Hotel Bay of Dreams tract Laspi Crimea

Hotel“Dream Bay” in Laspi is an inexpensive original place with a special flavor and nuances. Of the undoubted advantages of rest here is clean water, a small number of tourists, picturesque mountains available for hiking. It is also necessary to note the oyster farm, where every day you can buy fresh oysters, mussels and rapanas. Ideal for those who travel around the Crimea by car.




Bay “Laspi” in translation from ancient Greek means “dirt”. But mudslides in our time are rare. Also, this place attracts divers with the transparency of the water, thanks to which the underwater world is visible to the eye for tens of meters. Numerous grottoes and labyrinths are available for lovers of diving under water.

The territory of the hotel is guarded, the parking of the catacomb type, where there are shops and from where you need to get out into the light of God. A gorgeous view of the sea does not open from all rooms, so you need to clarify this point when booking. Here you can have a good rest, if you are not a very pretentious tourist, accustomed to the high level of resorts of the Dominican Republic or the Seychelles.

Elena Sotnikova writes a review: “a very beautiful and secluded bay. There are no outsiders here, only vacationers in the hotel. The atmosphere is similar to a country village: children run around, adults know each other. Breakfast is normal: cereals, salads, sausages, wings, eggs, etc. Hungry will not remain, but only. Old-timers say that the wind happens only in May-June, and the rest of the time is calm and smooth. The room was cleaned well, but the dishes were not washed. The staff is friendly, the boys and girls at the reception are helpful and smiling. Overall, our trip to Crimea was beautiful. There is a pleasant aftertaste, a lot of photos for memory and vivid memories. “

Room stock

Standard room for a minimum price has an area of 30-34 m2, consists of a large bedroom and a combined bathroom. Opposite the double bed plasma with a smart set-top box, there is a safe and kettle, hygienic kit and bathrobes. The room is designed for two, has a simple interior and inexpensive plumbing, a spacious wardrobe and a refrigerator. There is no balcony, mountain view. The cost of 4500r depending on the seasonality.

Junior Suite has an area of 50-60 m2 and consists of a combined bathroom, a long balcony and a large room divided into a living and sleeping area. Panoramic windows and a balcony offer impressive sea and mountain views. The standard room is equipped with air conditioning, a corner sofa, a dining area with a kitchenette. Designed for 2 people, but if desired, you can settle 4x. Price from 6700r per day.

The suite comes in two types: “sea” and “mountains”. With an area of 100 m2, a microwave and outdoor rattan furniture on the terrace are added to the equipment of the “junior suite”. Instead of one room, there are two – a bedroom and a living room. It turns out a huge and half-empty room, where you can play mini-football with children. With a view of the sea will cost from 8400r, with a view of the mountains and an area of 60 m2 from 5600r.

The apartment is an improved area of 100 m2 and sea views is perfect for those who came to relax with a company. The room has two bedrooms, between them a living room with a kitchenette and 2 bathrooms. 6 people can be accommodated. On the terrace there are a couple of comfortable chairs for sunbathing. The design and equipment are the same as in the above rooms. The price starts from 12300r.

Presidential apartment of 120 m2 has 3 bedrooms, living room, 2 bathrooms and is designed to accommodate 6-8 people.

All rooms are made in the same light and simple style. None of the rooms have hobs, ovens and even electric stoves, which should be taken into account by those who like to cook on their own. You can grab a mini-tile from home and cook fresh seafood, fish, soups, etc. Bathroom of the same type that in the standard, that in the “presidential” room.

Meals are negotiated individually at the time of booking. A nice bonus is the daily change of towels, which is not found in every hotel.

Vdovikov Andrey writes a review: “there were 2 days in winter. The location is great, Laspi is something! The rooms are spacious, from useful – refrigerator, dryer, kettle. Friendly staff. Buffet three stars. If you approach 9, then all the interesting things will already be eaten. Arrive by 8 a.m. Everywhere you need to carry a pass card, as on a regime object. In general, I recommend, for its price a great option. “

Leisure and entertainment

There is no beach as such, but instead of it on the pebble shore there are many places to enter the water. One of them has a dozen sun loungers with umbrellas, but they are occupied at 6 am. But the pier is arranged, from where children and adults are happy to dive. There is also a pontoon in the sea, from which swimmers also like to dive. The water is pure, because the place is not in the city and is removed from the main route – only guests of the hotel and tent camps around swim.

The spa is quite extensive and provides many interesting services, but for the most part for the addition. Fee. Only the swimming pools, Finnish sauna and Roman bath are included in the rate. Other services are paid, including and hammam. Three swimming pools: one with sea, the other with fresh water and a smaller children’s pool.

Roman bath is a steam room with heated marble shops, in which the air is very humid with a temperature in the range of 45-60 degrees. It works not all day, but in periods: from 11 to 13 and from 17 to 20. Probably, this is due to the fact that the Roman bath is heated with firewood, which in the Crimea are expensive.

For add. Payment can be ordered Russian bath, which will be only your company. It costs 1500r/hour, and on holidays 3000r/hour. Can accommodate up to 6 people. The price includes a broom and herbal tea.

Massage on average costs 2500r/ hour and is presented in various variations, so that guests can choose a program to their taste.

Herbal soothing bath for 30 minutes of relaxation costs 800 p. Thai milk bath 1000r/30min.

Pressure therapy or lymphatic drainage is a type of massage in which a special cuff is put on a part of the body, into which air is supplied. The cuff presses on the body and thereby as if massaging. Costs 800r for 30 minutes.

The spa also offers a wide variety of herbal teas, peeling, wrapping, foam massage, Moroccan spa rituals in the hammam and a visit to the Finnish sauna.

Active recreation is represented here by tennis courts, mini-football, gym and walks in the mountains. The price of the voucher includes only a visit to the gym with a large number of treadmreadmacks and other mechanisms useful for the body. You can take a stroll through the hotel’s beautiful garden. It is good to climb the surrounding mountains, from where picturesque views of the sea open.

Animation for adults out of season almost no, and in the swimming season arrange something on weekends. For children there is a children’s playroom and animation, changing from season to season. Please specify at the time of booking.

Eugene writes a review: “was not in the “guest”, but in the LCD itself. Here are nice large apartments with steep views of the sea, mountains and swimming pool with courts. Good infrastructure, though a little original. Parking under the whole complex is made in the form of catacombs with shops where you can buy fresh fish with mussels, as in some market in Asia. In general, a cool place with its own atmosphere, which undoubtedly wants to visit again!”

Meals and restaurants

Breakfast is either buffet or complex – depending on the filling of the hotel. Vacationers rate it as a whole on a solid four. The choice is average, but you can’t stay hungry.

Restaurant “Afalina”

This is an expensive institution with high quality cooking and beautiful presentation. The chef prepares Mediterranean and European cuisine with an emphasis on fish and seafood. Celebrate a birthday, arrange a romantic evening, make a gastronomic gift – this place is just right for these purposes. Very tasty, but eating constantly too expensive.

Soups cost from 150p for chicken broth to 920p for tomato soup with seafood and fish. The main soups, for example, borscht, gazpacho, cream soup from different fillers, will cost within 200-400 p. Salads in the range of 190-850r. Main courses from 500r and above. Portions are small, as in most first-class restaurants. The average food bill is 1500-2000r without drinks.

Desserts deserve special mention. Milkshakes with banana, chocolate, fruit, caramel cost 180-250p for 250 grams. Cakes, tiramisu, strudel, etc. in the range of 180-320r., Which is also not cheap, given that portions of 100-150g.

Bar card has a wide variety and Moscow prices. A glass of Crimean wine will cost 200-400r depending on the brand and manufacturer. A good selection of cocktails and lemonades from the chef: “Long Island” 620p for 300 ml, “Mojito” 540p for 300 ml, “Bloody Mary” 340p for 250 ml, non-alcoholic lemonades 420-540p for 300 ml, etc.

Three cafes and shops:

“Rosemary” is a lounge café next to the pool. The average score is 700-2000r per person, which is also not cheap. But the high prices are partly compensated by the delicate taste of fresh seafood cooked in the skillful hands of the chef.

“Guria” – Georgian cuisine. There is a café 200 metres away. At 600-700p without drinks, you can eat the first + second or salad. At 1000r you can eat to the dump. Georgian cuisine is rich in vegetables and spices, the menu in the café is extensive. Kettle of tea 600ml costs 200r. Large selection of drinks, there is a draught beer.

Another restaurant is located nearby at the camp site “Dolphin”, but it is “for an amateur”. It doesn’t have very good reviews, so no details.

On the territory of the hotel there is a small grocery store with a vegetable shop, but the prices for products are more expensive than in Moscow. There is a department with household chemicals and manufactured goods at the same prices. In the parking lot you can buy oysters and fish from local fishermen. 2 kilometers on the way from the hotel there is another grocery store also with Moscow prices. Therefore, the most expensive products are recommended to take with you from the city: alcohol, coffee beans, fruits, desserts and everything else too. In the city it can be bought much cheaper and the choice will be richer.

In conclusion, it should be noted that it is recommended to bring food with you to those tourists who come to rest by car. The rest to save it is better to take a ticket with full board – it will be more profitable and without unnecessary problems.

Lilu writes a review: “The hotel is not for the demanding. I liked the big rooms, the private promenade, the oyster farm on site. Also a cool pontoon right in the sea for lovers of diving, friendly staff and hearty breakfasts. By car we went to Yalta and Sevastopol. And what a pool here, oh, my children lived in it all day.”

Temple of the Sun – a local landmark

Fans of hiking and spectacular photos can go on a hiking trip along the trail to the “place of power” or “Temple of the Sun”, as it is called here. The local attraction is a large boulder located on a hill, from where beautiful views open. Walk to the boulders from the bus stop “Laspi” 40-50 minutes. Around only wildlife, no tents and springs. The climb up the mountain is hard, but families with children are mastering. Be sure to bring water and the necessary food. On the way you can see mountain sheep, ovs and other animals. Garbage should be collected in a bag and taken with you.




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