Delightful Nelonia Hotel & Spa 4* Tunisia, Monastir – Description and reviews

Nerolia Hotel Spa 4* is a great place for a quiet family holiday, as it is located eight kilometers from the resort area of Monastir. The province of Scanes seems to be specially created so that travelers can find solitude and peace here. Those who love to spend time in nightclubs, can constantly go to entertainment venues located in the immediate vicinity of the tourist center.

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General information

Until recently, this complex had a completely different name – Dessole Saadia Resort. Many travelers who left reviews about it, note that the situation in the buildings is very soft, cozy, as if saturated with antiquity and romance. Someone likes such an atmosphere, while others, on the contrary, say that the design is not quite comfortable for the psyche. But recently the hotel was overhauled, during which the rooms received an interior in the style of colonial Africa, disposing to a relaxing holiday near the coast of the gentle sea.

Elizaveta, Tomsk: “I really liked the fact that the hotel is aimed at foreign guests. I’m fluent in English, and maybe I wouldn’t have noticed that moment at all. But the husband and son learned only “hello” and “thank you”. On vacation, they felt at home. The child easily coped without our help, going to a mini-club or an evening disco. The presence of people speaking different languages greatly affects the quality of living, since any problem can be solved quickly and quickly, without encountering translation difficulties. “

Territory of the hotel and resort area

As mentioned earlier, the hotel Nerolia Hotel Spa 4 * is located in the resort area of Scanes. This area is a five-kilometer spit with a width of three hundred to five hundred meters. Visitors can not accurately answer the question: “Is your room far from the sea?”. The institution we are discussing is built on the second line near a salt lake.

In Scanes there is an airport where you will land after a long flight. Travelers claim that the close proximity to the air harbor does not interfere with the rest in the hotel. Guests are not disturbed by the sounds of landing and taking off aircraft.

As mentioned earlier, because of the fairly democratic cost of living, young people often come here. Noisy friendly companies do not spoil the impression of vacation for the elderly and families with young children, since they spend their evenings mainly in Sousse – a town with a vibrant nightlife and many entertainment venues. It can be reached by train or bus. Also there are always traditional Tunisian carriages drawn by pairs of horses.

Alexandra, Kirov: “My stay was pleasant, I will remember with tenderness every minute spent here. All day I lay on a sun lounger, sunbathed and bathed in the sea. And in the evenings, my friend and I went to beach parties and discos, walked until the morning and enjoyed communication with neighbors and the local population. I also advise you to buy several tours in the vicinity, as tunisia has a huge number of cultural heritage sites, historical monuments and unique natural resources that deserve the attention of a tourist. “

Living conditions and service

Hotel Nerolia Hotel Spa 4 * belongs to the category of budget, so it offers, for the most part, double rooms of the category “standard”. Staff offer 183 rooms that make up this group. There are apartments designed to accommodate whole families consisting of three or four people. The administration also offers three suites of increased comfort.

As for the reviews that former guests managed to leave, they often say that the furniture in the rooms is very old. But any antique chef can refute this information, since all objects are of value, because they are not “exhausted”, but really old, vintage. Also, sometimes there are negative responses about ceramic tiles on the floor. The fact is that this floor covering was not chosen by chance. On the hottest days, it exudes coolness, which makes your stay in the room comfortable.

Evgenia, Taganrog: “I travel a lot around the world, I do it several times a year, but I do not believe that you need to spend fabulous amounts of money on trips. I consider the conditions of accommodation in this hotel to be the best combination of price and quality. The room overlooking the coastal area had everything you needed: TV, air conditioning, safe, wardrobe, large bed, shower, small couch, telephone and mini-bar. Cleaning was carried out regularly, hygiene supplies were replenished and updated always, in fact, as well as soft drinks in the refrigerator. Bed linen and towels are whitened, changed several times a week. Everything is neat and clean. Thank you very much!”


Of course, every guest can count on free access to the pool and patio, located in the courtyard of the hotel complex Nerolia Hotel Spa 4 *. But this is not all that awaits you in this hotel. There are a large number of sports grounds, for example, tennis courts, equipped areas for volleyball, mini-golf and football. In the mornings and evenings, guests go to the gym and fitness club, equipped with the latest technology. At the artificial reservoir, water polo and water aerobics lessons are held every day. Not far from the hotel there is a huge riding school in its size, where everyone can fully enjoy communication with horses.

Also worth mentioning is the local spa, which is famous for a large number of miraculous treatments. Hammam, massage rooms, hairdresser, beauty salon – this is only a small list of objects that are part of the health complex. But do not think that all services are included in the “all inclusive” program. There are procedures for which you will have to pay in cash. But you should not worry about this, because in the central hall there is a currency exchange office.

Maxim, Tver: “In principle, the hotel fully meets all the requirements of modern tourists. There is a laundry, souvenir shop, car rental, covered parking, bicycle rental, conference hall for business events. Room service takes place in a “non-stop” mode, for a certain fee, employees will bring food to the room at any time of the day. The only disadvantage that I ask you to pay attention to the hotel administration is the lack of access to wireless Internet in the apartments. You can catch the “connection” only in the lobby of the hotel, which is not always very convenient. For example, when you urgently need to talk to relatives, and there are a lot of people walking around. “


In Nerolia Hotel Spa 4 * there is a long-loved by tourists concept “all inclusive”. All meals are held on schedule and take place in the form of a “buffet”, or, as we call it, “buffet”. Breakfast starts at seven in the morning, but late birders can enjoy the dishes offered even at 11 am. At the same time, a café opens on the beach, offering fast food, light snacks, salads, soft drinks, ice cream and alcohol to everyone. After four o’clock in the afternoon, fresh pastries are served here for those who do not want to leave their sunbed and go to the main restaurant for lunch.

On the territory of the hotel there are two restaurants “ala-kart”. They serve national and Italian cuisine. There is one interesting feature: if you book a table in advance, you do not have to pay for food. In other cases, when it comes to random guests who at the last moment decided to visit one of the institutions, the waiters at the end of the meal provide an invoice for payment of services.

Anatoly, Samara: “The food here is quite tolerable, we can say, full-fledged. There are a large number of vegetables and exotic fruits, in the main institution there is always meat cooked with a lot of local spices. Very tasty and high-calorie. The son constantly ate ice cream, which is distributed completely free of charge from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon. There is a menu for vegetarians and adherents of a healthy lifestyle. I recommend this place because, having visited several hotels in Tunisia of the category “four stars”, I can confidently say that here they are fed “for slaughter” “.


In the hotel complex Nerolia Hotel Spa 4 * life is in full swing near the pool, where in the early morning hours begin entertainment and sports activities. Animators come to the site, luring guests for a physical minute. Aqua aerobics classes and water polo competitions are held. Also, everyone can take part in master classes in Arabic and European dances.

On the beach also work cheerful animators, creating a positive attitude and a good mood for those who come to soak up the warm rays of the sun and sea waves. For a fee, you can ride jet skis, bananas, water skiing, parachutes, fishing and diving.

In the evenings, guests go to concerts and discos. The administration sometimes invites pop stars, parodists and DJs. The national flavor is intertwined with live music and all this is combined with a spectacular laser show, win-win lotteries, competitions and unrestrained dances. In the bar you can also sing karaoke and demonstrate your singing talents to everyone.

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Konstantin, Tula: “Gorgeous place where a large number of events are held. The administration has provided everything and created ideal conditions for rest in this quiet resort settlement. Water leisure, fun by the pool, children’s entertainment, sports – most of the services are included in the list of free, and for some you will have to pay separately. But by local standards, this money is symbolic, so do not skimp and spend it on yourself, you are guaranteed to get a lot of pleasant impressions. “

As you can see, the reviews do not mention any significant shortcomings, so you should pay attention to this hotel and pay for a trip to Tunisia. You can travel here at any time of the year, the sun here warms ten months a year. But be sure to check with the tour operator when the rainy season passes in this resort area. Have a nice holiday!