Delicious Starlight Resort Hotel 5′ Turkey, Kizilagach – Reviews, service, description, photos

Starlight Resort Hotel 5 offers a range of entertainment and opportunities to enjoy your leisure time away from the everyday hustle and bustle of work. Comfortable apartments, own coastal zone, spa complex, sports fields – isn’t that what travelers who have traveled hundreds and thousands of kilometers to relax and energize for the whole year?

Useful information

Starlight Resort Hotel is considered relatively young, because it first opened its doors to guests in 2008. Now, after numerous reconstructions and extensions, the total area of its occupied territory is 160,000 square kilometers. In fact, it is part of the huge World of Sunrise complex. It mixed different cultural trends and eras. There are buildings built in the style of antiquity, and modern structures with original exterior.

As for the location, many tourists note the fact that it is built very profitable in terms of geography. The village of Kizilgach, on the territory of which it is located, is considered one of the most beautiful in the vicinity of Side. It is because of the picturesque landscapes and sandy coast here every year comes hundreds of thousands of travelers from all over the Earth.

Lana: “I always wanted to go to Turkey, but I couldn’t choose the right hotel. The travel agency offered me several options, but I stopped at the Starlight Resort Hotel 5. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that there is a public transport stop nearby, so at any time it was possible to leave for the city. The area of the complex is large, well-groomed. Lawns are trimmed, around flower beds and exotic plants. Five minutes of leisurely walking to the sea.”


All rooms are literally scattered on the patio, as they are housed both in the main building and in eighteen detached cottages. All of them have significant differences from each other, their design is made in different stylistic directions. So, what starlight Resort Hotel hasto offer you:

  • Junior Syit (66 sq.m.). All apartments are located in the main building. Mini-bar, air conditioning, safe, TV, phone, bath accessories and hygiene products. There’s a carpet on the floor.
  • Deluxe Syit (77 sq.m.) As a bonus, guests of these rooms receive a bottle of wine and a basket of fruit every morning. Another nice addition is the separate poolside seats.
  • Corner Jacuzzi syit. The view from the windows overlooks the picturesque coastline. The room is divided into a bedroom, living room and bathroom. The terraces are equipped with a Jacuzzi.
  • The royal rooms are 275 sq m. Not every guest can boast of the presence of an apartment of this size. But during the holiday in this hotel you have a real opportunity to feel like a real monarch special, which, incidentally, is entitled to certain privileges.

All of the above rooms are in the main building. But with a nearby bungalow equipped with rooms of a standard type, as well as apartments designed for living families or friendly companies.

Helen: “The hotel administration recommends paying for deluxe rooms, arguing that the guests of such rooms have many additional advantages. If you understand, the difference is almost not felt. Judge for yourself: fruits and wine, which are brought to the suites daily by the staff of the institution, you can take yourself in one of the restaurants, separate places by the pool – in principle, you can lie and away, from this does not change even account anything. So do not rush to spend money, you will need it to buy souvenirs, Turkish clothes, coffee, dishes and much more.”

Food system

You’ve probably already realized that the Starlight ResortHotel 5 has a five-star category, but judging by the reviews of former guests, it offers much more than similar establishments. That’s the power system here “ultra all-inclusive.” And if we say that guests are entitled to three meals a day, then the hotel has a main restaurant, where a rich buffet is set. In general, the institution consists of twelve such facilities, and only for visiting four of them you have to pay. And we are not talking about the numerous bars that are scattered throughout the area. Some of them do not work in winter because they are outdoors.

Analyzing numerous reviews of holidaymakers, we have concluded that they cook here very tasty and offer a wide range of dishes. Many travelers mention that you often find recipes of Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Brazilian, Italian, Indian, Russian, Far Eastern, French and other popular cuisines of the world. Thematic evenings are regularly held, during which guests can enjoy unusual dishes and real delicacies.

Constantine: “Food is top class! The main restaurant serves a huge number of all kinds of side dishes, greens, meat and fish. The most delicious food does not end almost ever – checked personally by me, because I always came to the end of lunch or dinner. Alcohol, which can be taken in unlimited quantities, is very high-quality. I advise you to try locally produced wines and, of course, real Turkish beer. Lobby bar, by the way, works almost around the clock, so you can always sit there with friends.”


Many tourists specially come to this hotel complex just to rejuvenate and put themselves in order. The local spa is considered one of the best on the coast. Here, everyone can go through general strengthening programs of recovery, visit salt caves, biosauna, hammam, snow fountain and more. Beauticians will choose you an individual weight loss program and will do grooming procedures for lifting, cleaning, hydrating and nourishing the skin of the face and body.

By the way, a swimming pool has been built within the walls of the institution, which is replenished daily with sea water. This allows you to be saturated with the energy of the sea throughout the holiday, even if it rains and strong winds outside the window. There is a separate body of water for children with a small depth, near which a team of rescuers is constantly on duty.

Marina: “To the massage therapists at the Starlight Resort Hotel 5 – a special thank you! They literally brought me back to life! The incurable pathology of the musculoskeletal apparatus brings me daily torment. I can’t move around the apartment. My daughter brought me to this hotel and enrolled me for a massage course. After the fifth session I was able to walk from the room to the restaurant on my own. They just work wonders! I came home as if she was reborn. Thank you again, I hope in a year I will return to you for re-treatment!”

Entertainment and leisure

The Starlight Resort Hotel has a variety of sports grounds as well as a gym for daily activities. You can play volleyball, basketball, mini football, golf and great tennis. Nearby there is a school where you can learn horse riding, as well as a contact zoo and water park.

The hotel owns a private area of the coast, the purity of which is carefully monitored by the staff of the institution. There are sunbeds and sun umbrellas and changing rooms all around the perimeter. There are rescue towers, but security officers are not only monitoring them. Control is also carried out on the water.

There is a lot of equipment on the beach. At the equipment rental office, you can pay for trips on jet skis, boats, yachts, catamarans, water skiing, etc. You can take courses in scuba diving and parasailing.

Nadine: “Great holiday, I put the hotel the highest rating. Everyone cleans up in the blink of an eye. There are not even algae that are constantly nailed to the shore. There is a lot of entertainment, there is a lot to choose from. Among the free lead (for me personally) basketball and volleyball, from the paid – snorkeling and riding on the “donut”. I recommend everyone to relax in this wonderful place!”


As you may have guessed, the vast majority of customers who have already visited the walls of the Starlight Resort Hotel 5,leave extremely positive reviews. This applies to food, maintenance, and furnishings in the rooms. It is recommended to come with young children, because it is for the youngest guests management has built several areas with carousels, swings and trampolines, water slides by the main pool, an indoor playroom.

All kids can visit a mini-club, where they are engaged in fun animators, entertainment shows and various sports. For children set in the apartment separate sleeping places, in restaurants – chairs for feeding. If you want to leave in the evening – will come to the aid of highly qualified nannies. No child has ever been impressed by a holiday at the StarlightResort Hotel 5!