Delightful holiday home “Bekasovo” Russia — Complex with a long history and native Russian traditions

“Bekasovo” is a rest house, the date of occurrence of which, according to the official version, coincides with the great Victory Day of the Russian people over fascism. It was intended for communication workers. Now, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it is open to all categories of citizens and is a commercial institution. Perhaps that is why residents of megacities and stuffy gassed cities are increasingly coming to the complex. Surely, the reason for this is the incredibly clean air and forest park area, which surrounded the boarding house with a dense ring, giving it freshness and fragrance of needles.

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General information

As mentioned earlier, the opening day of the hotel “Bekasovo” is officially considered to be May 9, 1975. And since its opening, the institution has not ceased to actively develop infrastructure and improve the level of service. So, in the 60-70s, the management decided to build new residential buildings, as well as a whole network of small ponds, in which fish are regularly launched.

Like many other establishments, after 1991, the activities of Bekasovo began to bring losses, and in order to avoid bankruptcy and closure, the municipality moved ownership of Rostelecom. The new administration immediately set about reconstructing. Large-scale alterations were made to residential buildings, a boat station, a pedestrian “humpback bridge” and a garden appeared. Since then, it began to bear the name “Recreation Complex “Bekasovo”.

Since 1997, the hotel has the status of the Training and Production Center of PJSC Rostelecom. In the noughties, it regained the status of “Rest House” and became part of the complex of the same name. It also includes a Turkish House cottage and a spa. By the way, the first after 2015 was renamed “Gostiny Dvor”.

Alexander, Moscow: “I regularly come here as part of business trips and I can not say anything bad about the hotel. Around quiet, beautiful, cozy. Benches, verandas and gazebos for relaxation are everywhere. The rooms are very comfortable, the furniture is new and almost not spoiled by former guests. “


As mentioned earlier, “Bekasovo” has several residential buildings, so there are practically no problems with settlement, with the exception of the summer period and holidays. The apartment has everything you need for a good rest – air conditioning, TV, telephone, safe. The rooms are properly arranged beds, soft and working areas so that people do not interfere with each other to do everyday things and sleep peacefully. The only drawback many consider the fact that the hotel has almost no rooms for large families with small children. Most of the premises assume the capacity of two people, a maximum of three, and then if we are talking about a minor child.

As for the design, it is not devoid of frills and is made in a warm classical style. The presence of light colors, a large amount of sunlight, the absence of artsy decor – all this undoubtedly creates a unique atmosphere, which can without exaggeration be called home. Comfort is also given by soft bedspreads, as well as textiles on the windows.

Ekaterina, Perm: “We came here with my son in early summer. A week later, there was an unbearable heat, which I simply can not tolerate, so I do not travel to distant countries. But in the room we were cool, the air conditioning works properly, so the peak hours can be waited out indoors. In general, cleaning is carried out regularly, there were no problems with this. Thank you very much to the maids, they know their business!”

Food system

In “Bekasovo” everything is subject to the concept of the “all inclusive” concept that is fashionable today. That is, each guest of the hotel has the right to a full three meals a day in the “buffet” format. The menu of the main restaurant is quite diverse, it found a place for dishes for the youngest guests, as well as for vegetarians and lovers of healthy food. Guests are invited to try meat, fish and delicacies prepared according to the recipes of European and Russian cuisine. For cooking, cooks use only fresh and environmentally friendly products.

If during the day you suddenly feel a slight hunger, do not look for a grocery store in the vicinity. Light snacks, fast food and fresh pastries are offered by numerous bars located on the territory of the hotel complex. There you can taste various varieties of wines and beers, as well as enjoy the unforgettable taste of elite cognac and whiskey.

Maxim, Nizhny Novgorod: “I can’t say that this hotel serves something original that you can’t try elsewhere, but everyone cooks very tasty. Personally, I ate various cream soups, cereals, pancakes and casseroles for breakfast. I do not like to have lunch, so I always limited myself to yogurt and fruit, sometimes I drank coffee with desserts. But in the evening I could already afford dishes from meat, fish, seafood, took cheese and meat slices and other cold snacks. “


Who doesn’t love to spend time with their family? Perhaps, there are only a few of them, but they will also find in “Bekasovo” a huge number of opportunities for exciting and interesting leisure. So, for example, it does not matter whether you came alone, a noisy friendly company or a close circle of relatives, at your disposal there is always a landscaped beach, as well as various areas for outdoor recreation. Guests can rent gazebos and verandas with specially equipped areas for barbecue or barbecue.

In the mornings and evenings, you can visit the high-tech gym, which employs real professional athletes with many years of coaching experience. They are always ready to develop individual exercise programs for you that will allow you to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.

Special attention should be paid to the swimming pool built on the territory of the complex. Due to the fact that it is located in the building, bathing guests do not interfere with weather conditions in the form of frost, rain or snow. Sunbeds placed around an artificial pond allow you to relax and take a break from the daily hustle and bustle in a calm atmosphere. And for children built a separate pool, equipped with attractions, slides and a waterfall.

Sandra: “How nice it is to find yourself in a quiet place, the atmosphere of which has for relaxation and recovery of the body. The local spa offers a treatment to cleanse, rejuvenate, nourish and moisturize the skin. The institution also has massage rooms, as well as a hot tub, steam room, sauna and Russian bath. I recommend everyone to come here at least once a year to recharge with positive energy and recover from the stresses and nervous tensions. “

Mass festivities

In “Bekasovo” very often come people who want to celebrate their holiday in the fresh air. In the warmer season, the administration installs spacious tents on the territory of the hotel, in which you can hold cultural events for office employees, as well as weddings and birthdays. Rent is about 3000 thousand rubles per hour, while employees claim that less than three hours tent to rent is prohibited.

The staff of the hotel employs experienced photographers who are always ready to capture one of the most memorable celebrations of your life. The hotel also offers a shuttle service to the nearest station, as well as waiters, cooks, presenters and other staff.

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Artem, St. Petersburg: “We moved to the Northern capital recently, and before that we lived in Moscow. Everyone knows that in the metropolis there are a lot of institutions offering their services for holding events, but their cost is very high. “Bekasovo” is an alternative option with affordable prices and a very pleasant atmosphere. We placed all the relatives and friends in the rooms, and for two days we had fun in the circle of loved ones. In addition, we did not have to separately look for a photographer, separate presenter or DJ, they all work in the hotel. Everything is great, thank you very much!”

Rest house “Bekasovo” is an ideal option for a family holiday among the forest area. Fresh air, harmonious atmosphere, the possibility of physical development, a full three meals a day – all this and much more awaits you in this unique complex. All conditions are created for children here – playgrounds are built, game rooms are equipped, there is a special reservoir with slides and attractions.

On the territory of the complex there is everything for rest and pleasant pastime. Everyone can learn to ride horses, ride ATVs, play paintball and participate in team sports competitions. And if you are tired of the daily hustle and bustle, go on a picnic, there are various gazebos and verandas for this. Hurry up to spend holidays and holidays in the fresh air. Good luck!