Country Club Teriyoji Zelenogorsk

Spa hotel “Teriyohi” is located on one of the beaches of the Gulf of Finland near Zelenogorsk. Here, the bright nature of the Karelian Isthmus is complemented by the proximity of St. Petersburg, which makes this place attractive for tourists. Here go to rest mainly residents of the northern capital, who do not have time to fly to the resort south, but want a full relaxation with delicious food, swimming pool, spa services and entertainment. Also, this place is recommended for families with children, since the presence of a playroom and a special children’s menu is one of the advantages of the hotel. Minus, perhaps, there is only one – the pleasure is not cheap. But with reasonable planning, you can save significantly. There are also often profitable promotions to lure vacationers. For example, discounts of up to 50% on weekday accommodation.

Tanya38: “settled in late summer. Full-wall windows overlooking the bay and the yacht club. You can sunbathe on the balcony and in summer on the pool lawn. A lot of things for kids. I liked the Turkish bath with grass steam. After the steam room, it is good to jump into the warm pool, where there is an underwater massage and a waterfall. The room liked the breathable bed without rubber mattress tows, thick pillows-rollers. We slept very soundly – fresh air does its job.”

Rooms with Nature View

Rooms in “Teriyoka” are represented by four types: standard, comfort, junior suite and suite. In all rooms there is free wi-fi and air cooling system, after check-in they give out bathrobes according to the number of residents. Instead of iron keys – access cards. Employees of the room service clean every day. Rooms come with views of the park and pool, as well as the Gulf of Finland.

  • The standard area of 17 m2 has everything you need to stay for two people: a double bed, opposite the plasma with a smart TV. Small balcony and bathroom with shower. The interior is simple, cosmetic set too. Paid minibar, safe and textiles.
  • Comfort in area is almost the same: 18-25 m2. There is a gorgeous view of the Gulf of Finland, instead of a shower – a full bath. There are no other differences.
  • Junior Suite is already much more comfortable and spacious option with an area of 37 m2. In the large room, in addition to the king size bed, there is also a sofa. A bidet and a hairdryer are added to the bathroom, the bath is generally more comfortable. The interiors of junior suites are individual, more expensive materials are used in the decoration. View of the Gulf of Finland.
  • Suite of 60 m2 consists of a bedroom and a living room. Modern design in the spirit of minimalism. In the living room there is a long sofa, armchairs and a dining area for 6 persons. Ideal for a large family or wealthy couples.
  • Admiral’s Suite is a very advantageous offer. It is a little more expensive than a suite, but has two bedrooms, a kitchen and two living rooms located on three floors. It is good to rent such an apartment in a fold with friends. You can really save, and even relax with “luxury” comfort. A separate shower room with a modern cabin is added. The kitchen is equipped with an electric stove, refrigerator, cooler and even a toaster. Having bought food, you can eat like at home, cooking lunches and dinners, and go down to the restaurant for breakfast.

Buffet and champagne in the morning

Breakfast at Teriyogi is without a doubt up to the five-star level. In addition to the great variety and freshness of food, they strive to entertain the public. On Saturday, breakfast is hosted by the chef, who talks and shows, while the guests chew on the omelet, sipping champagne. On weekends, a “children’s table” is arranged with fried potatoes in the form of letters, colored plates and appliances, fruits and usefulness. On Wednesdays – guests must go down for breakfast in pajamas and bathrobes, faces in strict suits and tailcoats are not allowed.

Galia G: “Breakfast buffet is a delicious varied meal. The child really liked to bake waffles and squeeze orange fresh.” Oleksandr Datsyuk: “Breakfasts are excellent! Everything is fresh and tasty: pastries, waffles, red fish, rolls, meat, sausages, ham. Porridges, omelets, cheeses and a bunch of other things, all and not remember. The choice is really big.” Olga: “Breakfasts are announced until 11:30, but in fact, coming here at 10:45, you eat only the remaining positions. At this time, no longer replenish the buffet. When we arrived, there were no fish, scramble (only boiled eggs remained), casseroles, condensed milk, croissants, pineapples (they were replaced with oranges). If you come early, breakfast is cool.”

Speaking of waffles! At first, this topic seemed too stupid – to pour the dough into a waffle iron and bake. Moreover, you can just take ready-made croissants or muffins. But after the first waffle, we understood the meaning – hot pastries have a completely different taste and aroma than cold and yesterday’s. The croissants were completely ignored – only fresh waffles with the heat! With fruit, condensed milk and chocolate. Breakfast is served in the restaurant “Studio 49”, where a pleasant interior with an abundance of greenery and comfortable tables. Panoramic windows add a lot of light and warmth.

Restaurant “Pier” has an interior in a marine style: with soft sofas, bedcloths and blue glasses in the color of the walls. The atmosphere here is peaceful. The menu is dedicated not only to the marine theme, although there are oysters, and ear, and fish for every taste. Also a lot of popular meat: steaks, beef stroganes, pork side. There are Italian dishes: pizza, pasta, risotto. Not without oriental exotics: soup Fo-Bo, Ramen and Tom Yam. Separate Japanese menu with rolls and sushi. The average bill without drinks is 1000-1500r. Lenten menu is traditionally cheaper – 600-1000r. You can feed the child for 500 p on a special “children’s” menu. It features chicken nuggets, colored dumplings and macaroni with cheese, cheesecakes with condensed fish, salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and sour cream, etc.

The restaurant also has a professional pastry chef who can make a custom cake, pastries or handmade desserts. This service will interest those who came to celebrate any joyful event: wedding, birthday, award. Or just sweet lovers.

Wine here is obscenely expensive: 400-500r for 0.125 ml. There is really a cheap “homemade” wine, but this is not the best option. It is much wiser to buy good dry wine in the city before going to Teriyoci, and order hot food from the restaurant directly to the room. Thus, you can significantly save and spend a romantic evening relaxed, looking through the windows at the panorama of the Gulf of Finland. On the other hand, in the “Pier” almost every day in the evenings there is live music: singers, guitarists, jazz bands, etc.

Also in the center of the park, a café-dining room is a 10-minute walk away. Here you can eat inexpensive homemade dishes.

Spa & Turkish Rituals

Salt water in the pool has a temperature of 28 degrees. It is especially pleasant to swim in the cold season. A sauna or hammam of your choice is also included in the standard set. In the indoor pool there are many sun loungers where you can relax after swimming. Large windows and a pleasant interior of the spaces have to relaxation. Such a holiday relieves stress from the bustle of the city, restores sleep, charges with optimism.

Paslemon87: “I put a solid five for spa. I was pleased with the presence of outdoor and indoor pools, between which you can move swimming. Hammam and sauna to choose from. I chose a sauna, though there is not enough humidity and steam, because I am a lover of Russian baths. “

  • Phytocock of cedar is a useful procedure for cleansing the body of toxins and toxins. Dry steam on the grasses together with sweat removes all unnecessary. It is inexpensive – 400r per person.
  • Spa rituals are a pleasure for women. Includes skin care with a special scrub followed by wash with salt water. The skin is softened and moisturized. The cost in the range of 1800-10000r.
  • Massage on average 3000r per hour. There are different programs, but the classic version is most popular with guests. Experienced specialists work.
  • Diving in the pool is a feature of the hotel. In total for 2000r the diver is selected equipment, briefing is carried out and a trial dive with scuba diving to a depth of 2 meters is carried out. The diving session lasts 35 minutes.
  • Fitness room with an area of 45 m2 can hardly be called the center. It’s more of a room with simulators for those who like to shake their muscles. Modern equipment of the brand “Technogym” was installed. Treadmill, power apparatus for all muscle groups, dumbbells, etc.

Diana Khlebnikov: “Rested with her husband and 2 children. Comfortable clean room, cool pool. There were not many people as weekdays. It was nice that the eldest son was organized an early breakfast and he went to the exam in a good mood. She also took advantage of the spa ritual “Turkish Secrets”. Massage, body care, beauty treatments. Very positive feeling. We went to the petting zoo next to the hotel. We were satisfied with such a spontaneous rest.”

Children’s playroom

Very convenient and modern play for children has a number of advantages. The main one is the ability to control the child online from a smartphone through the hotel’s website. While the child plays in the room or watches cartoons on the big screen, parents go about their business and watch him from the phone screen. In a room of 56 m2 collected a lot of toys, soft modules, dry pool, etc.

For lovers of active leisure

The hotel offers a paid rental of equipment, with which you can play sports in the park or on the coast.

  • Bicycles for 400r per hour. Or 1000p for 5 hours of skiing. There are also velomobiles that can accommodate one or two people. For guests, a special three-hour package has even been developed, including a fruit drink, sandwiches, a map and a blanket. For this set will have to pay 900-1200r. With a multi-day vacation, cycling will come out in a penny, so it is better to bring your bike from home. Along with a blanket and a map, and grab sandwiches from breakfast.
  • SUP-boarding – riding on an inflatable board with a paddle. Hour rental – 1000r. It’s not cheap, but you can try, and if you like, then buy your own board. In stores, this type of equipment for adults is in the range of 20,000-40,000r. Children’s board – 18000-30000r.
  • Electric quad bikes for children 6-12 years old with a weight limit of 45 kg. 30 minutes of skiing costs 500-650p depending on the model. Segway at 1200p per hour.

You can also rent football and basketballs, flying saucers and a badminton set.

Where to go nearby

Rainbow Zoo is located in a park a 10-minute walk away. Ticket price on weekdays for adults 300r, for children 250r. On weekends, 50p more expensive. Here you can pet and feed animals, so the zoo is called “contact”. For food, special cups with food corresponding to the type of animal are issued. Donkey, rabbits, squirrels, cats, raccoons, peacocks. There are also goats, ponies and the Yakut goby Gavryusha. Children love this place. In the gazebo you can drink hot tea.

The Museum of Vintage Cars is located in the park next to the zoo. Entrance – 150р, small children – free of charge. In the large hangar there are many interesting models of military retro equipment, Soviet and foreign cars. All the exhibits are “licked and shining. Allowed to be photographed on their background.

The temple in honor of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God is located across the street from the park. The church has a very beautiful architecture, for which it was popularly called the “white bride”. Open to the public from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can order demands, worship icons, buy products in the icon shop.