Comfortable Timo Resort Hotel 5* Turkey, Alanya – An amazing place where every tourist should visit

Timo Resort Hotel 5 * – a place where it is pleasant to visit, and then remember not ashamed. Lovers of outdoor activities can fully enjoy extreme entertainment, and seekers of peace and tranquility will fully receive everything for which the oceans fly and cross the continents. Here you can get acquainted with the eastern culture, taste Turkish sweets, plunge into the world of relaxation and beauty and just soak up the gentle rays of the sun. Hurry up to learn about all the features of this tourist center, and feel free to book tickets. The rest will be unforgettable!

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About hotel

As for the location, some tourists may be confused by the distance from the international airport. The hotel is located 12 kilometers from Alanya, but to return home you will have to cover a distance of 115 kilometers to the plane on which you will go home.

This hotel complex can not be called the “watchman” of the tourist sphere of Turkey. It was built in 2004 and since then its doors are open to thousands of tourists from all over the world. The last major overhaul was carried out in 2014, restoration work affected all buildings and premises, including household and auxiliary structures. The total area of the occupied territory is approximately 13 thousand square meters. Not so much, but enough to provide everything you need for your beloved guests.

Alexandra, Khabarovsk: “When I found out that, despite its high star status, the hotel is on the second coastline, I thought that it was not worth going there and it was advisable to choose another place. But, having decided not to cancel the reservation, in no way regretted his decision. The distance was not critical – just over 100 meters. But every morning I take a great walk, admiring the local beauties and making a plan for the day. “


Whatever budget you have, your stay at timo Resort Hotel 5* will be comfortable and convenient. If you pay attention to the area of the territory, then, for sure, you have already guessed that the number of rooms does not differ in a large number of apartments. Rooms adapted for accommodation of guests, conditionally divided into several categories. The assortment is quite squaring, but is designed for different tourists:

  • 211 standard rooms. They are equipped with high-tech equipment, satellite TV, telephone with international connection, professional air conditioning, mini-bar and safes. Bathrooms are free of charge, from shampoo and soap to a hairdryer and bathrobe. The square footage is 29 square meters.
  • Family apartment. They consist of two spacious bedrooms and a small living room. It can accommodate 4-5 people at once. At the request of the client, employees can install another bed in the room.
  • One royal room. It is now easy to feel like a real royal special – just book a super suite for yourself.
  • Rooms of increased comfort. There are 13 of them. The total area is much larger than in standard versions. Bathrooms are equipped with showers and bathtubs.
  • For people with disabilities, two rooms with wide door openings, low sinks and comfortable handles near the toilet for sitting and maintaining balance are specially created. All furniture stands in such a way that a person with disabilities can move freely indoors.

Konstantin, Taganrog: “I really liked my apartment. I chose a standard room, which had everything you needed: TV, telephone, Internet. I would also like to say about cleanliness. The staff knows their stuff, cleaning is done regularly, bed linen is changed every other day and towels are changed every day. There is no dust even on the cabinets and upper shelves. Very good service.”

How things are with nutrition

Turkey is known to all tourists not only for picturesque landscapes and a large number of resort towns and villages. The cordiality and hospitality of this people knows no bounds. Therefore, as in most tourist centers, guests of Timo Resort Hotel 5* eat on the program “all inclusive”.

The main restaurant, located in the main building, can accommodate 600 people. Tables are located in two spacious halls, as well as some of them are taken out on the terrace. The cozy atmosphere of the institution awakens the appetite and makes the process of food absorption as comfortable as possible.

Those who love to try something new and unusual, the administration offers to visit the restaurant al-carte. It serves Turkish cuisine, as well as grilled meat, vegetables and seafood. There is a pool bar by the pool from early morning until night, serving soft and alcoholic drinks. According to the chosen concept, guests can taste alcohol-containing products of local production. But if you want to taste, for example, French wine, for a glass of your favorite drink will have to pay. The exception in the “all inclusive” program is also ice cream and freshly squeezed juices.

Another bar is located in the lobby. Here the chefs prepare various snacks, desserts, soft cocktails. The bar, located on the beach, offers guests of the Timo Resort Hotel 5 * to enjoy fast food and fresh pastries. There is a disco bar by the pool, which does not close until the night.

Alexander, Krasnoyarsk: “I didn’t like the waiter service. In my two weeks of stay, I was never approached in a restaurant, in fact, the same way as my wife. By the pool there are people who are already tired of constantly being in the open air. They will not lift a finger, even if you have a child crying in your arms and asking for a glass of water. Disgusting attitude towards tourists.”

Infrastructure & Business Solutions

I must say, the hotel is not distinguished by a developed infrastructure, but the guests are not at all confused. They have a large outdoor pool, around which sun loungers and umbrellas are concentrated. Canopies and sun loungers are available free of charge. Visitors note that there are always free seats, which is considered a special chic, because in some institutions people have to get up early to take free sunbeds for themselves and their family members. But for the youngest guests there is a separate pond, decorated according to all the preferences and wishes of children.

The water in the pools changes regularly, cleaning is carried out several times a day. This also applies to sun loungers. The whole area is kept in perfect cleanliness. All amenities and towels are provided free of charge.

The hotel complex often hosts various events, both business and entertainment. Often people come here who have the happiest event in their lives – a wedding, as well as various business conferences and corporate meetings. Especially for these purposes, the so-called business center was built. The conference hall accommodates 200 people and is equipped with the latest technology. Each guest has the opportunity to use the services of animators and professional photographers.

Svetlana, Stavropol: “I really enjoyed the indoor pool. It’s big, there’s no hustle and bustle around it. That is, if on the trip you were caught by bad weather and heavy rains, you do not have to sit in the room and wait for the weather from the sea. The indoor pool has everything to make us, ordinary tourists, feel comfortable and cozy.”

Children’s entertainment

As mentioned earlier, the youngest guests of the Timo Resort Hotel 5 * have at their disposal a private pool. Absolutely for all kids available playground, mini-club and animators. Those whose birthday coincides with their stay in the complex, waiting for a special gift from the administration. In the restaurants there is a children’s menu, in each institution a special high chair is provided.

Evening events are often held on site, designed for adults and adults. Therefore, if you want to visit one of these shows, you can use the services of a nanny. Of course, such services are paid separately, but there is no doubt about the qualifications of specialists. By the way, almost all employees are fluent in several languages, so you will never have problems associated with the communication of the child and the staff.

Konstantin, Nizhnevartovsk: “My child is happy and happy. For two weeks, he communicated with peers, played in a mini-club, swam in the pool and participated in shows that were regularly arranged by animators. He ate fully, did not deny himself anything, especially he loved oriental sweets and pastries. In general, looking at my happy child, I can confidently say that the vacation was productive. “

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It should be noted immediately that the hotel Timo Resort Hotel 5 * leaves tourists only positive impressions, as evidenced by a large number of positive reviews. The general impression is formed at the reception, where the hotel employees work clearly and coherently, responsive to all the requirements and preferences of their guests. The only thing that causes resentment is the lack of lunch boxes, which are usually served at early entry or late check-out.

Also, guests are often satisfied with the work of animators. They tirelessly entertain people from early morning until late at night. After breakfast, residents can attend sports events, water aerobics lessons, participate in team games. Animators offer various competitions, and this happens so unobtrusively that people who want peace and tranquility always remain on the sidelines.

Evening show programs are also very interesting. Incendiary discos, live music, dancing, cocktails and a light show – all this awaits you on hot Turkish nights on the Mediterranean coast. Kids can be left with nannies, for which you will have to pay at a separate rate. In general, everything here is created in order to make the stay of young people as fun as possible.

The only, perhaps, significant disadvantage is a fairly small beach. As mentioned earlier, the complex is located on the second beach line. The total length is not more than fifty meters. But this fact in no way prevents you from enjoying the gentle sea and the scorching sun. All sun loungers, canopies, parasols and other amenities are provided free of charge.