Family Hotel Club San Haven 4*, Turkey, Alanya – Full review

There are many reviews and recommendations for 2020 about Club Sun Heaven 4 Resort. Tourists who have been here share their impressions and talk about the advantages and disadvantages. The undoubted advantage is the low price.

Holidays in Turkey are most often chosen because of accessibility. There is no need to issue a visa for entry, in addition, the trip will not be costly. Luxury hotels offer cheap but comfortable accommodation. This allows not only to save, but also to have a great time on the sea coast.



The huge territory of the resort complex covers an area of 27,000 m2. It’s sprawling on the first line and it has its own approach to the water, where there are plenty of free sun loungers on the shore under canopies that create the coveted shade on a hot day.

In addition, swimming pools are available for guests, around which there are also sun loungers and umbrellas. There are only three pools, of which one is indoor, the second is open, and the third is with water slides. They are not heated, so in cool weather they may seem cold.

The territory of the complex itself is quite green. It is planted with various trees and sprawling palm trees. Under the branches you can hide from the hot sun and enjoy the shady coolness.

The complex includes five five-storey buildings and two seven-storey buildings, which housed 297 rooms of various categories. All premises undergo periodic reconstruction, repair and renovation. The furnishings are always modern, the rooms are freshly renovated, clean and well-groomed furniture, working equipment.

Club San Haven is located in the Payallar district, which is located near the village of Konakli. From the international airport in Antalya to get here an hour and a half by car. The center of the nearby city of Alanya is 15 km away, where you can visit the local bazaar or just walk around the city, go on excursions.

Tatiana, Orenburg“We came here as a family in July. The hotel itself is good, the staff too. The animators are diligent, we liked it. Entering the water is strange, first the sand goes, then, after four steps, the stones begin. The sea was warm, the waves were big. In order not to go through a terrible noisy street, an underground passage is made especially for guests. It is very convenient and safe. There is a children’s room. We plan to come here again.”

Room stock

The standard rooms have a cosy bedroom, a bathroom and a balcony. They are equipped with air conditioning, TV, hairdryer, refrigerator. On TV satellite dish, so you can watch channels in your native language. In all rooms perfectly catches high-speed Internet Wi-Fi.

Daily cleaning is carried out, during which not only the room is cleaned, but also the supplies of bath accessories and a mini-bar are replenished. A minibar includes free water. Every day the helpful staff puts up two bottles. Shower gel, soap, shampoo, personal hygiene products – all this goes into the set for each person, and is also constantly replenished.

Categories here are determined not only by the components and the situation, but also by the building in which they are located. In some buildings have not yet had time to carry out routine repairs, so there is cheaper to settle than in those where fresh repairs. There are separate deluxe buildings, in which the renovation took place quite recently, in 2015. There, standard penates are of improved quality and view from the balcony. There is also an electric kettle so that you can have tea or coffee in the bedroom.

Family apartments have two rooms. In the standard – one bathroom, in the Deluxe – two. Balconies and terraces are quite large. They have tables and chairs, so you can sit there in the evenings and admire the sea and sunset. The maximum number of people staying in one apartment is 6 people.

For small guests, a separate bed is located on the sof, if this is not provided for by the category. When booking, it is necessary to indicate the number and age of guests, so that everything is ready for your arrival and there are no problems during check-in.

Tatiana, Moscow: “We flew here with a friend and two children. We booked economy, we were accommodated in the second building. The receptionists went to meet us, as we asked to settle us nearby, but it was not possible, we were given the keys to the apartment category above. They didn’t charge us any extras for that. From the balcony there was a gorgeous view of the sea. A little old furniture and appliances, but quite comfortable and cozy. “


With special trepidation are vacationers to the food in the hotel. It provides full-fledged techniques on the concept of “all inclusive”. The buffet is varied. They are fed both local dishes and international cuisine. The main restaurant has two huge halls that can accommodate vacationers even taking into account the lack of free rooms. One room indoors, the other – in the open air. It is possible to eat while sitting in the fresh sea air and listening to the birds singing.

If you have a preference in food, for example, you do not eat meat, then there is a separate vegetarian menu for you. It is specially designed so that all guests can feel comfortable. There is also a children’s card that satisfies the tastes of most toddlers from all over the world. For breakfast – corn flakes, for lunch and dinner – sausages or cutlets with a side dish. There are always a lot of fruits, berries, desserts, pastries, national Turkish sweets.

In addition to the main dining room, there are a la carte restaurants where you can enjoy national maps and seafood. Near the pool there is a great bar that not only serves delicious snacks, ice cream, grilled meat and fish, cocktails and other drinks, but also creates a pleasant atmosphere with music.

There is also another bar, which is located directly on the beach. They also serve drinks and snacks. So, even being on the beach, tourists have the opportunity to have a snack. Here everything is arranged in such a way that guests do not feel discomfort or hunger.

In the mornings, they give out portions of delicious ice cream, in the afternoon – national pies for coffee break. Throughout the day, you are free to take soft drinks and water.

Mikhail, Nefteyugansk: “The three of us rested here – me, my wife and daughter for 6 years. We were fine with everything. About the restaurant I can say where we had lunch, breakfast and dinner, that a lot of different dishes. Pleased, especially my daughter, sweets. In between main meals, you can enjoy a guzlemé, a hamburger or fries at the beach bar. There are 4 bars in total, including the one in the restaurant. One evening there are discos for children and adults.”

Infrastructure and entertainment

There is a good team of animators consisting of ten people. They hold performances, shows, entertainment programs, discos. Do not let both adults and kids get bored here. Programs are available for all age categories.

For those who look after themselves even during the holidays, there is an excellent beauty salon and hairdresser. There is also a spa, Turkish bath, sauna and massage services. For sports lovers there is an opportunity to play beach volleyball, table tennis, billiards, water sports. There is also a gym. Water aerobics and yoga classes are held daily.

For those who come here on business, there are two equipped conference rooms. Excursions can be purchased in the main building at an additional cost. In the vicinity there are many interesting and historical sights that are definitely worth a visit. Near the boarding house there are also points of sale of excursions, so the choice is quite large.

Guests can also take advantage of the loyalty program. To do this, you need to join a local group. According to this program, guests are entitled to presents and delicious surprises. If you have a birthday or other important holiday, then the employees will definitely make you a nice gift, only you need to report the impending event at registration.

Nailya, Zaporozhye: “Rested with her husband and child. The child was delighted with trampolines, carousels, children’s programs. My husband and I went to a relaxation procedure in the spa. It includes sauna, hammam, peeling, massage with chocolate, massage with foam, aroma massage, masks. There are interesting excursions, we took jeep rides and on a yacht. A week before leaving, we joined the club. For this, we were given a bag and a plate of fruit, decorated a room and a table in the restaurant, served a cake at the end of dinner. We really liked it, we want to come back here again.”

Holidays with children

Resting with small children, I want both adults and kids to relax. Therefore, in club San Haven you can hire a nanny for an additional fee. She will gladly look after the child and entertain him at a time when his parents want, for example, to go to the bazaar or not a children’s excursion.

Parents can not worry about the high toilets in the toilets, as the child is provided with a night pot for free. For very young children, you can rent a stroller to make it convenient to move around the resort. Also, a separate bed is equipped for the baby in the same apartment with the parents.

The restaurants have a separate menu and chairs for young tourists. Children’s map is quite diverse and useful. On the playgrounds, children can ride from the slides, jump on trampolines and climb on different horizontal bars. All this is done under the close supervision of employees.

In the pools there is a designated paddling pool, fenced with a fence so that small swimmers can not get to the depths. For older children – a small water park. There is even a zoo with free visits. It is, of course, small, but you can look at unusual animals and birds there.

Animators entertain children every day. The mini-club hosts classes, competitions and other programs to entertain young guests. Clubs are divided into age classes to make it more interesting for children to spend their time with their peers. Discos are held every evening.

Artem, Volzhsky: “We went here with my wife and daughter. We arrived late, but we were quickly settled, fed and put to bed. The next day we started to get a little longer used to it. Overall, I liked everything. The child ate rings of milk for breakfast, then ice cream at 10.30, then went to the children’s club, giving my wife and I to spend time together. After dinner, the daughter again went to the mini-club and until the evening. Then she had a mini disco and then went to bed. In general, she rested even better than us, as in a children’s camp. “

This is a great place to relax with both children and company. Here at a low price you can live in comfortable conditions, eat deliciously, get a lot of fun from the sea, which is a stone’s throw away, and have a good time on entertainment programs.

In addition to excellent weather conditions, the staff of the hotel complex makes every effort to ensure that guests are satisfied with their stay here. All employees are very polite, helpful and friendly. Most speak multiple languages, so there are no language barriers.

There are many attractions nearby, which do not need to be reached for several hours in the sultry Turkish heat. Therefore, you can enjoy the excursions to the fullest.