Car rental in Hersonissos

Crete is the largest Greek island and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean. Every tourist who comes to the island understands that you can not do without a car. After all, to inspect at least part of Crete, you will need a car, because. the territory is really extensive. At the same time, the island is intertwined along and across a variety of roads, which does not allow you to bypass the territory on foot. But every traveler who came to the island of Crete, wants to see unforgettable sights, visit luxurious beaches, see numerous cities and this will help car rental in Hersonissos.


What is Hersonissos?

Any traveler who has been to the island of Crete knows that Hersonissos is one of the oldest villages in the vast territory. The village has long been the capital, where people will find for themselves the desired entertainment. Hersonissos, like many places for recreation is divided into two parts, the first is an old village, where ancient theaters and Roman ports remain, which surprise tourists with their appearance and a new town in which there are luxurious restaurants, a variety of bars, cafes and beaches surprising with landscape.

However, to visit the beach or other place, you need to rent a car. How to do it in Hersonissos and which car is better to take for an unforgettable trip?


How much does it cost to rent a car?

It should be noted that over the past few years, the price of renting a car has changed and there are several reasons for this. The most important reason why the cost changes is the time of year in which the lease is taken, otherwise called “seasonality”. If the season is hotter, for example, July, then renting a car is higher, in spring and autumn the price is enough, lower compared to the summer period, almost one and a half times.

There is also a second reason why the price of renting a car changes, this is the class of the car and the period for which the booking is made. The longer the booking period, the lower the cost, for example, in 2021, the price of a car for one day reaches forty euros, and for five already 160, although it could be 200.

The class to which the car belongs is also involved in the formation of the total cost of rent. The simpler and smaller the car, the lower the cost of it, for example, a sedan will be more budget than a convertible. The final cost for renting a car is often formed from the individual desires of the tourist, who independently chooses the booking parameters.


How to choose the right car?

To choose the right car and meet the desired price, you can contact the Rental Center Crete of the village of Hersonissos. Experts will provide a price for renting a car with full insurance and unlimited mileage on the island. Also, insurance is issued in advance and for the second driver, which means that two tourists can drive the car in turn.


Is it possible to rent a car at the airport on the island of Crete?

You can rent a car at the airport on the island of Crete. After all, rentkar provides such an opportunity and even for free. If you rent a car at the airport of Heraklion, then it is allowed to leave on it immediately after meeting with a representative of the company on the territory. The representative issues the necessary documents, a key, and also accompanies to the parking lot at the airport.

If a tourist wants to rent a car at the hotel, then this service works on an identical principle. A meeting with a representative of the company is organized at the reception of the hotel in which the tourist lives, it is important to specify contact details when booking. Thus, the company clarifies the details and contacts the vacationer.


How do I pay for my car rental?

Most often, payment is made in cash upon receipt of the car or in the company itself, which provides services to the tourist. In the office of the company you can pay for the service by card, but in this case the discount does not pass.


If the registration is carried out via the Internet, then there are different ways to pay for the service. Thus, a full prepayment is made if you cooperate with world rentcars. However, there are also rents on the island of Crete, which offer a low cost for car rental and when booking online ask for half the amount, the other part can be paid on arrival. The method is much more convenient and practical for tourists who want to make sure of the reliability of the company.


Booking a car, what models are offered?


Renting a car on the island of Crete involves getting a car from certain models. Each group includes cars of different brands and sometimes even different from each other. For example, a tourist rents Hyundai, and eventually leaves for Nissan. After all, the car chooses the one that is free and suitable for the time that the tourist booked.


However, the company will always try to give the car that the tourist wants. The main thing is that the car is not occupied by another person.