Charming Maritim Pine Beach Resort, Belek, Turkey — The magic of an unforgettable holiday, reviews, prices

Maritim Pine Beach Belek,judging by the reviews, is a popular holiday destination for tourists from different parts of the world. The buildings of the complex are comfortably located at the very edge of the sea. In it, it would seem, everything is created so that guests can forever remember their journey. It is surprising that absolutely everyone remains satisfied, whether elderly married couples, families with small children or noisy friendly companies. One way or another, everyone here is waiting for an individual approach and a warm welcome.

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The resort region of Belek is perhaps the most picturesque part of Turkey. The fact is that the hotel is located on the territory of the national reserve, it is surrounded by centuries-old eucalyptus forests and pine forest. It is because of this beauty that tourists from all over the world flock here. It is surprising how harmoniously the historical basis and natural resources are intertwined here.

Attention! During the construction of the institution, not a single tree was damaged! Here you can fully immerse yourself in the virgin habitat of birds and animals, including the sea lion – the amber syve, which is recognized as a symbol of Belek.

It should also be noted that this area is a real paradise for golfers. It is an ideal place for recreation and tourism. And all this against the backdrop of a magnificent pine forest and beautiful orange trees. Getting here is quite easy – the distance to the airport is 33 kilometers, and to the center of Antalya – 45 km.

Ekaterina, Moscow: “I’ve never seen anything more charming than the local surroundings. Walking near the forest thicket and swimming on the sea is a combination that is rarely found in Turkey. The climate is very favorable for those who yearn for the gentle sun. I recommend everyone to visit this amazing place!”

Room stock

The administration of the institution has prepared 408 comfortable rooms for its guests. All of them are equipped with modern technical means, to which all progressive humanity is so accustomed. It should also be noted one important fact: the hotel management and staff do everything to ensure that the stay of guests here was as comfortable as possible. Any wish will be taken into account and every effort will be made to implement them. Each tourist is offered a choice of the following options:

  • Standard rooms. Their number is 385. They are in the main building and in the garden. Floor coverings – mainly carpet and ceramic tiles. Almost all of them are equipped with terraces or balconies. Naturally, each room has a private bathroom and toilet. Technical equipment meets all the requirements of modern users. The rooms can accommodate up to three people. The total area is 30 square meters.
  • Suite for young people. This apartment consists of a bedroom and a living room. All furniture and decorative elements are selected in the Art Nouveau style. At the request of the guest, the staff is obliged to make two beds in the guest room, which can accommodate a maximum of 4 adults. In total, the hotel has 11 such rooms with a total area of 45 square meters.
  • Deluxe suite. As in the previous case, guests can live both in the bedroom and in the furnished salon. In addition to the standard set, there is a desk and a jacuzzi on the balcony. The square footage is 45 sq.m. Only three people can live here at a time. There are four Deluxe Suites.
  • Rooms for the disabled. Not every hotel can boast that it has apartments in the fund intended for people with disabilities. In such rooms, the width of the doorways is increased so that a wheelchair can be easily carried. Sinks and showers are located low. The bath and toilet are equipped with special devices that help people sit and hold on to the supports. Only eight rooms have similar features.

Alexandra, Khabarovsk: “I was pleased with my room. Everything is clean, neat, neat. There is satellite TV, Internet, direct dial telephone with international connection, radio and powerful air conditioning. Linen is changed every two days, towels are always fresh, cleaning is carried out on schedule. “

Food system

On the territory of the tourist complex Maritim Pine Beach operates a total of five restaurants. They employ chefs from different countries, so all guests have the opportunity to enjoy not only local cuisine, but also an international menu. Perhaps such culinary delights you will not be lucky enough to try somewhere else.

All restaurants have sonorous bright names: Sante, Turca, Mezzo, Kidsworld and Alacarte Restjralar.

Now let’s talk about bars. Here, in the widest range, various types of local production are presented, as well as alcohol from well-known world brands from around the world. All kinds of drinks are able to satisfy the most demanding taste.

Evgenia, Ryazan: “I really liked the food here. Feed well, and as they say, to the dump. Especially I want to highlight the children’s menu (for kids, by the way, there is a separate restaurant), which is quite diverse. Here and sweets, and fruits, and all kinds of dairy products. I was also pleased with the diet menu. On vacation, it is very difficult to stay in shape, because you only eat, drink and rest all day, so low-calorie food should always be present. “

About swimming pools

On the territory of the institution there are two large outdoor swimming pools with an area of 566 sq.m. and 1304 sq.m. Here you can at least all day to swim, have fun, ride the slides and participate in competitions and games of animators, which almost all the time entertain guests and give a positive mood until the evening.

The pool, located under the roof, with fresh warm water is designed for those who are an ardent fan of relaxing holidays. Cozy atmosphere, beautiful oriental music, optimal temperature – all this helps to quickly relax and surrender to the hands of peace and tranquility.

It is also necessary to say a few words about children’s pools. Yes, all conditions are created for kids: open sky, gentle sun, warm water and various entertainments. On the site there are always rescuers and swimming instructors.

Tatiana, Ekaterinburg: “The pools are big, comfortable. I can’t swim and I’m terrified when I don’t feel the bottom under my feet. Fortunately, the depth is small, so I was happy to spit and basked on the mattress. During the two weeks of stay, I never saw dirt, the liquid changed regularly. Sun beds and sun loungers in large numbers, so there is enough space for everyone.”

Hotel services

In this section, we will not talk about entertainment, but about what should be present in any five-star hotel.

  • Guests of Maritim Pine Beach can afford to rent a car in which you can go to Antalya or make a trip to the reserve.
  • On the territory there is a small medical center. It employs experienced doctors who are able to provide first aid even in the most difficult situations.
  • Laundry and dry cleaning. No need to think about the cleanliness of your belongings – this will be taken care of by the staff.
  • Currency exchange. On the territory of the hotel there are almost all international payment systems, but sometimes payment for some services is made by cash.
  • Fax and Internet. The first, by the way, is a paid add-on.

Entertainment, beauty and health

As mentioned earlier, the hotel employs experienced animators, entertainment programs are held every day near the pools. In the evenings, discos are held, live music is played several times a week. Fans of billiards will appreciate the efforts of the administration, which organizes regular tournaments.

As for sports, you can always play tennis, but rackets and tennis swords will have to pay for your own funds. Also, if you want to practice at night, the sites are well lit. There are instructors who are always ready to teach everyone to play both table and tennis. Bicycles can be rented at the hotel and go on a trip along the Mediterranean coast. Golf courses are also available. Volleyball, mini football and basketball can be played on the beach.

The hotel has at its disposal its own beach, which can be visited by all guests for free. It should also be noted that all sunbeds, canopies and umbrellas are also provided free of charge. On the territory of the sandy coast there is a bar, which always offers refreshing drinks. You can also play volleyball, mini football, golf and table tennis. The embankment is equipped with changing cabins and showers. The entrance to the sea is gentle.

All vacationers are offered a wide range of services aimed at developing physical data, improving health and improving appearance. You can make yourself a new hairstyle or try a new dyeing technique at a local beauty salon. Also, visitors are presented with a wide range of cosmetic procedures from manicure to eyebrow correction. The fitness centre offers daily acrobatics and yoga. Lovers of relaxing treatments will certainly enjoy massage rooms, hot tubs, saunas, Turkish bath and hammam. Also in the center of recovery is actively practiced mud therapy.

Angelina, Tver: “I really enjoyed the stay in this complex. We love to ride bicycles with the whole family and introduce even our four-year-old son to this sport. Rent is inexpensive, so we enjoyed riding in the vicinity of the institution, enjoying the picturesque scenery and exploring the local flora and fauna. Very interesting!”

Business meetings often take place in the hotel, so the administration decided to equip comfortable conference rooms with different capacities. Free Wi-Fi, interactive whiteboards, sliders, sound equipment – all this can be used by all guests without exception, of course, by prior agreement. You can easily solve any tasks, including demonstration of presentations and signing important contracts.

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Maritim Pine Beach Belek is an amazing place to go back to again and again. Here will appeal to all tourists without exception, whether they are elderly married couples or the company of young people. There is enough entertainment, the chefs are always pleased with new delights. Of course, there are small shortcomings, but they are not significant, so everyone who has already visited here leaves positive feedback, noting, first of all, the hospitality of the staff.