Gorgeous Beliv Experience Hamaka Garden 4* Dominican Republic, Boca Chica — Description, photos, guest reviews

Hotel Be Live Experience Hamaca Garden 4 * was built in 1992, but, despite the twenty-five-year service life, it looks quite modern and meets all international standards. But vacationers are attracted here not only by a long-term respectable reputation, but also by the “all inclusive” system, as well as a developed infrastructure and a large number of entertainment events. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s start studying this institution with its location and living conditions.

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The hotel complex Be Live Experience Hamaca Garden 4 * is considered one of the oldest institutions built specifically for the reception of foreign guests. But repair work here is carried out with enviable regularity, which is often mentioned by travelers in their reviews.


The tourist center is allocated a vast territory in the province of Santa Domingo within the city of Boca Chica. It has a rather advantageous location, as the nearest international air harbor can be reached in 15 minutes, and this is taking into account the heavy traffic congestion. And just a few meters from the main building you will see a beautiful private aqua zone with clean water and fine sand. Those who like to visit excursions on vacation will surely be pleased with the fact that just a 30-minute drive away is the capital of the Dominican Republic,which is home to millions of people. People come here for shopping, for trips to nightclubs and for exploring local attractions.

Alexander, Tula: “My wife was very afraid to go to the city, and after reading reviews that there are a lot of criminals among the population, so she preferred to stay at the hotel. I went with a guide as part of the tour. In my spare time, I walked around the mall and had some coffee in a café. People here are very fond of tourists, and always warn that they do not go to this or that area. As a result, I received a lot of positive impressions and saw the objects of cultural heritage of the capital. In addition, in local exchange offices, the rate is much more attractive than in a hotel. I advise you to go to Saint-Domingo, spend time with benefit and pleasure for the soul. “

What awaits you in the hotel?

Now let’s talk about the apartments in which you will have to live during the whole vacation. I must say, living here will seem to you very much like, because each room is equipped with the latest technology. The standard rooms are equipped with air conditioning systems to maintain the optimal temperature level, TVs with many satellite channels, a refrigerator in which soft drinks are stored. The total area is 48 square meters.

The relatively spacious bathroom has showers. All hygiene products, hairdryer, iron, ironing board, towels, slippers and bathrobes are provided by the property. Cleaning is carried out regularly, regardless of whether someone is in the room or not. Bed linen is changed once every three days.

Evgeny, Rostov-on-Don: “In the travel agency, we paid about 130 thousand rubles for two. But having arrived at the place, we decided that we wanted to live not in the booked apartments, but in a room with a sea view. Since there were not so many people in the hotel, we quickly agreed to change the room. I had to pay about 20 thousand rubles. I believe that we spent the money not in vain. For a week we tanned, gained strength, bathed, tasted a lot of delicious dishes. Of course, I had to pay separately for some entertainment, but this is practiced in every such institution, especially when it comes to “four-star”


Many tourists before buying a tour are always interested in how well fed in the hotel Be Live Experience Hamaca Garden 4 *. So, according to the chosen concept, the administration offers everyone to eat in the main restaurant for free (everything is already included in the price). In this institution, a rich “buffet” is always served, and guests independently take whatever they want.

There are four more restaurants on the territory – Mexican, Asian, Dominican and Brazilian. Here you can book a table a few days before the planned visit. They serve customers only by prior booking.

During the day, there is often a feeling of slight hunger. In such cases, guests order light snacks at local bars and cafes. There are always fresh pastries, fast food, pizza, soft drinks, exotic cocktails and alcohol. Rum and beer are said to flow like a river. Many tourists write that guests are allowed to take alcohol-containing products in any quantity, but, of course, it can not be taken outside the hotel.

Maxim, Nizhny Novgorod: “Last year we went as a family to Turkey, and this year we decided to visit the Dominican Republic. I must say, in terms of nutrition – it’s heaven and earth. In Belek served oranges, melons, watermelons, and meat was lamb and chicken. And in Ve Live Experience Hamaca Garden 4* on the “buffet” there are always vases full of passion fruit, papaya, guava, mango and even sugar cane. Squid, meat, fish and mussel dishes are prepared daily. Everything is fresh, tasty and juicy.”

Why do tourists come here?

It should be noted that the hotel guests leave a variety of reviews. In most cases, of course, they have a positive color, but there are also dissatisfied with the service. Therefore, before traveling to the Dominican Republic, we recommend that you think carefully and decide what impressions you want to get from traveling here.

If you prefer a beach holiday and lazy lying in the sun, the hotel will be the perfect place for you. Own part of the coast has a soft coating of fine sand, the entrance to the sea is very convenient, the shore is very shallow, so you can swim with children. Tourists who prefer to enjoy diving and water skiing, sail much further from the shore, and here, on the seabed, they are waiting for fantastic landscapes and acquaintance with the inhabitants of the depths.

Daily guests go on excursions. I must say, the impressions of such trips remain only positive. So, for example, you have the opportunity to see the Old Town, waterfalls, caves, cigarette and chocolate factories.
On the territory of the hotel there is a large swimming pool with clean fresh water. It is changed daily, so do not be afraid of infections and other diseases. Around the artificial pond there are sun loungers and umbrellas, there is a disco bar, which does not stop its activities until midnight. Water aerobics and water polo lessons are regularly held on the terrace, animators and lifeguards work.

Ekaterina, Krasnodar: “I have a few recommendations for you based on my own experience. If you are an owl, take a room with a view of the garden. If you choose an option with a view of the sea, beach parties will not let you fall asleep, and in the morning a screaming kid is always going to the pool. Now for the stores. Everything you need is better to buy in the supermarket, it is a five-minute walk from the hotel. Everything is two or three times cheaper there. But buy souvenirs only on the territory of the complex, otherwise there is a great risk of buying low-quality goods. At a high price.”

What else do you need to know?

Many guests note that this hotel is characterized by high service and good service. If you plan your trip in high season, you need to book an apartment six months before the vacation. This will allow you to count on a discount and save you from the worries associated with the fact that you will have to live in the remaining available rooms.

As you know, in the Dominican Republic there is no winter, there is always hot weather and the sun shines. But in mid-July there is a real inferno. We do not recommend planning trips in June, because at this time there are often pouring heavy rains, which is why almost all infrastructure facilities simply stop working. It is best to visit this country in December or January. The average temperature is kept at around 23-27 degrees, which allows not only to sunbathe and swim in the sea, but also to engage in various sports.

As for the cleaning of rooms, in the reviews we read there was no information about the unscrupulous work of maids. The only problem is the lack of normal air conditioning of the premises. The equipment works strictly on schedule, so in the evenings the rooms are hot. And if you open the balcony, you will not be able to fall asleep – mosquitoes and other flying insects will fly into the room, and the sounds of music and laughter of young people will constantly be heard from the beach.

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By the way, on the territory of the city of Boca Chica there is another complex with an almost identical name. It belongs to the same network, but is half an hour drive from the capital of the Dominican Republic. Travelers note that the living conditions in it are slightly different, and for the better. But the cost of a week’s stay in a standard apartment is an order of magnitude higher than in the hotel we are discussing.

Hotel Be Live Experience Hamaca Garden 4* – a quiet and peaceful place for those who want to get the maximum impressions and pleasant memories from their vacation. It regularly hosts various events and animated shows with the participation of guest pop and film stars. A mini-club is open for children, experienced animators work with them, doing everything to ensure that the kids do not get bored for a minute. It should also be noted that some tourists manage to save. According to the rules, in a double room you can check in with a child under 12 years old, paying for it about 10 percent of the total cost. Staff at check-in will immediately bring you a single baby bed to the room. In restaurants for kids there are special chairs for feeding and a menu with a large number of products useful for the growing body has been developed.

As a result, we have a great hotel for a family relaxing holiday. Visiting it, you are guaranteed to get a lot of positive emotions, and nothing will overshadow your stay here. And do not forget to buy souvenirs, which on arrival give to your relatives and friends!