Cottage ECO village Alpine Valley Malorechenskoye Crimea

In the village of Malorechenskoye, 25 km from Alushta, there is a unique eco-hotel “Alpine Valley”. It is built in the format of a cottage village, and its landscape and interiors resemble an alpine village. In addition to neat two- and three-storey houses, there is an alpine slide, a decorative pond, decorative elements from peasant life. During the construction and design of the hotel, natural materials were used – wood, stone, textiles. There is an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. Here come those who are tired of the bustle of the city, noise and dust. In this place there are sea and mountains, salty and slightly rarefied air are combined. This place is created to strengthen or restore health.

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Location and history

The hotel was built in 2013. The owners specially chose the quiet village of Malorechenskoyeto create unique conditions for peace and prevention of health. The place has been inhabited by people since time immemorial. Archaeologists have found here the remains of a Settlement of the Neolithic era. Indigenous peoples were constantly changing, everyone from the Cimmerians to the Krymchaks visited here. In Russian history, the settlement is known to the imperial official, a member of the commission on the dispute over lands in the Crimea P.A. Sumarokov. He not only described in detail the former estate of Kuchuk-Uzen, where the village is now located, but also attached to it illustrations made by the French artist Athanasius de Paldo.

Pay attention! With the history of the village will help to get acquainted with the staff of the excursion bureau of the “Alpine Valley”.

The concept of the hotel incorporates the traditions of both sea and mountain resorts. In addition to environmentally friendly materials used in the construction of cottages, everything here is aimed at recovery, including nutrition and unique techniques developed by medical specialists of the complex. Guests do not have to look for a place under the sun on the coast. The hotel has its own grounds on a pebble beach. A private beach is 500 metres away.

To the delight of many guests here are received with animals. It is necessary to warn the administrator about pets in advance. The service may be paid. ECO-hotels are in great demand among guests from European countries, so the staff speaks several languages. The service is provided in Russian, English and French.

Free parking is available on site. For car travelers, this is a real find. You can stop for a few days without thinking about the safety of your car. ECO-complex is located on the highway Sudak-Alushta. For those arriving at the railway station or airport of Simferopol it is recommended to book a transfer. If there is a desire to ride on public transport, then by bus following the route “Simferopol – Rybachye” to go to the village. Malorechenskoye (ost. “Bus Station”), then walk a little.

“Good location, great air, good accommodation. When choosing this place to relax, it should be noted that the sea will have to go down the hill. Climbing, of course, is more difficult. If this year they hire competent staff in the kitchen, then there will be no problems with ordering food. So far, three. Otherwise, I want to especially note, first-class wellness service. Excellent programs, beautiful views, pleasant rooms in all respects» Elena, Russia

Room stock

The number of rooms is 56 rooms of different comfort levels. Among the common characteristics it is worth noting the wooden finish and furniture, the complete absence of plastic, natural textiles. Each room has air conditioning, safe, TV, telephone. Free Wi-Fi access is available. During the day, you can order food and drinks in the room (room service is paid). All rooms are spacious enough that you can ask for an extra bed for a child. The bathroom is equipped with a shower.

The following types of rooms are available for guests’ stay:

  1. Standard (19 sq. m) – one-room rooms of this category make up the main fund of the complex. They are suitable for two or three people or a couple with one child. Space and light are enough to feel comfortable in the room. When booking, you should take into account that there are two beds, not one double bed. The windows overlook the inner courtyard of the village.
  2. Superior standard (25 sq. m)- one-room suites are located on the first floors of separate cottages. The area of the room is designed to accommodate 2-4 people. Features a private balcony. It has summer furniture. It overlooks the patio and garden.
  3. Suite (60 sq. m) – two-room duplex rooms are located in those parts of the cottage where there is an attic. It just has a master bedroom with a large bed. A wooden staircase leads down. The living room is visually divided into a dining and a seating area. A couch is installed, which can serve as an extra bed. Features a balcony with sea and mountain views.
  4. Apartments (70 sq. m. ) – triple duplex rooms with an equipped kitchenette and the ability to accommodate a company of up to 6 people. The balcony is equipped with furniture and a clothes dryer. The equipment includes a microwave, kettle, kitchenette, dining table.

Duplex rooms are in demand not only among companies or families with children. They often stop newlyweds celebrating a wedding or honeymoon. The hotel’s event team organises family celebrations with an outdoor marriage registration ceremony in the fabulous atmosphere of an alpine village.

Meals and restaurants

ECO village is part of a single group of hotels together with the complex “Camelot” and “Villa Argo”. Each territory has its own advantages, providing guests to visit certain objects. This also applies to restaurants. In the “Alpine Valley” there is a café for 60 seats. Guests are offered three meal packages:

  • included in the price of breakfast on the set menu;
  • half board (breakfast + dinner);
  • full board (three meals a day).

The dining room of the café is made of wood and stone. The chef specialises in Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. Recently, the menu has been complemented by traditional dishes of the Black Sea coast. They complement the range and are very popular with visitors who are accustomed to homemade food.

Important! When booking, one of the proposed packages is selected and its cost is included in the total amount for the stay at the hotel. It will be difficult to replace or abandon it.

Near the cottage village is a three-star hotel “Camelot” with the restaurant of the same day. Its interior is made in the style of the refectory of a medieval castle, and the menu features dishes of European cuisine. People come here not only to eat, but also to sit by the pool with turquoise water, holding a glass of cocktail in their hands. Beautiful, convenient, very comfortable, especially at lunchtime.

Party-café “Courage” is ideal for evening rest. It’s a whole ship filled with music and entertainment. In the menu, in addition to dishes of European cuisine, there are kebabs, fish and grilled vegetables. The dining area is located on decks 1 and 2. On the third – a zone for sunbathing, and there are also a lot of entertainment facilities, which are just below. In the afternoon, a fast food line opens for those who relax on the beach.

Leisure and entertainment

In the cottage village “Alpine Valley” you can combine a pleasant stay with useful procedures for health. For this purpose, the medical staff of the complex develops or uses ready-made unique health programs. For example, the method of Professor I.P. is used here. Neumyvakina. It is aimed at cleansing the body of slagging. A well-known Soviet scientist believed that there are no incurable diseases. If the gastrointestinal tract works correctly, then there will be no problems in other body systems.

“We came to the “Alpine Valley” for only 10 days, but we were so carried away by the transformation of the body according to the Method of Neumivakin that we extended the stay until the end of the vacation. If you decide to arrange a reset for your body, completely cleanse yourself of toxins and recharge with positive energy, then you need to go only here. The staff is a miracle, competent specialists who know their business» Svetlana, Russia

The hotel also offers comprehensive SPA treatments. Sauna, Turkish bath, massage and cosmetology are paid separately.

Table tennis tables, barbecue areas (facilities available for rent) and bicycle rental are available on site. Upon prior request, you can take a car or book a transfer to the entertainment centers of Alushta.

The main entertainment area of Malorechensky is the Embankment. It was completely reconstructed in 2018. The peculiarity lies in the fact that from the places from where wonderful views of the sea open, snack bars, cheburechnye, tattoo parlors and other mobile objects, for which the embankment of the same Alushta is so famous, were completely removed. By order of the authorities of Malorechensky, with the support of local business, all illegal buildings were demolished. The coastal area is completely cleared of pollution, and here – before the eyes of vacationers appears a clean, well-groomed village area of cultural recreation.

It’s really very beautiful. You can feel the skillful hands of landscape designers, it is clear that considerable funds have been invested. For palm trees, special flower beds are broken, the alley is tiled, wooden benches and new lanterns are installed. The main entertainment object is the party-café “Courage”. The owners call it an attractive center. It really is. It is built in the form of a large ship, where on each deck vacationers expect different entertainment.

Every evening there are incendiary discos, interesting theme parties, musicians, animators and DJs. Billiards and bowling are open. On the third deck there is a VIP beach, and near the sea there is a landscaped beach area with sun loungers and umbrellas.

Beaches & Pools

The nearest swimming pool, which can be visited by guests of the eco-village, is located in the hotel “Camelot”. The service is paid. Towels can be taken from the “Alpine Valley”. The hotel has a private beach area by the sea. Go down to it for 4-5 minutes. Here for guests there are sun loungers, canopies, nearby there is a café-party “Courage” with a fast food line and an entertainment area.

Recreational opportunities for children

The hotel accepts children of all ages. Toddlers up to 3 years old are provided with cots. a child under 6 years old can stay with his parents free of charge, if he does not need a separate bed and meals. In the hotel “Camelot” there is a children’s club “Razvivaika”, in the pool there is a shallow department. On the territory of the cottage village there is an outdoor playground. Babysitting services can be provided upon prior request (extra charge).

The café for young guests provides high chairs, colorful plates, small cutlery and a large assortment of goodies from the chef. Among the favorite children’s dishes are mini-pizza, burgers, ice cream, cake, cookies, etc. On the territory of “Camelot” there is a specialized children’s café “Argosha”. In it, even the most stubborn child will find for himself what to eat.

Excursions and attractions nearby

The main attraction of the village is the Temple-lighthouse named after Nicholas the Wonderworker. On its basis, in the basement, the only Museum of Marine Disasters on the coast is organized. The design of the hall is more like the deck of a sunken ship. On an area of 600 square meters. m there are more than 500 exhibits telling about the tragic events that occurred in the local Black Sea waters.

The hotel’s tour desk can arrange:

  • bus excursions in the South Coast;
  • sea and horseback riding;
  • jeeping in the mountains.


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In the cottage eco-village “Alpine Valley” come, first of all, people who want to visit the Center for Health Medicine of Professor Neumyvakin, as well as lovers of a healthy lifestyle, healthy food and a calm atmosphere.