Delicious El Muradi Palm Marina 5 q Tunisia, Port El Kantaoui – Reviews, photos, description

El Madi Palm Marina 5: reviews, service, infrastructure – we will talk about all this in our article today. Many tourists in recent years more and more often plan a trip to Tunisia, and judging by the feedback of travelers, this hotel is an ideal option with the best combination of price and quality. Let’s look at all the benefits of living here and highlight a number of drawbacks, if any.

Let’s go!

General information

The hotel complex has been operating since 1995 and has long established itself from the best side. All buildings, swimming pools and infrastructure are located on an area of more than 75,000 square meters. The main building is a unique structure with a height of four floors, in the form resembling the letter “U” The courtyard is home to an exotic garden with many outlandish flowers, palm trees and shrubs and a huge artificial pond with clean fresh water.

The nearest international air harbour is 35 kilometres away. This is certainly considered a plus for those who do not like long transfers. But the owners of pets certainly do not like the fact that the issue of settling with pets here is not even considered, the administration does not accept any persuasion and categorically does not welcome staying in the hotel cats, dogs, hamsters and other brothers of our smaller.

Alexa: “My son just does not drink in his chinchilla, but during the holiday we had to give it to a pet shelter, because the travel agency immediately warned that the rooms can not live with pets. It is good that on arrival the child dropped the thought of separation from him, because he was busy with entertainment in a mini-club and swimming in the sea. If we do not take into account this point, everything else we loved. When I checked in, I even noticed a person in a wheelchair. He checked into one of the adjoining rooms and I often thought about how he feels there. Once I noticed that in his apartment the doorway is significantly expanded, which means that the room is equipped for the free movement of the disabled person. That’s very good.”


There are 387 rooms in el Mouradi Palm Marina. All of them differ in cost and comfort level. Standard apartments have a useful living area of 25 square meters. The rooms have everything for rest and sleep: a large double bed, bollards on both sides, a storage cupboard, a soft nook, a plasma TV with lots of satellite channels, a safe, air conditioning, a refrigerator and a minibar. On the balconies there is plastic furniture, which allows you to have breakfast outdoors and read fresh press in the morning.

Many travelers in their reviews note the beauty of the surrounding area, which can be seen from panoramic windows. French glazing makes it possible to freely admire the seascapes and creates a positive mood when awakening. On the floors there is a carpet, which is very popular with parents of young children who are just learning to walk and often fall. But in the bathrooms laid tile, which can easily slip, standing bare wet feet.

The design is made in soft and warm light tones. Furniture is devoid of luxury, everything is succinct and handpicked according to the style of “minimalism”. Paintings hang on the walls, but there are no vases and figurines. Yes, and here and do not need extra decor, because in the rooms guests spend, basically, only nights and a few morning hours.

Lana: “I want to thank the hotel staff separately. They did a good job, serving us 24 hours a day. Cleaning was carried out daily, towels were always clean, fresh and snow-white. Every day the maids pleased us with pyramids of napkins laid out on the bed. Bedding, by the way, was changed several times a week. Every morning at my request they brought breakfast and fresh newspapers.”


Most of the positive reviews are based on commendable feedback about local restaurants. Under the all-inclusive concept, guests are entitled to a full four-day buffet meal. During breakfasts, lunches and dinners, guests put hot, side dishes, salads and herbs on their own plates. Several times a week thematic events are held, delicacies and original international dishes are served.

There are also several ala-cart restaurants on site. Tables are booked in advance. Chefs prepare dishes from meat, seafood, fish and poultry. There is a vegetarian and diet menu. The atmosphere in these institutions has to friendly communication, romantic mood, and, of course, increases appetite. Just imagine: open terraces with tables, high tiered ceilings with soffits, soft chairs, white tablecloths, candles, vases with flowers and live music. The people of Tunisia know a lot about the construction of catering facilities and do everything to make holidaymakers enjoy cooked meals in a relaxed atmosphere.

For easy snacks, there are bars that are in the most walkable public places. For example, the establishment in the lobby works around the clock, so you can even go down to the hall at night and order fresh pastries and a light snack. Alcohol is not unlimited, locally produced drinks are provided free of charge. On the beach and near the pool there are small cafes offering juices, freshs, water, lemonades, tea and coffee. Ice cream can only be taken at certain hours.

Constantine: “I gained a lot of weight on vacation. And how else, because here feed, as they say, for slaughter. In the main restaurant constantly eat meat or fish, and if you come to the end of lunch, the most delicious food as if specially left for late birds. At the height of the season is served a huge amount of exotic fruits and vegetables, which children eat with great pleasure. By the way, I have never seen dirty dishes and tablecloths on the tables, for which a special thank you to the waiters.”

Adventures on the water

The El Mouradi Palm Marina 5 is located on the first coastline, which means that only a few dozen meters separate guests from the beach. The coastal area looks very well-groomed, cleaning on it is carried out regularly, garbage and algae, nailed to the shore by a wave. There are sunbeds and umbrellas everywhere, which is accessible by every holidaymaker registered in the hotel. The entrance to the water is very convenient, and the coating is soft, fine sand gives a pleasant feeling to the feet. Motor boats, catamarans, jet skis and canoes are always on the shore. Many travelers recommend in their reviews to go diving, the water here is very clean and transparent, and going down to the depths with scuba diving, you can see with your own eyes the life of marine life. Some often mention fishing, in which experienced fishing professionals take part.

Tired of sea adventures, you can arrange a rest by the pool, too, not devoid of its joys and pleasures. A huge body of water with an area of 900 square meters attracts hundreds of hotel guests every day. Nearby on the terrace there are always animators, unobtrusively calling holidaymakers in team games and sports. Group aqua aerobics lessons are also often held here to maintain physical parameters in perfect shape.

Mila: “I come here for the second time and I think that next time I will return to this hotel. There are a large number of sports facilities, playgrounds for playing volleyball, basketball, football, tennis courts, mini-golf courses, etc. You can learn horseback riding, water polo, archery. If you are not afraid of heights, be sure to jump with a parachute, because the view from above is simply mesmerizing with its beauty. To keep my body in good condition, I cycled every day, went to the spa and practiced at the gym. I always come from here tanned, taut, and necessarily with a new hairstyle.”

Children’s entertainment

For the youngest guests of the El Mouradi Palm Marina 5, a shallow pool with two slides, shaped like animals, has been built. There is a shower in the form of a penguin, which is especially popular with guests and leads them to a real delight. There are also several playgrounds with children’s trainers, merry-go-rounds, labyrinths, trampolines and swings.

Every child between the ages of 4 and 12 is entitled to visit a mini-club, where a group of cheerful and enthusiastic animators work with children. In the evenings for young holidaymakers are discos with lemonade, fast food and ice cream. In the absence of parents, the baby will look for the baby, of course, for a fee.

Cristi: “On arrival home I started to ask my daughter about the vacation spent in this hotel. She loved the local zoo, where she managed to make friends with a peacock and a rabbit. For my part, I want to say that this complex is ideal for a family holiday.”

El Mouradi Palm Marina is a great place for those who value comfort and convenience. During your stay here you can afford absolutely everything: sea entertainment, unbridled beach parties, cosmetic procedures, sports and excursion tours. Judging by the reviews, the food here is stunning, so you do not have to go to the nearest supermarkets and buy food. There is no need to think about cleaning in the rooms, the maids do it without reminders and do not require a tip, although such tricks are often practiced in other tunisianinstitutions. In short, we recommend you to visit this complex, because here you will find a lot of positive emotions and pleasant leisure, which you will then remember with a smile.