Dubai Attractions: Top 10 Stunning Tourist Sites in the Heart of the UAE

Almost every tourist in the world dreams of taking photos of dubai attractions, but until recently this city was an ordinary fishing village. Once the locals earned a living here by catching pearls. Now Dubai has turned into a huge city that attracts tourists with sandy beaches and many attractions.

“Dancing” Fountain

This amazing “Dancing” Fountain was created by a company from California, which also designed the famous fountain in Las Vegas. The attraction is located on a large plot of land near the famous Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai. For tourists, an evening show is held, during which water jets illuminated from the inside rise in front of an amazed public. At this time, a melody is playing. It can be as hits that are known all over the world, and oriental or classical music.

The fountain can lift more than 70 tons of water into the air. It is noteworthy that its illuminated rays will be visible from a distance of 30 km. But most tourists prefer to watch the show at close range. The bridge that connects Souq Al Bahar and the Mall, as well as the Dubai Mall terrace, is considered optimal for viewing. Every traveler can admire the fountain. This show, which will leave a indelible impression after viewing, is free.

“The sight left a indelible impression! Very touching and fascinating! I wanted to watch and watch. True, all this action lasts only 5 minutes, but I think they are worth it to come to Dubai. “

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa Tower is one of the most innovative and large-scale attractions in Dubai. This building is recognized as one of the tallest in the world. Its length is more than 800 meters (this is more than the famous Big Ben in London 7 times!).

Currently, the Khalifa Tower (as the inhabitants of the city call this building) houses a large number of private apartments and office space. In the same place is the Armani Hotel, the design of which was completely developed by the famous couturier from Italy.

Of great interest to guests of Dubai will be the observation deck, which is located in the tower on the 124th floor. You can get to it with the help of high-speed elevators. The reward for brave tourists will be an amazing panorama of Dubai, which opens from the roof of the building.

“The building is very tall. To visit it you need to spend about $ 100. And the ticket must be taken in advance, about three days in advance. From the height of this building opens a beautiful panorama of the magnificent Dubai. If there is an opportunity, I will definitely visit this place again.”

Burj Al Arab

The attraction of the Arabian Tower or Burj el-Arab is better known among travelers as the “Sail”. This building is created in the form of a huge sail of concrete and glass. It is a few hundred metres from Dubai’s famous Jumeirah Beach. The building is recognized as one of the most luxurious and expensive in the world. Some call it the only seven-star hotel on the planet.

In height, this tower in Dubai occupies more than 300 m. Despite this length, the building has only 28 floors, each of which is doubled together. There are 202 rooms on all floors. In addition, this Dubai landmark has the highest lobby in the world. The luxurious design of the hotel impresses tourists no less – for its design it took a huge amount of gold leaf in 22 carats.

“I believe that this place in Dubai should be visited by everyone. The building is very beautiful, located on the coast. Nearby is not very comfortable, but free beach. “

SkiDubai Ski Resort

One of the favorite attractions of travelers coming to Dubai is the SkiDubai ski complex. Tourists visit this complex to admire the royal and subantarctic penguins. In addition, here you can take pictures with these cute birds.

Also on the territory of the complex there are 5 tracks, each of which has a different complexity. The length of the longest of them is more than 400 m. This track is designed for professional skiers. For travelers who prefer snowboarding to skiing, this Dubai complex has a special slope for such activities.

You can get to the slope by lift and elevator for 4 people. The ticket price includes the rental of necessary equipment and warm sportswear. However, tourists will have to separately purchase gloves and a ski cap.

“It is very convenient that this place can be reached by bus. Equipment for skiing is issued here, along with costumes. For inexperienced tourists, briefing is specially conducted. You can take pictures of the riders through a glass wall.”

Archipelagos “World” and “Universe”

The archipelagos “World” and “Universe” are included in the world islands, which are located in the UAE. They are located near the coast of Dubai (4 km). These artificially created islands are part of a group of archipelagos, of which there are more than 300. To date, such attractions of Dubai are among the most interesting places on the planet.

The latest Japanese and Norwegian technologies were used in the construction. The islets were recreated in the likeness of continents on Earth. Currently, these archipelagos are actively sold out.

“Very impressed! This mega-project of the Dubai authorities is an artificially created archipelago, which consists of different islands. You can admire these islands from a helicopter (you need to hire specially) or from the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa. ”

Palm Islands

These islands outwardly resemble traditional date palms, which are very revered in the religion of the locals of Dubai. Each of them consists of 16 leaves and a trunk. At their top is a sand spit, outwardly resembling a crescent, which acts as a breakwater.

The Palm Islands were built with far-reaching plans. The Dubai authorities plan to build them up with villas, hotels and company offices. One of the most interesting projects will be the Nahil skyscraper. In addition, in the future it is planned to build a sea village with water attractions and a huge aquarium.

“It was interesting to look at such islands from the cockpit of the helicopter. We booked a tour with my husband. We were absolutely delighted. I can’t believe that such beauty can be created by human hands! From the height you get great photos. Before leaving, we hired a boat to take a closer look at them. But it didn’t compare to the view from the helicopter.”

Jumeirah Mosque

One of the most frequently visited attractions among tourists is the famous Jumeirah Mosque. The building was built in the XVII century. The material for the construction was pink sandstone. The mosque, built in the Fatima style, still serves as a magnificent example of the architectural heritage of the UAE.

The attraction includes two minarets and a huge dome towering over Dubai. Such a mosque looks especially magnificent at night, when artificial lighting is turned on, which emphasizes the elegant forms of the ancient structure.

“I visited here for the first time and did not regret it at all! The tour was very memorable. The guide showed how Muslims pray and told about Islamic culture. Before visiting the mosque, you need to wear a scarf and abaya (you do not need to buy such clothes, they will be issued on the spot). But also, before entering, they will be asked to undress. In the café inside you can drink coffee with the addition of camel milk. Very tasty!”


This fort is the largest fort in Dubai. It was built in the XVII century in order to serve as a protection for the Arabs from the invasion of enemies from the sea. Al-Fahidi performed various functions. Once it was the residence of the great Arab ruler, it housed a prison with prisoners, and later the building was given to the barracks. Currently, this place houses the National Museum.


In the upper exposition of the Dubai Museum there are exhibits telling about how this city developed, as well as about military history. Underground tourists are waiting for another exhibition. Here are human figures made in full size. The entire exposition of Dubai Fort is accompanied by light and sound effects that will give you the opportunity to see what life was like for local residents before this city became known throughout the world.

The galleries recreate the appearance of classic mosques, houses, groves with date trees and dubai bazaar. In addition, travelers who come to this place can see episodes from the life of Arab Bedouins.

“There are a lot of interesting things in this place! It’s the old-fashioned way. I was particularly struck by the old buildings built of clay, the ancient bazaar, where you must bargain before any purchase, as well as the coin museum. In addition, on the territory of the Dubai Fort there is a modern café where you can eat tasty and enjoyable. “

Dubai Zoo

This attraction of Dubai is very popular with tourists who come to this city with small children. But to see the Dubai Zoo will be interesting even for adults. Despite the not very large size, in this place you can admire the birds and animals that were brought from all over the world (almost 200 species). Also here are more than four hundred different reptiles.

The pride of this zoo are Siberian and Bengal tigers, as well as Gordon’s wild cat. There are also gorillas with Arabian wolves. On the territory of this attraction collected a large number of animals that are endangered.

“The zoo, though not too large in size, is quite cozy. Every time we come to Dubai, we traditionally visit this place. The kids are excited! I can not say that there are some strange species of animals, but it is worth admiring them. For the entrance you will have to pay very little, but on the territory of this zoo visitors are waiting for a gorilla and a family of charming giraffes. Everyone who visits Dubai, I advise you to get acquainted with this place. “

Dubai Aquarium

This aquarium in Dubai is equipped with one of the largest panels created from special unbearable glass. Among the artificial corals, more than 30 thousand inhabitants of the seabed live here. This attraction is located in the huge shopping center “Dubai Mall”, which is so popular among visitors to vacation, as well as locals.

The most popular inhabitants of this place are rays and sharks. In addition, the Dubai Aquarium can surprise visitors with a variety of fascinating sea bass of gigantic size, as well as pelagic fish.

Dubai Aquarium is divided into two zones. In one of them swims a large number of marine predators. For the most intreptuous visitors, there is a service here – immersion in a cage to feed the sharks. In the second zone, the marine fauna is not so diverse, but also very interesting. It is mainly visited by tourists with children.

“Very interesting place! I’ve never seen so many fish. Basically everyone looks at rays and sharks. Other exotic fish are also good. Came to this place with children,they were delighted! If I manage to come to Dubai again, a visit to the aquarium will be a mandatory part of my cultural program.”

Any traveler will be able to find in this city entertainment to taste: from water parks and ending with a visit to artificial islands. Dubai is a favorite holiday destination for families with children. Although in this amazing metropolis also like to come newlyweds and tourists traveling alone. The most favorable time to visit Dubai is the period from mid-autumn to mid-spring.