Charming Arthurs Village & Spa Hotel Russia, Larevo — Description, reviews, photos, full review

“Arthurs” spa hotel,which often stays representatives of the business elite. Many students dream of working in this place, because there is an opportunity to get acquainted with famous people of Russia. But that’s not the point at all. The most important factor determining your choice should be the fact that the level of service and service meets all international quality standards. Carefully read all the subsequent sections, and you will see for yourself!

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General information

In the water part, we have already mentioned that “Arthurs” has a very attractive location. As already mentioned, it was built just twenty kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road in the Mytishchi area. And this means that you can come here by your own car, there is more that the complex has at its disposal a round-the-clock guarded parking. Not far from the hotel there are ski resorts, yacht clubs and ponds designed for swimming in the summer and fishing.

The territory is quite extensive, so it easily fit large-scale structures, infrastructure and catering facilities, swimming pools, playgrounds for sports games, gardens, verandas and gazebos with equipped mangal zones. Very often, whole corporations come here, whose employees, after concluding an important contract, are given unrestrained fun and all sorts of pleasures.

Yaroslava, Odintsovo: “A peaceful atmosphere, comfortable rooms, a lot of entertainment and good food – what else do you need for a good rest? I believe that this institution takes into account the interests of different categories of people, so tourists tend to come here at any time free from work. Bribes and good location, allowing you to make trips to the hotel on your own car. Overall, I recommend it for small vacations and holidays.”

Food system

On the territory of “Arthurs” there are two restaurants daily – “Parterre” and “Arkas”. In the latter, the main meals are held in the format of the “buffet”. The youngest guests are offered a varied children’s menu. In general, the administration allows kids to stay in the hotel for free.

Restaurant “Arkas” is built in a beautiful place, so guests often come here to have a meal in a pleasant atmosphere and admire the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. The chefs of the institution prepare dishes of Armenian and Russian cuisine according to unique recipes that were known to people a few hundred years ago. In the process of cooking, only high-quality products of the first freshness are used.

You can spend a romantic evening in the “Parterre”. As you may have guessed by the name, the design of the room is made in a pompous theatrical style, live music sounds, aromas of flowers and delicacies that are cooked here are carried through the dining rooms. Yes, perhaps, in such an environment you want to spend a single hour, eating the fortress of coffee or enjoying a glass of wine and conversations with the second half.

You can sit with friends or new acquaintances in the cozy café “Boulevard”, the interior of which resembles French eateries, which always smell of fresh croissants. This institution is famous for delicious dishes such as fondue and panoramic windows, through the glasses of which visitors observe magnificent landscapes.

Ksenia, St. Petersburg: “I came here once on a business trip, then a meeting with partners was scheduled. After a few hours of stay, I literally fell in love with the local cuisine. I do not know how they do it, but I have not tried such sweets even in the most exquisite and elite restaurants. Cooks know their business and constantly supply guests with delicious desserts. And meat dishes are not inferior to cakes. A real gourmet paradise!”

Room stock

Since friendly companies and whole families often come to Arthurs, the administration decided to build two-story comfortable houses designed to accommodate four people. Each such cottage has its own fireplace room, two bedrooms, dressing rooms and several bathrooms. The buildings have a private entrance and private parking.

If you have not yet saved up for luxury rooms, you can do with budget standard options. By the way, they have everything you need for a long stay. All rooms are equipped with TV, air conditioning, safe, wardrobe, seating area and double bed. On request, the staff can offer you an alternative option with two single beds.

The atmosphere in the premises is very cozy. Of course, at home you would add decorative elements, but even without them in the rooms is beautiful. Paintings hang on the walls, and this is enough to decorate the interior. On the windows hang thick curtains and curtains that can be pushed so that the morning sun could not disturb your sleep.

Alexandra, Voronezh: “The apartment was always clean and tidy. On the furniture at check-in did not notice any traces left by former guests. The upholstery of the sofas, bedspreads and pillows are in perfect condition, for which many thanks to the maids. Towels and bathrobes are regularly changed in the bathroom, as well as hygienic body and hair care products. The only drawback is that the mini-bar was rarely updated, in two weeks it happened only two or three times. “


It is no coincidence that the prefix SPA appeared in the name of the hotel. This is due to the fact that on the territory of the complex there is a health center, which everyone can go to. There are so many services provided there that several sections will not be enough to list them and describe them in detail. Therefore, we will consecrate the most popular procedures, which are most often used by hotel guests. So, let’s get started!

If you conditionally divide all guests by gender, then their beautiful half regularly visits massage and cosmetology rooms. Specialists will carry out gentle exfoliation, scrubbing, deep moisturizing and nourishment of the skin of the face and body, and the next stage for most beauties is a beauty salon, where you can always radically change your image and slightly transform your appearance.

Now about saunas. Here there are several types of them at once:

  • Herbal. The air in the steam room is heated to a temperature of 50 degrees, medicinal herbs exude aromas, saturating oxygen with useful substances. As a result of the course of hikes, the body strengthens the immune forces, the metabolism is accelerated, and the slags and toxins are intensively removed.
  • Dry. The main advantage of such a sauna is easier tolerability, because along with high temperatures in the air, humidity is practically minimized.
  • Steam cabin. It is very hot (45 degrees), but the humidity is 100%.
  • Roman. It is used for thalassotherapy. Promotes renewal and regeneration of skin cells, acceleration of metabolism and rejuvenation.

By the way, the spa has a gym equipped according to all European standards. It employs coaches with many years of experience. Instructors are always ready to develop individual programs for guests to lose weight and develop muscle mass. If you strictly follow all the instructions, after two weeks of intense exercise, you will notice how much the parameters of your body have changed.

Nadezhda, Samara: “In recent months, I could not even fully go to work – the lumbar spine was very sick. There is no time to go to the doctor, and he does not let go of the hospital management. As a result, I simply could not stand it, wrote an application for a vacation and went to Arthurs. Here works a masseuse, who has already saved me from another exacerbation. Two weeks later, I returned to work, for which I still thank the staff of the institution and personally my savior. “

Praise and negatives

Naturally, every coin has two sides. Now we will talk about the shortcomings and strengths of the hotel complex. Let’s start with the advantages:

  • Tourists note the high level of service and good service.
  • The food is very diverse, and, most importantly, tasty, but not always useful. But this does not prevent the chefs from putting “five plus”. If you want to be healthy, switch to the right foods.
  • The design is very beautiful, the atmosphere is homely and cozy.
  • Cleaning is provided every day.
  • The furniture is new, it has not yet had time to spoil with stains, persistent dirt, holes and scuffs.
  • Smoking is not allowed on the territory of the hotel! For this purpose, special rooms are allocated.
  • Pets are strictly forbidden. Many travelers see this as a significant plus, since people with sensitive sleep have no one to wake up with a loud bark or constant meowing.
  • Great spa.
  • A large number of entertainment, rental of bicycles, rollers, tubing, sledges, skis and other sports equipment.
  • The ennobling of the territory does not stop for a minute.
  • On paths and paths you can run in the mornings and evenings, without disturbing the neighbors passing by.
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As for the disadvantages, there are not as many of them as the advantages, but still they are:

  • Lack of entertainment for children.
  • Sometimes hot water disappears.
  • Not everyone likes food.
  • The hotel’s restaurants are unreasonably high prices.
  • There is very little space in the studio rooms, which creates a feeling of emptiness.

In general, the list published above does not constitute a significant obstacle to making a decision in favor of a trip to Arthurs. And if you still decide to buy a tour, take care of booking a room in advance, because the hotel very rarely has a lot of free rooms.