What to see in New York: the top 10 most interesting sights of the “Big Apple”

What to see in New York? Answering this question, you can write a whole book. New York is considered to be the most visited city in the world with many attractions and entertainment. Every day you can discover something new, get acquainted with the cultural life of the metropolis, business districts, shop in shopping centers.

New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit. Here literally everything “costs money”, but there are architectural and historical objects, the entrance to which is free. However, here you can often find a sign stating that voluntary donations are welcome – 3-5 dollars.

Going on a trip, even in the summer, when new York is quite comfortable and warm weather, bring a warm sweater or jacket. When visiting some attractions, such as the Brooklyn Bridge or the observation decks at Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building, a strong wind can prevent you from enjoying the beauty of the cityscapes.

There are a number of subtleties that a tourist in New Yorkneeds to know:

  • in the city it is cheaper to use the subway;
  • do not buy street fast food, there are inexpensive food chains in which you can have an inexpensive lunch;
  • you need to take an adapter for electricity conversion with you on your trip (sold in all hotels for $ 5);
  • smoking is prohibited in public places;
  • the best entertainment programs and shows take place on Times Square.

Keep in mind that Americans are very fond of money and in hotels and hotels, as well as in restaurants, it is customary to leave a tip. The same applies to visiting temples. If there is a desire to visit the observation decks, of which there are several in the city, choose not the most popular. The view from them is no worse, but you do not have to stand in queues for several hours and feel like a “herring in a barrel”.

Visiting New York will not leave anyone indifferent. This bustling city is always on the move. Even at night, he does not fall asleep, but is transformed and continues to delight guests and residents with bright show programs and many lights.

Times Square

The famous street of New York is located in the heart of Manhattan. This is one of the main attractions that is worth visiting, once in the metropolis. Times Square is the place where the most famous cinemas, restaurants, theaters are located.

At different times, the attitude of locals and tourists to Times Square was ambiguous. At the beginning of the last century, from the central street of the city, where you could find entertainment to your liking, it turned into a hotbed of vices. There were clubs with gambling, theaters and other similar institutions.

Later, Times Square became a truly dangerous place where looting flourished, and businessmen faced every day the lawlessness that corrupt police officers repaired. But, no matter what times this legendary street experiences, it has always been and remains the center of life in New York.


Every day in Times Square there are about 300 thousand residents and tourists, about 40 million people pass through it annually. The famous street with its advertising lights and skyscrapers is located at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue.

“Bright, noisy, very lively. A lot of people, everyone is going somewhere, running. The shops are full of people, McDonald’s can not break through. In the evening, the square is impressive, but during the day there is absolutely nothing to see. Advertising on skyscrapers and other buildings gives the impression that you are in a room with walls of huge TVs. Dirty.”


Broadway is the main artery of New York with a length of 25 kilometers. This legendary street stretches through all areas of the metropolis and 12th Avenue of Manhattan. It is impossible to pass the street in one day, but it is worth allocating time to explore its sights.

The architecture of the buildings on Broadway is so diverse that you can study the history of America. Once in the southern part of the street, you can see low houses built in the colonial style and the surrounding squares, and in the city center are lined up in a row of skyscrapers.

Among this modern splendor, the majestic Cathedral of the Holy Trinity amazes with its beauty. It is difficult to imagine that once upon a time this temple was the tallest building on Broadway, and the captains of the ships were guided by it.

One of the most interesting attractions of Broadway is the “theater district”. The most famous performances and musicals were staged here, famous boutiques and shopping centers are located.

In the Administrative District, respectable cars appear before tourists near the city hall, and if you get to the “working” area, you can get acquainted with creative people – artists, musicians, poets.

“An interesting place to visit to get acquainted with the real New York. Here at any time you can see a free “concert” – someone constantly advertises something, arranging a mini-show in bright costumes. A lot of people and transport, all the theaters, shopping centers, boutiques, restaurants are also concentrated on this street. “

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a famous symbol of New York and American independence. This is a legendary monument, which every American is proud of. The height of the monument is 93 meters. The statue of a woman holding a torch in one hand and a plaque with the date of the country’s independence in the other is visible from afar, and in the evening and at night it is illuminated by many lights.

It is interesting that this landmark of America was designed by the architect G. Eiffel – the author of the famous Eiffel Tower. Today, the Statue of Liberty is visited by a huge number of tourists. The crown on the head of a woman with seven rays, symbolizing the seven continents, is an observation deck. To climb it, you need to overcome more than 300 steps, but this path is worth it. Through 25 panoramic windows offers stunning views of the lagoon and skyscrapers of the city.


Inside the Statue of Liberty is also a museum. The legendary monument is located on the island of Freedom. You can get to it as part of organized excursions or independently by ferry, which depart from the pier, located next to the South Ferry subway station in south Manhattan.

“I really wanted to visit the Statue of Liberty and when the occasion came and we came to New York, it was the first place where we went on an excursion. A huge observation deck in the crown allows you to explore the vast territories of the coast and the city. Take binoculars with you and you won’t regret it.”

Guggenheim Museum

The most unusual museum in New York. It was founded by the “copper-coal king” Guggenheim, who, having reached the age of 60, decided to do something special. The gold miner began to collect unusual objects and paintings and after a few years his collection was filled so much that there was a need to build a separate building for her exhibition.

The Guggenheim Museum has unusual architecture. Some compare it to a spaceship, others to an inverted pyramid. The building in the form of an irregular ellipsoid looks futuristic against the background of skyscrapers. Visiting the museum also evokes special emotions. At the entrance, visitors are delivered to the upper floor on a special elevator, and from there, going down the gallery in the form of a serpentine, you can see the expositions.


The museum contains artistic masterpieces of the XIX-XX centuries. It regularly hosts exhibitions of world importance. The museum is located in Manhattan at 1071 Fifth Avenue.

“An interesting museum with unusual exhibitions. The halls that we are used to seeing in museums are not here. Tourists descend a long corridor and at this time before them appear exhibitions. I was just blown away by the Aztec Empire and the exhibition of paintings from Africa.”

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge
is one of the Eight Wonders of the Modern World. It was built in the late 19th c. to connect two economically important areas – Manhattan and Brooklyn. Unique for those times, the structure was built within 14 years. Due to its design, it is considered a brilliant architectural structure.

The construction of the almost two-kilometer bridge was complicated by several features. First, in order to install the main supports, it was necessary to drill the bottom, which was a hard surface of rocks. Secondly, the structure of the structure had to hang on steel cables, which at that time was unheard of.

During the construction, the chief architect of the structure, John Rebling, died, and his work was continued by his son, who also died before he could complete the construction. The unique bridge was “completed” by the wife and mother of the victims. Today this bridge has 3 lanes – 2 automobile and 1 pedestrian. Interestingly, during the Cold War between America and the United States, a bomb shelter was built in the piers of the bridge, fully equipped in case of a nuclear catastrophe.

“The experience of walking on the bridge is unforgettable. All the time it seems that you have already been here and seen all this – a view of the city, the bridge itself. And only then you remember that in films, and in various commercials and in photos in magazines, you can often find footage taken from this bridge. Strong wind, so it is better to take warm clothes with you.”

Empire State Building

Once in New York, you should definitely visit the Empire State Building. This legendary skyscraper with a height of more than 400 m is one of the main attractions of the metropolis with a fantastic history.

Surprisingly, such a tall building was built in just 15 months. Several thousand workers worked on its construction, including Indians from the Mohawk tribe, who have absolutely no fear of heights.

The top of the building is crowned with a high spire. Initially, it was planned that it would be a place for mooring airships, but for its intended purpose the spire was never used. Currently, the spire has been replaced by antennas that receive signals from all new York city radio stations.

With the construction of this skyscraper is associated with many tragic stories. During the “Great Depression” the building was chosen by suicides, a bomber crashed into the Empire State Building in 1945, and several workers died during construction.


The terrible fate and monumentality of the skyscraper attracts tourists to its observation deck, which overlooks the whole of New York. The Empire State Building is located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 34th Street.

“It’s breathtaking when you look at the city from the observation deck. We went up there by elevator, and when the guide told me that the elevator had collapsed a long time ago, and a woman died in it, it became uncomfortable. There are offices in the building. For tourists, only the observation deck is interesting.”

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

A colossal architectural object and one of the main attractions of New York. St. Patrick’s Cathedral was built in the mid-19th place according to a unique project by architect Renwick the Younger. During the opening of the temple, its 100-meter spires towered over the buildings of the city, but today it is surrounded by skyscrapers, the neighborhood with which emphasizes the unusual architecture made in the neo-Gothic style.

The building is built of brick and designed in the shape of a cross. Its exterior facades and interior are lined with marble. A huge hall inside is able to accommodate more than 2 thousand people. The cathedral is active, services are held daily in it, and on March 17, when St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated, a huge number of believers arrive here.


Why visit this cathedral? Its interior decoration causes awe and admiration. The walls are decorated with frescoes and paintings, and the light penetrating through the huge colored stained glass windows creates a unique atmosphere. You can get to the cathedral by metro, getting off at the 53rd Street station. Address: 460 Madison Avenue.

“Amazing cathedral. Even before you enter, you get such a storm of emotions from external beauty and some mysticism. And inside you just forget about everything from contemplating the magnificent interior. Marble columns, statues of saints, stained glass windows – delightful. I recommend it to everyone.”

Central Park

One of the symbols of New YorkCentral Park appeared in the city, in the middle of the last century on the initiative of journalists of one of the newspapers. At that time, there was no public place for citizens to relax in the metropolis. Today, the park is visited not only by New Yorkers, but also by tourists who admire the natural landscapes and beauty of this city landmark.

On the territory of the park there are many objects that will be interesting to visit:

  • zoo;
  • open-air theatre;
  • Museum of Modern Art;
  • Belvedere Castle;
  • musical clock.

Once here, you can admire the beautiful fountains, monuments, sculptures. The zoo, located in Central Park, is known to many children and adults for the legendary cartoon “Madagascar”.

In the park you can watch free performances and performances, feed squirrels, take a boat ride along the picturesque ponds. And in the Belvedere Castle is the famous observatory. You can visit the park on any day from 6 am to late evening.

“A corner of peace and beauty in greater New York, surrounded by skyscrapers. In this park you feel especially cozy. Mowed lawns, beautiful shrubs, ponds. Squirrels descend from the trees, which do not mind being treated, and swans swim in the ponds. I think that once in New York, you should definitely visit here. “

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is an entire block in New York with its own offices, shopping centers, theaters, concert halls and restaurants. Its main attraction is a 70-storey skyscraper, in which the famous NBC channel has. In the same building there is an observation deck from which tourists can look at the city.

The complex of 19 buildings was built at the expense of the famous millionaire John Rockefeller. All construction cost him $ 125 million. A kind of city in the city is a place where Americans come not only for business, but also to organize leisure.

On the territory of Rockefeller Center there are green squares where you can relax from the hustle and bustle. In the legendary concert hall RadioCityMusic Hall almost daily theatrical performances, celebrity concerts and ice shows are held. And the premieres of all American films are also shown in this hall.

Rockefeller occupies an area bounded by 6th and 5th Avenues and 48th and 52nd Streets. Having been here you can get acquainted with the culture, business life of the city, visit restaurants, clubs, watch concerts and performances.

“Very beautiful cultural and business district of the city. The disadvantage is a lot of people. Pandemonium prevents you from enjoying the architecture and quietly looking around. I liked the observation deck. The building on which it is located is not the tallest, but still the view is delightful. “

New York Public Library

Founded in the late 19th century, the New York Public Library today is an entire architectural center and one of the main attractions of the city. Its funds contain more than 20 million printed publications, about 30 million photographs, as well as manuscripts, manuscripts and videos.

New York students come here to find the necessary book and prepare for the exam. The public library is a place of worship that is visited by tourists. Everyone can take a book here for free and read in complete silence, without being distracted by anything.

The library also contains unique exhibits, for example, Columbus’ letter to the Chancellor of Aragon, which is dated 1493. The architecture of this landmark of the city is also admirable. Huge halls are decorated with luxurious stucco, paintings and magnificent chandeliers, the light of which creates a special atmosphere.

Interestingly, the New York Public Library was the location where several films were filmed, such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Sex and the City. You can visit this attraction for free. The library is located at Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street.

“There’s an incredible feeling when you visit this library. A lot of people, everyone reads or considers something, tourists walk silently, take pictures, there are a lot of people, but there is no noise. There are ancient bibles and handwritten documents collected from all over the world. To expand your horizons, it is quite harmless to visit here. ”

To make a city trip to New York, you can come to this noisy city at any time of the year. You can significantly save on the trip in the winter months, when there are few tourists and the pricesare respectively cheaper. Most people arrive in the metropolis in spring and summer. In April and May, New York is especially beautiful, it seems to come to life, covered with greenery.