Cozy Country Club Latchi Russia, Luzhki — Unforgettable holiday for the whole family

Latchi Country Club is one of the best places to relax in nature. Rent a room or a house and enjoy the picturesque Russian landscapes. It has everything you need for a wonderful weekend: delicious food, interesting entertainment, cozy living quarters. In winter and summer you will find things to do.

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Country Club Luchy is located in the village of Luzhki, which is 48 km from Moscow and 27 km from Podolsk. Vnukovo Airport is just a 15-minute drive away. Guests note a convenient transport interchange. Active since September 30, 2016.

In walking distance from the complex flows the river Pakhra, where you can swim and fish.

If you like to explore the area and take excursions, head to St. George’s Church in Eisenach. The building was erected in 1515, so for all the time it was supplemented with design and architectural solutions of different eras and several styles. From 1665 to 1797, four members of the Bach dynasty served as organists. Therefore, if you want to touch the history, you certainly have something to see.

Check-in at the hotel is scheduled for 17:00, and check-out before 15:00. But by prior arrangement, you can extend the period of stay. Children under 12 years old stay free of charge.

Lyudmila, 26 years old: “Perfect for a holiday with a small child as there is a rope park, special animation, children’s room. My husband and I managed to spend time together while the baby was busy with interesting games. The staff is kind and helpful, treated us like family members, always smiled and tried to please in everything. My daughter eats slowly, so the meal lasts for an hour, and we were never in a hurry, for this I thank you separately. We got to the may 9th holiday, everything was great, our dad even assembled the machine himself!”


Latchi Country Club offers facilities that make the journey easy and hassle-free. In the fresh air there is a terrace for sunbathing, from where you can see the beauty of the well-groomed garden. In addition, you will find:

  • private guarded parking;
  • conference hall for conferences, seminars and business meetings;
  • outdoor playground and indoor play area;
  • bath complex;
  • restaurants, gazebos, tents;
  • private round-the-clock check-in and check-out;
  • common living room with TV.

Ekaterina, 28 years old: “We came on the recommendation of friends and never regretted it, as we found exactly what we needed. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, the rooms are clean and inexpensive, even for my daughter there was a small bathrobe, the food is luxurious. From the entertainment the child was delighted, from the ball room it was impossible to pull out. In the rope park, even my husband and I passed several routes, there was absolute safety thanks to the work of the instructors. The animation is great, there was a children’s evening program.”

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In Country Club Luchy, each guest house is decorated according to an individual project, and surprises guests with its location. They have separate names: “Shapoklyak”, “Bastinda”, “Yabeda-koryabeda”, “Gorgona”, “Gingema”, “Kikimora”, “Snow Queen”, “Den”, “Nest”, “Anthill”, “Cat’s House”, “Flower”.

All cottages are equipped with wireless Internet access, LED-TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, coffee maker, electric kettle. Some apartments have a double bed of round shape, which is very popular with guests. Wooden buildings are built of environmentally friendly material.

Pets are not allowed.

Olga, 33 years old: “Everything was so friendly and cozy that I want to come back again, the memories were only positive. At the reception we were quickly issued by an attractive girl, led to the house, showed everything. Cleaning was carried out regularly, the maids made beautiful animals from towels, that the children just squeaked with joy, this is a trifle, but pleasant. The territory is simply delightful, everything is clean, beautiful, there are separate grounds for sports games. I really liked the laser fights, our boys now ask all the time when we will repeat the adventure. “


At the Latchi Country Club, the staff strives to help each guest in time and solve any issue. Maids qualitatively clean the rooms every day, as well as please with the timely replacement of towels and shower accessories.

Separately, it should be noted the work of the bath complex. It consists of 9 houses with different character and unforgettable history. They are called as zodiac signs and are suitable for every visitor. Log buildings are built in accordance with all rules and traditions. At your service is a professional steamer who knows all the nuances of the case and offers honey wraps, as well as brooms of different tree species and decoctions for steam. Even the most spoiled person will be satisfied.

Daria, 26 years old: “If you want a holiday a la Turkey, you are not here, but you will definitely be able to relax from the city in a country house. We were captivated by the beautiful nature, a lot of entertainment, delicious food, friendliness of the staff, and the cost is quite affordable. In general, you will not remember everything, but there were no negative moments at all, so we will definitely come again. “


The country club specializes in weddings and banquets, so there are several locations to choose from for your celebration.

  • The most cozy place in the Country Club Luchy is the restaurant “Teapot”. Here you can comfortably sit on a soft sofa and enjoy the beauty and originality of the interior. Small weddings are often held here, to which only the closest people are invited.
  • “Cornflower meadow” can accommodate up to 110 people and is suitable for the implementation of any style. The rental price includes furniture, textiles, space heating, serving, prepared latrines, parking and a buffet area on the street.
  • “Cherry Orchard” is designed for 300 guests and is suitable for a large-scale celebration. Festive décor allows you to realize any wedding concept. Near the tent there is a carousel that will take the newlyweds to a fairy tale.
  • “Glade of Friends” makes the meeting unforgettable thanks to the sculptures of fairy-tale characters and cartoon characters. A photo shoot with Latchi bears will give unforgettable memories. The price includes lighting and music equipment, standard jewelry, covers for chairs and a stage with dressing rooms.
  • “Lavender field” allows you to arrange a delightful outdoor ceremony.
  • “Strawberry Glade” for 30 people will please a small group of friends and relatives. You can arrange a birthday or any other holiday.
  • “Stone Flower” is a VIP hall that will turn your event into a gentle and romantic holiday of aristocratic level. There is a huge screen, a dressing area and its own bathroom.
  • “Yabloko” is a stone gazebo with its own courtyard and an open terrace. The ceiling is decorated in the form of green fruit fruits.

The service is à la carte. Dishes are prepared by professional chefs who are responsible for the quality and environmental friendliness of products. The price includes meals on the “buffet” system.

Svetlana, 35 years old: “I was with two young children and was delighted with the atmosphere that prevails in Latchi. Everything is perfectly organized and thought out, you will not be bored. I would like to note a large number of master classes, high-quality cleaning, understanding on the part of employees. The attitude towards children is excellent, here is the best place for young guests, as they feel at home. We even extended our vacation, so I did not want to go to rough Moscow. “


If you are used to actively spending your time and do not want to just sleep on your vacation, the country club Latchi has prepared for you a lot of active activities and sports activities that will appeal to adults and children.

  • Rope Park is an extreme journey with obstacles, which will help train all muscle groups. Test your agility and dexterity.
  • Luna Park with the heroes of your favorite children’s cartoons and attractions will appeal to every child. Give your child a childhood. There are inflatable locks and trampolines, mechanical machines. Instructors make the pastime safe.
  • Laser tag is a legendary sport that will unite the family and make it a real team. Hit the enemy with a laser gun and show your strategy skills. Dynamic game will be remembered by you for a long time.
  • Insect Park is not just an installation, but an amazing world of adventure in the world of giant ants and praying mantises that react to every movement of the visitor. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the highlights.
  • Football field with a special coating, so you can play in any weather. Find yourself an opponent and prove that your team is the best. An obligatory part of the tournament is awarding the winners with special prizes.
  • Basketball and volleyball court is designed for real athletes. The fiber of the surface repels moisture and prevents slipping. Rent equipment and show your skills.

In addition to sports, you will relax in the bath complex, as well as evening entertainment shows. Celebrities often come here who are happy to give a concert. You definitely won’t get bored.

Nelya, 34 years old: “The club exceeded all our expectations: the territory is really very well maintained, the service is at the highest level, a variety of delicious food. The only disadvantage is that there is one pool, but it is in the bath. In all other respects there are no complaints, we got a lot of impressions and pleasure. “

Interesting features

In Country Club Luchy launched a service of renting a gazebo with barbecue. No more need to look for available places in the forests and plantings for cooking barbecue. Here for you prepared tents, barbecue facilities and coals. Now even the weather will not spoil the plans of your big friendly company. Don’t forget to bring your meat. The rest of the food and drinks are ordered at the club.

The club applies a guaranteed reservation. That is, the visitor is left with the room until the check-out time of the next day after arrival. If the cancellation was untimely or you did not have time to check in at the specified time, a fee for the idle apartment will still be charged. If you extend your stay, you need to pay 50% of the price.

The price includes:

  • call of special services, including ambulance;
  • use of first aid kit and medicines;
  • delivery of correspondence;
  • waking up at a set time;
  • boiling water, needles, threads, cutlery and utensils;
  • television;
  • three meals a day;
  • bottled still water, coffee, tea;
  • iron;
  • taxi call;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • 1 visit to one rope park route + descent;
  • parking space.
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Additional services are charged separately.

Oleg, 36 years old: “I came with a family of five and none of us wanted to go home. I was surprised by the buffet, the unexpected variety for a holiday in Russia, the plates are beautifully decorated, and the food is delicious. In general, the price includes three meals a day with small snacks, so we did not starve. But once we arranged an evening with a barbecue, everything was fine. The maids cleaned the rooms on time, we gladly left them for tea.”

As we can see, the Latchi Country Club has a friendly atmosphere like at home. A guest of any age will have a great time here, so you can safely come here with a family and even with small children. If you are tired of the noise and dirty city air, you can improve your health and have a great time.

You don’t believe me? Come and check!