Car rental in Chania

There are 3 ways to get around Crete. If you come to rest in Crete with a limited budget, then the best means of transportation will be a bus. Public transport is quite well developed in Crete, so you will not feel serious embarrassment. When there are plenty of funds, you can order a taxi and cut through the city with a personal chauffeur.

But if you want comfort more than on the bus, and there is no money for a personal driver, then there is a car rental service. Whenever you arrive at Chania airport, there is always a car for hire. To order this service, please contact Hertz, Avis or similar companies. These offices are famous for good service and reliability.

With car rental is the case, as with plane tickets. The earlier you book, the cheaper the service will cost. You can also ask for a discount at the rental office at the airport.

If you do not need to rent a car directly from the airport, you can find rental offices in the city. Transport here is not inferior in comfort, namely: navigator, child seat, etc. The average price of renting a car for one day varies around 30 EUR for a standard car of class “A” or “B”.

To arrange a car rental, you must provide a foreign passport and a driver’s license of international class. These are the only rights that are virgin in Greece. The cost of insurance covers any incident. However, regarding the wheels, bottom and glass, it is necessary to clarify. When the company provides you with a car, the first thing to do is to check the brakes. A nice feature of car rental in Chania is that some companies do not require a deposit.

In the city of Chania there are paid parking lots, which are most of the time occupied and paid every 15 minutes. If the purpose of traveling in Chania is to travel around the city, then you should choose an economical version of the car. And if an extreme trip to the mountains is planned, then you should choose an SUV type jeep. The price of fuel varies depending on the season. The average price per liter in Crete is not lower than 1.60 EUR.

Driving on the roads of Crete implies compliance with certain rules, and here are the most necessary for a tourist:

  • While driving, keep to the right. On the island right-handed traffic;
  • It should be remembered that you are a tourist, unlike the locals, who can afford to repeatedly exceed the speed and not follow the rules of the road, you can not afford this;
  • In any case, the seat belt must be fastened;
  • If the patrol find alcohol in your blood, you have to fork out 350 EUR;
  • In Chania, animals can walk freely on the roads. It is enough to signal and the path will be free again;
  • If you come to Hanyu to see the sights, while traveling along the road, you should pay attention to the signs, on a brown background that will lead to the goal.

Prices can vary from season to season, and renting the same car in different companies may vary. Therefore, we have selected several aggregator services that choose rental offers from various rental companies. We advise you to search in each of the aggregators to get a car at the price that suits you.