Nikolay, 42 years old, Novokuznetsk: In the hotel complex “Stained Glass” we rest with the family regularly. Several times came at the height of the ski season, once were in the summer. The conditions are amazing. This is really the place where you want to escape from the noisy city. Beautiful nature, silence, all opportunities for active and passive recreation. The nearest ski lift is within walking distance. The others were approached by car. By the way, there is parking on site. Skis are always rented. Prices are very democratic. We always booked a chalet, clean and cozy. There is a kitchen, all the necessary utensils. Space abounds. Recommend.

Recreational opportunities for children

In the hotel “Stained Glass” children of any age are allowed. To make young guests feel as comfortable as possible, a children’s playground was equipped on the territory of the hotel complex.

In addition, there is a café with a game room, which is especially important in the cold season. Especially for active games, part of the room was equipped with soft mats and sports equipment. For younger visitors provide the most modern toys. The children’s café offers a large selection of ice cream, juices and sweet desserts.

Excursions and attractions nearby

Many of those who come to Sheregesh do not even realize that there are many interesting natural attractions surrounded by the resort. Some of them cannot be reached on foot in winter, so tourists rent snowmobiles or skis and go on the road. Some places are best visited with a guide who will act as a guide, and on the road will tell a lot of informative things about the resort.

Among the most interesting places of Sheregesh include:

  • Museum of Ethnography and Nature of Mountain Shoria – here you can learn about the history and life of local residents, about the first settlers, about the flora and fauna of the region;
  • The Gulag Museum in Ust-Kabyrza is an open-air museum. Here is a real copy of the Gulag camp, in which people were kept in terrible conditions;
  • Sculpture “Golden Shoria” – located in Tashtagol. Its height is 6 meters, it is a symbol of the past and present of the region. The sculpture is a large moose on which sits a girl with a bowl in her hands;
  • Worship cross – is located on the mountain Kurgan, whose height is 1555 m. It can be seen from almost all corners of the resort. The height of the cross is 15 meters, the weight is about 7.5 tons;
  • Camels – the so-called small rocks on Mount Kurgan. As a result of many years of weathering, they acquired a shape that looks like real camels;
  • Azas cave – it is believed that traces of Bigfoot were discovered here, as a result of which this place became especially popular among tourists. In winter, the cave can only be reached by snowmobile.

Hotel “Stained Glass” is a cozy holiday surrounded by untouched nature of Sheregesh. Guests of all ages will feel comfortable here. And having arrived here once, they will certainly have a desire to return again.


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