Hotel Assol Sudak Crimea

Hotel “Assol” is located in the center of the resort town of Sudak. Go to the sea 700 meters, to the water park and even less. Tourists with a limited budget come here to relax: young people, families with children, pensioners. That is, those vacationers who are not ready to pay for luxury and unnecessary services of five-star hotels, preferring the ascetic decoration of the guest house. Guests of “Assol” enjoy the rich infrastructure of Sudak: cafes, bars, nightclubs, water park, beaches, shops, market. You can go on an excursion or sign up for wellness sessions in local health resorts. Massage, natural wine and ripe fruits complement the rest.

Vaselisa writes a review: “rested in the guest house “Assol” at Irina and Igor. The rooms were regularly cleaned, changed linen. In the yard there is a very beautiful garden with a gazebo, roses, figs, peaches, pears grow. To the sea 15 minutes on foot, near a good café and the best water park in the Crimea. The room had air conditioning, fridge, kettle and Wi-Fi. We don’t need anything else. The hospitable hosts have abandoned the desire to return here next year.”

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Rooms in the style of student dormitories

Rooms in the guest house “Assol” are equipped with inexpensive furniture, but everything you need for living is available: plastic tables and chairs, penny plumbing, a minimum of accessories and equipment. Instead of air conditioning – fan. Miniature table TV instead of plasma, a small mirror instead of figured countertops with lighting. Such minimalism evokes memories of adult residents of their student years and turbulent youth. But the main thing is that the asceticism of the rooms allows you to organize a holiday for almost a penny. No overpayments for unnecessary luxury and designer interiors. Each room has hot water, a kettle, electrical outlets and Wi-Fi.

Double “junior suite” has a bed for two people, a bedside table, a wardrobe and a tea set. The bathroom has a fenced shower, there is a small sink and mirror. It is possible to add a euro-folding and arrange an extra place. The cost of 1400r per day.

Triple “junior suite” at the same size has three single beds. If you install a clamshell, you can live in four. The walls are painted blue, blue tiles are laid in the bathroom. The cost of 1800r per day.

Two-room “suite” can accommodate 4-6 people. The walls are painted green. With a cost of 2200r and full occupancy – this is the most profitable option in terms of a bed.

Restaurant at the price of the dining room

Cafe “Ho.Re.Ca family house” is located a hundred meters from the guest house and solves all issues with food. This restaurant-type café in the summer works around the clock and has three floors: on the first dining room with distribution, on the second Japanese sushi, rolls and ice cream, on the third burgers, and on the fourth viewpoint with a beautiful sea panorama. Colorful interiors are a cross between vintage and eclectic. In the hall there are comfortable wide tables, a separate chef constantly fries fresh chebureks, yantsyk and waffles. Dumplings are sculpted by hand, the pulp of fruit is cut into portions, attention is paid to the details of the serving. After 18:00, barbecues are fried – a wonderful aroma spreads throughout the district. The average score is 300p without alcohol.

Leroy Lin writes a review: “while resting in Sudak – went only here. We ate the whole family for 1000r (three). The choice of dishes is large, the food looks appetizing, the atmosphere is pleasant. Tables are regularly washed, everywhere cleanliness is a plus. There is a playground for children, a playroom with an animator and a children’s menu. My husband liked the beer, I liked the waffles and pancakes, which the cook immediately roies. Pilaf was really meaty, the portion is solid. We ordered takeaway.”

The central market has something to offer tourists who have chosen Sudak as a resort. On the kebab here buy chilled meat and freshly caught carp. Pick up smoked or salted barabula, horse mackerel, hamsa (to wine or beer). Eyes run away at the sight of an abundance of southern fruits, nuts and sweets, including honey and pastila. Fresh milk: cottage cheese, sour cream, milk. Everything is given to try, the prices are slightly lower than at other resorts.

Generally speaking, the price tag for products in the Crimea is higher than in central Russia. But on the outskirts of the city there are grocery stores in which local residents are purchased. There are set normal prices and sell delicious products of local manufacturers. For example, dumplings, dumplings with cherries, dairy products, Black Sea fish and Crimean beer. Who travels by car and eats independently, it is better to buy products in such points.

Water park in Sudak

On an area of 10 thousand square meters. meters stretches the largest water park in the Crimea. There is a wide variety of slides and descents on 4 complexes, along which citizens of different ages rush at speeds of up to 75 km / h with a squeal. The total area of the pools is 800 square meters. meters, there is even a pool made in the form of a river, over which bridges are thrown. For children in this place there is a separate pool, there are slides for very young ones. Every day they have a foam show, the café has a children’s menu, ice cream, pizza, etc. Professional animators arrange games with children, exercises on the water. Of the cons: you can not bring food with you, and the price tag in the cafe bites. But if you eat tightly before visiting, you can save money.

Julia writes a review: “every year we visit this water park. Of the pros: a large number of slides, there are especially terrible for adults, where there are no queues. A large number of sunbeds and umbrellas are installed, there is a beach and many swimming pools. Of the cons: long queues (up to 30 minutes), ill-mannered children, the price tag in the cafe is very high, a hot dish costs an average of 200 p. Water is cold, without heating, as in other places. “

Beaches and surroundings

Cypress Alley leads holidaymakers to the updated embankment of Sudak. There is almost no trade on it – it is a place for leisurely walks. A beautiful wrought iron fence separates the promenade walkway from the beach. On the cypress alley there are numerous cafes and barbecues, play areas with bowling and karting, stalls with food and souvenirs. In the evenings, free concerts or performances are held on the waterfront. Sometimes professional dancers in stage costumes dance incendiary tango, then hipster-looking bards sing bravura songs. Artists for not very big money will immediately draw your caricature or ordinary portrait. Late in the evening, traders begin to fry kebabs from different types of meat, fish and seafood. There are also handmade homemade cake vendors stinkuing. For 100p you can buy a piece of very tasty cake.

City beaches are free of charge open to the public, renting sunbeds will cost a penny: 300r for 4 hours. The water is clean, the sea warms up well, but the bottom is rocky, the depth begins almost immediately after entering the water. The strip of the beach is narrow, there are few sunbeds, in season there are queues and crowding. From paid entertainment is available standard set: banana, slides, skiing, diving. On a banana for 800 rubles take to the sea to watch dolphins. In conclusion, we can add that the huge territory of the water park, although it takes away some of the customers at the beaches, but because of the tightness to swim and sunbathe, it is better to go to the New World.

The Genoese fortress consists of an external defensive wall with 14 towers and an inner one with 4. This is the visiting card of the city and the center of attraction for tourists. In different epochs it was mastered by the Genoese, Cumans, Turks, etc. There is an informative museum of ancient artifacts found during excavations. Inside the fortress, costume performances and jousting tournaments are often held. At the exit there is an inexpensive dining room and numerous souvenir shops. Ticket price – 150р.

The crocodile farm is actually a mini-zoo that is home to several crocodiles, snakes and a large turtle. There is also a pen with goats and cages with voracious raccoons, which can be fed from the hands. Of the cons: scrap prices for photos and souvenirs. You can go with children if you do not expect too much so as not to be disappointed.

Cape “Alchak” on the outskirts of the city is within walking distance. Climbing the trail to the top you can see a magnificent panorama of the city and the sea. This is the best place for photo shoots and meeting the sunset with a glass of sparkling wine. Below the shore is dotted with pebbles and boulders. You can swim or snorkel while exploring the underwater world.

Nightlife is concentrated in clubs, where until the morning the disco thunders and the river pours alcohol. Dances are arranged in all nightclubs, the most popular are “Surf” and “Cowboy”. In the first ultra-modern design as in Moscow clubs. In the second, the interiors are made in the style of the Wild West. There is also a summer bike club with motorcycles and skin-clad public. Arrange foam parties, striptease championship, singing in karaoke. Billiard tables are in many places.

Interesting excursions

Novy Svet is a 30-minute minibus ride away. Here, at the foot of the mountain to the arrival of Emperor Nicholas II, by order of Prince Golitsyn, a path was cut down. Today it is a famous tourist place. The trail ends at the grotto, in which the prince stored bottles of wine. Around the fresh air, marvelous landscapes and the sea, where you want to swim. The trail passes through a juniper grove and goes to the “Royal Beach”, next to which the yacht of the imperial family stopped. Now it is an ordinary wild beach without infrastructure. The Golitsyn Trail is a great place for hiking. Before returning back, it is useful to visit the brand store of the champagne factory, in which prices from the manufacturer are set. A tour of the cellars and production with tasting costs only 600r. The price includes watching a film about the winery “New World”. At the tasting, they pour half a glass of each variety, so that after it you do not remember much.

Zoo “Taigan” in Belogorsk is more like a safari park. Here in large open enclosures contain about 60 lions. Tourists watch them from above from the bridges, the total length of which is about 1 kilometer. Especially spectacular is the scene of feeding lions, which takes place a few meters from the bridges with visitors. Many animals can be fed from their hands: giraffes, raccoons, birds, ungulates, etc. It is good to take carrots, apples, dried fruits, but you can buy food in stalls on site. For children, a special children’s zoo is arranged, in which fluffy and funny pets are collected. The café on the territory has not very good reviews, so before arriving it is better to have a good meal. A great impression is made by the elephant, in which you can see the life of these giants up close. The territory of “Taigan” occupies 36 hectares, to inspect everything you need at least 3 hours.

Sergey writes a review: “Cool zoo. Large territory, many lions, metal bridges above them. The cells are very close – really half a meter to them. You can look into the eyes of a tiger, feed from the hand of some rare beast. Photos in an embrace with the beast – puppy delight. Funny monkeys – climb into the hair, children take away toys. You can play with small cubs, get acquainted with the giraffe. It is better to come here in the morning – in the cold. Take water with you, here a bottle costs 100p. Tickets for the family are not cheap, but it’s worth it. “


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In conclusion, we can highlight the advantages of rest in Sudak: inexpensive housing, developed infrastructure and excellent food. A huge water park in walking distance also refers to the advantages of this place. Wine at producer prices in the New World and the Sun Valley, wild beaches, the Golitsyn trail – this is the last argument. The main disadvantages: expensive excursions, crowding on the beaches and “Russian service”.