Excellent Sural Saray Hotel 5* Side, Turkey — Reviews, service, features

Surai Saray Hotel 5*: reviews, description of the advantages, features of accommodation – all this you have to learn about today. Tourists who have already visited this fabulous resort complex are ready to share with you important information about what awaits you during your vacation. Today we will try to understand what caused such a stir and why this hotel is incredibly popular with travelers from all over the world.

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About hotel

Side is considered one of the most prestigious resorts in Turkey. It is in this region that the maximum number of hotels and hotels of different orientations and levels of service is concentrated. Almost all of them are located on the coast of the clean and incredibly warm Mediterranean Sea. And Surai Saray Hotel 5* was no exception. Checking into one of the rooms chosen here, you are guaranteed to get everything you would like to take from a vacation that, quite possibly, you have been waiting for no year. People come here with different goals and preferences, but in the end all desires are realized, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews.

Among those who have already managed to appreciate all the advantages of rest in this hotel, there are different categories of people. It is annually visited by newlyweds who want to spend their honeymoon, elderly married couples looking for peace and tranquility, and even representatives of active youth, who are already very difficult to surprise with something. However, most of the guests were completely satisfied.

The hotel was built back in 1994, but this does not mean that it is outdated and lagging behind modern life. Repair work here is carried out with enviable regularity. The last restoration was carried out in 2013, during which the interior of the complex was not only changed, but also all outdated equipment was completely updated. All the benefits of civilization are now available to the residents from satellite television to a telephone with access to international communication.

The total area occupied by the institution is 100 thousand square meters. A very large complex, isn’t it? This allows employees to receive hundreds of thousands of guests annually. The composition includes not only residential buildings, but also structures erected for good rest and entertainment.

Alexandra, Tula: “I come to Turkey for the fourth time, and, believe me, I have something to compare with. Side is a resort area of unprecedented beauty, in its cities there is an opportunity not only to make profitable purchases, but also to get acquainted with the sights of the country and its cultural values. Hotel Surai Saray Hotel 5 * is an amazing combination of European service and oriental cordiality. I’ll definitely be back here next year.”

Room stock

It should be noted that the institution we are discussing belongs to the category of large complexes, so it is not surprising that the total number of apartments is 226 All of them are located in the main building, which is surrounded by gardens, the sea and swimming pools. On the one hand, the windows overlook the aqua zone, on the other – on the lush exotic vegetation, which, by the way, is very carefully monitored and regularly cared for. All rooms are divided into two categories: standard rooms and superior rooms. All rooms are furnished with new chic furniture, most of which settled here only after major repairs. The floors have a ceramic coating, all parts of the building are equipped with powerful air conditioning, everywhere there are showers and baths.

  • Standard. In total, there are 180 rooms of this category on the territory of the hotel. The apartments consist of separate single rooms with a private bathroom. Area – 26 square meters. Large double beds with orthopedic mattresses are installed everywhere. They are covered with expensive blankets. On each side near the pastels there are bedside tables, on which lamps and telephones are located. Large wardrobes also serve as a support for large plasma TVs. Each room has its own mini-bar with soft and alcoholic drinks included in the all-inclusive dining program. At the request of the client, employees can provide a safe, but for it you will have to pay at a separate rate.
  • Lux. There are only 46 of them in the hotel. As you may have guessed, we are talking about luxury apartments. They are recommended to tourists who come to rest with the whole family. In order for children to feel comfortable and comfortable, the rooms have sofas for sleeping for two people. Safe and telephone – paid services.

Angela, Krasnoznamensk: “I booked a standard room. I was very satisfied. The windows overlooked the aqua zone, which added to its attractiveness and a few pluses to my assessment. Everything is neat, clean, there were no stains on the furniture paneling. The room has a large wardrobe, which always stores fresh bathrobes and personal hygiene products, kindly offered by the administration. Cleaning is done every day.”

Family holidays

As mentioned earlier, in the hotel Surai Saray Hotel 5 * often come couples with children. If you say about the presence of small children when booking a room, the staff will install beds in the room for each young guest. Children in the complex always feel just great. On the territory of the institution they built their own swimming pool with slides, a mini-club for travelers from 4 to 11 years old, a club for teenagers, playgrounds and various facilities focused on group recreation for kids. Restaurants and bars have developed a children’s menu, waiters always offer special chairs for feeding. In the evening, when parents go to night shows and parties, highly qualified nannies remain with the kids, the payment for whose services, by the way, is not included in the price list of free ones.

Entertainment, beach and aqua zone

On the territory of the hotel there are enough buildings that were built specifically to ensure that the rest of tourists was not boring and gray. Animators regularly work at the pool, who actively involve guests in various team games and competitions. In addition, every evening in the area of the aqua zone there are entertainment events and discos. Supporters of an active lifestyle can ride on motor and non-motorized equipment, rent a car, take a bike ride, learn all the tricks of scuba diving, visit the gym and spa, which we will talk about later.

Surai Saray Hotel 5* has a convenient business center. Conference rooms often host various business conferences and corporate meetings, as well as weddings and birthdays of guests. Almost the entire area of the hotel “catches” the Internet, and the speed is quite decent.

Sural Saray Hotel 5* has a large swimming pool of 450 square meters. There are slides, sunbeds, sun loungers and other essential attributes. All of them, of course, are freely available. Also in the spa center there is a pond with fresh warm water, designed for relaxation and relaxation. You have no idea how wonderful it is to basked in it after a massage or hammam.

The hotel has its own private beach. It has showers and public toilets in a certain order. All sun loungers and parasols are free and fully used by guests. On the soft sand you can play beach volleyball, mini golf and mini football. There is a bar on the coast, which serves a variety of cocktails and waters in large quantities.

Ekaterina, Stavropol: “I really liked the various show programs. They help guests get to know each other. I am by nature a very modest person, so it is extremely difficult for me to find contact with the people around me. But the animators did everything to ensure that I found here real friends with whom I continue to communicate after the vacation. Very pleased, thank you very much!”


In the restaurants and bars of the hotel you can find dishes for the most demanding taste. The main restaurant always has a buffet, so guests can enjoy oriental sweets, fruits and other delicacies throughout the day.

The main advantage of this institution is the fact (of course, according to tourists who have already managed to visit the hotel) that there are many dishes that can be attributed to the category of “vegetarian” and “dietary”. It should also be noted that new residents are always treated to a lunch box if they move into the booked apartments in the early morning or late evening.
Also on the territory of the tourist complex Sural Saray Hotel 5 * there are five different bars. All of them have a different orientation – one is famous for a wide range of drinks, the other – light snacks and fast food, the third – meat dishes cooked in the open air.

As for drinks, almost all of them are served completely free of charge. The only exceptions are freshly squeezed juices and alcohol of imported production. Visitors are offered a wide range of different waters, lemonades and alcohol-containing drinks.

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Maxim, Moscow: “The food here is very good. In the mornings, the buffet is high in yogurt, oatmeal, milk and fruit. In the evening, you can always enjoy delicious meat cooked on coals according to the world-famous Turkish recipes. And what can we say about the wines of local production – it’s just a miracle! Honestly, I came home slightly recovered and a little intoxicated. “

Sural Saray Hotel 5* is a place where every tourist will find his own happiness, based on individual needs and preferences. Infrastructure, food system, service, service – all the gears of this huge mechanism are debugged to absolutism, and employees every second make sure that hotel guests always feel comfortable. We recommend this hotel complex and consider it one of the best in Side. This is evidenced by the countless positive reviews of those who have already managed to enjoy their holidays here.