Chic Lake & Reive Side Hotel SPA 5* Turkey, Side — Reviews, description, advantages, full review

Lake & River Side Hotel Spa 5 *,reviews of which always have an exceptionally positive color, is located in one of the warmest and sunniest areas of Turkey. In addition, a large number of objects of cultural heritage of Turkey are concentrated in these places, so lovers of various excursions and connoisseurs of world history often come here. The “range” of entertainment here is quite wide and diverse, which, undoubtedly, is highlighted in their reviews by supporters of an active lifestyle. We offer you to look at this hotel through the eyes of tourists who have already managed to appreciate all the advantages of living in it.

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General information

The luxurious hotel complex,which will be discussed today, is located on the territory of one of the oldest Turkish cities called Side. Many travelers loved this resort region because of its mild climate, picturesque sandy coasts, clear sea and unique landscapes with a rich history.

The hotel is located, perhaps, in the most picturesque part of the region, namely on the banks of the Manavgat River. From here, in fact, comes the name of this tourist complex. From the windows of the buildings, guests can observe the most beautiful landscapes of Lake Titreengel. From the city center it is separated by only seven kilometers. Guests can rent a car and at any free time go on a trip to numerous shopping centers and attractions.

And now information for those who do not know how to get to the hotel. The plane landes in one of the largest port cities of Antalya. The distance to Side is only 75 kilometers, so you can get to the place of deployment by a comfortable bus or car, which is kindly provided by the administration for a certain cost.

Tatiana, Tikhvin: “I really enjoyed my stay in this tourist center. I often went to Side, and even more often to the cozy town of Manavgat. I have rights, so I moved around the region in a rented car. I traveled almost the entire region, was amazed by the local beauties and attractions. “

About design and exterior

Lake & River Side Hotel Spa 5 * was built relatively recently. It first opened its doors to guests from all over the world in 2012. It is not surprising that it is considered one of the most modern and progressive. The total area of the occupied territory is about 25 thousand square meters. The arrangement looks very harmonious and stylish. The “composition” includes not only residential buildings, restaurants and bars, but also infrastructure facilities, as well as large pools with clean heated water of open and closed type. Visitors are offered spacious walking paths, comfortable benches, hidden under the shade of palm trees and, of course, picturesque landscapes. Nearby is a dense coniferous forest, so tourists are waiting for the cleanest air with healing properties.

The courtyards are often full of guests, because on their territory there are charming gardens with various exotic plants. Lawns are always perfectly mowed, because numerous gardeners work them. Against the background of such beauty, you can make multi-family photos, which will then hang in the living room, and remind you of a carefree holiday in a paradise.

Elizaveta, Ekaterinburg: “I was amazed by the local flora and fauna. Eucalyptus thickets perfectly coexist with centuries-old coniferous thickets, and all this against the background of amazing wild flowers, fruit trees and shrubs. Perhaps this is the place where people are ready to spend their old age.”

Arrangement of rooms

As mentioned earlier, the hotel complex Lake & River Side Hotel Spa 5 * has a fairly large area, so the number of rooms is 350 different rooms of varying degrees of comfort. All rooms designed for guests of the resort center are distinguished by spacious and cozy atmosphere. Here are the following categories of apartments:

  • Standard rooms. The square footage is 27 square meters.
  • Family apartment. As you may have guessed, they meet all the requirements that are imposed on children’s premises. Before booking accommodation, notify the property of how many babies will be staying so that they have the right number of cots in the rooms in advance.
  • Superior rooms. They are equipped with private balconies, and the view from the window is striking in its beauty. Up to three people can live here.

No matter which room you choose, the interior arrangement will seem comfortable and homely. Each room has a TV, air conditioning, safe (paid), a large wardrobe for storing personal belongings, a telephone with international access, as well as a mini-bar. Its content is updated every day, however, exclusively at the request of the guests and for a certain fee.

Olesya, Nizhny Novgorod: “I can’t say anything bad about the local apartments. We arrived late at night, the room was very clean, the surfaces literally glittered. All furniture is new, there are no stains and dirt on the upholstery. The staff conducts daily cleaning, towels are changed every day, bed linen – three times a week. The staff is very polite, helpful.”

Food system

Hotel Lake & River Side Hotel Spa 5 * works on the system “all inclusive”. What does that mean? This concept includes the following points: breakfasts, lunches and dinners are provided free of charge, all service takes place in the main restaurant. Bars and cafes are open all day and close after midnight, so you can always enjoy light snacks and drink soft drinks. All locally produced alcoholic beverages are provided free of charge. There is a daily buffet with dishes from around the world, a large number of seafood caught in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as fruits growing in Turkey. In the menu of institutions there is a place for dishes without meat, consisting exclusively of healthy products, as well as food intended for young children.

Those who prefer a full healthy diet can enjoy a variety of dishes of Turkish and international cuisine, steamed or on coals without the addition of oil and other harmful products. Children will surely like local sweets, ice cream and chocolate. One of the bars serves fast food especially for them. By the way, if we talk about the youngest guests of the hotel, for them in each restaurant there are high chairs for feeding.

Evgenia, Tula: “I really liked the setting in the main restaurant. Not to say that the design is made with chic and luxury, but the atmosphere is quite cozy. Tables are cleaned constantly as soon as they are released. I never had a problem with dirty dishes, although I came to breakfast and lunch among the last. In the morning, mainly oatmeal, yogurt, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, various omelets and cereals are served. Everything is delicious!”

By the way, among other things, on the territory of the complex there are three more restaurants “à la carte”: Mexican, Italian and Turkish. They accept guests only if they have made reservations in advance.


It is foolish to say that most tourists come to this country solely to get acquainted with the centuries-old history of Turkey. Of course, the lion’s share makes a trip in order to soak up the chic beaches. Own recreation area for guests is thousands of meters from the main building, it can be reached on foot, but for the convenience of visitors runs a comfortable bus. The private part of the coast is covered with small pebbles, so you should take care of special shoes. The entrance to the sea is safe even for kids, there is a towel center, a bar and a shop for buying beach accessories. Here you can engage in active sports: motorboats, bananas, catamarans, canoes, scuba diving, windsurfing, jet skis, water skiing and much more.

Now for the pools. On the central reservoir there are a large number of sunbeds and sun loungers, which are freely available. Near the pool there are animators who will turn your lazy lying in the sun into an exciting adventure with a lot of different competitions, competitions and team competitions. This will allow not only to have fun, but also to get acquainted with the rest of the guests and guests of the hotel.

Now about children’s entertainment, fortunately, there are a great many of them on the territory of the complex. For its young visitors, the administration has prepared various events with the participation of animators and cartoon characters. If necessary, a cradle or a folding bed will be brought to the apartment and in the evening a highly qualified nanny with extensive experience can sit with the baby, of course, for a fee. They can have breakfast both in the main restaurant and in the local confectionery, where they are served delicious cocoa and fresh pastries.

On the territory of the hotel there is a club of interests for different age groups. Employees of mini-clubs learn all the necessary information, and, based on the preferences of guests, organize leisure activities for the whole day. Also, children are offered a large children’s pool with slides in the shape of an octopus. Although it is extremely difficult to drown in it, since there is a small depth, experienced rescuers are regularly on duty near the water, who conduct daily safety briefings. There are also large water slides in a makeshiet water park, but children ride them only under the close supervision of adult family members or a nanny. In the evenings, little tourists visit the dance floors, where they move a lot to their favorite music, participate in shows and play with each other.

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Maria, Khabarovsk: “My child plunged headlong into rest. Every day he visited the local mini-club, swam in the pool, rode the slides. We learned to play golf and tennis with him, went boating and jet skiing. I loved it. He even easily stayed with the nanny, although before he did not allow us to go to the store in the evening. Apparently, he was very tired, because at ten o’clock in the evening he always slept peacefully in his bed. “

Hotel Lake & River Side Hotel Spa 5 * – an ideal place for those who do not like to overpay and appreciate high service. The level of service here fully justifies the title of the hotel – the five-star category is difficult to win without daily efforts for the common good. Thanks to the daily hard work of the staff, this complex can receive thousands of tourists annually, who, by the way, leave extremely positive reviews about the time spent on the territory of the tourist complex. Having conducted a full analysis, we can confidently say that you can come to this place on vacation, both as a family and noisy friendly companies.