Central Copenhagen hotels: top 10 hotels in the heart of Denmark

Conveniently located hotels in the center of Copenhagen attract tourists from all countries not only proximity to attractions, but also excellent service. Guests staying in such establishments can be sure that their rooms will have everything they need. Hotels in the center of the Danish capital are distinguished by high standards of service.

Nimb Hotel

This hotel is built in Moorish style. The holiday complex is located in Copenhagen’s famous Tivoli Park. Guests of the Nimb Hotel will appreciate the original rooms and the restaurant, where you can enjoy traditional Danish food.

The hotel’s apartments overlook the picturesque green park. All rooms are elegantly decorated. Each has antique furniture, including a four-poster bed. The private bathroom comes with hygiene products and bathrobes. Some apartments have a fireplace near which you can spend cozy evenings.

You can admire the green Tivoli Park from the windows and taste delicious beer at the Terrasse and Nimb restaurants, which are located in this Copenhagen hotel. Also, the institutions offer their visitors to appreciate the dishes of traditional French and Scandinavian cuisine.

Café Nimb Vinotek will delight guests with a taste of hot snacks and fine wine. Lovers of antiquity will like the décor of this institution, because it has a wood-burning fireplace that gives comfort, and antique chandeliers that give soft light.

“The stay was very comfortable. Specially settled in this hotel, as it was important to us its location. Despite the very delicious breakfasts, my wife and I lacked hot. Otherwise, everything is wonderful!”

Absalon Hotel

This hotel has family status. It is focused not only on couples in love, but also on travelers who come here with children. The Absalon Hotel is located in the centre of Copenhagen, close to the busy train station.

Guests who come here on vacation, can use the rental of bicycles – transport, which is so loved by the Danes. All rooms at this hotel are decorated in a modern style with bright sunny colours. Each of them has a TV with satellite channels, a spacious refrigerator, a desk for work, and a safe for storing valuables.

Breakfasts at the hotel are very hearty. Tourists are invited to try gluten-free bread, traditional Danish muffins and jam from berries and fruits. Visiting the patio or lobby of the complex for relaxation, you can enjoy strong aromatic coffee or soft drinks.

“The hotel is very cozy. The setting is almost like home. The room was cleaned by the maids, it was very warm and comfortable. We liked the breakfasts that were served at a convenient time for us. For me, this is the best hotel in terms of price-quality ratio.

Andersen Boutique Hotel

The hotel is located in a famous district of Copenhagen, located in the central part of this Danish city. Guests are offered accommodation in originally decorated in a modern style rooms, equipped with LED lighting. The apartments of this hotel have free internet with high speed.

The windows of the Rooms of the Andersen Boutique Hotel have a soundproof coating that will allow guests to enjoy the silence, despite the fact that the holiday complex is located in the heart of Copenhagen. The bathroom is equipped with luxury body, face and hair care products. And also in the rooms there is a spacious bar for drinks, a safe for storing valuables and a table for guests to work.

Enjoy the taste of exquisite liqueurs from Italy or try delicious aromatic coffee or tea in the famous Danish shop Østerlandsk Thehus, on site. For those who do not sit still, it is offered to rent bicycles (you need to contact the reception desk). Not far from the hotel there are a large number of restaurants, bars, fashion galleries and shops with souvenirs.

“Loved the nutritious breakfasts and rooms that were constantly cleaned. The location is very convenient, but at night it is better not to walk. The area is not the most favorable.”

Axel Guldsmeden

The hotel is located in the lively central part of Copenhagen – on the Westerbro, near the famous green Danish Tivoli Park. Guests are invited to stay in stylish rooms equipped with a large TV and wireless Internet with high speed.

Each room is decorated with original furnishings and soft carpets. On the walls of the axel Guldsmeden rooms are hung paintings by great painters. The bathroom of the recreation complex is equipped with hygienic products of the famous Danish eco-brand iLove Eco Essentials, for hair and skin care.

Gourmet breakfasts are served to hotel guests in handmade porcelain by Mexican craftsmen. Enjoy the taste of branded cocktails or order fragrant strong coffee, travelers can in a comfortable courtyard. The chic spa area features a hot tub and Turkish bath. You can relax after a day full of emotions and impressions by ordering a massage procedure.

“The hotel seemed very nice and cozy. The staff is very friendly and friendly. I liked the organic cosmetics in the bathroom. I slept very comfortably on the bed. Located in the heart of Copenhagen, there are many shops for every taste.”

Babette Guldsmeden

The hotel is located near Copenhagen’s famous Amalienborg Castle. The hotel residents are provided with original apartments, each of which has its own unique and inimitable style. The rooms at Babette Guldsmeden feature antique four-poster beds. There is also a large modern TV. The bathroom is equipped with hygienic products, which are produced under the hotel’s own brand.

Organic lovers will love feast on site. It offers original cold and hot snacks. The bar of this restaurant is pleased to offer hotel guests branded cocktails and wines made from environmentally friendly raw materials.

Within walking distance of the holiday complex are the famous sights of Copenhagen. Tourists will not be difficult to reach the famous statue depicting a mermaid from the fairy tale of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen. Another widely known building among travelers is the ancient fortress of Castellet, located near the hotel.

“The breakfasts were very tasty and hearty. I was surprised by hygiene supplies, for example, toothpaste in the form of tablets, an interesting form of tooth brushes and toilet paper made from recycled raw materials. ”

Hotel Alexandra

The location of this eco-friendly hotel is very popular with travelers coming to Copenhagen. The building is located in the center of the capital of Denmark, within walking distance from the Town Hall Square. Guests arriving at the hotel are invited to check into rooms equipped with sound insulation. Each of them has traditional furniture from famous designers of Denmark. There is also equipment for making hot drinks in the room. Relax after a busy day full of impressions, you can relax in front of a TV with satellite channels.

Every tourist coming to Hotel Alexandracan connect to the free Internet, which is available throughout the hotel. Enjoy dishes created according to the recipes of traditional Vietnamese cuisine, as well as try the specialty cocktails of the institution, you can visit the LéLé Street Kitchen.

“We thought that when we checked in we would be waiting for a tight closet, but everything turned out the other way around. Despite the fact that the room was not very large, it was very cozy and clean. Good noise insulation, which was provided by double doors. The windows were located on the side of the hotel patio, it was very quiet. I was pleased with the heating of the bathroom floor.”

Copenhagen Marriott Hotel

The hotel is close to the famous green Tivoli Park. Guests of the Copenhagen Marriott Hotel can check into comfortable apartments equipped with a TV with channels for every taste. From each room you can see the picturesque harbour or Copenhagen. At the service of the residents of the complex for recreation – a small but spacious bar for drinks, and everything you need to make coffee or tea.

The hotel’sMidtown Gril Restaurant is focused on seafood and steaks. Enjoy stunning views of Copenhagen’s waterfront and enjoy delicious drinks at Pier 5. Any visitor of the hotel can connect to wireless free Internet in the hotel lobby. Guests can also use the round-the-clock gym, as well as the steam bath or sauna.

“The bed was very comfortable. Breakfasts are hearty and nutritious. Finally, access to the Internet is free! No deposit is required upon check-in.”

Hotel Kong Arthur

This recreation complex was created in the XVIII century. Nowadays, visitors to the Hotel Kong Arthur are offered accommodation in original comfortable rooms, with wooden floors, a small bar and everything necessary for the preparation of hot drinks. Holiday destinations in this Copenhagen eco-friendly hotel will enjoy the Ni’mat Spa, equipped with a relaxation area, hot tub and steam bath.

Restaurant La Rocca is pleased to offer travelers dishes created according to classic Italian recipes. Try the traditional tapas, beloved in Spain, offer in the institution Pintxos. And also on site there is a restaurant of Japanese cuisine, which is called Sticks’n’Sushi.

The recreation complex is on the list of places that do not emit carbon dioxide into the air. Also, this institution is proud of the fact that the energy consumed in the hotel does not affect global warming.

“The room was spacious, the staff polite. I’ll come here again.”

Hotel SP34

This eco-friendly hotel offers its residents to enjoy dishes created on the basis of organic ingredients. Tourists can use the free internet at high speed, as well as admire the view of Copenhagen from the roof.

The hotel rooms have everything you need: from furnishings created by Danish designers to hygiene products of the eco-brand Ren Clean Skincare. Each apartment at Hotel SP34 has a spacious bar with free refreshing drinks. You can enjoy the taste of fine wines until 18:00 (the service is free). On-site restaurants serve traditional Scandinavian dishes and delicious burgers. Those who are interested in cycling in Copenhagen are provided with their rental. There is also a small cinema room.

“The location in the heart of Copenhagen is outstanding. The staff are unobtrusive and friendly. The hall is equipped with a fireplace, which gave comfort to this institution. “

Copenhagen Admiral Hotel

The hotel is located in an old building, which has received the status of an architectural monument. It is located on the picturesque seashore. The copenhagen Admiral Hotel is decorated with wood beams, arches and brickwork in the rooms. Each has a living room, a TV and a spacious bar with refreshing drinks.

Guests can enjoy dishes prepared according to modern Scandinavian recipes using seasonings brought from the French provinces. The originally-decorated bar offers hotel guests drinks and hot snacks.

“I still remember my stay at this hotel. Nice staff and cleanliness in the room. But most of all I remember the landscape near the hotel (the building is located on the seashore in the center of Copenhagen). Nearby stands a statue of the Little Mermaid from Andersen’s fairy tale.”

Experienced travelers know that to save on holidays in Copenhagen, it is best to come to this place in the period from September to April. Due to the cloudy weather at this time, tourists are much smaller, and the cost of living in hotels is much lower. The most favorable time in terms of weather is from May to August. Rest in the capital of Denmark is recommended for lovers of cycling and leisurely pastime. You can come both as a family and alone.