Evpatoria hotel «Ribera Resort & SPA»

In the Crimean city of Evpatoria,on Simferopolskaya Street on the very shore of the Black Sea, the hotel “Ribera Resort & SPA” is located. A beautiful modern building with huge stained glass windows and glass passages between the buildings immediately attracts the attention of tourists. The hotel appeared recently, so in its level and development of infrastructure is not inferior to many European hotels.

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Location and infrastructure

It consists of two main housings carrying different loads. To the right of the entrance there is a building with rooms, and to the left there is a building with a medical center and a SPA. The hotel is focused on year-round reception of guests, so there are always many guests from different parts of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, guests from Europe are not uncommon.

Room stock

An excellent selection of hotel rooms involves rooms and rooms designed for different sizes of wallet and desire. From cozy, small, affordable rooms to huge suites with sea views. Living conditions in any room are comfort and coziness.


Meals are provided by seven (magic number!) bars and restaurants. The main restaurant operates on the “Buffet” system. It serves guests all day. Several bars are located on the terrace, near the pool, on the summer playground. You can drink wonderful herbal tea and enjoy the view of the sea, or watch the children frolicking on the playground. But the most wonderful bar – “Heaven” climbed to the level of the roof of the building. Huge windows overlooking the sea create the illusion of being present on the ship on the high seas. It is an ideal place for romantic meetings.

Offered seafood dishes and the most exquisite types of fish and can not but please the most intricate gourmets.

Services and entertainment

The hotel at the proper level accepts corporate events and events of a wide variety of topics. For business meetings and negotiations, a conference hall or a specially equipped conference area is ideally adapted. There are cozy corners for family celebrations and the brightest collective holidays.

For parents with babies, a high level of service is also provided. Baby food is prepared for all ages. During the day, there is a whole team of animators, rooms for outdoor games, entertaining excursions, interesting entertainment with tricks and delicacies are provided all year round and are waiting for young guests in the “Ribera”. While children are passionate about children’s programs, young parents can relax and enjoy a good rest at special family events.

The bath complex organically weaves its services into the creation of opportunities for a full vacation by the hotel. These are several types of baths (Russian, Finnish, Turkish hammam), a wide variety of water procedures, an abundance of massage and cosmetic services programs will not only decorate the rest, but also give you the opportunity to improve your health. On the territory of the hotel there are two swimming pools, outdoor and indoor. Even on winter frosty days, you can swim in the pool with warm water, through the huge windows watching the raging waves of the Black Sea.

During the rest, you can not interrupt the usual sports or gymnastics in sports and gyms or have a great rest in the game rooms at the billiard table or chess.

For avid fishermen, the possibility of fishing is provided, and lovers of vivid impressions will enjoy the show of fountains.

Rest «Ribera Resort & SPA» will be remembered for a long time.

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