Coral Beach Hotel, Hurghada, Egypt – a corner of paradise for divers

Choosing a tour to Egypt is difficult. It all depends on the purpose and the intended entertainment. Golden beach strips stretch for more than 1.5 km., There is a separate beach area for nudists.

If, in addition to the beach rookery, you are interested in underwater excursions, walks through the sea by boat or sail, acquaintance with underwater flora and fauna, then Hurghada Coral Beach Hotel is an ideal option. Coral reefs, located at a short distance from the coast, attract diving masters from all over the world.

Location / Infrastructure

The hotel complex is a scattering of free-standing comfortable bungalows with a separate entrance. The vast territory is planted with plants – exotics, which are brought from different parts of the world. In between dives, you can visit the modern city center of Hurghada, where you can bargain in the oriental bazaar.

Removed from the airport for 14-15 km. “Coral Beach”completes the ensemble of hotels south of Hurghada. Upon arrival, the shuttle service will take you to the hotel in less than half an hour. The ancient capital is less than 25 km away. This is an ideal option for a holiday with your family or in a friendly company.

Near the shore are scattered cozy bungalows, surrounded by abundant vegetation, protecting from the sizzling heat of the day. The total area of the territorial expanse is almost 1 hectare, there is where to roam. More than 270 isolated rooms with high-quality noise insulation have been prepared for settlement. It offers the services of:

  • indoor and outdoor pools;
  • darts courts, archery;
  • tennis tables and courts;
  • beach volleyball area;
  • wellness – spa;
  • water aerobics, bath, hammam;
  • diving club;
  • equestrian club;
  • clubs and playgrounds for children, animators;
  • mini-football field;
  • buggy for movement on the territory.

A variety of dishes, different cuisines of the world offer five restaurants and three bars in which you can satisfy the need for culinary delights. For children there is a hypoallergenic menu, dairy dishes, a variety of delicacies.

In the evenings, disco evenings are held in the outdoor area in front of the pool. The beach area stretches for 1.5-2 km. along the surf line, where all the conditions for a carefree rest from the hustle and bustle are created.

Beaches / Pools

The sea beaches in this part are amazing. The snow-white sand extends as far as the eye can see. The width of the beaches is sufficient to choose a convenient location in the shade or for sunbathing. Gentle descent into clear water gives a feeling of weightlessness. In free access sun beds and sun loungers, umbrellas and awnings from the sun, beach towels are issued subject to deposit.

Separately from the main beach area there is a hut-equipped area for nudist holiday enthusiasts. For those who like snorkeling there is a pontoon from which it is convenient and safe to dive. When diving, a feeling of reality substitution is created, the underwater world of the Red Sea is so beautiful. Sandy coves give a special charm to the coastal zone.

On rare cloudy days, adults and children can use the pools. The main outdoor pool has a swimming area, water aerobics classes, a shallow place for children. The second indoor pool awaits visitors around the clock. Along their perimeter there are sun loungers, if necessary, there are canopies from the sun.

Maria, Saratov: “We went with my husband specifically to dive. Guys, that’s great! It’s so well thought out. I did not dare to scuba dive, it is very convenient to jump from the pier. Amazing fish and thickets of corals. Sunbathing went to a small island, access to which for local merchants was stopped due to rising water levels. The main beach area is equipped taking into account all wishes. Rest satisfied, it is the best place for boat trips and excursions under water.”

Hotel Rooms

All rooms are located in bungalows, with a minimum number of neighbors, this eliminates interference in the form of noisy companies. Each living room has an individual air conditioning system, a small terrace with seascape or views of exotic gardens.

Mandatory own shower room with all accessories, towel set, electric baths. The living room has a safe deposit box and a satellite TV with LCD TV.

The wide beds are equipped with a variety of pillows. In the hallway there is a sofa bed, a refrigerator, a set of dishes. All cabinets are equipped with the required number of trempels.

Nadezhda, Yeysk: “The idea of a buggy plying the territory is great. I went on vacation with my elderly mother. So that she did not get tired of her being carried by cars. The staff responded to all requests with understanding. On cloudy days, at our request, we were delivered meals to the bungalows. On the bed orthopedic mattresses, a wide selection of pillows. Every morning they bring 1.5 liters of water bottles for each. It is very right that there are thick curtains, thanks to which you can sleep as much as you want. Very cozy wicker furniture on the terrace. Very decent conditions of rest and accommodation.”


The principle of serving dishes is Swedish according to the system that includes everything. It offers visitors several restaurants of cafes and bars:

  • the main restaurant “Mermaid”;
  • for an additional payment “A la Carte”;
  • Italian restaurant “Andiamo”;
  • oriental restaurant “El Falaha”;
  • sea restaurant “Atlantis”;
  • blue moon bar;
  • beach bar;
  • disco bar “Lamira”

The restaurants serve main meals, including Oriental and European cuisine. By seven in the morning, breakfast is ready, among other things, many options for cereals, milk and curd dishes for kids. Fresh fruits, vegetables, yogurts omelets, slices of sausages and cheeses.

At lunch meals, a wide variety of first and meat dishes. On Fridays, the local pastry shop offers an incredible amount of oriental sweets.

In the pool bars, in the beach area you will be offered a variety of drinks of local and foreign manufacturers, low-alcohol drinks, the widest range of beer. There is a special children’s café on the territory. Seasonal vegetables, fruits and berry mixtures are always abundant.


The unsurpassed beach area is sometimes tiring, then a lot of additional entertainment comes to the rescue, which can interest both adults and children.

To services of the younger generation of entertainment clubs, playgrounds, the area of one of the pools animation shows. To help parents will come animators who are able to captivate children of different ages. The older generation will like entertainment of a different orientation:

  • archery targets;
  • parachuting;
  • tennis tables and courts;
  • wind and kitesurfing services;
  • saunas and baths;
  • wellness area;
  • courts for basketball, volleyball battles;
  • horse riding;
  • fitness, water aerobics;
  • diving club;
  • evening disco events.

In the lobby of the main building you can buy a tourist tour of the sights of historical and cultural orientation. In the main pool, competitive events for all age categories are held daily.

Love, Volgograd: “I chose a place based on the needs of children. I didn’t regret it. Such a number of entertainment for the baby I have not met anywhere. Girls – animators with enthusiasm and shine in the eyes play with the kids. Dishes with all kinds of delicacies and fresh pastries delight young people and parents. After dinner, the area by the main pool turns into a disco area, where foam parties, contests and karaoke are held. Everything is on top!”

Quality of service

Upon arrival at Hurghada Coral Beach Hotel, you will be surprised by a warm welcome in compliance with all the traditions of oriental hospitality. From the airport to the hotel you will be taken by a comfortable bus. All the time you will be assisted by guides, animation team, fitness instructors.

The living quarters are cleaned daily with the replacement of bed sets and towel sets. Every day in the room update the supply of drinking water.

For an additional fee, it is possible to deliver orders from restaurants and bars. Parking and car rental are available. Electro-buggies run through the territory, for guests from the most remote bungalows. Internet access is available at an additional cost.

If necessary, a team of professionals will help to organize mass events of a solemn and business nature in one of the banquet or conference halls. Upon departure, a travel food set will be carefully collected for you.

Pricing policy / Booking

Before departure, the hotel recommends that you book your accommodation in advance. Daily accommodation will cost $ 125 per person.

Alina Abramova

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