Hotel Alpenhof Scheregesh

The original Hotel Alpenhof is located on the slope of Mount Green in the Scheregeshski resort. Here are the main tracks of different levels of difficulty. The top of the mountain is located at an altitude of 1270 m, 18 lifts are at the service of tourists, several of them are located within walking distance from the hotel. The season gathers ski lovers in November and ends in May. In addition to direct access to the slope, the hotel has other advantages – free Wi-Fi and parking for those arriving by private transport.

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Location and history

The hotel is built in a resort area 4 km from the village of Sheregesh. Tashtagol Railway Station is 25 km away. Novokuznetsk Airport is 190 km from the hotel. Tashtagol connects with Sheregesh regular bus service. Bus number 3 goes here. You can get there by taxi or as part of a tourist group from Novokuznetsk, Barnaul, Novosibirsk and other cities of Siberia.

The history of the village begins in 1949. The resort has been actively developing since the early 2000s. In Soviet times, a ski base was organized here, where sports camps were held. Today, all tracks have been updated and are marked according to the international standard.

“Alpenhof”was originally conceived as a fashionable hotel. It is decorated in the style of a mountain chalet. Close proximity to the slopes will not be difficult, wearing skis, to go down to the main infrastructure. The hotel complex itself also has a place to relax and unwind. It offers a restaurant-bar, billiard room, sauna/ sauna, living room with fireplace.

Note! Check-in time from 17.00, departure from 15.00.

“The owners have thought through all the nuances for a good rest. Here, as in any alpine hotel, you can not go outside for a whole day – bar, billiards, sauna, communication. Not very convenient access to the entrance, you have to spin on the car. But free parking. The room is cozy, homely warm. The window offers a wonderful view of the snowy slopes” Vadim, Russia

Room stock

The rooms are decorated in the style of Savoy chalets. Home textiles, natural wood and precious wood in the rooms of the “Luxury” class, carpets, hunting trophies, stone are used in the decoration. All furniture is made by hand, which adds a certain exclusivity and luxury to the design.

The hotel has a small pool of rooms:

  1. Rooms of the first category (18 sq. m) – 5 single rooms in the main building and 3 in the wing. They have 2 single beds or 1 double bed. The room is designed to accommodate 2 people. For reading and watching TV there is a large soft chair, for storing valuables and documents – a safe. There is a minibar.
  2. Studio (40 sq. m) – 7 single rooms with the possibility of accommodation for 2-4 people. In addition to a large double bed, there is a soft set with a spacious pull-out sofa. There is a home theater, safe, mini-bar, bathroom with shower.
  3. Suite (100 sq. m) – 2 three-room suites with two bathrooms (shower and jacuzzi). There are two king size beds in the bedrooms, upholstered furniture with a spacious sofa in the living room. Each room has TVs, a common safe, mini-bar, telephone to communicate with the administrator.

Children under 5 years old are accepted free of charge. Older children are accommodated in extra beds with a discounted fee. In addition to the internet and parking, the rate includes breakfast on the Swedish line and the use of storage for ski equipment.

Important! Accommodation in the hotel with animals is prohibited.

“By and large we liked it here – the rooms are clean, with good sound insulation. Friendly receptionist and staff, we checked in an hour early by prior arrangement. The interior of the room is quite nice. One minus – there is no refrigerator. In order to go to breakfast, I had to fully dress (the café is located in a separate building, there is no food delivery). Another point for those who choose this place to stop – there are no shops nearby, and there is no drinking regime, so buy water in advance” Dmitry, Russia

Meals and restaurants

The presence of an organized breakfast on the buffet system practically removes from vacationers the problem of finding a cafe for a morning meal. Its cost is automatically included in the accommodation. Breakfast is served in the dining room of theAlpenhofrestaurant. The bar serves fresh brewed coffee and hot pastries. During the day, the kitchen is open à la carte.

It offers Dishes of Russian and European cuisine. Elegantly decorated hall, pleasant staff, unobtrusive service – everything is created here in order to spend a pleasant evening. The bar is decorated in the style of Amsterdam pubs with their exquisite battery. In his hall and behind the bar meet old friends, get acquainted, appoint romantic dates.

Gourmet cuisine is 100 metres from the Three Ooves Restaurant. It is located on the ground floor of the hotel of the same name. It offers breakfast at a fixed price, dinner in a cozy atmosphere, a play area for children. The bartender prepares exclusive and traditional drinks. Among them are mulled wines, prefabricated teas, author’s hot cocktails.

300 meters from AlpenHof there is a cozy café “Skovoroda” with a self-service system. It is located on the territory of the hotel complex “Olga”. Open from 10 to 18.00. The menu is small. The list of dishes includes salads, soups, side dishes, fast food, drinks. The average check for lunch is up to 700 rubles.

Apres Ski Bar Grelka is 400 metres from alpenHof on the slopes. Open from 10 a.m. to midnight. Explosive parties are held here, and the menu features dishes from juicy meat. For skiers, breakfast, takeaway, coffee with you are offered. Prices are high, the average check exceeds 1200 rubles (actual for December 2020)

In 3 kilometers the TOP restaurant GRыZZLY is opened. Dishes of European and Japanese cuisines are presented. You can order coffee with you, food with delivery. The restaurant is open from 12 a.m. to 24 hours. Always available there is pizza, sushi, euro exchange for business lunch, light snacks.

A stroll through the local restaurants and cafes can be a fascinating excursion. Some names are of interest to visit these institutions: “Manty-ponty”, “Ruks in Gesha”, “Yurt” and others. Designers have worked out each interior. In the halls there is interesting wooden furniture, decorative elements in the form of taiga animals, vintage moments.

Leisure and entertainment

In addition to skiing in Sheregesh, there is nothing special to do. Therefore, guests especially appreciate the proximity of the hotel to the slopes and ski lifts. From here you can get to any of the ski areas by “cable cars”. In three main sectors (the ski area of the camp site “Bear” this year does not work) laid more than 12 trails, the longest reaches 4 km. For freeride lovers, this year there are huge opportunities for off-piste skiing. In each zone there are rescue services, instructors, rental points. Near the ticket offices there are parking lots with gas stations, cafes, restaurants.

The lift closest to AlpenHof belongs to the Cascade series of cable cars. This is the largest operator in Sheregesh, which has already commissioned 8 safe rope tows, chairlifts and gondola lifts. Cascade is 200 metres from the main entrance to the hotel. You can also walk to the following cable cars:

  • Cascade-Rise (400 m);
  • Shoria Tour (400 m);
  • Sporthotel (500 m);
  • Chair Cascade-ascent (500 m);
  • Sky Wei (900 m).

One and a half kilometers away is the lift “Panorama” – the most popular place in Sheregesh. It takes tourists to Malka’s ski area. The local trails are prepared by snow groomers. A feature of the lift is considered to be a hybrid cabin device. They combine chairlift (for 6 seats) and gondola (8-seater trailer) views. The trails in this sector are gentle, so they are optimally suited for beginners and couples with children.

Modern Sheregesh offers tourists other types of entertainment. Here you can ride on “vatrushki”, snowmobiles, dog sleds, take a walk on horseback. On the territory of the resort there are two skating rinks: one indoor (paid), the other, public, flooded on the street. For lovers of night rest there are night clubs, discos, themed bars, karaoke.

In the evening, guests of the AlpenHof will find a hot Finnish sauna. The steam room is sheathed with ecologically clean hardwood, which is unexpected for a taiga bath. The shelves are made of African abash wood. Its wood was used because of the low thermal conductivity of the material. It does not heat up to the temperature of the sauna and quickly takes the temperature of the human body. The stove-heater is made of jadeite. This is a semi-precious stone that has its own healing properties and provides positively charged energy. The combination of the light aroma of the abash tree, the healing ether released from the hardwoods, the soft steam of the Finnish sauna has a positive effect on the state of the visitors’ body. After the steam room in the relaxation room, guests are offered teas from the collection of local herbs.

The billiard room is decorated in the style of a hunting lodge. The professional table is made of valuable tree species. Bear skins, stuffed wild birds and animals are used as decorations. Here you can order food and drinks from the restaurant. Vacationers are invited to play classic Russian billiards.

Recreational opportunities for children

In the hotel complex itself there are opportunities to stay with children. The spacious rooms offer space for younger guests. Children under 5 years old stay free of charge, up to 17 years old have discounts. There is also a games room on site. But the main entertainment will have to look outside the hotel.

With a child, you can go to The Eveni Park. Traces of Bigfoot in Sheregesh were found in 2009. A size 50 foot print and white hair were sent for examination. The results of the tests remained unknown to the general public, but local entrepreneurs did not leave this case without attention. So the resort has an entertainment complex dedicated to the Sheregesh yesti.

It is located on the territory of the Alpen Club (300 m from AlpenHof) and is dedicated to the Yeti snow family. Three times a day in the Snow House entertainment programs are held (children under 5 years old and their parents take part for free). Educators are engaged with the children. Together they make amulets, draw, participate in master classes on the production of handicrafts. The game program is conducted by the Eveni himself, and cheerful animators help him. The event ends with riding on the “vatrushki” (an additional fee is taken for rent).

Pleasure for children will bring a visit to the attraction “Upside Down House”. Everything is upside down in it, it will be fun for both adults and kids. Learn the basics of skiing will help experienced instructors from the school “Nevalyashka”. The training slope with lift operates in sector E. There is also a tubing track with the rental of “watreushek”.

Excursions and attractions nearby

You can get acquainted with local natural attractions during trips on cable cars, horseback riding, hiking. The most popular is the route to the Azas cave. It was here that hunters found traces of Bigfoot, and scientists sent an expedition to study the signs of the existence of the Yeti. But the attention of tourists is attracted not only by the couch of a huge creature, but also by the amazing beauty of the internal “decoration” of the cave. Frozen minerals create a special atmosphere of mystery.

In Sheregesh, you can join a tourist group and go on an excursion to the main attractions of the resort, which include:

  • Worship cross;
  • Gulag Museum;
  • Damn finger;
  • Museum of Nature of Mountain Shoria.

The receptionist will tell you where it is better to go and what to see which tour desk is best to contact.

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