Eco-hotel “Levant”, Yalta, Crimea

Eco-hotel “Levant” is no coincidence has such a status – of all the Crimean hotels it is considered the most environmentally friendly. The motto of the resort may well be that here not only pay attention to guests, but also take care of nature. The southern coast of Crimea is a unique place in beauty, and such an asset must be protected.

Yalta, as a popular and sought-after resort, began to develop a long time ago, more than 130 years ago. Everyone came here – from the middle class to the aristocracy, the sea climate treated and treats better than any doctor. Which city is the most famous on the South Shore? Of course, Yalta. The weather is excellent almost all year, the warm sea attracts tourists, and the sights delight the eye and soul. Everything that in Yalta is located below 300 meters above sea level belongs to the subtropics, so the summer here is long and hot, autumn is warm, and winter is not cold at all.

On the southern Crimean coast is really very good, come here more often and for a long time, and the doors of the eco-hotel “Levant” are always open to guests. Enjoy your rest and leave all worries behind!

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Hotel Location

Hotel 3 stars “Levant” is located in the heart of the city of Yalta,on the first coastline. You can get here from the international airport of Simferopol in a little more than an hour. The picturesque Primorsky Park is located right behind the hotel. According to experts and numerous guests of the hotel, “Levant” deserves more stardom, and it is not just a place of rest, but an excellent large complex with competent management. The task of the management and staff is to create all conditions for an impeccable rest and maintain them at a height.

Room stock

The number of rooms is represented by several categories: standards, studios, suites, and all of them have a modern equipped bathroom, satellite TV, refrigerator, safe, air conditioning and high-quality wireless Internet. Eco-hotel and is distinguished by the fact that natural wood and textiles are used in the interior decoration, there is stylish Italian furniture.

It offers rooms of different comfort:

  • Double standard on the ground floor of the building, with panoramic windows and beautiful sea views. If necessary, you can put an extra bed. Eco-style in the interior: natural wood and fabrics are used in the decoration, and light pastel colors relax and set up for a relaxing holiday. All necessary household and climatic equipment is available.
  • Studio also located on low floors, very spacious and bright due to panoramic windows. It is possible to accommodate three. There is a dedicated living area for the whole family to relax, and from the cozy balcony with a table it is pleasant to watch the sea. The bathroom is equipped with modern plumbing and all accessories, the set of which is replenished daily.
  • Lux – two-room suite with a balcony, located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the building. The maximum such room can accommodate 4 people, which is ideal for a family holiday. It is very spacious and bright, a real home comfort is created.

Oleg, Moscow “We love to relax on the southern coast of the Crimea, we visit Yalta often, but we stayed in this hotel for the first time. Immediately liked the room – studio, modern, bright, and what a view of the sea! Everything you need is there, bed linen and towels are changed daily, as well as the filling of the bathroom. The service is excellent. Highly recommended and will come back ourselves”

Meals at the hotel

When booking accommodation in any of the categories of rooms of the hotel “Levant”, guests receive meals on the system of the buffet. It is also convenient that it is not necessary to take full board, but you can stop only at breakfast.

The main restaurant of the hotel specializes in European and local cuisine, and on the territory there are 2 more bars (terrace and beach) with a wide range of drinks and snacks. Guests love to visit the restaurant including the menu, the chef tries to surprise with new delicious dishes, and from the panoramic windows opens a delightful seascape.

Please note that in low season, with a low load of the hotel, meals are provided by a comprehensive method, and not at the buffet.

Children under 5 years old stay and eat in the hotel at no extra charge, and for children older than this age, parents need to pay extra.

Julia, Kostroma “We went to the sea with children, and the quality of food for me was very important. At Levant, there’s no need to worry about that. The food is tasty and varied, neither adults nor children are bored with the menu. Need diet food – please. The bar has a lot of unusual cocktails, pastries, fresh juices. We loved it.”

Additional services and entertainment

Yalta is a very popular resort, and in season there are many tourists, the city beaches are good, but just crowded. For those who want to enjoy the sea and be away from the noise, “Levant” is the perfect place. The hotel has its own fine pebble beach, clean and equipped with a canopy, safe wooden approaches to the water, sun loungers and umbrellas. It is not just convenient, but also beautiful, because everything is done in harmony with the landscapes and keeps clean and tidy. For guests there are several areas for stay and sunbathing, because at different times of the day the temperature and danger of the sun are different. During the day, a rescue team is sure to work at sea.

Spa – complex “Seaside Park” is located not in the hotel “Levant”, but nearby, in the park of the same name. It is here that hotel guests can get discounts on all services. Choose a time when you want to visit a wellness center with its services, and pay only for what you use. Regular guests make very good discounts on the following services:

  • indoor swimming pool with children’s compartment and sea water and counterflow;
  • outdoor swimming pool with sea water, heated;
  • baths;
  • massage;
  • procedures for rejuvenation and cosmetology;
  • jacuzzi.

Spa baths will allow guests to learn more about the culture of thermal body care from around the world. The following types are at the service of vacationers: Roman bath, Turkish hammam, sanarium, Finnish sauna, mud, salt, herbal and even snow. About some types now we will tell in more detail:

  • Mud bath – Egyptian. These have been used since the time of the pharaohs, and it consists of heated massage boxes and is so unique in layout that the whole room warms up to a comfortable 40 – 50 degrees at a relative humidity of 50-80%. This bath perfectly cleanses of toxins.
  • Sanarium is a lightweight type of Finnish sauna, the humidity here is quite low (up to 55%), and the temperature is up to 60 degrees.t It is not dangerous even for people with high blood pressure, but in any case it is better to consult a doctor. After visiting the sanarium, the condition of the nervous system, metabolism, and skin improves markedly. You will get rid of insomnia, and sleep will become more even and calm.
  • Massage is a favorite procedure, and in the spa center “Seaside Park” practice more than 20 of its types: aromatic, stone massage, anti-cellulite, Thai, Spanish, tonic, relaxing and many others. You need to book a visit and pay for the service in advance.

Rest with children in the hotel “Levant”

For many years, this hotel has been chosen for an ideal family holiday. The conditions of stay are constantly improving and improving, especially for young tourists.

  • Animators are constantly working on the beach, who will not let children get bored while parents swim or sunbathe. Entertainment and fun come up with a variety of things!
  • Workshops for creativity are open, in which children learn to cook under the guidance of a chef, draw, sculpt, develop ingenuity and memory.
  • Organize educational excursions for children that they will remember for a long time, and will definitely want to return to these places again.
  • The hotel’s restaurant prepares a special children’s menu, not only useful, but also bright and beautiful.
  • The hotel always has a children’s playroom, where parents can leave their child under the supervision of a nanny and take care of themselves. There are a lot of toys and board games, everything is interesting and most importantly safe.

Importantly! Children under 3 years old stay and eat at the hotel at no extra charge. A separate bed in the room can be arranged on request.

Alexey and Nina, St. Petersburg “We want to thank the staff of the hotel “Levant” for organizing our family vacation. It has everything to make all vacationers comfortable and interesting. Adults have time to take care of themselves while the child is under professional supervision – the playroom and animation works perfectly. Thank you all, the rest was a success”

A comfortable and convenient hotel for recreation is beautiful, and all the time you can spend on its territory, but arriving in Yalta, it is simply impossible not to visit the sights of the region.

What you can visit in Yalta

Swallow’s Nest

This is a unique castle, a mansion on Cape Ai – Todor, and its history began in the late 19th century. At that time it was made of wood and among the locals romantically called the “Castle of Love”. The stone building, which we see now, was built in 1912 for the oil industrialian Rudolf von Steingel, and later it became the property of a millionaire from Moscow Sergei Rakhmanov. It so happened that during the revolution his family emigrated to France, and such a beautiful estate was simply looted. Fortunately, in the 1960s it began to be restored, but for quite a long time. For tourists, it was opened by 2000 and in 2013 it was updated again.

Nikitsky Botanical Garden

The garden is not only one of the most beautiful places in Yalta, but the oldest institution of this Crimea, which was founded in 1811 by the famous botanist Christian Steven. To date, there are more than 30,000 varieties and species of plants, only roses – about 2,000 species, this is unique. Back in Soviet times, films were shot here – “Children of Captain Grant” and “The Adventures of Pinocchio”.

Yalta Zoo “Fairy Tale”

The zoo is private, was opened in 1990, and the very first menagerie, or rather a small zoo, was here under the Central Committee of Ukraine. Thousands of children come here every year, can see, and even touch, more than 100 species of animals and birds. Visit the “Fairy Tale” with the whole family, and the whole day will fly by imperceptibly and necessarily with positive emotions.

Massandra Palace

This is a truly historic place. The former travel palace in the oldest Crimean village of Upper Massandra belonged to the royal family, and it stopped on the way to Livadia. It was built in the late 19th century for 20 years in the Neo-Renaissan style. So it was accepted that the royal family did not live here for a long time, only made a short stop for rest. After the revolution, there was a tuberculosis sanatorium, and later – a state dacha for the highest officials of the USSR. After 1991 it was turned into a museum.

Mount Ai-Petri

The real symbol of Yalta, and everyone should visit it. From the resort to get there is easy – just an hour drive. If you climb to a height of more than 1200 meters, you will see the entire southern coast, striking in its beauty. Do you like thrills? Then you can walk along the suspension bridge between the teeth of the mountain and the rocks.

By the way, scientists have found out that a very long time ago, more than 200 million years ago, there was a sea, and the current mountain is a sea coral reef. The version is very interesting, as well as the origin of the name “Ai – Petri”. Translated it means “St. Peter” and reminds us of the monastery that was here in the Middle Ages.

Chekhov House-Museum

Lovers of literature will certainly be attracted by this museum. In the house where the museum is now located, A.P. Chekhov lived when he came to the Crimea to be treated for tuberculosis. I came for a while, and stayed for 6 years. During this period, he wrote “Three Sisters”, “Lady with a Dog”, “Cherry Orchard”.

Of course, both the garden and the house are historical places. Here Chekhov lived with his sister and mother, planted trees with his own hands, which grow to this day.


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The southern coast of Crimea and Yalta in particular is an amazing place, so attractive that you want to come here more often or stay forever. Choose for yourself and your family the best, including a hotel for recreation, such as eco-hotel “Levant”. Welcome!