Country Club Tapiola Vyborg. Pearl of the Karelian Isthmus

Country Club Hotel “Tapiola” is located on a lake among coniferous forests, 20 km from Vyborg. This camp site offers for rent cozy houses and rooms with a large selection of entertainment and outdoor activities. It offers a swimming pool and spa, restaurant and barbecue facilities, swimming and boating, cycling and hiking. In addition to this, there are excellent baths, a children’s club and playgrounds, equipment rental and a protected area. The place is ideal for celebrations, weekend trips, picnics and fishing. Prices are average, but there are discounts and options on how to save on vacation.


Cottages and rooms

In the building where the pool is located, you can rent rooms of varying degrees of equipment. The price includes breakfast, access to the swimming pool and saunas from 8 to 12. Free Wi-Fi, parking, a children’s club, a cinema, a pontoon and other non-paid locations are also available. Children under three years stay with their parents free of charge without a separate bed.

Standard room for two people has an area of 27 m2 and costs 4900r – from Sunday to Thursday, 5950r – Friday and Saturday. The room has a double or two single beds and plasma with smart TV. All necessary furniture, tea set and water, kettle, hair dryer and cosmetics. There is no kitchen or dining area. View of the forest and the lake. Beautifully decorated combined toilet with shower.

Standard plus a little more (35 m2) and costs 5450r/6850r. The room can accommodate 3 people with a surcharge of 800-1000r for a rollaway bed. Air conditioning, a mini fridge and separate access to the shared terrace are added.

Standard Superior is a two-room suite with an area of 35-45 m2. A living room with a double sofa bed is added. Price from 6450r/7750r. Up to four people can stay. There are rooms with lake and forest views.

Cottage “Ozerny” is actually half of a house made of larch with an area of 86 m2, designed to accommodate 4-6 people. On the ground floor there is a living room with a double sofa and underfloor heating, a kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony with a beautiful view of the lake. Second floor: two bedrooms, bathroom and balcony. Wood trim, quite cozy. The kitchen has a stove, refrigerator, microwave; in the yard there is a convenient barbecue, when booking breakfasts can be excluded and decently saved. Rest four costs 11800r/14800r per day. Additional person 1000r/1500r.

There are other cottages more expensive:

  • “Hut”– a full house of 130 m2 cost from 13900r/17800r. Accommodates 4-6 guests. It is located in a coniferous forest 70 meters from the lake, which makes it a more private and secluded housing. A dishwasher with tablets and a fireplace are added to the equipment. The space is larger, the rooms are more spacious, the bedrooms have panoramic windows and views of the forest. Under the canopy there is a comfortable built-in barbecue and a large table with benches. Guests park at the house.
  • “Russian House”– the most beautiful and expensive cottage with an area of 185 m2, accommodated up to 7 guests. To the equipment is added a Russian stove with a couch, a terrace with furniture and a small gazebo with barbecue. The space of the house is tastefully furnished, furniture and interior in a modern Russian style. Price from 15950r/20800r.

The total cost depends on various factors: the number of guests and days of stay, the time of year, the days of the week and the availability of discounts. There are privileges and discounts for birthdays, newlyweds, pensioners and those living from three days. In general, the more guests, the cheaper you can relax by renting a cottage and bringing food with you.

Swimming pool & spa

The center of attraction inTapiolais a large indoor swimming pool that corresponds to the level of five-star hotels. It is very beautiful here: tropical plants around the perimeter and inside the bowl create the effect of a jungle. Panoramic windows overlook the trees, on a sunny day the whole complex looks like paradise.

The pool is equipped with a countercurrent – a pump that drives water in a circle. In the pool bowl there are 8 types of hydromassage. Here’s how guests comment on it in the reviews:

“chic large swimming pool, besides it there is a small one for my one-year-old baby”, “the spa complex is at a height, I liked it very much”, “we often relax in the pool, sometimes we rent a house, the impressions are good, the service is at the level”.

During the day, pleasant music plays, cocktails and drinks are sold, in the evenings they turn on beautiful lighting. In general, mentally and thought out to the smallest detail!

There is also a Finnish sauna, hammam, ice font and pouring bucket. Well, after warming up in the sauna, dive into the cool pool, and then order tea with herbs or your favorite cocktail. This is an excellent means of dealing with urban stress.

Massage and SPA-menu

The spa room provides a considerable set of procedures here. A female specialist conducts them by appointment and owns massage techniques for both adults and children. General body massage costs 2500r per session of 1.5 hours. Children – 1500r for 1 hour. There are other types of massage: face, foot, back, “honey”. Also a variety of variations of peeling services, fitoboch, wraps.

Russian sauna on firewood

In “Tapiola” there is a convenient and inexpensive bath in which you can have a great time. In fact, there are two bath complexes – “in white” and “in black”. Each of them is a separate log house on the shore with bridges and stairs for swimming in the clear water of the lake. The log house has a steam room, a washroom and a large recreation room overlooking the lake, a massive stove and a large wooden table, which is usually used as a place for a feast. Serving dishes from the restaurant can be ordered by a certain time.

The cost of admission includes hats, sheets, towels and an oak broom. Also as a compliment from the institution relies on kvass, fruit drink, honey and drying. Bath “white” can accommodate from 4 to 10 people. Price for 4 hours for 4 people – 7500р. Each additional hour – 1500r, and the guest – 650r. Thus, rest in the bath with a company of 10 people for 6 hours will cost 14400r. Bath “in black” has the same prices, but can accommodate up to 8 people.

Ivan Slavnenko writes a review: “a good base, delicious cooking, especially liked the bath on the shore of the lake. Excellent steam room – steamed from the heart. The steam is light, the brooms are of high quality, the price includes fruit drinks, kvass, compote. From the bath to the lake – spit, cool down and back. The place is beautiful, the eyes rest. The price tag is not cheap.”

Meals & Restaurant

The buffet has a good selection of dishes for three stars. The first thing to note is fresh bread and pastries from a local bakery. There are pancakes with condensed alcohol, jam and sour cream. Tea, coffee, fruit drink, yogurt, juices. For lovers of healthy eating – rice with steamed vegetables and fresh vegetables. An omelette with fillers always looks tempting. Toast with herring, cheese, ham, sausages. And of course, a variety of cereals. A hearty breakfast complements the scenic view from the panoramic windows.

The chef of the restaurant “Tapiola” prepares culinary delights in the style of “fusion cuisine”. This term denotes a combination of different cuisines and cooking traditions, a kind of restaurant mix.

The menu is small, but there is a lot to choose from. Guests in the reviews write about the local cuisine: “good food in the restaurant, I advise you to try the local kvass”, “had a great lunch, pleased with the steak mignon with grilled vegetables”, “salads were juicy”, etc.

For 1000r you can order soup + second + coffee. For example, borscht (290p) + pasta carbonara (420p) and cappuccino (180p). Total 890r. There are of course more expensive dishes from exotic or rare ingredients.

The branded offer of this place is freshly caught trout from the cage on the lake. The cook will soak it in a marinade with herbs and horseradish, and then smoke in hot smoke. Or bake in the oven with salt and lemongrass. Very tasty, but costs 1650r per kg.

Full board for the day has a price of 850r and includes lunch + dinner. Half board – 500r for lunch or dinner. But the service is available only for those who live at least 7 days. However, you can always cook something on the grill or in the house, if a visit to the restaurant hurts the budget.

The restaurant room is spacious, with a high ceiling and panoramic windows overlooking the lake. In winter, the fireplace is drowned here, in the evenings beautiful sunsets, in the mornings the sun bakes and invigorates, if the weather is not hoar.

Entertainment & Activities

The cinema hall is a large room with armchairs, where on the big screen you can enjoy movies, TV series or cartoons from Netflix – a service that allows you to watch award-winning films. Snacks and drinks are available. From 10 to 18 cinema is open for children, from 18 to 23 for adults. A visit is already included in the price.

In the snowy and frosty winter, an ice rink is poured on the lake, and a ski track is laid in the forest. Skates and skis can be rented – 200r per hour. The same is the cost of a windmade. Also in winter, you can fish on the lake, if the thickness of the ice allows. Renting a winter fishing rod costs 200r per hour, but experienced fishermen bring belongings and ammunition with them. In the lake “Big Forest” is caught: pike, perch, burring, ruff, bream, roach, redfish, gustera, yaz and rarely eel.

In summer, there is much more entertainment:

The common barbecue is often busy. There are many benches and one gazebo around it. For frying kebabs it is better to bring from the city a disposable barbecue, coal, ignition, skewers. Then you can choose any place to relax. Additional coal and other supplies are sold at the reception.

Swim in the lake from a comfortable wooden pontoon, in which ladders are arranged to enter and exit the water.

Boats with oars and catamarans cost 200r/hour for residents and 350r/hour for other guests. The length of the lake is 6 km, on the opposite shore there is a mountain that you can climb and admire the beautiful panorama of the Karelian Isthmus. There you can also organize a picnic with kebabs, provided that all the garbage is collected in a bag and taken back. It is also convenient to fish from the boat.

In the spruce forest nearby there is a platform with a horizontal bar and simulators on which you can shake the muscle relief.

Bicycles for rent here are of three categories: children’s, teenage and adult. The cost of 50, 100 and 150p per hour.

Other entertainment:table tennis and badminton for 100r per hour of play. Sappboards – 1000r for 1.5 hours. Playground and ball for football and volleyball – free of charge.

Recreational opportunities for children

A whole wooden town was built here for children. There is a house among the trees with a slide, ladder and swings. Kids run and climb these buildings in dry weather. There is a trampoline, cars and runners. And in winter, my favorite pastime is riding on a cotton candy from the slide.

There is also a children’s corner in the restaurant and a separate playroom with lots of games. From the filling of the children’s club: table football, coloring books, toys, DVD with cartoons and movies, air hockey – 50p per token.

Irina S. writes a review: “Rested with 2 children. In the evening we walked around the territory, tried all the playgrounds. Then we rented a boat and met the sunset on the lake. We had dinner in the restaurant – special thanks for the children’s corner with a bizyboard and stunning views from the window. In the morning an early swim in the pool, then breakfast and again the pool. Then there is the ride to Iloranta with a stop at thunderstone and eating blueberries from the fields. Rested mentally!”

Excursions and attractions

The main attraction is the fabulous beauty of nature, centuries-old pines and spruces, a lake, a mountain. Walks in the fresh air can be planned along already developed routes to the “place of power”, “Thunder-stone”, etc.

Importantly! In this place it is strictly forbidden to rest with animals. The hotel administration threatens eviction to those who secretly smuggled a dog or cat and have already had unpleasant incidents.


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