Hotel Apartment, Lloret de Mar features: Spain has a great welcome!

There are many places in the world where tourists are always welcome. Costa Brava is a wonderful place where you can have a good rest and travel. Gentle sea and pine forest create a comfortable environment for recreation. Here you can both soak in the sun and make many excursions. However, no less important during the trip is not only to plan a program of excursions, but also to choose a place to stay. A great choice for this apartment Lloret de Mar.


Location and infrastructure

In a pine forest near Lloret de Mar, the beautiful Apartment Hotel is located. It is a fairly quiet resort, located 200 meters from the beach. The hotel has 356 rooms of different categories, so people can choose apartments to their liking and according to their budget.

Room Features & Entertainment

Rooms are equipped and decorated in such a way that a person does not feel uncomfortable here and would be happy to come back after sea procedures or interesting excursions. A kitchenette, mini fridge and crockery sets give a cosy, almost homely atmosphere so that people can enjoy their tea or coffee in peace. The room itself has a bathroom, air conditioning, mini-bar, you can watch TV.

A safe deposit box is available for a fee if you need to hide money and valuables. You can also borrow a hairdryer and an iron, but this is also at an extra cost.

For those who are not keen on going out of the hotel while on holiday, there is a restaurant where you can sit back and enjoy a delicious meal or try some intoxicating drinks at the bar. You can also experience the beauty of the jacuzzi in the hotel. For a more active holiday there are billiards, various slot machines and a nice park area. For those who like to keep fit and look after their beauty, there is a spa center.

Food and children’s entertainment

There’s a handy program here called All Inclusive. What kind of service is this? It includes restaurant meals included in the accommodation price.

Also here:

  • Every seven days we hold an interesting themed dinner, where our clients can enjoy a lot of pleasant surprises;
  • Drinks to choose from – alcoholic and non-alcoholic;
  • Various snacks available at the bar;
  • Spain is famous for delicious ice cream, and the all-inclusive program has decided to delight customers with free ice cream.

Spa and fitness facilities are also included. Comfort and interesting activities for children are also provided.

There you go:

  • It’s free to take a crib;
  • In a restaurant, if the child is very young, he is allocated a separate special chair;
  • Kids can splash around in a separate children’s pool;
  • You can visit the playroom and playground, a special club where only the little ones are admitted.

The beach near “Apartment” is pebbly, so vacationers are spared the constant shaking of beach bags from the sand. Coming here, the whole family will have a real pleasure, they will be able to bring home a piece of warmth that will keep them warm until the next time.




Alina Abramova

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