Chic Lyquia World Lynx & Golf Antalya 5*, Turkey – your pass to the world of entertainment and carefree life

Hotel Lykia World & Links Golf Antalya 5 * today is very popular and occupies the top lines in the ratings compiled by tour operators. Tourists from all over the world find peace and tranquility here, and representatives of active youth come here for thrills and adrenaline.

Surprisingly, when writing the article, we found very few negative reviews, almost all guests always enthusiastically describe the period of stay in this complex. And our task today is to convey this mood to you, so that you have an acute desire to take a vacation at work at your own expense and go to sunny Turkey.


General information

Now the concepts of “luxury vacation” and “five-star hotel Lykia World & Links Golf Antalya 5″are closely related and inseparable from each other. What is only the surrounding nature, which guests can see. Here and boundless sea expanses, and sharp peaks of the Taurus Mountains, and picturesque gardens with exotic flowers and huge palm trees.

Just imagine, the entire hotel was completely rebuilt and opened to visitors in 2008, but the restoration was carried out in 2013. What does that mean? This indicates the constant desire of the management to improve the level of service and please their customers. It occupies a huge area of 1 million square meters by local standards and has its own golf courses, which no institution of this type in Belek and its suburbs can boast of. By the way, here you have the opportunity not only to swim in the Mediterranean Sea, but also to relax on the banks of the Köprüčay River.

Angelina, Nikolaev: “I always like to relax here. The staff is very friendly, good-natured, always comes to the rescue in difficult moments and does everything possible to make guests feel at home.”

Room stock

Customers coming here are often delighted with the rooms that have been booked by them in advance. On request, they can be accommodated in:

  • Standard rooms with private balconies, large beds and comfortable bathrooms. Here you will find a dressing table, a huge mirror, a wardrobe, bedside tables and a cozy sofa for relaxation.
  • Rooms with access to a private pool. They are not much different from the previous option, the only advantage is a separate terrace on which you can sunbathe and sunbathe.
  • Family apartments consist of two bedrooms, in one room according to the planned layout the spouses rest, and in a smaller room there are two single beds for children. The presence of two bathrooms allows you to freely use the showers and not wait for a long time for your turn.
  • Two-storey luxury rooms, on the first level of which there is a living room, and on the second – a dressing room and two bedrooms.
  • Junior Suites – luxurious rooms with sea or mountain views. There is beautiful furniture and installed chic appliances.
  • The Presidential Suite features a private swimming pool surrounded by soft sofas and decorative pillows. In a huge bathroom there is a Jacuzzi, in the bedroom – two panoramic windows.
  • Rooms with private hammam. They are equipped according to the latest trends and have private access to the pond and dining area.

Tatiana, Kirov: “Came here in high season and was surprised by the quality of room service. Cleaning was carried out every day with special diligence, bed linen and towels were always clean. The atmosphere in my room is chic, the design is thought out to the smallest detail, everything is cozy and neat. There are no complaints about the service.”


For all guests of the hotel complex, a whole range of services has been developed that are provided by the administration. These include:

  • Use of conference rooms with a capacity of up to 500 people for celebrations or business events.
  • Dining room with rich buffet. You also have the opportunity to order food once a week in establishments such as “least-carte” and make light snacks during the day in bars and cafes. Staff offer everyone to try soft drinks and exotic cocktails, as well as alcohol and alcohol-containing products of local production.
  • Four swimming pools, one of which is built under the roof of the spa. There is also a pond designed specifically for children with slides and water attractions. Rescuers are constantly on duty near it, who always conduct briefing in order to minimize accidents and injuries.
  • In the beauty salon you can do a haircut, styling, hair dyeing, visit a massage room (for this you will need to pay in cash), a steam room, a sauna, a hammam.
  • Private area of the coast with a soft entrance to the sea, sunbeds, umbrellas, showers and toilets, as well as special cabanas for changing clothes. For customers of the hotel there is a number of entertainments, among which there is boating, yachting, fishing, diving, riding jet skis and water skiing. Of course, for all of the above services will have to pay in currency. Near the reception, by the way, there is an exchange point.
  • You can order the services of a professional photographer who will prepare for you memories that will be stored in the family archive for many years.
  • On the territory of the hotel complex there is a riding school.
  • Adherents of an active lifestyle will be surprised by the presence of high-tech simulators in the fitness room and a huge number of playgrounds equipped for playing football, volleyball, golf, basketball, tennis.
  • In the lobby there is a room for billiards, video games, darts, chess tables, there is a small library.
  • Guests have free access to wireless Internet.
  • In the evenings, various entertainment events are held here, live music sounds, experienced animators work with guests.
  • Laundry will provide a full range of services for cleaning, washing and ironing things, but, unfortunately, they are not included in the free price list.
  • Car rental and round-the-clock guarded parking. People often come here by private transport, and such guests are offered a parking space, which is assigned and retained by the client until his eviction.
  • A large number of excursion tours.
  • Convenient transfer to Antalya airport.
  • An incredible number of shops, souvenir shops and other points of sale of sports supplies, swimwear, glasses, clothes and shoes.

Ksenia, Khabarovsk: “I really enjoyed going to the beach. I was impressed by the size of the private part of the coast – its length is about 2.5 kilometers. Here you can observe the behavior of turtles – they settled here a long time ago and delight guests with their presence. There are a lot of sunbeds, there is no need to get up very early to take a place. There are nice people working in the bar.”

A little about the disadvantages

It should be noted that after all in the work of the staff of the hotel Lykia World & Links Golf Antalya 5 * there are some flaws, and some moments in the design and arrangement of the premises leave much to be desired. This is evidenced by the mention of these facts in the reviews of customers of this tourist complex. Below is a list of shortcomings that I would like to eliminate:

  • Not the best quality of housekeeping. There are also complaints that the terraces are often not swept.
  • Repairs were made not so long ago, but already in some apartments the wallpaper is peeled off and the tiles fall off.
  • Many tourists note the pollution of the beach. It is literally sprinkled with cigarette butts, bottles, household garbage. Recently, the situation has begun to change for the better.
  • In the children’s menu there are dishes in which a lot of pepper or other spices are added.
  • The distance to the nearest city is more than 30 kilometers, which is very inconvenient. This was taken advantage of by the administration, setting space prices in stores and shops, which, by the way, there are not so many here.
  • In standard rooms, sometimes you can face one unpleasant moment: due to the lack of double beds, the staff simply shifts two and a half, which, of course, not all guests like.
  • There is no pallet in the shower. Water drains into a hole in the floor, and this process is very slow.
  • The floor is very slippery, you can not stand on it barefoot, otherwise there is a high risk of slipping.
  • Not all guests are delighted with the design. For some unknown reason, the partitions in the bathroom are made of transparent glass, so you can retire only if you lower the blinds.
  • Air conditioning can not be turned on at any convenient time, they work on schedule, the rooms are very hot and stuffy most of the day. This is especially acute at night, when most guests can not close their eyes from the fact that they feel uncomfortable in high temperatures.
  • There are very few tall trees in the courtyard, under the shade of which you can hide from the scorching sun. Elderly guests consider this a big disadvantage and ask the administration to somehow solve this issue by installing benches with awnings.
  • The pools have very few sunbeds, you have to get up early to take the desired sun lounger for yourself and your family members.
  • The main restaurant lacks tables.

Overall impression

Reviews of customers of the hotel complex Lykia World & Links Golf Antalya 5 * are always positive and they are not confused by the presence of small shortcomings. Guests are satisfied with the food, replete with delicacies, meat, fruits and desserts. Alcoholic beverages do not dilute and do not regret, always orders fully meet the stated requirements.

Having conducted an in-depth analysis of reviews, we can conclude that here tourists feel absolutely comfortable, have fun to the fullest and get maximum pleasure and positive emotions from the vacation. We are sure that you will not regret the trip.