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In the quiet area of Plesa Zarechnaya Sloboda guests of the city will be happy to take the boutique hotel “Grand Sova”. It is equipped in the spirit of the Russian landlord’s estate. Here everything reminds of the greatness of the former merchant city, the center of the Volga river trade. Today Ples is a truly tourist place. There are no industrial enterprises that pollute the air. Every house has its own history. The settlement was officially founded in 1410, although people lived here long before this event. The city is located in the Ivanovo region.

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Location and history

The hotel is located on the second coastline from the Volga River. It is comfortably located near Mount Levitan (Peter and Paul Mountain), the Resurrection Church and the ancient Peter and Paul churchyard. It opened in 2016. The city centre is 1.3 km away. It takes 13 minutes by public transport from Plyos Bus Station.

The nearest airport is in Ivanovo (80 km). By bus number 133 you can get to the bus station of the regional center. The road from Ivanovo to Ples by bus will take 1 hour 50 minutes. Flights depart every 1.5 – 2 hours.

The best way to get to the city faster is by taxi. The hotel does not have its own transport, but assists in finding the most profitable carriers. Travel time is about an hour and a half.

By your own car you can get from Moscow in 5 hours. This will require to overcome 350 km. The road will pass along the Yaroslavl highway or the Vladimir tract. On the territory of the hotel, car owners will be provided with a parking space. It is necessary to discuss the question of whether it will be paid or not with the administrator at the time of booking the room.

The most romantic arrival awaits those who went on a trip down the Volga. Ples was once the main port of the entire textile region. Cotton, linen, ready-made fabrics were carried through it. Local merchants ran excellent business until a railroad was built and the need for river transportation was drastically reduced.

After the collapse of the USSR, the city experienced economic difficulties. Perhaps he would have remained a memory in the paintings of Levitan (the artist was inspired by local landscapes), but in 2009 Dmitry Medvedev announced the construction of a government residence in the historic manor of Milovka. The territory of the estate of the former manufacturer Gorbunov in Soviet times fell into complete decay. The President saved the historical place, and at the same time brought Plyos to the 4th place in terms of tourist flow in the region.

More information. The hotel was given the name of the Sova, based on the ancient legends of these lands. According to legends, the owl protected the first people who settled here. This is evidenced by archaeological finds found during excavations.

“Of course, it is far from the city center. But there are museums nearby, you can walk to the bank of the Volga. The hotel is suitable for those who are looking for peace and privacy. Reference to historical realities also plays an important role. The comfort of the interiors is created using design elements adopted in the 19th century. I liked the service. The staff takes care of the guests. In rainy weather, be sure to offer an umbrella, raincoat and rubber boots” Tatiana, Russia

Room stock

There are 14 comfortable rooms throughout the estate. Each room has its own highlight, the interiors are not repeated. The owners want the guests to feel at home. All guests in the boutique hotel are welcome. The staff is focused on the needs of customers. requests are listened to carefully and implemented as far as possible. There are no economy class rooms. Living conditions are designed for a more comfortable stay.

Rooms of the following categories are prepared to accommodate guests:

  1. “Suites” (33, 38 sq. m. ) are located in rooms 1 and 2 in the first building on the 1st floor. They consist of two rooms. In the living room there is a stove-stove (fireplace), in the bathroom – a shower and a bath on carved legs. A cute sofa in the living room can turn into an extra bed. The floors are covered with handmade carpets. For a warm rest in the room there are blankets, comfortable chairs, floor lamp. A desk is also provided for work. As a compliment, guests are offered a tasting kit. It consists of 6 types of liqueurs, which are produced by a local restaurant. For additional comfort there is a safe, refrigerator, individual air conditioning system, tea station.
  2. “Suite with terrace” (26 sq. m)) is located on the 2nd floor in the 2nd building, room number – 12. The balcony offers a beautiful view of the Volga and the Church of St. Barbara. The bathroom is fitted with a shower. The room consists of 2 rooms. The conditions of comfort are the same as in suites without balconies. The pillow bar menu is also available. They are made of natural materials with the addition of medicinal herbs. Pillows are for sale, so you can buy everything you like.
  3. “Junior Suites” (30, 25 sq. m.) are equipped in rooms 6 and 13. The first is located on the 1st floor of the 1st building. The second is on the 3rd floor (attic) of the 2nd building. Cozy one-room suites are visually divided into two zones: a bedroom and a living room. They also have a refrigerator, tea station, safe, TV, sofa, which can be used as an extra bed.

Pay attention! Hotel buildings are not equipped with elevators. The ascent to the attic is carried out by stairs. From the windows of room 13 offers an excellent panorama of the Volga.

  1. “Comforts” (12-15 sq. m.) are located in the remaining 9 rooms. These are rooms with a convenient layout and exquisite design. In the combined bathroom there is a shower cabin. For the convenience of use by people with disabilities, handrails are installed. There is also a cozy sofa with a table for tea drinking. Not all rooms in this category can accommodate an extra bed. 12-meter in principle are designed to accommodate one person. Some rooms located on the 2nd floor have access to a balcony. The balconies are equipped with outdoor furniture. Comfort Number 14 is located on the attic floor.

According to the adopted policy of the owners of the hotel, guests with pets are not accepted here. You should pay attention to this when planning a tourist trip to Ples. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the property. Luggage storage is available. If the refrigerator in the room is small for the number of purchased products, you can give them to the administrator for storage. He will take them to a large refrigerator and give them out on demand.

“Great place for a good relaxing holiday. You can enjoy and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of comfort and peace. The beds are large and comfortable. Pillows are a miracle. I bought one home. In the morning – breakfast, then excursions. I was very pleased with everything» Natalia, Russia

Meals and restaurants

For the food of guests and their gastronomic pleasures is responsible for the restaurant “Grand Sova”. It is located on the territory of the hotel and is a secluded place with panoramic views of the Volga. Breakfast is served in the dining room from 8 a.m. They are included in the payment of accommodation. Until 11.00 all guests are served cereals, egg dishes, bakery products (baked goods), chicken liver pate, farm cheese, cottage cheese, pancakes with fillings. The chef did not forget about the children. For young guests of the hotel in the assortment of muesli, cornflakes, chocolate balls, cookies with filling and cocoa.

From 13.00 the restaurant begins to feed on the main menu. It varies depending on the season. That is, dishes prepared from seasonal products are added to the main assortment. In the summer it will definitely be fresh berries, mushrooms. In winter, warming and nutritious drinks and food are available. In spring, visitors will find a sea of first greenery, and in autumn – a real abundance of fruits and vegetables. The kitchen closes at 11 p.m.

The menu comes with a good Wine List. It presents foreign and Russian positions. Crimean wines are allocated as a separate rubric. They are made in the wineries of the peninsula. Also, the waiter will definitely draw the guest’s attention to locally produced liqueurs.

Leisure and entertainment

The hotel offers its guests a variety of leisure. For those who like to take something with them as a souvenir, a souvenir shop is open on site. It is located on the ground floor of the main building. The main product is products made of home textiles. The assortment includes blankets, pillows, towels, rugs and floorboards, pillows, bathrobes, bed linen and much more. Everything is decorated with original applications, embroidery, patchwork sewing technique.

On the territory of the estate there is a barn of the 19th century built. Now it has organized a historical exposition of objects of ancient Russian life. The fact is that archaeological excavations were carried out on Varvarinskaya Street, where the hotel is located. But many of the exhibits the hotel staff found themselves, bypassing the local farmsteads and visiting abandoned villages.

Proximity to the Volga has to fishing. This is a paid pastime, which is organized by the employees of the “Grand Sova”. They will also help to organize the following types of entertainment:

  1. Painting lessons from a local artist (by the way, famous Russian masters of the brush live in Ples, besides, Isaac Levitan himself loved this place).
  2. Guided hiking trails through the picturesque places of Ples.
  3. Horse riding and horseback riding.
  4. Poetry evenings and meetings with creative people in a cozy living room.
  5. Cinema on request. Staff will make sure that guests arrive in their rooms with CDs with their favorite movies.

The price includes a visit to the cozy SPA center of the hotel. For visitors are prepared:

  • Turkish hammam;
  • Finnish sauna;
  • hot tub with cold spring water;
  • lounge.

Herbal tea with jam is served in the thermal area.

“Had a wonderful time in the Spa area “Grand Sova”! Bath is a masterpiece! The service is not inferior to the best foreign ones! And in general, it is better than them!!! Very stylish and cozy interiors, a charming idea with an acorn, which is implemented even in bath caps. Hammam, sauna, font, showers – all on the level. There is everything you need, including cosmetics, shampoos, creams; even the hair irons and irons were waiting for us in the locker room. Everything is new: snow-white towels and bathrobes, disposable slippers. And most importantly very sincere service: the girls try to make your holiday great and do it from the heart and soul! Great place, happy to visit it again!” Oksana, Russia

Recreational opportunities for children

Children from any age are allowed at the hotel. For the provision of cots to young guests from 0 to 6 years old will have to pay 750 rubles per night or agree on a one-time payment in the amount of 2000 rubles for the entire period of stay. Starting from 7 years and up to 14 years, the payment for an additional children’s place with breakfast will be 1550 rubles. For children over 15 years old will have to pay 3000 rubles. z night (prices are current for March 2021)

The restaurant for kids has a children’s menu. It presents the most favorite dishes for kids: mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, cutlets, dumplings, nuggets, pancakes, fried potatoes, fruit drinks, cocoa, hot chocolate and other goodies.

Care for children is manifested in other services of the hotel, in particular:

  • children’s playroom;
  • children’s bathrobes in the rooms;
  • provision of bicycles and sledges;
  • children’s outdoor play corner on the summer playground;
  • the movie library has a Disney folder.

On holidays, animators come to visit the little guests of the hotel. There are also master classes on different types of creativity.

Excursions and attractions nearby

The hotel has its own tour desk. You can independently go to Milovka, where, in addition to the government residence, there is a ski resort. It is 2 km away. There are 2 slopes for skiing.

The tour desk offers themed routes:

  • Ples’s historical past;
  • A city on seven hills;
  • Walking routes in Ples;

For those who want to get acquainted with the city independently developed guidebooks.

Staying in the “Grand Sova”, travelers will find excellent service, comfortable rest, gastronomic cuisine. The hotel is a good base for exploring local attractions.


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