Chic Belleview Dominican Bay 3* Dominican Republic, Boca Chica — Photos, description, reviews of tourists

Hotel Bellevue Dominican Bay 3 * is included in the list of the best complexes of the Dominican Republic in its category. The administration of the center has created all the conditions for vacationers to enjoy every day spent here. We guarantee that you will not be bored, because the institution offers a large number of entertainment and provides everything for active sports. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s dive into the world of amazing adventures with a discussion of the number of rooms and location.

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Where is it?

Does the name Boca Chica tell you anything? This is a cozy little resort town on the sea coast, consisting exclusively of cottages, guesthouses and hotel complexes. There is peace and tranquility. On the cramped, but very beautiful streets there are houses with interesting architecture. Their splendor is emphasized by picturesque beaches, massive shopping centers, outdoor cafes and small bazaars.

Why, you ask, does the Bellevue Dominican Bay 3* hotel have only three stars? Yes, because the hotel is located on the third coastline, which means that its own aqua zone is at a decent distance from the main building. The airport is only ten to twenty minutes from the tourist center, and often the transfer is already included in the price of the voucher. You can get to a large city called Santo Domingo by your own or rented car, taxi or public transport.

What does it look like?

The institution itself occupies a fairly impressive area. All living quarters are located in comfortable cottages (two-three-storey buildings with a good layout). A large swimming pool is built on the courtyard, walking paths are decorated everywhere, terraces and private sunbathing areas are installed. The buildings are bathed in greenery, and vacationers enjoy the beauty of an artificial garden, on the improvement of which dozens of specialists work every day. In general, the hotel resembles an oasis in the desert – everywhere there are flower beds, tall palm trees, shrubs and flowers grow.

Olga, Samara: “I really enjoyed living here. Almost all fourteen days the sun shone here and the warm sea breeze blew. I went to Santo Domingo, bought a lot of gifts, souvenirs, clothes and shoes. It’s safe outside, the locals smile at tourists, everyone behaves kindly.”


Hotel Bellevue Dominican Bay 3 * without exaggeration can be called a tourist center, since it is equipped with 437 rooms in which vacationers can live. Since almost all of them are scattered in small cottages, you will have few neighbors, and the buildings are always quiet and peaceful. Ideal for family holidays with young children. Of course, representatives of active youth can also come here, because there are a huge number of nightclubs, bars and restaurants near the complex.

All rooms, judging by the reviews of travelers, have spacious panoramic windows and durable tiled floors. To eliminate the risk of bruises and falls, soft carpets were placed. Each apartment has a balcony or enclosed terraces. There is always outdoor furniture, so guests can have breakfast outside and enjoy the views of the tropical garden.

Naturally, the rooms have everything you need for a comfortable stay for several weeks. They are connected to the general air conditioning system, in each room there are TVs, telephones and refrigerators. For a small fee, you can use the safe, in which vacationers usually store cash, documents, cards and jewelry.

New plumbing equipment is installed in the bathrooms, water is supplied uninterruptedly. On the dressing table there are always personal hygiene products provided by the hotel administration, bathrobes and towels hang. If you ask, the staff will bring an ironing board, iron, hair dryer. Of course, all vacationing families can count on an additional baby bed.

Vladislava, Tikhvin: “We arrived early in the morning, tired after the flight and hoped to check into the booked room as soon as possible. But at the reception they explained that there was some confusion with the apartments, and we will have to wait. We sat in the lobby for two hours before the administration decided on our registration. When you travel alone, such shortcomings do not bother much, but with a small child in my arms, this time seemed like an eternity to me. Please improve the entry/exit system and then your hotel will be perfect!”


In the hotel Bellevue Dominican Bay 3 * everything is subordinated to the concept of “all inclusive”. According to its rules, the cost of breakfasts, lunches and dinners is already included in the total price of the voucher. Also, guests can count on light snacks and soft drinks throughout the day for free! The main meals are held on the territory of the main restaurant in the format of a “buffet”. By the pool and in three other places there are bars serving locally produced alcohol, juices, water, fast food and pastries.

There are also several al-carte restaurants on site. Visitors are invited to taste dishes of Dominican, Italian and international cuisine. In order to dine in the selected institution, you must leave a preliminary request so that you can reserve a table.

Elizaveta, Moscow: “The local food can not be called diverse, several types of cereals, dairy products and fruits are served for breakfast. Soups are always served for lunch. Meat is not always enough, especially if you come at the very end. Therefore, tourists with money often go to the city, there are always open cafes in which you can eat inexpensively and tasty. “

Beach recreation and entertainment

Just note that its own part of the coast hotel complex Bellevue Dominican Bay 3 * does not have. This means that tourists independently have to look for a place to relax by the sea. But in the resort town there are enough beaches, so few people take this drawback into account when writing reviews. The nearest public area is only three hundred meters from the main building. From it you are separated by a wide path equipped for walking.

The coating here is very soft and consists of fine sand. The entrance to the sea is very convenient, which allows you to swim with small children. Sun beds and umbrellas are installed in the right quantity, but they will have to pay separately. After a few days, you will probably get tired of lying in the sun and sipping soft drinks, then you can use paid services. Especially I want to note the school of scuba diving, where you can not only hire an experienced instructor, but also rent all the necessary equipment. Water skis, catamarans, boats and yachts are available throughout the day. There is also entertainment for avid anglers. We recommend you to pay special attention to diving, because the seabed here is very interesting, many small and large fish swim, there is an opportunity to see coral reefs with your own eyes and observe the life of small underwater inhabitants.

For those who like active sports, there is a windsurfing and parasailing school. This is a very exciting activity that requires a lot of experience and knowledge, so never miss courses and strictly observe safety precautions.

On the beach there are playgrounds for basketball, volleyball, mini-football. There are always changing cabins, showers and a towel pick-up point. The local bar sells exotic cocktails and alcohol, so bring cash before going to the sea. Currency exchange takes place near the reception.

But on the territory of the hotel there is always something to do. As mentioned earlier, a large swimming pool with cool clean water is built in the courtyard. Sun loungers with soft mattresses and sun umbrellas are always freely available.

For lovers of an active lifestyle, an extensive 18-hole golf course is equipped. Tennis courts are located nearby. If it is too hot outside, vacationers play in a specially designated room. There are tables for billiards and table tennis, darts and boccia.

Every day there is an appointment for excursion tours to nearby attractions. All issues related to travel are solved by the reception staff. Also from here there is a regular bus that takes guests to the racetrack. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the cultural heritage of this interesting and mysterious country and buy souvenirs that for many years in a row will remind you of the days spent in the Dominican Republic. In addition, it is a sin not to bring gifts to your relatives and close friends.

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Zlata, Taganrog: “The number of free services provided, of course, leaves much to be desired, but for a three-star hotel it is quite acceptable. Excursions are inexpensive, there is always the opportunity to make an independent trip to the city by taxi. Everyone here is having as much fun as they can. Someone rides on yachts on the sea, and someone makes walks on the patio. I advise you to stock up on cash if you like to have fun to the fullest.”

Hotel complex Bellevue Dominican Bay 3 * – a place where you can comfortably relax and enjoy your vacation. But this institution is not focused on young people who strive for fun and idle leisure. It is better to come here for those who prefer regularity and tranquility. By eleven o’clock in the evening, life here almost freezes until the morning. For a family holiday, it is also not suitable, because for young children there is not too much entertainment. But they can be found in a nearby town, and the hotel to come only for the night. This also applies to young people – club life is not in high esteem here, but you can go to clubs located in santo Domingo.