Discovering Japan: Where to Stay in Fukuoka

Despite the fact that Japan is not yet so popular among travelers, in this unusual country you can find picturesque resorts, the cleanest sea and delicious local food. For an interesting holiday, the city of Fukuoka is best suited, which combines opportunities for an active holiday and a calm atmosphere.

If you decide to discover the Land of the Rising Sun, we recommend you to pay attention to the best hotels in Fukuoka.

Hotel Marinoa Resort Fukuoka

Many travelers note the excellent location of the hotel complex: high-speed trains are about forty minutes away, and right in front of the hotel there is a pier and an azure bay.

A family of four can comfortably stay in one of the spacious rooms: standard apartments, deluxe room, superior loft room. An extra sofa bed is available in all apartments on request.

Like most Japanese resort hotels,the Marinoa complex focuses on the complete mental and physical relaxation of guests: guests have access to a spa lounge, a wellness area and a relaxation center. There is a picturesque garden on site.

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Breakfast is served in the restaurant owned by the hotel complex. Meals can be delivered to your room upon request.

Oksana, Moscow. “The hotel is very clean, the mattresses on the beds are soft, sleeping is comfortable. All apartments have a balcony with stunning views of the bay. Next to the hotel there are shopping centers where you can buy clothes of famous brands. “

Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk

The multi-storey hotel complex, owned by a well-known hotel chain, has a developed infrastructure and is perfect for the rest of active travelers.

The impressive rooms of the Hilton hotel consist of the following types of apartments: double suite, family room, spacious Japanese-style suite, executive apartment and premium suite.

In the room, guests will find everything they need, and it is also possible to install an extra bed. The difference of the hotel is that absolutely all apartments are suitable for allergy sufferers: the materials from which furniture and textiles are made are hypoallergenic.

In the fashionable hotel, guests can improve their physical health: swimming pools, a training room, a spa lounge, massage sessions and a sauna are available.

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Travelers can enjoy delicious Japanese or Chinese cuisine in one of the five restaurants in the hotel building. More familiar European dishes are also available.

Irina, Irkutsk. “The hotel is located right on the ocean, from all rooms there is a beautiful view available. There are a lot of shops in the hotel building itself, in order to fully explore the complex, it takes a huge amount of time. “

Hotel Monte Hermana Fukuoka

The hotel complex is located almost in the center of one of the busiest areas of Fukuoka and is close to the main attractions. The hotel is perfect for travelers who want to explore all corners of Japan and feel the atmosphere of this country.

Comfortable rooms can accommodate from two to four people, while children under eleven years old stay in the hotel free of charge.

The hotel provides its guests with round-the-clock use of Wi-Fi, shoe shine and laundry services. The lack of entertainment is compensated by the excellent location – many restaurants, shops and museums are within walking distance.

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Guests can enjoy a buffet breakfast with local and Western European cuisine.

Lilia, Nizhny Novgorod. “The staff is almost fluent in English, although most of the guests are Japanese. Breakfast is very varied, you can try Japanese cuisine. If we go back to Fukuoka again, it’s only to this hotel.”

A Good Day Fukuoka Riverside

The design aparthotel is just a short walk from Fukuoka’s main attractions, which will appeal to travelers who want to explore Japanese culture.

Guests of the apartment complex are available for booking rooms of two types: a standard suite, which can accommodate two people, or a large family room with additional futon mattresses.

The hotel has a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere, with an outdoor terrace and hot tubs. Smoking is prohibited on site.

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The aparthotel has one buffet restaurant offering a variety of delicious dishes.

Artem, Volgograd. “The aparthotel is located close to all the attractions, to the beach about forty minutes drive. The apartments are quite large and spacious, you can comfortably accommodate the whole family. “

Hakata Excel Hotel Tokyu

The four-starcomfortable hotel perfectly demonstrates the whole atmosphere of mysterious Japan, as the complex has created a calm and peaceful atmosphere, while the city center is within walking distance.

Guests are settled in clean rooms in classic Japanese style: single suite, double room, premier apartment, junior suite, corner suite.

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The aparthotel has two restaurants that offer travelers to order the usual European or original Japanese dishes from the menu. Staff can also rent a bicycle to explore the centre of Fukuoka.

Anna, St. Petersburg. “The staff is very polite and friendly, the hotel itself is clean and stylish. It is not difficult to walk to the main attractions – everything is nearby. “

Grand Hyatt Fukuoka

Five-star design hotel is considered one of the most luxurious complexes in Fukuoka, ready to offer travelers a comfortable stay and an interesting pastime.

The impressive hotel consists of several categories: club suite for two guests, suite, suites “Deluxe” and “Grand”.

The hotel offers its guests a lot of ways to spend their leisure time: swimming pools, yoga classes, personal trainer services, SPA treatments and massage parlor, sauna and jacuzzi. Babysitting services can be booked for babysitting.

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Meals in the restaurant at the apart-hotel are served according to the à la carte menu and the “Buffet” system.

Julia, Moscow. “I was impressed by the set of toiletries in the room: it includes creams, toothbrushes, and a very good shampoo. The mattress on the bed is soft and comfortable, sleeping is very comfortable. You can feel the care of every guest.”

Rihga Royal Hotel Kokura Fukuoka

One of the main advantages of the design hotel is its location – the complex is connected by a single transition with a major railway station. The apartments are located on the upper floors of a high-rise building (from the fifteenth to the twenty-eighth), so guests enjoy a beautiful view of the city.

The following room types are available for booking: Standard, Deluxe, Luxury. Apartments for smokers and non-smokers are separated.

The building also has several swimming pools, a fitness club and a sauna, so guests can spend their holidays actively.

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The complex has several restaurants that are popular even among locals. On the thirtieth floor there is a lounge bar serving gourmet meals.

Igor, Vladivostok. “The aparthotel has some very good restaurants, especially impressed by the bar on one of the top floors with a beautiful view of Fukuoka. The whole hotel is decorated in a traditional Japanese style.”

Infinity Hotel Hakata Chuo

Fukuoka’s attractions include temples, a zoo and a tower in the surroundings. The journey time to the international airport will take no more than thirty minutes.

The four-star hotel has two categories of rooms: double standard room and deluxe apartment. The rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay of guests. Also, all apartments are divided into a smoking area and a non-smoking area.

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The relatively underdeveloped infrastructure of the hotel is compensated by the excellent location – all the main remarkable places of the Japanese city are within walking distance.

Maria, Novosibirsk. “The hotel room is equipped with the latest technology, everything is modern and new. Pleased with the comfortable bed and the view from the apartment. The staff is ready to solve any of your problems quickly.”

Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Fukuoka

The four-star hotel, equipped in European style, is ready to accommodate travelers in the heart of the city of Fukuoka, which will allow them to explore Japanese culture as much as possible.

As in other Japanese hotels, Solaria Nishitetsu dividesall rooms into a smoking and non-smoking area. Several types of apartments are available for booking: double room, superior suite, Hollywood room, deluxe room and Comfort room.

The hotel takes care of the comfort of guests and offers professional massage services. Shoe shine and laundry are available at an additional cost.

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Despite the fact that the hotel does not have its own restaurant, the building has a small buffet with snacks and serves delicious coffee.

Yelizavetra, Khabarovsk. “Beautiful location, very close to bus stops and shopping malls. The living conditions are excellent, the staff is always ready to help.”

Hotel Nikko Fukuoka

From the major international airport of Fukuoka, travelers will easily reach the stylish Nikko Hotel, which is ready to make the rest of every guest as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

The hotel has a large number of rooms with a fresh renovation: double and triple rooms are available, as well as superior apartments. Please note at the time of booking that not all rooms are smoking.

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The hotel offers a lot of entertainment for guests: swimming pools, fitness club, sauna and relaxing massages. In the building of the hotel there are several restaurants with Japanese and European cuisine: guests can try real Japanese sushi.

Arina, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. “Of the advantages of the hotel is definitely worth noting the good location and delicious tomorrow. The room is spacious enough, catches fast Wi-Fi everywhere.”

If you decide to spend your holidays in Japan and explore this beautiful country, pay attention to the comparative table of the best hotels in Fukuoka, so as not to be mistaken with the choice of hotel:

НазваниеРасположениеНомераУдобстваРазвлеченияСтоимостьПроживание с животными
Hotel Marinoa Resort Fukuoka 11 км до аэропорта Фукуоки Двухместный номер Делюкс Стандартный номер Улучшенный номер Сейф Фен Кондиционер Телефон Телевизор Холодильник Спа-лаундж Оздоровительный центр Сад Дети до 12 лет – бесплатно. Размещение взрослых на дополнительных кроватях - JPY 4000 за ночь. Нет.
Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk 8 км до аэропорта Фукуоки Семейный номер Люкс Представительский номер Делюкс Полулюкс Делюкс «Премиум» Мини-бар Сейф Телевизор Телефон Кондиционер Утюг Бассейн Фитнес СПА Массаж Сауна Точные цены проживания уточняйте на сайте отеля. Нет.
Hotel Monte Hermana Fukuoka 4 км до аэропорта Фукуоки Двухместный номер Трехместный номер Четырехместный номер Телефон Кондиционер Фен Холодильник Бесплатный вай-фай Дети до 11 лет – бесплатно. Цена номера за одну ночь – минимум 9000 RUB Нет.
A Good Day Fukuoka Riverside 4 км до аэропорта Фукуоки Стандартный люкс Семейный номер Сейф Фен Кондиционер Джакузи Холодильник Стиральная машина Микроволновая печь Терраса Джакузи Настольные игры Дети до 5 лет – бесплатно. Цена номера за одну ночь – минимум 12000 RUB. Нет.
Hakata Excel Hotel Tokyu 4 км до аэропорта Фукуоки Одноместный номер Двухместный номер Улучшенный двухместный номер Полулюкс Улучшенный люкс Сейф Телевизор Кондиционер Фен Пресс для брюк Прокат велосипедов Массаж Дети до 9 лет – бесплатно. Цены за проживание уточняйте на сайте отеля. Нет.
Grand Hyatt Fukuoka 4 км до аэропорта Фукуоки Клубный номер Улучшенный номер Люкс Делюкс Гранд Сейф Телевизор Телефон Кондиционер Фен Кофемашина Сад Фитнес Йога Массаж СПА Дети до 13 лет – бесплатно. Цена номера за одну ночь – минимум 15000 RUB. Нет.
Rihga Royal Hotel Kokura Fukuoka 52 км до аэропорта Фукуоки Standard Deluxe Luxury Кондиционер Холодильник Телевизор Чайник Бассейн Массаж Фитнес Сауна Дети до 6 лет – бесплатно. Цена номера за одну ночь – минимум 8000 RUB. Нет.
Infinity Hotel Hakata Chuo 3 км до аэропорта Фукуоки Двухместный номер Номер Делюкс Фен Телевизор Кондиционер Утюг Мини-кухня Бесплатный вай-фай Дети до 6 лет- бесплатно. Цена номера за одну ночь – минимум 11000 RUB Нет.
Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Fukuoka 4 км до аэропорта Фукуоки Модерейт Hollywood Делюкс Comfort Room Сейф Фен Телевизор Кондиционер Бесплатный вай-фай Массаж Дети до 6 лет- бесплатно. Цена номера за одну ночь – минимум 15000 RUB Нет.
Hotel Nikko Fukuoka 3 км до аэропорта Фукуоки Улучшенный номер Роскошный номер Deluxe Twin Superior Room Мини-бар Сейф Фен Кондиционер Бассейн Массаж Фитнес Сауна Дети до 10 лет – бесплатно. Цена номера за одну ночь – минимум 15000 RUB Нет.

Editor’s choice

Well, have you already realized that Japan is replete with comfortable hotels for a rich but relaxing holiday?

In all the variety of hotels you can get lost, but still, according to our experts, the most interesting vacation will be when choosing the Grand Hyatt Fukuokahotel, which opened just four years ago. Among the advantages of the complex are the following factors:

  • good location
  • comfortable and spacious apartments
  • a lot of entertainment for guests
  • services for families with children
  • attentive staff.

We recommend you to plan a visit to the country of the rising sun in advance – so you can avoid overpayments and choose the most comfortable accommodation option.

Alina Abramova

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