Fabulous Club Hotel Fazelis Rose 5* Turkey, Kemer, Tekirova – Reviews and Prices

Phaselis Rose Hotel 5 (Turkey) is known for its welcoming staff and high level of service. Hundreds of guests have already left positive feedback about it. Plenty of entertainment, great food, picturesque surroundings, beautiful sea views – all this and more awaits you in this wonderful place. But we will not reveal all the secrets at once, we will try to touch in more detail and extensively all the charms of rest in this wonderful place.

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Distinctive features

Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world come to Turkey. And they often choose the town of Kemer, nestled on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Some of the main advantages include the following:

  • The hotel complex is located 60 kilometers from Antalya, another resort city in southern Turkey. Guests have a great opportunity to travel to one of the largest ports of the state, to see the sights and infrastructure of this administrative center.
  • Guests are always welcome to take excursions and see with their own eyes the remains of the ancient civilizations of Faselis, Tekirova and Olympos.
  • Its own private beach extends over 200 meters, which can accommodate all visitors.
  • The room stock is quite extensive and varied. Just imagine, the complex includes two four-storey buildings. The most sophisticated guests are offered a large villa and five bungalows for the most demanding taste (two or three floors).

All the buildings were built in 1996, so the institution is considered relatively young. In 2013, the management of the institution decided to carry out an overhaul and renovation of the institution. The result of long and painstaking work was a complete transformation, which, naturally, had a beneficial effect on the average number of guests.

The area of the institution is approximately 40 thousand square meters. It’s an impressive figure, isn’t it? Both couples with children and active young people, who prefer extreme sports and dynamic recreation, feel equally comfortable here.

A little bit about the rooms

Tourists now have 288 rooms at their disposal, including both standard apartments and suites. As mentioned earlier, there are also several villas built on the property, which are usually chosen by people seeking privacy. These structures have an average area of 130 square meters.

Of course, hotel rooms are not that spacious. Here the aforementioned figures are at 28-48 sq.m. Without exception, all apartments are complemented by cozy balconies overlooking the sea. Here the guests have breakfast and bathe in the first rays of the morning sun.

All buildings have a modern central air conditioning system. This can not but rejoice, as the climate in Turkey is quite hot. For most tourists, the presence of functioning air conditioning is one of the decisive factors. Also, many people are pleased with the availability of satellite television and free internet.

As in any other luxury establishment, the minibar in the apartments is replenished daily. Rest assured that you will have no need for refreshments. And now for those who appreciate cleanliness: rooms are cleaned every day and linen is changed every other day.

Alex: “The booked room was “super”! The furniture is new, I did not find any stains on the upholstery, although I am very picky about this point. The room is spacious, the bed is big. The room is cool at all times of the day. And it’s all relatively inexpensive! All in all, I’m happy with everything.”

What the guests eat

Since we are talking about the five-star Hotel Phaselis Rose 5 *, it is a sin not to mention the world-famous Turkish system “ultra all inclusive” and “all inclusive”. Virtually all such institutions in this state operate under such rules. By the way, most tourists spend their holidays in Kemer precisely because of the presence of such a nice bonus in the form of free meals.

Approximately 1,400 people are served at once in the main restaurant of the complex.

Can you imagine how vast his territory is?

But this is not the only circumstance that can greatly surprise the guests. The facility’s cooks don’t put any bans, so those who for some reason didn’t become a fan of local viands have an opportunity to enjoy dishes of international cuisine.

All seafood lovers are advised by the management to visit the local a la carte restaurant at least once. Here you will find a big fish menu, where everyone will find “his” dish. If you get hungry during the day and decide to eat something, you can always visit the lobby bar, where you will be treated to snacks and refreshments. Alcohol is also widely available here. Cocktails and wines are the “thing” of the place.

Generally, the catering system includes eight different facilities, which include a vitamin bar. However, the local patisserie is worth a special mention as it offers world-famous Turkish sweets. All desserts and cakes are available to tourists from ten in the morning until the night.

Now a little information about the main restaurant. Facility’s menu includes not only classical varieties, but also dishes for adherents of healthy lifestyle and pre-school children. According to the established rules, guests have the right to order room service within 24 hours.

Speaking of drinks, the ultra all-inclusive program includes almost all refreshing juices, morsels, waters and lemonades. The list of free alcohol includes both local and imported products. The following items are an exception:

  • Premium beverages and spirits of expensive brands.
  • Freeshes and various fresh juices and fruit blends.
  • Beverages created based on customer preferences.

The regulations of the organization impose certain restrictions: according to the established concept, all the rules described above apply only during the summer period. For the remainder of the time, management reserves the right to make adjustments and changes. This is due to the fact that some catering facilities operate outdoors. Weather conditions and seasonal changes significantly affect some functions.

Eugenia: “Children’s menu is a very important issue for our family. My child is allergic, so local fruits are strictly contraindicated to him. In the main restaurant I found everything that can be fed to my baby. Thank you to the cooks, because during the holiday he had a full meal and even ate a lot of sweets!”.


The hotel complex offers its guests a full range of various entertainment services. Organization of recreation is a priority for the management of the complex, as evidenced by the fairly well-developed infrastructure.

You don’t believe me?

As a proof of this fact we offer you to get acquainted with the list of entertainments offered by the hotel:

  • For those who don’t want to give up work even during their holidays, a high-tech business centre with several meeting rooms is available.
  • The spa offers a swimming pool, whirlpools, massages and a hammam.
  • There are four open-air freshwater pools and one indoor pool where the optimum temperature is always maintained. This allows guests to swim almost around the clock, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Children and parents enjoy spending their free time in water parks.

As previously mentioned, the complex is located on the Mediterranean coast. From the building, where the rooms and apartments are located, to the sea line is only about one hundred meters. Smooth entrance, sand-pebbly surface, sun beds and umbrellas – the management and employees have provided all. All paraphernalia is free of charge. The wooden pier and the cozy bar are sure to attract attention.

Michael: “I am a resort town resident myself and I know firsthand what it is like to have a seat on a sun lounger. But things are quite different here. I came here at the height of the season, when the hotel was practically overcrowded. But it was always possible to find a free deckchair on a private beach. I was also pleased with the opportunity to enjoy a cool cocktail at any time.

What should children do

Young guests always feel comfortable, as all conditions are created for them. For example, during the period of rest from sea walks and excursions, they can be pampered at the mini club, which is staffed by professional animators. They take into account all the preferences of girls and boys of different ages, applying different methods of running the parties.

In the outdoor facility you can ride the water slides of the specially created water park. The grounds also include a playground with swings. In the evening, when the adults have gone out for a night out or to the dance floors, highly qualified baby-sitters stay with the young guests, but their services are paid separately.

Dora: “I have to say that my children and my husband saw us only in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. They spent the whole day in the water park and myi-club. We were very pleased with the animators, they are true professionals. You can and even should trust your kids to them!

A little bit about sports and interesting places

The Club Hotel Phaselis Rose 5* provides all the conditions for an active holiday. Tennis courts, gyms, fitness centers are all freely accessible to tourists. On the beach you can play volleyball, basketball, mini football and table tennis. There are billiard and chess tables, darts, boccia and other games on site.

Phaselis Rose Hotel 5* is located in Tekirova, which is part of the city of Kemer. Of course, there are no outstanding sights, but there are plenty of different nightclubs and other entertainment venues. Diving centers, horseback riding schools, spas, restaurants, bars and water parks are available. Cableway, reptile park, cactus exhibition, Tahtali mountains – all this is a must visit, because such trips will bring a lot of pleasure and positive mood.

Catherine: “I fell in love with the local spa. Being a lover of massages, I literally made a home in it. Also pleased with the hammam. It is no exaggeration to say: This is the best place for those who haven’t spent a year taking care of their own bodies. When I came home, my parents didn’t recognise me.

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Fabulous Club Hotel Fazelis Rose

The institution we are discussing, if you draw a conclusion from all of the above, guarantees a high-quality full-fledged recreation. Its organization is now at the highest level, as the staff took into account the interests of people of different ages and attitudes in creating the infrastructure, and the positive feedback is a clear proof of that. It should also be mentioned once again that both guests with children and young people, who come here to meet friends, will feel comfortable here.