Eco-hotel “Barskaya Usadba”, Tver

Do you know what an eco-hotel is and how it differs from the usual hotels? It is located most often in a picturesque protected area, and placing it there, the owners seek to escape from civilization and connect with nature.

Imagine that such oases can be created in the city, but the task, of course, is complicated by the fact that you need to create all the conditions for guests so that they forget about living inside the metropolis.

Russian eco-hotels are becoming increasingly popular among lovers of fresh air and everything natural, starting with food and ending with interior materials.

Such a unique place of its kind was organized near Moscow, just 200 kilometers away, on the banks of Mother Volga.

Hotel “Barskaya Manor” – the pride of the Tver region, or rather the city of Staritsa.

What attracts guests here and why they come back again andagain:

  • picturesque nature of ecologically clean area;
  • beautiful Volga River, sunrises and sunsets over it;
  • their natural products, there is even a bakery and a cheese factory;
  • individual approach to each guest and impeccable service.

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Hotel Location

The luxurious hotel “Barskaya Usadba” can be reached both by public transport and by car.

  • By train from the Leningradsky railway station of Moscow to get to Tver, and then by intercity bus to the stop “Brody”. Drivers of local transport will tell you how to find a hotel. This method is not difficult, but with children to change transport is not easy, and you will have suitcases.
  • By your own car, drive about 200 km along the highway M – 10, then follow the signs to Gilnevo. Any navigator will tell you the position of the hotel.

Eco-hotel was built near the ancient city of Staritsa, 60 km from Tver. This is a corner of peace and tranquility in the upper reaches of the beautiful Volga, which has preserved its originality. Here you will not find a bright and screaming “remake” among small merchant houses. Ancient monasteries, temples, nature reserves, not spoiled by civilization – the “highlight” of the Old Woman.

Tired of the hustle and bustle of work and busy everyday life? Come to the“Manor House”and relax your body and soul.

Architecture and rooms

The hotel complex architecturally very reminiscent of a whole town in the forest, most likely, it was conceived by the organizers. Built in 2009, the hotel is represented by a 3-storey main building with a dining room, VIP – cottages, guest houses and cottages in the park. For many guests, this planning is very reminiscent of the camp sites, which were a favorite vacation spot before.

Rooms of all categories are equipped with modern comfortable furniture, climatic appliances and a large TV. The cottages have a kitchen for self-catering or just secluded dinners with the whole family.

  • Standardst is designed for two people, it is very light, cleaned in a classic style. Even in small rooms, a full bathroom with all accessories is equipped.
  • The studio is ready to accept a whole family, 4 beds can be placed here, and everyone will be comfortable.
  • Junior Suite is a two-room suite, organized in pastel colors, with air conditioning, satellite TV, refrigerator, like other categories, up to 5 people can live here.
  • Duplex is a comfortable house with several rooms for comfortable accommodation of 6-8 people. There is an entrance hall and a cozy living room, a kitchen and two bedrooms. An alternative to the duplex can be a cottage in the park, there are only 3 of them in the whole complex, and as soon as the pre-season booking opens, they immediately occupy.
  • Guests love to stay in a guest house or cottage in the forest. Huge windows offer views of the Volga River, forest expanses and flowering meadows. There is not much space in the houses, but it is enough for three people to live. A great option for a family with a child.

Whichever accommodation option you choose, the price includes full board buffet meals in the main restaurant, access to the aqua center, zoo and mini farm for children and the gym and spa center for adults.

Peter, Novgorod the Great “Came to rest in this hotel on the advice of friends and did not regret. Very cozy rooms, took a cottage, all the space was enough. The kitchen is equipped with the latest technology, there is everything at home. The food is very tasty, and kebabs for a variety can be made yourself. Everything is wonderful, thanks to the staff!”

Meals and restaurants

Let’s talk about tasty and healthy, about food, the quality of which is necessarily controlled not only with the help of guest reviews, but also by the chefs of the hotel.

The price includes 3 meals a day at the buffet, aspecial menu for children and guests with digestive problems ismandatory.

Always open during the day lobby – bar “Know“, decorated in a modern style. Here you can order à la carte dishes of Oriental and European cuisines, as well as unique dishes from the chef. In the summer, the service is also carried out in the summer café, so that guests do not lose time and even during lunch or dinner breathe fresh air and relax from the city.

Eco- hotel “Barskaya Usadba” is also a health institution, so it is not surprising that a few years ago a phyto-bar was opened here., which offers to try freshly squeezed juices, oxygen cocktails, healthy smoothies and tea of rare varieties. Attached to all this is a delicious pastry from my own bakery.

All drinks are different, but equally well strengthen the immune system and cheer up.

If you want variety and a change of scenery, then there is always the opportunity to rent a gazebo and everything you need to cook barbecue. There is nothing better to spend the evening in the company of friends, on the banks of the Volga.

Rest with children in the “Manor House”

Many families come with children to this hotel, because they have repeatedly seen that it is comfortable and carefree. Rests calmly and diversely: there is a mini club for the little ones, playgrounds, a separate place in the pool, and in the dining room they will feed safely and tasty.

The hotel accepts babies from any age, at the request of parents give cots, high chairs and everything you need. Children under 3 years stay free of charge without meals.

How to entertain children in the “Manor House”? There are a lot of options:

  • Rope park for the most agile and skillful. Fun only in the presence of the instructor.
  • Petting zoo, where about 100 pets live in beautiful natural conditions: raccoon, porcupine, monkeys and many others. All of them are contained in care and love.
  • Children’s club “Cartoons” with professional animators will allow parents to relax and go about their business. Kids can be left here for a few hours to engage in creativity, board games, dancing.
  • The hotel even has its own “Fairy Tale Museum”, where the children will not only once again remember their favorite characters, but also see small scenes with their participation. Even adults will not be bored!
  • Horseback riding is one of my favorite activities in the air. It is proved that “communication” with horses – very smart and kind animals – improves mood and helps to get rid of diseases, so do not waste time in vain, come to the stables of the hotel.

Leisure and entertainment

Many guests of the hotel“Bar Manor” come here regularly, among other things, for the sake of a beautiful bath and spa center with a swimming pool. For guests of the eco-hotel, a visit to all these “water” entertainment is included in the price and is not limited in time. Professional 25- meter pool – the pride of the hotel, especially since it is not simple. The water in it is heated throughout the year, equipped with a beach area with sunbeds and palm trees. What is not a resort?! For kids there is also a small depth, that is, you can safely come here with the whole family.

Connoisseurs of steam room and baths of different types, you are here! In the “Lord’s Estate” they know a lot about this and provide excellent service, because the right bath strengthens health and pleases the soul. At your service:

  • Steamed herbal

The temperature in it always keeps no more than 60 degrees at low humidity, which does not allow the body to overheat unnecessarily. Himalayan salt is used to enrich the air, and the effect is similar to visiting a medical salt room, this is an excellent prevention of bronchitis and asthma. The effect of aromatherapy is also created by natural herbs.

  • Hammam

The Turkish steam room is distinguished from the Russian by the presence of wet steam, almost 100%. Not everyone is suitable for health, but there are obvious amateurs.

In the “Manor” you can go to the hammam with a large company of up to 12 people, there is even billiards in the recreation room or family (there is no entertainment, only a relaxing rest and recovery). Additionally, the famous soap massage is ordered, as it is done in Turkey. This procedure perfectly tones the skin and warms up the body.

  • Lord’s bath

It differs from other types in that the air in it is dry, while the person sweats correctly, the pores are cleaned and allow toxins to leave the body.

Bath – more men’s rest, and beautiful ladies we offer to visit a modern spa center: various types of massages, peels, body masks. Here you will rejuvenate and acquire a beautiful figure.

To create a romantic evening for two, you can order all the relaxing treatments for the couple.

Planning a wedding celebration or corporate event? Then you go to the “Manor House”. The main charm of the place is the distance from the hustle and bustle of the city, picturesque places. The hotel staff will help to organize the event in special rooms equipped with modern sound and light technology.

Olga, Moscow “In this hotel we have been resting for more than a year, and each time we fall in love with it more and more. It is very beautiful and peaceful, a beautiful spa center with massages and baths, a lot of entertainment for children, even a zoo is. It is a great pleasure to leave the city and enjoy nature. Highly recommended!”

Allow yourself to relax on the lord’s way: a delicious meal, relax in the bath, admire the scenery. Just dream about it, and “Manor House” will perform. Welcome to the Tver land!

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