Grand Hotel Dombay

The hotel complex “Grand Hotel” is located in a unique place – on the Dombay glade at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, it is surrounded by centuries-old pine and spruce forests, as well as the peaks of the Mountains of the North Caucasus. The resort’s main ski lift is a one-minute walk away. Nearby there is a children’s slope, a market, main restaurants and other infrastructure facilities.

The hotel was built in 2008 in the central part of the village of Dombay.


Dombay is an unforgettable place. The village itself is small, but incredibly cozy. It was built in protected areas on the territory of the Teberda Nature Biosphere Reserve. This is the heart of a whole mountainous country in Karachay-Cherkessia. Wherever you go, you are guaranteed breathtaking views and beauty.

Nikolay, St. Petersburg “The hotel is very well located. Near everything you need: a lift, a market and a taxi rank. The view of the mountains is dizzying. The room is cozy, quiet and very spacious, everywhere is clean, I liked the interior. Large bathroom. The breakfasts are wonderful – very tasty. The staff is nice both in the hotel and in the restaurant.”

Rooms and infrastructure

The hotel complex occupies three buildings and offers 72 comfortable rooms. The main building has 5 floors, it is equipped with an elevator. It has a reception, bar and restaurants. The second building is a three-story building. And in the third building there are 5 floors. Rooms of different sizes and categories. A large selection from one-room rooms of the category “standard” to three-room suites of the category “luxury”. The hotel has its own restaurants and bars, which offer European and Caucasian cuisine. There is a barbecue “Old yard”.

In the hotel you can restore vitality and health in the wellness center Wellness & SPA. The center includes a Russian bath, a Finnish sauna, a Turkish hammam and a year-round three-level pool with a waterfall, which is specially heated in winter. The design of this complex was supervised by the world-famous company KlAFS-expert in the field of SPA.

If you do not want to get out anywhere, but still want some entertainment, then go play bowling, which works right on the territory of the hotel. There we can not only compete in accuracy, but also try excellent cuisine, and in the cocktail bar you can even throw a party. In addition to bowling, you can play billiards at the hotel.

The hotel is ideal for business events. The conference hall has the most modern equipment. There is a screen, microphone, video + TV, overhead projector, flip chart, wi-fi Internet access. The hotel provides services for organizing breakfasts, lunches and dinners for conference participants, coffee breaks, accommodation, etc.

The hotel welcomes guests who come to relax with children. Highchairs in the restaurant and baby cots in the rooms are available on request.

There is a rental of skis and other sports equipment.

A shuttle service to the train station or to the airport can also be arranged at the hotel, and free public parking is available near the hotel.

Valentina, Moscow “We came for the second time. The rooms are modern, spacious, lots of light. The bathroom is also large, it has free bathroom amenities. Towels are changed every day. The location is great. The cable car is a five-minute walk away. The choice of dishes for breakfast is huge, everything is delicious. We ski in Dombai every winter. Now we will only go here.”

The magnificent forests of Dombay, consisting of high thirty-meter spruces and pines, attract to this region not only fans of active and extreme sports, but also fans of nature. Here you can admire waterfalls and mountain lakes, there are non-melting glaciers and a wonderful world of plants and unusual animals. All this has attracted travelers here for a long time. And only then the local mountain slopes began to run skiers. Over time, this place was turned into a large modern sports and fitness center, which developed an excellent infrastructure.

Dombay has become a real mecca for tourists, fans of alpine skiing and climbers. Nowadays, Dombai, in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains, has everything you need for travel: various equipment rental points, a bazaar, alpine camps and a great many restaurants and cafes for every taste, where you can taste dishes of traditional Russian, French, Caucasian, and Italian cuisines.

Dombay is a sunny region, and the climate here is mild. The local mountain air is well known for its healing properties. People often come here to improve their health, because for this you do not even have to make any effort – only to breathe.

Leisure and entertainment

If you are interested in skiing, it is best to come to Dombay from November to May. You can choose trails of varying difficulty for skiing or snowboarding. In addition, there are also snowmobile trails, sled slides, snowtubing. There is an ice rink for skating. And if you want maximum comfort, you can order heli-ski services for yourself, then you will be taken to the top of the slope by helicopter. The mountains in this region are high, so the ski areas are also located quite high – at an altitude of 1800 to 3200 meters above sea level. The lifts are convenient everywhere, and the complex of local cable cars is one of the most modern in the country.

During the New Year festivities, the town is especially transformed. Local buildings are specially decorated, illuminate the streets, open additional fairs where you can warm up with hot mulled wine and snack on it with gingerbread man. The festive night itself is very bright with fireworks, show programs and performances.

If you come to rest in Dombay in the period from the end of May to the beginning of September, then it is best to spend your vacation time walking through the mountains, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of waterfalls, lakes and the mountains themselves. Therefore, during this period, lovers of hiking, as well as mountaineering and rock climbing come here. Nordic walking is popular in Dombai, mountain biking. You can rent a local all-terrain vehicle, then you can climb into very inaccessible places. Tired of walking?

Try horseback riding, paragliding or relax on the beach. Yes, yes, although the sea is not close to these places, but there are numerous lakes, the water in them warms up well in the summer. It is believed that swimming in local waters will make you healthier and rejuvenate.

Mountains Marka, Belakai and Alibeksky Peak are suitable for climbing climbers. But in reality, there are so many mountain trails and routes in the Dombai mountains that their categories of complexity can be very different. It does not matter whether you are a professional, a beginner or even a lover of leisurely festivities, anyone will find a suitable road for themselves. Well, if you still want to conquer steeper heights, then contact any of the local mountaineering schools, where you will be trained, and you can always find a route to practically apply new knowledge.

The time of golden autumn here lasts from October to November. This period is suitable for those who are looking for solitude, loves peace, tranquility and tranquility. In the low season, less than 1000 people remain in Dombai, these are residents permanently residing in the village.

Near Dombayskaya glade is the village of Teberda. Its name comes from the name of the local river. And the same name was called a large biosphere reserve, which, based on these lands in 1935, and the village of Dombay is located directly on its territory of the Teberda Reserve. More than 150 local mountain lakes are under protection. And at the reserve opened a zoo. It contains wild herbivores: Caucasian deer and yaks. Here you can see bison.

Did you know that “Dombai” has a translation from Karachay and means “bison”. These majestic animals once grazed in the local valleys, but were exterminated by man, so now, unfortunately, bison in these places can be found only in the reserve. In the zoo you can look at predators. Wolves, wild boars and bears live here. And here they keep large birds. In the zoo you can ride horses, and we also advise you to look into the local shop. Here they sell delicious jam and their own honey.

Be sure to walk through the Dombay market-bazaar. It sells very interesting and unusual things. You can buy something for yourself as a souvenir or buy gifts and souvenirs for friends. From natural fur, local residents make cute figures of animals. The market sells warm knitted things, unusual mountain hats and felt hats. A lot of this is being made right before your eyes. Sellers are not engaged in resale, but make their own products.

We recommend you to try the local herbal tea, it has a bright and very rich taste. You can buy it of different varieties. A cup of hot tea will perfectly complement the stunning mountain honey and other sweets. For example, jam from figs, feijoa, or spruce cones. A lot of the bazaar sells souvenirs made of wood: it can be watches, boxes and other trinkets. And on the market you can buy a very different attributes for skiing.

Sights and excursions

Dombay is rightly proud of its stunning nature. When we talk about the sights of Dombai, we mean unique objects that have a natural origin. The local mountain landscape resembles a fairy tale: there are beautiful alpine meadows, dense coniferous forests, and snow-capped peaks of high mountains, fast rivers, streams, non-melting glaciers, lakes and falling streams of picturesque waterfalls. And all this complements the crystal mountain air – a miraculous natural medicine.

For picturesque panoramas, head to the slopes of the Moussa-Achitara Range. There, at an altitude of more than 2000 meters, there is a natural observation deck, from which you will have an incredible view of the tops of the mountains Sofrudzha, Ine, Belalacaya, Dombai-Elgen (the name means “killed bison”) and the Sulahat ridge. In the basins of the ridge there are beautiful lakes. Lake Kluhor is more than 35 meters deep. Not far from the lake you can see the Upper Kluhorsky waterfall. Do you want to see the Black Sea? Climb the Kluhor Pass.

In this mountainous area you will find an innumerable number of waterfalls. Not far from the village of Dombay there is a gorge. At the entrance to the gorge thunders Chuchhur waterfall. And this place is famous for its unforgettable view of the peaks of the mountains of the Main Caucasus Range.

The largest local waterfall is Alibeksky. Another popular place among tourists is the Sofrudzhuk waterfall, it is formed from the Amanauz River.

In the village I offer many different excursions. You can choose hiking, or you can choose to travel by car. So you can be even in the most remote corners. It is possible to choose a short walk, a 4-hour trip or a trip that will take a whole day. The most popular types of car tours are Shumka Waterfall, Tumanly-Kel Lake, Azgek Gonachhir Gorges, Jamanat Narzans, Turye Lake and countless local waterfalls.

Want unusual impressions? Immerse yourself in history with the medieval Alan temples of the 10th-12th centuries on the mountains of Senta and Shona or go to the cemetery of climbers.

The best time for excursions is summer. But in winter there are very interesting options.




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